Зашел в Squid NFT World V2.0 против V1.0 – ЧТО ВЫГОДНЕЙ – КАКОЙ ДОХОД ? BiSwap Ирга в кальмара


hello there individuals, alexandr, you are on the miner channel and also today we will certainly discuss bsv, that is, well, it will certainly affect ben a little once, let'' s look at the program, but initially we will take a look at the video game on ck kinds of oil video games version 1 variation 2 are already functioning and also there, customarily, we have intriguing we such as modifications in other words, both swap change the regulations on the fly, so the people enter into the squid as well as ours as well as we watch the last time that I check out them in the information, bear in mind that they dealt with the course there at 08, I was upset there then the cost fell below they took care of cheats 07 in my viewpoint what it was and also simply the day prior to the other day there were typically outstanding honors, that is, we had 111 there, after that they transformed it was 4 90 with something coins and without in the 7th game and now we have thirty-nine coins and also truthfully did not enter in telegram without a dad, is there a main reader there, there would certainly be no sense, everything is clear, that is, they fixed the price once more, but judging extra exactly, because I see they most likely transformed on the oracle once more completely oracle is a formula which changes the vbs incentive because is, the number of coins that boxers provide for incentives depending upon the program, that is, we revealed previously as a show we had a fixed price for us in bucks per game, that is, 60 bucks, and currently let'' s examine just how much we had without a swap 7 video game 60 dollars, yes, that is, they guaranteed us 60 dollars, but the currency exchange rate dropped; after that it grows up the very following day, they promptly recognize when the price falls not in our favor, they wait there for a month to fix the benefit when the cost increases, as it were, in our support, yes, that is, the rate increases, after that they right away rule whatever and also once more given that they showed us that they do not wish to give us these additional additional money, but as a matter of fact it’s a transgression to grumble about the rewards in any type of circumstance from the game are excellent then indeed, let'' s type of separately keep in mind that I will definitely keep in mind below, but I have already made great money on this and also will remain to make money, but obviously the strategy of the designers is a little unpleasant, to place it mildly, well, as a whole, our award has actually concerned the requirement and also it has actually decreased 3 times from the most effective times we had 111 coins almost and two times compared to what went to the rate there 08 in Fig 07 it was fixed well, all right, as a whole, we have what we started with in such scenarios, we still have everything gorgeous as well as great repayment it’s still there a little extra there a month of days 40 there, regardless of how you went into, today allow’s question another minute we have game game 2 let’s by the method take a look at what reward they assured us see reward in game 1 731 bsv in the seventh game 49 bsv let’s go a reward of 2 and 49 bsv, well, 49, hardly, that is, a grandson is dealt with, it looks like in 2 it doesn’t change anything looking at this table, we had a benefit, well, type of like myself, so I thought 18 bucks per s I counted the 8th game at the price of 041, it was an incentive for one day of the video game, well, in general, just how do you see it ends up for the 7th game, we get 519 invested and contracts for 7000 receive rewards for the month 640, that is, 120 continues to be tidy and also also if before 120 clean 7 greta bite us there 04 06 it was normally not yummy there, and now from 1 7 games it’s already there 100 there 50 bucks or something like that also tolerable, but the funniest truth is that if we go to version 2, then it currently brings 74 dollars and also version v1 brings 60 these are things swiftly, unexpectedly, it came to be a lot more profitable for every person to play variation 2 than variation 1, yet as a whole I don’t fret there I’ll comfortably end up the game I’m below for 17 days, somebody is 19, there’s also 45 on the second account, I have a little male left closer to twenty-seven days, however generally, I uncommitted, yet I’m currently assuming I thought even today, along with you, I can introduce there are 2 on my account little male yet they visit a little lack of energy in overall they get 898 power is not nearly enough shorter than 102 energy to begin the game however the principles are unfavorable for a bus there is one I assume I will certainly do it so individuals generally rotated I obtained a little of power Vitya is hollow and also 161 as well as I require these individuals as a night as much as five hundred as much as 500, that is, I need 1 as allow'' s state 500 minus 441 4850 852 allowed'' s say 50 852 update currently we will certainly download them so that they have 1000 by 500 purity as an experiment, now there is no distinction in the 2nd version of the game, as it were, from what level are you players and so the buses were for me, the bus was just a double one lying around complimentary, why refrain from doing it such as this, begun, just like that, 500 came to be specifically currently allow'' s 2,500 minus 457 3842 6240 262 update so we are waiting, that is I will not touch this individual up until he allowed him socialize right here this is my one of the first gamers you see although no it’s 80 thousand viewpoint I had thousands or 2 numbers there so these are everything about brand-new ones for 500 currently we do not need to send them to one more account although I’m not there I need to acquire an agreement and also very first let me get contracts for them for 15 days as well as for the level it’s all set as well as send them to the account I require for well yes for 15 1477 bsv I’m on I spent them on it and also send the last one, yet I still have a bunch of washers existing around right here, okay, I won’t take them clean in the meantime and ignored them wonderful, let’s push the pancake beginning, what’s it for us, allow’s sculpt it, then 99 percent will be awesome if you shed currently it will be funny at all right here my video game will not damage down that I’m here at the exact same time playing both there and there but look, I made 7 bsv so now allow’s take a look at this plate as well as see just how much I and also my individuals will gain thousands there, that is, they assume here for a month it ends up 9 internet profit but I get a little different numbers, first of all, I discover it under 171 bsv, I spent 60, just I invested, you saw the contract, I purchased 14 there and 7 for 2 players in total, that is, much less e 30 i.e. 30 times 2 is 60 as well as 70 I currently have a friend’s mathematics right here video game fe I remedied it below we had fourteen by 0 6 and we don’t need to split by 0 6 Christmas-sticks she is 14 similar to this right here is the payment in bsv, currently it turns out similar to this, and also that’s all below as well as perry’s earnings was thought about 24v tidy, but if we count below, after that I get it, see 7 to 31 times 7, this is if the mini milk is 51 51 i I’ll make for well, yet more than likely also plus 7, and also probably even 58 if the spots are if 8 and the chart has time to capture in, it’s required to recalculate much more specifically, that is, it will certainly resemble there 58 I can earn I spent 3 persons, that is, as it were, but 28 minus on the compensation goes as long as I have below 6 bst will most likely to the commission, but at the existing price of -6, that is, I will have either 22 or minus 7 or 15 or 15 or 22 was in the black there is such a basic mathematician there.

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