Hi and how are you in today's video I'm going to talk about the joints that are worth less one real and can explode now in 2022 and the last one Worth less than a penny bullet and you By investing in these classes of Crypton coins you can multiply your Capital in up to 10 times or more than 1000% wants to know what are the mega gems that explode very welcome you are on the tie channel for MTV and I am Rodrigo Santos around here I talk in a simple and uncomplicated way about success stories Finance how to make money and about the world of Crypton coins want to get rich and make money subscribe to the channel now and do not miss this opportunity by activating notifications without further ado, although you will soon discover the changes that will make you rich and will explode in 2022 remembering this video he is not the buy or investment recommendation and i am not your financial guru first on the coin list i go before and LG is a little bit of game in FT on line inspired by the metaverse that combines games with emotion and Toquinho collectibles the beautiful world of the metaverse with games and collections and and nephthys all in one place and because I top can value a lot LG encompasses everything in one place metaverse games ensp all this it's on the rise in the Crypton coin market it's about to explode on the date of recording the video the token was worth less than 30 cents and it has already gone up over fifty percent look guys it went up fifty percent just from yesterday to today and with little investment you can earn much more than all this LV touch it is a little bit certified by ser Tic and today it is in only five brokerages it is on the verge of being launched on the bar in this Coimbra and among other brokers that are the biggest it is for you to have personal idea you can get with the tests this touch through the coimarktcap website this website has all the information so for you to have an idea right today this Tolkien the capitalization his market in the last 24 hours was seven million and with only 100 and so dressed you can multiply without investment in up to 10 times without a prank' the community of Token he has more or less on Twitter 100 thousand followers and the currency platform it already makes this combination with the bahiense smart Who then is a big indication there that soon the coin will be launched in the bar in this one and face for you to have an idea all the coins that are launched in Bahia in this face it explodes in more than 1000% 2000% and without further ado I'll pass you another rocket So hold another mad coin This is mad is the second on the list it's the Block coin from grandfather tupia it's also a metal back game with virtual reality this coin is top and it's worth it too less than a cent of a dollar expensive very cheap everything in music then this coin could be number 1 in the metaverse and I'll leave the site also in the description for you to take a look at the link so I'll leave it there in the description of the v video So you will see that this game is too top and inside the game you can even make money in the game so the native token of Block tupia is the top in blocks and with this I'm with Block you will be able to make money in the game you will buy build sell and rent land from Virtual real estate all this within the game Carol laptop for you can earn revenue you can own virtual real estate play and build laws and all that and much more and apart from that you can also monetize with the platform's user base the exclusive Jennifer mechanism means So the four pillars, right, according to the Loto pia website, are learning to win, play and create and when it is, it gives great brokerages, right, it can be worth more than a cent, making the coin appreciate more than 1000% It 's definitely a mega Gemma today Block is in some brokerages like environment or what x but it has n't been listed in the main brokerages that Bahia is compose base co put So man imagine when this coin was launched then it will make the coin explode and it's a good coin there man for you to put on the radar and let's go to third is the coin on the list I couldn't stop talking about Baby Dora who is the mother of the meme but if she stops at the moment and why she must be one of the most promising of 2022 so first is talking about the dose is a coin certified by the search has already been mentioned in several right and main news portals of the all over the world and on the main channels of the world there Crypton currency load these channels there if you follow you must be tired of hearing about babydoll all the time And since its launch Baby Dog it has been growing man exploding like a rocket it was launched baby Doge in June 2001 and with a little less than a year there you don't baby her right like I say oh baby Dodge did much more than a lot of coins is a guy first baby doll she has an Elon musk in the richest men d the world he loves baby doll ge tomorrow is a sponsor of some NASCAR cars and the United States race and today it is the most talked about currency among investors written and she is delivering everything she promised So you enter the site you will see there that she has the plans aren't full a plan 2 plan 3 4 5 she's handing over everything man including the burning system in Tocantins that rewards baby doll holders he's a coin that has become a fan of the guy she's become the most darling of the moment ever conquered many investors is displacing other coins – giants such as Angico in and even shiba inu another two famous coins of the dog coin class Even Baby Dog it has already passed the shiba inu in number of community and investors and today it has more than a million and a half investors and the coin is still worth a cent of reais and it is certainly a coin to be speculated on and worth having in your wallet baby Dog is one of my favorites wounds but also together with the shiba inu itself that I've already said in other videos that guy has to have in his wallet it wasn't even a percent of the wallet It has to be one of those Memes So with just over r$ 100 you can buy another million babydoll today so you've thought What if it's in the state so much that this fashion is going to explode and in the last And then in this one she made several puppy posts on her official Twitter account and on Instagram and everything indicates a possible listing soon making one explode and value more than 1000 that I will now leave you a video tip in the description link about the 5 best Crypton coins of 2022 and I will also leave the link of the brokerage who seen that Bahia is right that the safest there bigger and with only reais which is less with a cup of coffee a day you can buy a fraction of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin ethereum and several other altcoins aecops of course Many of them that I mentioned here are not listed on the bar right but as soon as it is in the beard if you can buy it then if you liked the video and the tips Don't forget to subscribe activate the bell and comment below Here in the description in the comments what is the cryptocurrency Coach o a all What do you think it will explode in 2022 So don't forget to subscribe to the channel activate the bell activate the notifications I 'm Rodrigo Santos from the nice MTV and I'll definitely see you on

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