Hi, I am contemporary creator Soichiro. This time I would like to talk about NFT I’d like to talk a little about NFT. but before that, I apologize for a moment. I are of the view that youtube couldn’t be raised at all, so I used too much dominance to edit youtube, put in line music, and adjust the clang. I’ve been particular about how much I should give it to make it easier to hear, and by do that, the update of youtube was delayed more and more, so I reflected I’d like to stop it for a while, so it seems that I can take youtube about once a day for that Frank. I wanted to make it feel like that, so up to now I’ve been putting a lot of effort into contemporary prowes, taking in that information and see everyone about it.I made it, but it wasn’t so, like that NFT Well, there’s something about music, and now Recently, I’m doing various courses such as putting in a cg application called blender to conclude nft productions, so I are of the view that I want to send it out well nft amble 1 month ago Well for the first time really nothing I was ignorant and didn’t understand anything, but the first thing I considered was Maiki There are about 5 to 6 20 -minute videos of Ikehaya in the video but before watching those 6 videos, I remember it as a little more like ft and myself. It s not like the billiards that I made about hip-hop punks, but I think it’s good to have more and more never. I don’t mess around with chirp so much better, but it’s strange to say it myself, but I think it’s a person who makes a lot of announces. Twitter What I actually suppose I’ve been watching for a long time Well, what I certainly think about for a month is nft I can see a lot of people from overseas, but it’s just nothing.I think it will be more exciting In the future, something is still the same for me. Many parties are reiterating the finesse and so on, but it’s just 100 parties. It’s not that much to see overseas with about 200 people From now on, more and more people will buy more napt efforts, and more people will refine the performance of their duties. I think that a unit that stretches nht with a great number of parties like a company will probably develop even more. Even now, when I wake up in the morning with that flutter of Natity, everyone is at school faster than anyone else Everyone criticized people who said nft eras or ift crafting, and everyone actually worked hard on that sophistication, and I was just watching nfd for a day.For those who say that they will collect about 10 meters as much as 10 experiences. There are a lot of people who are really crazy about power, such as people who attack everyone or people who send about 10 mails, so what is that nt? Or very, I think that contemporary artistry or something like that figure of the artist seems to change, isn’t it? Then it’s like waiting for someone to buy it The stance is old or more moving nft When more and more makes of nft who have the power to move come out Somehow, it’s not so see for those who are silent. I are of the view that I had to be that muddy with Artis when I heard nft.Well, why am I? Initially I wrote a series of people, a picture of Mr. Shiro, the two parties announced billiard number 2, armor, etc. I basically wrote that kind of thing, but why not use those two as force and it’s a completely different rap punks There is a good reason why I started something like that First of all, I was thinly hesitant about nst, so I thought that I couldn’t continue to say what I was apprehensive about. Futa I convey, it seems like there isn’t enough time for the creators to manage the operation at the same time. I thought it wouldn’t happen However, if you look at various beings delicately on Twitter in advance, this is a bit of your own work, or labour like making a work with contemporary artistry with lft and nft I’m a little focused. I thought it wouldn’t last, so my favorite hip-hop I like gaps and I like island municipality pa, but I’m going to lap I listened to it a lot and thought that it would be a little interesting if I had punks with various rappers with that as the theme.Another factor is that punks don’t make much epoch for product. I think that it is the quality of action and Parko effort that you can probably see that people who do not have a good name for nft start nft after all because of that. I thought that heretill genuinely had to threw a lot of effort into management, so even if I wrote a illustration at all, my a was basically the main series, and there was a very simple precedent. Kishida-san is doing it while looking at something, so I don’t think I have much ability to write a brand-new sketch for myself, though I don’t have much clevernes. Then I was necessary to do punks Well, I decided on punks.The other is that I wanted to go hip-hop in Japan to be more exciting in the world. I have an issue and I’m not a person who is responsible for rap at all. I think it’s difficult There are also people who appear in rap whizs when I watch a program that is just a hip-hop hotshot that goes to that Abe I really liked it, but more than that, R-Shitei and Amar pro from the quake. When I listen to what various people are saying, such as Visor, I’m really jealous and resentful. A program was established to liven up the rap, so various beings apply their opinions and what was rap Japan. I wondered if it was important for the rap of the hip-hop. When I talked about the relationship between Japan and the United Regime about the context at that skype and just listened to that, contemporary skill is amazing.Even though contemporary prowes just made by Japanese people should definitely be in close contact with it. Somehow it doesn’t show up significantly increased I was a little jealous of demand more contemporary skill to get excited, so I want you to see it and get excited about contemporary artwork. After all, hip-hop is amazing. I repute Japanese rap has really high potential. I started believed that more Japanese hip-hop should spread to the world, so that hip-hop punks is more like a test rap than the desire to make money. I want to make it even more exciting, so I did coin with rap punks called rap and donated the money to the venue or other areas. I suppose I want to take it Well, even if there is only rap punks, it’s a story about what it’s like as an nft writer, so it’s said that I learned a lot about rap punks now, so it’s actually a operate of a far-famed series.I anticipate I want to meet things from now on, so I’m making these 3 series now, I’m making a blender I think it’s really difficult, isn’t it? I’m coming because it was like a charming attribute parties series, but I’m still believed that I have to improve the quality a little bit more. Somehow, the blender certainly has a high degree of freedom and I want to do energy. I certainly recommend the blender Illustrator doing with illustrator Preferably than learning from now on I think it’s better to render as an nft, isn’t it? It’s just a lot to remember rather than drawing power, so that’s pretty good. The number of people who say that they are not confident in their persuasivenes will increase. If you do it, it may seem like a blender.I was a little scared that a lot of real things would be born if I didn’t manufacture something different from the one I was actually spawning, so I decided to call it rap punks. It’s quite difficult to time that, and the exertion I actually induced If you take a picture of a real work and give it to nft, it will sell at aft and if it sells in reality, two real operates will be born. Because that nft does, the image itself that I uploaded will be this work. Then the real thing will be born in Japan, so I wonder if it is better to brought under a savour that is a little different from the work of the real thing without doing that.I’m thinking about it for a moment now, so I feel like it’s not good or it’s going to flunk if I don’t agree something a little while keeping this atmosphere of the Ami series. I feel like I simply work in a very good direction, so I think it’s better to be cautious about that. It’s kind of like a person who is originally a scribe, so that’s how I talk about nft today. Well, next time Well, for different beings, I was just wondering if I should do something to the people who start the ridge every year. If pt’s rap punks sell, I’d like to send it again.I would like to talk about the men series as well. Thank you for watching until the end ..

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