my modification you need to provide me four like 4 for instructor you need youtube welcome to my channel if you'' re right here for the very first time and welcome back if you have actually been here before i know that i sanctuary'' t been publishing that a lot just recently yet presume what we ' re back i ' m sorry for not being applauding i just needed to resolve some individual concern but assumption wow oh my gosh like i really miss doing this i miss out on doing my own videos that implies reacting to video and naturally i miss bringing great material for you individuals i wish you people miss me too so today i'' ll be responding to 10 points not to do in turkey so as you people understand i ' m planning to come to turkey after this pandemic and also things so i need to know what i shouldn'' t carry out in turkey i'won ' t talk that a lot so if you ' re below for the very first time and you sanctuary'' t signed up for my network yet please sign up for my channel and also if you like my material share my video with your pals i'' m gon na leave my instagram follow me on instagram as well and mark as well as my turkish pal i ' m gon na leave our instagram mini so take one 2nd after viewing all the video clips since i have a great deal of turkish material on this channel so go to the instagram as well as allow me recognize what you believe concerning this network so allow'' s jump directly to the video clip you men already know the logo design i won'' t say nothing i won'' t inform no even more what you jumping the video boom hey there every person i'' m john and also i ' m turkish today we ' re going to take a look at 10 points that you shouldn ' t do in turkey number one don ' t impact your nose noisally when you are with others i recognize blowing your nose is such a regular thing and in many countries it'' s fine to blow your nose whenever as well as anywhere you want but in turkey if you blow your nose loudly when you'' re with others you could get some strange appearances from people since it'' s considered discourteous as an example like blowing your nose in the general public i assume when you like make it like sound it loud i think that is not courteous so perhaps that is what he implied if i impact my nose gently when i'' m consuming with my family members or if i do it when'i ' m in a conference with others they will probably discover it a little bit frustrating incidentally i'' m not chatting about this kind of blowing uh all right i got it i got it i obtained it what i'' m talking is this so primarily if you have a lot booger and also if you need to blow your nose similar to i did you can most likely to a toilet or to someplace where others can'' t hear you you ought to do second wear ' t puzzle turkish individuals with arabs alright so this is and this is one thing that i that i reached discover just recently on my head it resembled turkey is a arabic country that is what i believed previously now you called you guys recognize i'' ve been reacting to a great deal of video from turkey so i currently have an idea that turkey is not an arabic nation a timeless men for one reason or another many individuals think that turkey is an arab nation we are arabs as well as we speak arabic in turkey no no no if you state any of these points you will not just be seen as an ignorant but it can additionally annoy turkish individuals because think of it it'' s like mosting likely to paris talking with a french individual as well as claiming so you people are in fact german right i know they'' ve been young [Songs] that'' s right so that ' s why i wear ' t do the very same thing in turkey turkey is not a metropolitan nation our culture is totally various we'' re turks and we speak turkish just do some research study number 3 put on'' t suggest over the origin of the foods as you possibly recognize food in turkey is a huge bargain and also turkish people are so honored of turkish cuisine in some cases some people suggest over the and also incidentally people i'' ll be eating turkish food for the very first time i'' m currently planning i ' m currently preparing i located one turkish restaurant in here so i'' ll be going possibly'it ' s either i ' ll be going to the dining establishment or i will certainly purchase the food to my location so you remain tuned and also i sanctuary'' t tried turkish food yet i sanctuary ' t attempted so to be my very first time and also i hope you individuals will such as that video clip fine original of the popular foods like kebab tonight or baklava some individuals state baklava is originally from greece it'' s not turkish as well as i even encountered people who claim did you know that donaire is actually a german food it'' s not turkish so clearly i'' m not mosting likely to review which nation these foods belong to in this video turkey there are numerous reports asserting the beginning of the food however when you'' re in turkey just leave the national politics out of the kitchen just attempt not to argue the beginning of the food given that we consider them all as our typical foods from deep inside some people could get actually distressed when you declare that oh that food is in fact excellent that food originated from an urban country so no national politics about the food simply enjoy your baklava donut or whatever you intend to consume wear'' t treat roaming pets badly in istanbul on there around 300 000 stray pet cats and also pets check out that cat like they'' re so lovely right they ' re so lovely and i recognize that in turkey like stretched animal is actually a big thing i understand that and i used to view uh some turkish novel you understand as well as movie and i see a great deal of like pet cats and also things so just look at this photo they'' re gorgeous appropriate let me know if you have one allow me recognize if you have a cat at your house and also what is the name appropriate let me understand and also most turkish individuals love these stray pets and they look after them as if they are their own pet you can find shelters food water given by people nearly everywhere in istanbul so straight animals are essentially openly owned public family pets in turkey that'' s why please be mindful and wear'' t be aggressive towards them you might not like pet cats or dogs perhaps you don'' t locate them tidy however like put on ' t press them around or something because this can actually make a person angry as if you press their own pets i indicate this is not special to turkey like you shouldn'' t do this anywhere in the globe i simply intended to tell you how turkish people see the roaming pets that'' s true don ' t chatter in english in public so i put on ' t know if it ' s simply my observation yet individuals usually often tend to think that turkish individuals don ' t know in english whatsoever and all right i accept that we ' re not the very best when it involves speaking english however i think i can claim that we are excellent at recognizing several turkish people particularly the young populace have a suitable grasp of connections yeah and also they will probably understand you if you go to papad turkey or because i'' m not gossiping okay individuals when i return i'' m not mosting likely to claim sometimes actually i listened to people go mentioning turkey on a bus or at the coffee bar turkish food is simply overrated though like they simply have kebab and also i think turkish people are racist put on'' t fear no person will certainly say with you for claiming these points but i believe it'' s just a little unpleasant and also awkward when various other people understand you so to prevent uncomfortable terminals like that due to the fact that it behind our back put on'' t anticipate to get the adjustment if it is much less than 5 crush so our currency is lira this is one period allow me see fine one litre alright and after that we have crush for instance that'' s what i desire certainly fine so tinkers as sans in the meantime fine so allow'' s state you went to a market and you obtained a chocolate it set you back 3 there are nine to six experts and you offered four lirans the cashier now you'' re meant to obtain 4 krish back as your adjustment right they won'' t provide you your four crush when you request for your adjustment they will most likely say oh we wear'' t have one crush because for 4 kurdish they need to have four one crush in turkey it'' s so hard to locate one essential honestly i wear'' t really keep in mind the last time that i ' ve seen one crucial spirit however also though federal government is making one essential nobody seems to have it so put on'' t seethe at the cashier they ' re not trying i indicate like it'' s truly great to understand these points prior to involving the country why do i state like it'' s actually excellent to know because envision you'' re mosting likely to the shop and then you ' re getting food and also you recognize fine you require to obtain like uh focus right that is exactly how you claim emphasis emphasis and also imagine like they don'' t provide it to you'and also you ' ll resemble hi sorry some my adjustment you need to provide me 4 like 4 for train you need to give me concentrate like like the woman would certainly like like i'' m sorry we don'' t have emphasis we wear ' t have one training course as well as you ' ll resemble why so it ' s excellent it ' s like it ' s really good to understand about it resembles prior to coming to the country at the very least currently i recognize if it ' s like 5 or less than five they ' re not offering to me appropriate fine no this is just how it functions practically everywhere if you'' re transforming the last time five crush they'' re not mosting likely to offer you squash in most of the places wear'' t really feel that you have to tip excellent news for you people tipping is not mandatory in turkey it'' s not actually common as well as turkish people typically put on'' t idea so put on ' t worry no one'will get disturbed by wear ' t suggestion them at a dining establishment or at a coffee bar or on a taxi however if you think that you obtained a great service you can leave some pointers why not that will certainly be fantastic as well as i'' m certain the workers will appreciate it that'' s true put on ' t insult at a turkey'if you wear ' t understand who other turkeys he is the founder as well as the initial head of state of the turkish public for this and for many various other factors turkish individuals have a deep regard for him you will certainly see his portrait actually anywhere in turkey so also if you wear'' t like electrical somehow i would certainly suggest bad placing yet as a turk to someone that you wear'' t understand well since they may obtain aggressive and as a matter of fact disparaging a turkey protests legislations in turkey so don'' t obtain me wrong below i'' m not stating you should never ever talk regarding a turkey if you have inquiries or if you'' re curious regarding him turkish individuals will like to address what i'' m saying is just put on'' t insult him or put on'' t badmouth regarding the fact particularly if you put on'' t understand much regarding him and the station that the nation remained in when he established the turkish public this can make people angry wear'' t drink the faucet water so in turkey the majority of people put on'' t favor to consume alcohol the faucet water as well as it has a few reasons firstly we are not actually sure if it is 100 clean or otherwise as well as second of all faucet water doesn'' t taste comparable to a mineral water at the very least for me for these reasons most individuals acquire bottled water for drinking yet that doesn'' t mean we never ever make use of faucet water we use it for cleaning our teeth revealing for making hot drinks or for cooking so except alcohol consumption you can utilize however i mean like you guys allow me recognize in the remarks listed below i indicate residence i mean like fine you people need to acquire butter like a bottle of water right what concerning the faucet water what about does the government say like what does the federal government say is is it safe to consume alcohol of course or no let me understand in the remarks listed below so if the government says it'' s secure to consume so as well as you have to acquire i wear ' t recognize exactly how much resembles just how much is one container like or one gallon of water in turkey'so maybe it ' s affordable i put on ' t recognize let me know because someone ' s i suggest in some component of the world it may be pricey you recognize tap water for whatever you want um i drink faucet water when i don'' t have mineral water okay put on'' t worry you won ' t get unwell if you wear ' t drip oh fine all right'i obtained it'oh all right that ' s exactly how i was like it ' s sort of pricey no wear ' t go into a home with your footwear on personally i never ever got involved in a turkey shower without taking my footwear off so turkish individuals generally remove their shoes at the front door and afterwards they put on sandals around the residence so if you go to somebody'' s residence right here in turkey put on'' t try to go into with your shoes on this will certainly be a little bit disrespectful don'' t fear if you welcome me when i like whenever i involved turkey if you invite me to your house currently you recognize i ' m not featuring my shoes on alright inside the house i will certainly leave it outside it'' s fantastic bruh for the honor yet if you'' re also strolling with footwear inside you put on'' t requirement to take off your footwear so these were the 10 points that you shouldn'' t perform in turkey exist any type of various other points that you assume people shouldn'' t perform in regards to allow me understand in the remarks listed below please so i hope you liked the video clip men if you liked it please wear'' t forget to hit the like people if you like this video don'' t neglect to certainly to adhere to turkish le on instagram i have actually spoken to him on instagram already as well as he was so kind to me also so please guys take one second go on instagram follow him as well as if you put on'' t follow me please follow your child too and my turkish close friend i'' m gon na leave our instagram in here so and also if you people like this video allow me know on the comments below too i recognize 10 things that i shouldn'' t do when i pertained to turkey this is fantastic as well as thank you individuals for coming with me in this impressive experience because for me this has been a great experience i'' m being familiar with much concerning'the country i ' m learning more about much about'the society i ' m learning more about much regarding the language as well so if you put on'' t understand i have one video clip on my channel which is turkish or learning turkish obstacle so i'' m gon na leave the link of that video on the summary listed below too go take the one to 2 second and also enjoy that video clip also as well as allow me recognize how is my turkish this is your young boy casket auto reveal please register for my network if you sanctuary'' t registered for my channel yet alright remain safe you

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