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NFT among them we find( Non-fungible token) are the likeness that we witness and have been mined in the blockchain, for example I have a picture and you have a picture that they do not have the same value so this alternative was stimulated because in the absence of smart contracts theywill be defined as same RC20 and we positioned this token in He will not be able to read it here. This technology was represented, which came with a basis thatknows that the tokens are listed in the blockchain are not the same as they are written, and it is about to change that each clue is unique and unique, and you are yours alone, as saying that so-and-so owns 20 bitcoins, which makes 20 tokens of bitcoinare all the same, but someone else He owns 20 N.F.T. They are not the same, one is not the same as the other because we know that in the blockchain, thecontract is defined asRC7 21. This is only an entrance to the field, and we have talked about it now a lot of people! I do not know how to explain it to you, because I have to show you with two examples. Theylook at those digits that are used and wants to know why these figures are. Why was this thing sold atsuch a specific price? What capacity does the NFT play? Why would I buy a committee at such a high price ?? He titters. Why did you find NFT ???, I am a personal opinion that we can contend about in the endbecause it is a personal opinion. The inconsistency in it is in the definition of the concept of NFTand the reason for its placement.The one who knew it wanted to present an appreciation for the artists Why ?? Because we are in the real world. A party depicts a cover, whether Picasso or another person. Thepainting does not cost him anything, simply a plate and a sheet. It may be presumed that he bought it for 20 dirhams, add on it some writes, thirty or forty dirhams, so it expenditures him approximately fifty dirhams. Despite taking pictures of it or taking a copy of it, itremains unique , not like the original, but the current digital art isexpensive. The craftsman buys an electronic draw equivalent to ten million centimeters.ILLUSTRATOR AND PHOTOSHOP. He records it in the form of a scene that is all the same and we can’t recognize the original, that’swhy sometimes … He used to always suck his art and shareit because there is no one to give him that sympathy before the existence ofNFT Why ?? Because he’s been doing it as significant challenges for twelve years your best friend hahahaha every day Pictures, he was compensated for the effort he made by his love, so we want to give appreciation to that master. As an master, you record your painting in the form of an portrait and you mine it to thensave it in the blockchain. Imagine with me, even further, he still paints.Yes Kid, did you know that when I made a video “hes having” 5 thousand and 60 andnow 5 thousand and 296 he sold and still is! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, yes of course it’s art, do you understand ?? Difficult because it is covered in a different way.Secondly, I see it frankly in many things !!! As I said that dayregarding coin laundering, “its easy to”, why? For example, you own 100 million, so you search for someone who has money cleaning, because fund is being cleaned frankly, so that we do not lie, although this should not be said because itdoes not impress people when you tell them that NFT is used in this, but the fact is that it is used in that, for example, person buys If you have a painting worth 100 million, that amount is polluted and he can resell it again and at a loss he can sell it for 80, and when he is asked about the source of the money, he says that the sourcewas selling the picture for 80 million, a loss of 20 million is not an issue, understand !! Itseveryone does it differently. This is just an example. For example, like its consumes, there are many uses.There are many squanders that we willexplain. Why is it necessary? But I think it was found in order to appreciate the artist.In my personal view, we will go through to explain N.F.T and the role of the group, why it was saw, and why someone can buy a cover for 100 million, for example. You will simulate and glue it from him even if you do so, thetracking piece frustrates that everyone knows that you are not its owner even if you mine iteven you you are in a position to return it the same image you will return it where, according to the tracking feature, themaster does not want to buy it from you because he does not know you he wants to buy it from The master because he wants to support himAre all the artists out there known ?? Yes, in most cases, andyou have to buy it from a well-known personor in a well-known group, and the company that produced it, you can promise it.The blockchain is for everyone.Well, we said that the uses of N.F.T. Ustad, Ustad, Ustad This is my way of explainingDid you get sleepy ?? Oh satisfaction, are you focused ?? Put the phone down and focus here? Leave the phones, look in my sees, then we said that we support the artist. As an artist, your livelihood and act will not be wasted. There are those who use them to whitewash money. We “ve got nothing” to do with them. Itis impossible to remove them and add to them.What are you doing now? Flixer !! That’s why we talked about metaverses at the beginning.Let’s consider, for example, that I am the player Cristiano. Cristiano has a house in the metaverse. I don’t know which platform he use. There are many programs like Centerlandto do this. Let’s assume that he is in one of the houses and that house invited you to him and invited people.Imagine that in five years from now, will he explain for you? Ordinary plate? He appends a ordinary card inhis metaverse. He needs NFT. He is not employed an image from the Google browser. Rather, it will be forbidden. I think it is required that it be in the blockchain because we want towork decentralized, meaning that it is not possible to work with a painting that I reproduced, so what the hell is I put in my home in the metaverse ?? Let’s consider that you want to threw a sketch video, suppose that in the future you want to represent the character of the monkey, how will you do that and what is the license that sanctions you to do that in order to safeguard your individuality? You want to represent your character like that ape. IDand you have acquired it, it is unique so that we can identify people and not be stolen andensure our subsistence. Everyone is guaranteed his coin in the blockchain jokinglisten, gentlemen in your home, there is a requirement buy the foundation. It will not be free. People have bought sites for only 6 or 7 dirhams, but you did not decide to live until the expenditure became high.Then you will complain that there is no place to school their own children. Why did you not buy them a place in the metaverse when it was cheap, do you are familiar with? Yes, like that.Didn’t you watch the movie Black Mirror in order to give value to everything. Because we are! we! I think we are on the rally to the world of the Maghreb Cup, guys. Salutation! Look! There is a video( meaning that he regards it in the video) documenting that I own this mugthat it’s yours. Here’s the NFT we are now in the process of treading, they are now talking about theWEB3 we were only in web 1, let’s go to web 2 and now we are in web 2and we will pass to web 3 and we will move to the … over all this there is an argument. I can tell you that we got into it a bit. The Web3 is characterized by the Blockchain. The mean of Web1 is the one that was initially in the 2000 s and … Wewere only reading. What was published was read-only technology indicate you the page like Wikipedia This is how the Internet was. Whoever has a page can read what you furnish him That companionship, we were only consuming and we were not given the choice in the web2. We are the ones who form the content. We have the right to act and we control the content. I understand, as for the web3, which we will move tofor the witness, this is just my personal interpretation. Everything will become decentralized and will not be owned by one company. The customer will be paidand his data will not be taken and sold. He “isnt gonna be” exactly the interests of consumers, but will have an incomenot by selling his data. You will do your ordinary chore in metaverses. What is it? Decentralization Let you know that everyone has the right to excavation in the future, anyone who owns a computer or just add some information, he also has a role once he recruits the metaverse, so he will get a return for this support. You will not sell your data in Metaverse while you are walking, you will see ads, you will see ads in real world, as you imagine them. It will bemined as soon as you click on the epitome, itwill pass to placed its fingerprint in the blockchain, so even if they are the place is normal, everything that happens happens in the blockchain, as if we are now in Web 3 because it includes the blockchain and decentralization. Everything we talked about is very Important because you have to understand future directions of the future inorder to aim your focus. The goal is not profit, we will be discussing the future. I am not in to secure income. He jokes that this is a sign of the hour. I was afraid. It is the sign of the great hour. Why did you explain all this, which people will consider boringbecause everyone strives For immediate earning as if we are talking about tradeWe are discussing the future and you must understand the direction of the structure in order to be a good investor Yes understand the direction of the development of the world and so you will not follow the gesticulate and “youre going to be” scammed I will tell you personally I are now working in e-commerce andPOD1 4700:11: 01,900 –> 00: 11:01, 600 POD Alot.I thinkNFT hasa lifestyle. It is not something that can be learned from a direction or video.A lifestyle. What we talked about is just an preface and general culture.Everyone will find their way in the field. They miss multitudes( that is, parties are simply interested in reaching quick-witted revenues) I will not tempt you with numbersI consider myself terribly suffering and I prefer to be followed by exclusively 11 people who understand and apply I will not tempt you with quantities and take advantage of your foolishnes in the following areas. If you want to buy, How will you do thatthen you need a pouch to buy in any planned for NFT isnot only sold but too mined You as an artist can create a websiteWhat is mining ?? A mining job is that you fingerprint it, you record it, youfingerprint it in the Blockchain, for example, this is a token that you fingerprint. Wheneveryou talk about mining, I want its fingerprint so that when I send you the clue, it is accompanied by theinformation of the metal thing, so it appears to you that you have reached a picture in Ethereum, which I have previously composed. Did you know? These currencies are supposed to be kept in a hard pocketbook or in a bank calledCOLD WALLET. Itmust be placed in an unknown place to avoid piracy. What are they doing now( the plagiarists) when I explain the metamask, there are many viruses that were in your computer? All parties have. When I facsimile a pocketbook to refer fund to her, I don’t see the virus until I protrude the purse and send the money.I find that the recipient has not received the money, and I don’t know him.He’s loaded with you.Anyone with unlicensed Windows1 7700:14: 01,900 –> 00: 10:02, 600 Later !! Everyone who runs Windows, but KMShas this virus. I was transmitting money to a friend and he did not reach it.Then we discovered and noticed that the number I pasted was not the one I copied, thank God I paid attention to this matterbecause the numeral was long and difficult to notice. They put a static virus that does not demand anything the purpose of which is steal Malik when you learn this area and do not aim for anything else. What I love about metamask is the code that you must keepat the beginning of the registration and you should not photograph it. This code is in everything and you must keep it orsave it with the bankor separate it so that no one knows it. With it, the person who offset Ethereum framed it in three places.When he wanted to sell, he had to travel to enter his wallet and sell the Sheba, which was known to grow back then. Now we will download the Metamask so that you have a walletwith it to do whatever you want, allowing you to enter the world of Ethereum because it is built on it, which gives you the possibility to enter In the world countries of ethereum now there are many blockchains there is ethereum, bitcoinwas the first nft in bitcoin and it wascalled coloredcoin. For another, they tried to introduce this expression to Bitcoin, but as a blockchain, why were all these values given to Bitcoin even though it is not usefu ?? Because Bitcoin is the first use of the blockchain, it is like gold as a referencethat interprets this appreciate. There are many projects that provide solutions in this field. For example , now Ethereum, which came with this solution, have increased, where it was at $ 100, and now it has become at$ 4000, it has risen because it has a use, and the problem now is that it wants to The costs of Levi’s, where you need it a lot in mining, ittakes $100 to accomplish a task you want, for example, to cancel a carry, you must pay $50, the pay is built in each process, $40 is the least that is paid, but now it contacts$ 150 exclusively to change something, so it is expensive just to change, so other currencies came like I use a lot Polygon gave a seam on Ethereum, Polygon did it on Ethereum, but it came as a solution to the aforementioned troubles, so I advise young people who want to specialize in this fieldto know in which currency they invest in the currency that proposals solutions, for example, when I was justifying earlier to Polygon to the chaps it was $0.5 Now it is equal to$ 7 if you invest in a currency as then a brand-new money appears that is not follow the motion, although the currency has no role, that is just a motion, unless you want to impound the opportunity( buy and sell promptly) that does not have a long term in the absence of an actual character for it.Apply now, you must download Metamask in order to enter the world of Ethereum. Now, you enter your browser, sought for it, other tools, and download the Metamask extension for NFT. Youwill buy it with Ethereum. You can buy Ethereum from someone who owns it, so it is cheap, or you can buy it in an exchange likeBINANCE. There is alsoBTCTURQ. Which one you chooseis important Aren’t you being scammed because many of them are doing ok do n’t accept them making your data did you make that secret code copy it and paste it in the linkput it here don’t demo itI liked the security method you arrange the decision accepted registration and login guysI will look at how much ethereum he has and it will remain a secret introducing Artilleries We won’t make him out( joking) Wait wait buddy Do you want to see Ihave to show you many notes I participated them He’s a genius You now know what, how and where to buy andhave Metamasks to buy For this field Followers should follow the word from TwitterYes I fortified That’s a lot.You should have an account on Twitter. Twitter is full of report and updates about the field. This is in all battlegrounds, inorder to be aware of developments. “Thats a lot” of experts. Exclusive Twitter news. You receive informs abruptly. Twitter will be The first one who requires that your sketch depict be metal, so that you will not gave any characterization and lie to parties, you will have to enter the metamask if this appears in your pouch so as not to tell people that you own a dish of 100 million and thefact that you took it from Google must pass through the stages that we talkedabout. I talked about it on Instagram, you can add it, you will be forced to buysomething that you use, and do not situated a pup that you found in Google, everything will have a copyright. Any video I buy here, you will notice that many of the NFT, fromwhich we benefit a great deal, are groups. In the beginnings ofNFT, exchanges were going between the craftsman and the purchasers, which means that an master sells you a draw

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