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– Is this growth? Is this Darwinism? Are we watching science?( Brian chortles) – Oh wait, are they combining something? -( chokes) What? – No violence here.( swine beatboxing) – Sierra, it’s you! – Okay.( swine beatboxing) And I wanna try thatlike right now. – If you haven’t hadthe Flaming Hot Cool Ranch Doritos, they’re okay. – I’ve tried those.Those are astonishingly unusually spicy. – Making a sloth the fastest thingin this commercial, what?( mocks)( Daniel chuckles)( Ed roars) – Oh my God , not the sloth voguing! – Those are like two ofthe best snacks out there. Combining them together, that’s brilliant. -( sorrows) Commercial-grades are greatat wanting you to buy things. – Ah, oh, oh! My favorite one! I’m sorry. – I feel like there’s somethingbehind this, and I just don’t understand, they genuinely want me to scan it? – My best friend was literallytrying to scan the QR code as it was happening.Didn’t get it! – Can I make love? Wait, my hands are so faltering, chaps. – Alright, let’s see.- This is some crypto[ censored ], isn’t it? This is some[ censored] NFTboop doop. Is this Elon Musk? Is this you, Elon? – There had to be so many peoplewho were also excited simply to wait for itto affected the angle. – We’re so close, we’re so close! Let’s go! – There we go! Coinbase. This is a commercial? – We’re talking about Bitcoins now.Okay. -( Paul) Nervous? – Now I want microchips. – They’re so cute, I adoration both of them so much. -( Seth) Brings back so manygood remembrances. -( Paul) I’ve never seen any of your movies! -( Seth) Not even the oneswe’re in together? -( Paul) Remember when youbought your first home? – What in the world? – Oh my God.-( Seth) Hi, I’m Seth!( tense music) -( chuckles) Really progress out.( Daniel laughs) -( Paul) Seth, do you? -( Seth) I do.-( Paul) And Janet, do you?( Janet squeaks) – Oh!( Jordan titters) – Oh. – Love is blind. – This was the mostfrightening commercial.It’s giving you Five Nights at Freddy’s vibes. – Freddy Fazbear.This is FNAF Security Breach. This is the origin story. – Okay, there’s something aboutpuppets that I certainly don’t like. – It’s always funny tryingto figure out what the strand is in a commercial when they have zero contextto anything else. – It’s awful, ugh, it’s awful! Oh my God! – Like, I can’t watch Muppets. Kermit’s okay. – Am I gonna cry? – This is so sad and weird.- Thank God, thank you for saving him. – And then he locates a brand-new life-time. – Such mingled sentiments. – I intend, it’s a really cutecommercial though, I like the dog.( upbeat music) – I almost cried. I’m maid enough to admitI almost cried on that one. -( titters) The messagingof this one kinda mystified me,’ cause it felt like if you’re chilled and upset with their own lives, forget about reality, go to the Metaverse! – Your life is trash, never fear, go to the Metaverse! Don’t work on yourself, make another one online! – I’ll wake up next toScarlett Johansson. – ScarJo? -( Alexa) Ordering fresh plenty mouthwash.( Daniel roars) – Got’ em! -( Alexa) Extra strength. – Wow.( screams) -( Colin) I’m thinkingI should get a spray tan, you are familiar with?’ Cause it’s on Wednesday. -( Alexa) Activating blender .( Daniel chuckles) -( Colin) Funeral’s on Monday.( Brian roars) – What the heck gone on? -( Scarlett) What about the gold, papa? Can’t you read, the rich all along was you.( Ed chuckles) -( Colin) Love the eye patch. When does the reveal open? -( Scarlett) March 8th. -( Alexa) Setting reminderto imitation your own fatality on March 8th .( Jordan titters) – I would watch it.-( Scarlett) What the[ censored ]? – I affection that one, that one was recreation. – This busines doesn’t originate mewant an Alexa.( mocks)( Ed mocks)( Jordan chokes) – Oh my God, okay. – Oh this is, this one was great. – Oh my gosh, they broughtall of them back.( Jordan laughs)( Brian titters)( Ed screams) – Oh my gosh, this is so nostalgic. I enjoyed the Austin Powers movies. – Love Austin Powers. -( roars) I enjoy them so much better.( Brian chortles)( Jordan shrieks) – I’m so inquisitive as to what the lurch was. We wanna have the Austin Powerscrew is coming for a GM commercial? – Okay GM. They did a good job with that one. – No , no. How was the CGI on the newborn worse than it was for rotisserie chicken in Twilight? Renesmee. – I “re just saying”, GM, you did good on that one. You brought back Austin Powers, instantaneously caught me. – Ooh, ah.-( narrator) Sally sold sea husks by the sea shore.- By the sea shore. – You envisaging decipher thatwas kinda hard-handed? – Her sweater! – Oh, okay.- And then you get Andre 3000. – It’s a wonderful amountof alliteration going on. – When she resolves the commercial withshucks, if you don’t know anything about oystersor anything like that, that they are able to fully fall off. – Uber Eats, great money waster. – I adoration Miss Coolidge. I desire her.-( Jennifer) Does that mean I can eats it? – Oh, please don’t eat that. Ew! – Oh , no. -( serviceman) It’s a napkin. – This one is pretty funny, but likewise really gross.-( humanity) This savours bad! – Hmm. -( Gwyneth) This candle tastes funny. – Ew! -( Gwyneth) Not bad, but funny.- No, ew. -( Trevor) Thanks to Uber Eats, we don’t even know what menu is anymore! -( roars) That’s so horrid. – Ugh, uh uh, uh uh !( rogues) – Please stop.( Jordan breaths) -( male) We can’t eatsmost of this. -( Jennifer) No, we can’t eatsany of this! – Oh, that’s a great commercial.-( person) Why Uber Eats !? – Don’t.No, you’re better than, oh. – I’m sorry, as somebody wholived through beings snacking Tide Pods , no no , no,’ lawsuit[ censored] will do it! – Oh wow, come on, come on! I adore her. – That inspects creepy.Aw distrustful robot bird-dog.( shrieks) – This one hurt me. I wasn’t prepared to have to deal with what happens at the end of this commercial. – Isn’t this likekinda heartbreaking? It’s like one of those. – This was unnecessary. Like it, go ahead. – This one’s gonna compile me cry. – He’s working so hardjust being the most wonderful little lad, and then he does this. – He wants a dwelling! -( breath) Low battery , no! – Even after the fact that herecharges the dog, it still hurts. Like, you can’t justtake the hurt apart. – I feel like I was additional attached to this one,’ movement I just got, I have a dachshund now. I’ve never owned, had one before, and it’s a insignificant dark-brown one, like that.-( chokes) That one did something, that drawn the heart fibres bro. -( narrator) Hellmann’s wants to tackle food waste.( Ed shrieks) So naturally, they hired this tale. – Let’s go, Rams! -( Jerod) Don’t toss that !( Jordan shrieks) – This one was great.This is entertaining. And yes, you are in a position to makegrilled cheese with that eat. – Oh, aw. -( Jerod) You could makepotato salad.( Jordan shrieks) – Oh my gosh. -( Pete) Whoa, whoa, whoa. Mom’s already undertake food waste, Mayo. – Of course. -( Pete)( sighs) That’s a big chap. -( Jerod) Sorry serviceman, had to.-( Pete) I get it, I’m highly hittable. – Yeah he is.-( Jerod) Make delicacy , not consume, newborn! Woo! – That seems like a verymeta joke there, considering everythingsurrounding him right now. – Alright.Ooh, Lindsay Lohan, what’s she beendoing for a while? -( narrator) This basketball starmarried himself in 1996. – Dennis Rodman? -( Lindsay) Who is Dennis Rodman? -( narrator) Correct.-( Dennis) Son of a! -( giggles) What? – Oh, Miss Lindsay Lohan. -( paparazzi) I miss Lindsay! – I affection her. -( narrator) Trading DUIs for DIY. -( Lindsay) The conclusion is…-( Danny) Gorgeous. – Oh my gosh, Danny Trejo, what the fuck is? Damn, they got all thebig names in this one.-( Lindsay) Hey William.- William Shatner? How did I miss thislast light? – That’s a cool commercialfor Planet Fitness. I feel like that wouldpull some people in there. – That was like a littlestar studded instant. See, that’s what a Super Bowl, I’m like a adept ornamented minute. Wow! – I want microchips, and I wanna see that in theaters. – Dog die, I cry! Is that my legacy? Is that who I am now? -( React) I think it is. – It never thumps the angle. – People exactly lovetheir crypto trash.( Izzy vibrates) – Wasn’t ready for that.Thank you, appreciate it. I adoration that that wasthe only thing you needed from me ..

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