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Hi Hello Guys…Welcome to my Youtube Channel : ) In Today's Video We are Going to Be Discussing About… A Digital Art that was sold for a whooping sum of "69.3 Million Dollars"
Approx. 502 Crore Indian Rupees What is So special about this art !!! Why This Art Sale Would be a Turning Point in Context of Future Technology ?!? Also to know why Tamilians should feel proud about this Historical art sale… We need to have certain prerequisite knowledge… So…the first thing we need to know about is…"About The Artist" He is Michael Joseph… He is better known in art world as…. Famous Identity revealing song from "BAASHA" Movie. " BEEPLE "..yes his Social Media handle is Beeple. Everyday for the past 13.5 + years..he has designed and posted a digital art on his social media handles. Digital art is an artistic work or practice that uses digital technology as part of the creative or presentation process..

The number of people following Beeple was on a steady spike because of the curiosity he aroused everyday…on what concept he is going to make an art ?? whether he would be able to post it before the end of the day etc… As of Today…. He has a whooping 2.1 Million Followers !!! Ok..now that we have seen about the artist…let's get to know about this art that was sold on MARCH 11th 2021. He was posting his art work everyday for the Past 13.5 years right…. The Art work of his First 5000 days..colllectively were made as a Montage And was Auctioned by Christie's (Famous Auction House)
Quick Fact: This was their first completely digital product that was auctioned. But.. Artist's Selling their art work…and people bidding for it is normally happening incident only….what is the big deal out of it ???? The Paintings that are generally bought from auctions generally can be showcased by the buyer as a trophy just like a car or bike..

But this is a Digital Art !!!! It is Abstract…doesn't exist in real life …it is only available " Virtually " Then anyone would be able to copy the image right !!! This is where the concept of NFT is Introduced …. So what is a Non Fungible Token ?? It is like a certificate of Authenticity / Ownership for a Digital Product . So we'll look into what is An NFT…How Does It work..How does it inflate the value of a Product…

How are the details of Buyers of an NFT Managed … Say for example we have 5 – 1 rupee Notes in our Purse. To free some Space in the purse..we can exchange the 5* 1 rupee coins with 1* 5 rupee coin.. This type of Currency is called Fungible…that the Values can be equated with quantity. But the Non-Fungible Token we are talking about is different. Each of it is a unique token….they can never be equated with different tokens. Just like this Mona Lisa Painting…The original can never be replaced by a print out in a paper…

This Concept of Creating Uniqueness and Scarcity is brought out in NFT's. Though NFT's are Crypto-Currencies like Bitcoin The Value of each and every NFT is Unique..unlike the value of bitcoins. And all It's transactions are stored in a Block Chain ledger. ie: all information regarding a transaction would be stored within various moderators in a block-chain network.. hence ensuring the originality and authenticity of the transaction. Every NFT has a Unique Numbering Pattern So Using These Numbering..The details of the owner is Tracked. Among the Art Pieces That were Sold Using This Revolutionary Technologies The Digital art that has had the Highest Bid is… Beeple's "everyday:the first 5000 days" art… It was bought for " 69.3 Million USD"…approx " 502 Crore Indian Rupees" But who bought this art for such a price ?!? These Gentlemen…Anand venkateswaran and vignesh Sunderesan These are the people who have bought this digital art … Originally from Tamil Nadu..now this duo is currently in Singapore doing their business. CryptoCurrency….BlockChain Technology…Virtual World Are one of few future technologies these duo are investing on to show their trust and belief in them. after realizing the Historical importance of this Beeple's art sale with respect to technology and future of cashless economy…

It really brings a smile to know that the buyer is a tamilian. So that brings us to the end of this video… If you like this video …please like..share and subcribe to the channel..
(that would be really motivating XD) And Enjoying watching other videos from the playlist in the channel Thank you so much guys….see you soon in the next video..Adios

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