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a word from the programmers this video game is based upon real life problems despite the fact that the action occurs within the natural habitat of gie bon in south east asia these issues are interconnected all over the world we dealt with a team citizens and local professionals to guarantee that all styles are represented with regard and also precision a game so gibbons which is launched on the 22nd so today on apple arcade including the 24th bardon on a game swimming pool which is additionally intended on steam as well as on button throughout the year and which uses us a demo through the ch'' ti led to the fest is as a result a priori a video game in between tiny wings ultimately various other platforms acrobatic hours of the style I recommend that we go there without later of course [Songs] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Songs] the map as well as I want to do that as well educate me yes [Music] okay so with l we stay on the branches with r we capture under the branches m where as well as we move allow'' s go [Songs] too well I turned from branch to branch and also quickly ran slipped and also much faster energy [Songs] as well as I attempted something there however I fell short [Songs] oh below I lost my doctor [Songs] yes [Music] too good no it'' s extremely southern [Songs] so there truly is a sense of timing otherwise you quickly shed your loss of speed [Songs] 3 [Songs] ok ok we there goes waves his mother [Songs] of course [Music] so there we learn exactly how to restore altitude [Songs] for instance like that all of a sudden regulates fairly straightforward since the objective is ed is to be likewise usable we recall it on a little the demand or the video game will certainly be launched first [Songs] it is essential as every little thing is fluid [Songs] m I ask yourself just how the game works from a perspective of its hooks due to the fact that we s is constantly completely the ape'' s dives are always completely at the end of the branch which is extremely nt sufficient [Songs] yes lyon [Songs] yeah it'' s good to do [Music] we [Songs] of course oh la la oh [Music] too great there was a little yoyo there and also oh there I do whatever what [Songs] no [Music] it'' s really really rewarding [Songs] [Songs] he me [Songs] I missed myself [Music] embarassment [Songs] after curious to see the video game speed run [Music] oh you [Songs] l'' isad [Music] the passages there are really very satisfying 1 [Music] as well as I'' m just attempting to stroll to see what ' s going on oh yes there without a doubt we would lose a whole lot of speed we actually have every interest in stay in the eldest to what takes place for we go there we shed [Music] it'' s practically onward is for that reason for if you had actually missed out on [Songs] and therefore using the two triggers to decide if we slide also we sways [Songs] it'' s spectacular [Songs] an initiative which is only an initiative of the vegetables at the trot [Songs] it has been claim to ask me ex lover [Songs] [Applause] [Songs] oh no in the name 1 we are sorry for to inform you that the ape fell [Music] so I explain to you how the nuance far more than one imagines due to the fact that certainly you practically need to howard you need to gain ground that '' s a it ' s a point that ' s for certain however as a matter of fact if you allow it go simply evaluate the best trigger as well as instantly you catch all the branches that pass you won'' t to obtain enough rate in fact you truly need to describe beautiful curves and also hang on to the appropriate branch is there to release it at the correct time to have the very best chance of keeping precisely this speed because right here we are still in the great part but after that there will certainly be pursuit with hunters and points and that'' s where the nuance will certainly come so actually it'' s a lot more it ' s there truly is a concept the address is there for example I can leave spin cel this to inform me ok I'' m mosting likely to take this rather and also so on [Music] afterwards I can make a decision that below it'' s not worth attempting to continue to draw from there to pick up rate at the bottom as well as start once again right here instead upwards [Music] [Music] or sectarian thanks extremely much my friend we see there [Songs] go speedrun might be fairly extraordinary actually you select not the right area you pick the takes and also you are merely mosting likely to be depressed rt if you desire him to hold on to such a hold either lt if you desire him to depend on such a hold and also otherwise the remainder is he who selects to kiss them why it'' s if you liked it precisely which extreme antics times so enjoyable as well as so fluid so actually on the touchscreen it will just be my point of view left wing as well as best side of the display so truly really little to little to handle [Songs] in my viewpoint on a little bit of the demand must currently be really good yet things is that I'' m happy to be on a large display there [Music] I screwed up I wished to do something else [Songs] it'' ll get on mobile yes it'' s beginning a little decreased in a few days art quant aux on the chat and I discover a new thing alright okay so there he will certainly find out no worry in company contours a bit a lot more after that the experiences are excellent so below is the question is asked on the adacore conversation below we are mosting likely to have kinds of booster of ideal three-point landing and also experiences are actually extremely excellent as well as at initial view so allow'' s find out and also on top of that he runs all this so we actually we simply have l and r to take care of [Songs] you release way too much very early hold longer under back somersault and also you release ahead of time hold more listened to [Songs] there you increase there the sucker there we learn the techniques there it gets more challenging [Songs] however how that [Music] [Music] ok the last one have to do one little beforehand what ok and also the she offers young apes sound at the very least [Music] ah indeed so with the superiors I feel that we die we placed the speed [Music] to ensure that'' s a bit the all you need to have gotten what [Music] where it goes [Songs] however no [Music] of course all that'' s it I have time for something there the rebound booster yes au must keep rate 1 in my viewpoint the game can rapidly come to be fairly tough in reality finally tough oh la la la la la la la la where [Praise] [Giggles] I have a little bit of a moms and dad [Applause] to the youngsters and yes indeed there is a real rate of interest in doing that I am really the latecomer but i don'' t treatment actually it'' s so good ah the problems simply occurred is undoubtedly excellent morning excuse me we really feel mansion we lack aid wishing to do t as well numerous creases ok so there it'' s beginning to look truly very extremely attractive eh yo yo yo yo we have the issues I still solidified I said to myself a little somersault it doesn'' t'eat bread so it ' s over for the gibbons demo offered really soon a maybe today or possibly I claim I put on ' t recognize any longer on apple arcade and also soon on switch as well as pc it'' s truly excellent the feeling and it'' s brighten sick point it'' s very rather checking out the musical environment both music and sound songs is deadly well well we certainly really feel that we are mosting likely to weep at the end however yes yes yes a thousand times yes for gibbons at the very same time it was a little it was nearly clear on its its trailer currently great there it'' s simply a bit more clear me I'' ll be completely pissed off it'' s moreover to look for my other half'' s tablet to do it instead of doing it on my phone here it is this is how this is how i '' m mosting likely to make the video game without waiting on them to show up on su r turn on computer after that really straightforward controls however a feeling on top sometimes for me that'' s ample for me I was a really large customer the little wings so so it fits me effectively therefore you can try it presently on heavy steam during the ch'' ti brought about the fest which runs from February 21 to 28, 2000 22 years of ideal video clips

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