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Hello there, this is Juflix. This video is
an event video clip that gives one airdrop as well as 20 hwari in addition to the intro
of Epic Art'' s Jennie n ft. It is being generated with the assistance of Epic Art

. I was also curious about the partnership with The Mars and Bridge. Artwork in the metaverse globe via collaboration with The Mars,
and partnership with Bridge,
I think we will work very closely in laying

nft trading. If you consider the roadmap, we have actually finished partnerships with domestic and also foreign art galleries
as well as agreement for musician copyright. It can be claimed that it is a task that has been implanted with nft in the art field.The occasion for gifting real art jobs is additionally impressive.
Oh … I intend to most likely to Spain … I wish to go … I assume the main personality, B. Pl, who produced the 80 billion won worth of nft, showed electronic artists his vision of the future via nft. We sustain artists that have trouble entering the marketplace and are performing it as component of a subscription job in the extensive culture and arts attached to the actual economy.

There are likewise plans to staking or to disperse profits. If you consider the white paper, you can see the direction as well as preparation intent of the job. Epic Art'' s very first personality, Jenny, will certainly be provided with 10,000 nfts. This minting is conducted with polygonmatic. How to prepare polygonmatic is described. You can likewise discover it in my previous video. Minting is confirmed from the 20th to 28th of this month. Competitors Hwari. Public producing that any person can join is scheduled in order. Prices start at 350 Matic and public minting. It contains as much as 500 Matic. The public amount is the staying amount, so if a large quantity is offered in Hwari, competition will be fierce. If you like Jenny nft, it would certainly be much better to obtain Hwari We will certainly distribute it with the basic form, fill out the Google form, get in Epic Art as well as Bridge Disharmony, comply with and retweet the tweet The application due date is the day after tomorrow, June 12th, as well as I will certainly introduce as well as announce the winner on my network on the 13th the day after. I think it would be good to take an appearance at nft. Then today'' s video clip will finish here. Please like and also subscribe.Thank you for watching

. I was Juflix.

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