2 EXPLOSIVE Flow Blockchain NFTS MINTING SOON (Best Upcoming Flow NFT Projects)


today we’re gonna be looking at a few projectsthat i really glance very promising to me and one of them is actually what i would possiblythink to be the forefront of the digital style entire manufacture so if you like thesekind of videos and if you watch my direct and like flood blockchain in general pleaselet me know in the comments below i’m actually getting more and more interestedinto keeping a deeper seeing into the flow blockchain after the projects that i’ve seen recently sowithout further ado let’s get into the video and picture you the projects i have in mind the firstproject i pulled up here their chatter is called the fabricant it’s a decentralized digital fashionhouse construct the wardrobe of the metaverse via our nft co-creation platform the fabricantstudio now about this label what’s something unique in that ft cavity is that when you startlooking through the credibility they have they’re not kidding these guys are maybe oneof very good well sentiment beings and companies to take over exactly what they’re doing that i’veseen to till year in the entire space first of all simple is digital style you can create tradewear and they basically look like these various kinds of entries where you can uniquely fix them so it’snot just you know pre-made parts that you it’s not a 10 k pfp or anything like that you can choose agarment choose up to 12 costumes over three unique collectings customize the fabric select a basefabric designed by the famed fabric decorators add the dyes make it indeed yours by customselection of dyes and then mint your nft and by minting your first cross-file your unique nfton the flow blockchain and start render high solution media assets for you to showoff so they came this process particularly phoned in and if we go over um to some of their instagramwork this is where i really started to realize this is not an everyday firebrand these chaps have beenworking on campaigns like this since 2016. Normally i wouldn’t believe anybody who says something likethat or many parties saw you know throughout those those you know phrases very um you know looselyin our space right oh we’ve been working on this for a decade and whatnot no but these guys reallyhave been focusing alone on digital style for a long time years and years before the nftspace truly blew up in fact they were actually involved with one of the first digital outfitsever formed date and it get for like three nine thousand dollars in the future i i wouldnot have a hard time imagining that could go for something like what a alien punk went for like 10 million or so um they have a youtube channel i’ll link it below they have a bunch of cool littlevideos you can check them out but what i find even more interesting than everything i just depicted youhere is actually their label and their positioning if i make their squad representatives right carrie murphyum brownish-yellow sutin ariana these being a bunch of other parties i mean they’re the fifth person sixthperson on their squad is more competent than most people’s main founder i go over the first guykerry murphy for example you can see he’s the founder of the fabricant which is a real brandnot just the nft they have the nft one that’s a different website but they have a main website aswell which i’m going to show you in a few seconds the crazed stats for it um chairman and creativebefore together my imaginative marriage and him closely uh worked with their panic programcreating innovative designing and animation this is stuff he’s been working with in 2018 okayum spirit filmmaking and graphic blueprint is what he was working in 2008 like this is what he’sbasically his life has been built up to to really break to this space amber i make similar story andyou know she has a lot of event a decorator digital pattern et cetera et cetera i want to skipover because there’s a bunch of teams and display you where where what i’m really impressed by you knowi like to see back in analytics on ahrefs this basically shows you under the hood of their mainyou know website brand where you can really see how long they’ve been working on it how much powerit has and more importantly how much customers and people are calling this site right because ifthey just made this like let’s say a month ago or even six months ago they would never be ableto get this kind of traffic or these sorts of stats these people are actually organically ranking forterms like digital fad in the first page of google globally i’m not sure if you understand howbig that is but basically if you were to search digital fashion you’ll see them in the first pagewithout them paying for ads they’re already the number 1 in in the in the in the whole worldlike a position for this it’s not digital pattern in new york it’s not digital mode in a certaincountry it’s digital fashion period for globally for terms like virtual style if you type inyou’ll recognize there’s a cluster of parties moving ads and they’re the number 1 who grades for thisso this is huge once situated their symbol as one of them you know higher ups to receive all thetraffic from a platform like google for for such keywords like this so if they were to executeeven decently right it would absolutely about like it’ll demolish it in the space the only thingis is the time to catch up where digital pattern truly takes off it’s just a matter of hour butit’s going to happen guys if you admire these kind of stats that you really don’t get anywhereelse satisfy go down below like the video truly continues me going i’ve been you are familiar with trying mybest to burrow deeper a little bit across a ocean of unpleasant very annoying salesy scammyprojects and when i see something like this it gets me really excited all right let’s moveon the next campaign we’re cover-up is in rip so in rift is next gen utility based 3d wearables andas i go through his website i want to see if you guys can suspect which assignment this really resembleswith i’ll give you a hint it’s research projects i dealt most recently onto onto the channel a newtype of age of virtual self-exploration they’re going to show how it’s going to be showyour finest slice to the entire world it’s gonna be very you know compatible interoperable whichflows blockchain is really um well developed for which if you guys don’t know um is actually theguys behind jaunty laboratories are behind it who is in charge of cryptokitties the first nft boomever um the chaps be on nba top shots they certainly started to blow up even before crypto punks hadtheir first 2021 move up so they’re really ogs in the in the whole space and with any of theseprojects that start to do well in their blockchain they genuinely start to take a direct hand in andplay a role in sacrificing them you know help they need to take things to the next stage so um youcan see for in gap you know it’s non-custodial devotees which is big for decentralizationuh more than a simple community where force scalability eco-friendly which overflow blockchainalready requires it’s actually one of the most eco-friendly uh series out there you can see oneof their plunges was 1111 right only one one of one 10 acclaimed and 100 epic so you can see the subthey’re not large-hearted on supplying they’re not doing like 10 000 5000 it’s stuff like that they hindered it like1 000 for the first one the next one is actually happening right now which i’m looking to get rightafter i make this video and i’m gonna relation the leave the links below for the nfts that’s droppingright now i’m not gonna read every single thing here but you can check this stuff out if you wantto participate and this one is 3333 of a total afford and each are 250 usd um each patch whichi think is pretty good i want it’s a standard price comes out to just about 0.08 ethereum perpiece and if you look at their um roadmap what’s interesting is that we are really have some playerp2e kind of mapped out which is going to be taking place towards the end of this year you know firststeps of social and gamification with avatar shin which i think i’m the most bullish on becausethat’s that’s the part that reminds me of decentral games if you haven’t got it by now umyou know digital wearables they’re looking to gamify it at some station in the future and that’sgoing to be mostly you know building some kind of economy based on it where you can use andactually wear and have practicality on the digital wearables which is one of the main things that setthis one apart than the first job i handled um but if you even go back into other schemes theyhave you know public sale for general avatars native mobile app right wearables connectionpartner master right exclusive phenomenon in paris these are not just stuff fillers to utter thingslook good these are actually all material that are very relevant to the project itself and althoughit all depends on the execution on the founders which i do think they have right um meanings inmind and they’re able to execute on this it will go terribly very well the people behind the projectis a small team it’s julian florent and clem at least you know they’re honest they’re very upfrontthey’re people who are available in discord on a daily basis and they’re not trying to oblige stuffup and included like 50 other beings now exactly to look like oh these are blockchain dev or something likethat it’s three people but there’s three most competent team members and a lot of days you takethat uh you know as opposed to like you know 15 key representatives that are like only there for fillersobviously scrolling down now you can see that these parties they set here and that beings they’renot yet making full age we need your support to bring them into the in fault crimp full experience they’rebeing super honest about this and everything even um the way they’re talking in their discordin their themes that kind of same theme affinity is carried throughout so thisis where i’m getting the confidence that this is a genuine team that’s going to executewell final attach here this is the drop that’s going on currently uh 960 left out of 1111. Ifyou guys want to be on the safe line-up you can keep an seeing if you want to get in then merely you knowsee until it gets close to minting out then you can go and mint yours if you’re afraid that it’snot going to sell out um because to be honest a lot of occasions good programmes they just do not havegreat marketing which is why it’s hard to you know find them through the grass but it is whatit is i am bullish on both of these projects but the first one people i’m telling youum when digital fad makes off and and those guys really execute they can beone of the most important brands in the entire space period with that said guys if you like me goingdeep into a certain chain and detecting some of the core projects in that chain specifically and letme know commentary below and i will try to do my best doing this again for some other chains as welllike and agree i’ll talk to you soon serenity

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