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Came assuming that you can easily generate income? Okay, it'' s fine. Just recently, the information appeared that a person that had all accounts blocked was conserved by his cryptocurrency and also nft tokens. As a result, I believe everyone must have a cryptocurrency. In general, in this video we will try to develop and offer our own nft token and also I will certainly likewise try to explain to you what needs to be done in order to quicken the process of marketing your token In general, we began. Fariz, introductory! I believe there are those among you that still do not recognize what nft is and also I recommend you to very first watch this video and come back below and for the remainder I will certainly first clarify some points First: The process of creating nft is called “” Mint”” that is, you can listen to: “” I make mint nft “” instead of: “” I develop nft”” 2nd: Nft can be marketed on various systems like Opensea, Rarible, Mintable Third: Nft is only marketed in 2 cryptocurrencies, etherium as well as polygon: if you wish to sell your nft in etherium cryptocurrency, then you will certainly need to pay a compensation That is, to create an nft you will certainly require to pay from 50 to 80 bucks This is an one-time settlement, that is, when producing the next nft you do not need to pay and also presently fifty percent viewers stopped enjoying the video clip If you select the polygon cryptocurrency when creating nft, after that you do not require to pay a commission, that is, you will produce nft completely free, however the drawback is that you can only use your nft on one system, that is, you can’t offer it on other systems it’s like offering an apple in only one shop to take an image of his head and also since Fariz runs really fast like a Gazelle.

I made a decision to make nft paintings by a renowned musician who was bought by my grandfather This paint my grandfather brought personally from Moscow in 1975 To make it nft I photographed it, cropped it and also waited in JPEG style and also now I will certainly show the process of developing nft, yet before that do not fail to remember to like and also sign up for us to ensure that due to the fact that just this motivates us to produce a video Since if you don’t like as well as subscribe after that Youtube will certainly bury us as well as Texnoplov will shut with this So subscribe and also like So look, first of all you require to download the internet browser Google Chrome The 2nd step is to download the Metamask pocketbook Pay focus to how the web link looks so as not to download the fake Third, after registering as well as after downloading and install the budget, you need to go to the expansions as well as enable the extension 4th, you need to renew the wallet with etherium cryptocurrency There are 2 choices for restoring the wallet Initial choice: you you need to move etherium from your various other purse to this 2nd option, you will need to acquire etherium from the exchange and also transfer to a metamask purse If you do not have a Visa card or Master card, then you can open them absolutely free in O'' zsanoatqurilishbank I will leave a web link under the video so that you can choose choices 5th, you need to type “” Opensea””.

This is a platform for developing nft Also take note of just how the link looks so as not to succumb to fakes You will certainly require to open up an account on this platform Sixth, you will require to link your Metamask pocketbook to your account To do this, you require to click on the “” Check in”” switch and also on the precisely the various other hand, you can see your budget equilibrium as well as the benefit of being able to link your purse to other platforms. It'' s like going shopping and also bring your purse with you. Did I state animal? no, budget Seventh, you need to click the “” Create”” button After clicking, now I can upload my picture here.In addition to photos, you can upload sound, video clip, and also 3d models here. After publishing, you require to name your nft. You can name it whatever you like, however I don'' t suggest you to call it ABC or anything else because the name will certainly be visible to everyone and also abc can terrify them away. Now you will require to explain your nft in the “” Description”” column. For instance, what does your token mean? and when it was created or what motivated you to develop it or your token has a tale Individuals will be interested if you write all this I intend to create that this picture was brought by my grandfather and that it was repainted by Aivazovsky’s pupil Since people regularly purchase art not as a result of beauty, as well as since of its background, there is a switch “” Unlocable material”” If someone buys your token, after that you can give him a lot more additional files as a bonus.For instance, if

a person gets a token, he will be given with covert documents. or books and also in concealed documents you can download guide itself, that is, whoever buys the cover will certainly likewise receive the publication. Now at the very end you require to select in which cryptocurrency you desire to sell your token. Below you can choose select either etherium or polygon I will certainly select etherium and at the end I need to click the develop switch So we developed nft.

Currently the eighth action You require to click on your token and click on the “” Sale”” button on the right. Right here you suggest either a set price or the first amount for sale in the auction Public auction – this indicates the one who pays the most takes it amount Now, after clicking the “” Complete”” switch, the system asks you to pay a payment As a whole, you pay this amount when as well as you can develop the remainder of your tokens free of cost This compensation is required for enrollment As soon as once again, if you choose polygon instead of etherium, you will not have to pay a payment, however after that you can only market nft on one system Why is that negative? since there may be customers on various other platforms and you will certainly not be able to sell your token to them.So, everything is currently after clicking the indicator button, my token will certainly be put up for sale. As an example, if you look the system market for my token, you can discover it. Such situations. This is exactly how nft is produced and also put up for sale. If somebody gets my token, then I will most definitely educate you, however the reality is that there are millions of such nft creators and also in order to attract attention from the crowd you require to be an energetic user of twitter, discord and match the circle of those involved in nft tokens The likelihood that they will get nft from a regular person is extremely little, to be truthful, as well as if you begin discussing on your own in such circles, they will begin to be curious about you and your work.For instance, all famous vendors market their symbols generally, are you prepared to enter the globe of nft? Or does it still seem difficult to you? Compose your thoughts in the remarks You got on the Technoplov channel and also next time we will certainly attempt to market images of Fariz in the form of nft If permitted Allowed)) See you, bye!.

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