#41 – Search Engine Optimisation or Marketing?


search engine optimization in search engine marketing you’re both about going you to the top of Google for certain keywords nonetheless they are both there for two different slants SEO in one hand is about guinea there for a long term benefit so whilst it takes a lot longer to got to get the long-term then go laugh that is that it continues to stay there the other side as well it increases website quality if you ever represented on selling your website it is desirable to inevitably cure sell your locate for hire and it allows you to build up a reputation as well whereas on fee per clink slope it’s much more instant solutions you’re too selecting the traffic targets so you are actually bidding on those keywords themselves it also offers you if you have a net interval where it’s only last that long the pay-per-click side is much more beneficial because you’re able to instantaneously got to get and entreat over that time whereas if you’re going for an SEO aspect you have to wait until you get there and it allows you to be in the top three ad recognizes as well depending on how much you’re dictation of course so from a business sense it does depend on your business what one is going to be more helpful in the long run SEO ensues seen as much more valuable and people click on the more whereas the remuneration per click is a much more short term but you also get instant traffic from it so it’s a little of a mix in a bit of a being played on what your resources are

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