yo what'' s taking place everyone appears like we obtained about much less than 20 mins till.
the decline begins so allow'' s proceed as well as just hop right into the computer system here and also have a look at.
the screen and see what we obtained as far as the timer what i obtained therefore yeah allow'' s. go on and dive right in all best so basically i am on the financing.
site you transform the songs down momentarily let me understand if you guys can hear me quite good.
all right so incidentally great early morning if you'' re in america now since it'' s it ' s still quite. early below in the morning as well as the wee hrs but i assumed this was intriguing.
since i will certainly obtain to that when i reach that however anyways yeah this is.
fascinating since it'' s tokidoki right since a great deal of vv individuals are uh on tokidoki like.
they have we have antiques from tokidoki tokidoki it'' s not the very first uh vv is not. the first platform tokidoki has actually gone down on so i intended to highlight this due to the fact that this is extremely. interesting okay the factor why top is i saw some weird stuff i simply wished to bring.
this up real quick so this screen claims 20 minutes this set states 16 mins as well as then this set claims.
you observe that the second right there these are not synced such as this one'' s going much faster than this.
one which i'' m checked in to i believe this page however not this page the one that'' s really quicker
. the quickest then i have this page which i packed probably regarding 15 20 minutes ago and it ' s. actually way behind lagging so individuals are questioning why they'' re not getting like their that.
this drop is offering out like a split sec or like really promptly well i have 3 pages open and.
each web page has a various time basically yet i simply intended to such as factor that out great morning.
what'' s up slower just how ' s it going guy i assumed that was really like very weird like due to the fact that i recognize a great deal. of like individuals on various other applications especially like vv like people whine like but like at the very least our. time you understand the timer like that they drop it at the local time right this set appears like
. the timer all with each other resembles just completely various which i thought resembled incredibly strange and also.
i have no suggestion why so i don'' t understand if there ' s like a description for that because my computer system.
is revealing one-time um melo lunatic what'' s going on what occurred yeah that'' s what i put on ' t recognize. it ' s simply like incredibly weird like if you look at the moment right below 18 minutes this web page this. tab has 15 mins and also this last web page like it'' s simply a flash quicker so it'' s like 20. 19 2019 and after that this one'' s like 18 mins like all with each other so they ' re all like not synced. all at the very same time which i believe is extremely odd because it simply feels like based off this.
timer that you could actually with the vb community you know we what we call clockgate .
it just appears that there may be a clock gate issue taking place on binance so i don'' t recognize but. anyways i simply assumed that was incredibly odd um and after that let me see if i can bring up something.
else in just a second and also i'' m likewise attempting to do vpn on my phone so i have this drawn.
up as a us i believe a us account so examine this out right here secret box so as soon as again.
allow me see this set'' s simply this page resembles one second quicker so 21 20.

It'' s all synced. like not also the very same so that'' s sort of unusual like this one'' s in between these two pages so. the moment is simply sort of what'' s my technique uh truthfully i wear'' t understand male i i wear ' t understand what. to think what my approach might really also be i'wear ' t also understand if like if i can even purchase these
. you know due to the fact that this'' s revealing 17 minutes this ' s on 13 mins as well as after that these all. three web pages have actually like are synced a little different um so i'' m not also recognizing which.
one to really click you understand what i imply um a great deal of people are puzzled since.
a minute ago this was saying marketed out yet it'' s similar to set 2 so it looks.
like they may have updated the photo so allow'' s see right here 13 mins so this ' s
a little slower this is my i. assume my quickest page right here allow me refresh this one'and see what we obtain so this one ' s yeah this this this tab for. whatever reason is like actually the quickest one i have literally no i put on ' t have 20 busd. packed up in my account incidentally'so if i want anything i ' m gon na have
to actually get the. usd which i do not have so technique top i guess i have to get i'' m gon na shut off my vpn. and also i wear'' t recognize if i ' ll be able to buy it though yet we will be seeing just how fast this sells out.
because i put on'' t recognize if i ' ve actually verified my us account because i i don ' t really utilize binance.us. to be straightforward yeah usage the repayment method possibly i could acquire some'off a coinbase as well as. send it in yet that ' s going to be essentially discouraging so wait
that'delay that out excuse. me i ' m curious to recognize what these things look like do you think they'' ll also compare to vvn.
nfts um someone was showing me a video clip simpson incidentally if you'' re not subbed to the.
network go ahead and below on over below someone was showing me that it simply appeared like.
it was like a video clip like i can'' t remember that obtained one yet it ' s like a hey there we are um it was.
like a video clip of the nft so i'' m not exactly sure if it ' s just mosting likely to be like a video nft or if it'' s 3d or. because those vv it ' s like actually i ' ll reveal you guys in a min yet'it ' s
actually if you'' re new. to if you place ' t become aware of evie it ' s literally um increased fact like it ' s not only 3d however you. can cast it like in the real world or like you recognize on your phone you can cast it as well as you'' re like. anywhere you ' re at take a look at my office right here i obtain to broadcast i claim program you can just.
screen it in enhanced truth it'' s it ' s actually cool actually great'let ' s not get sidetracked.
i assume we obtained um 10 minutes to the left right here as well as we'' ll see i indicate like i said like most individuals. incidentally marvel child if you didn'' t understand marvel gone down on vb or is mosting likely to go down on vb it'' s. the only nft platform that i'' m familiar with that has marvel like really marvel and also they might like.
later do a various system perhaps yet like you know enhanced reality things'' s going to be. big so and also we were talking with nfts a great deal of people are stuck on the um static nfts right.
now to make sure that will certainly change extremely promptly i think what'' s up guys wasn ' t expecting. this however terrific early morning wake up video yeah well this is type of like.
an educational video this isn'' t like i ' m not i '
m not pumping bags or anything. like that you know what i ' m claiming yes'you obtain my drift we ' re just inspecting this. out male and simply going via this process and i i wear'' t know how hard i '
m similar to. i have to place in my credit rating card information i got to do all that things so hereafter we'' ll we ' ll. show i ' ll reveal you individuals my vb tokidoki nfts yet today i '
m simply trying. to input all my details alright oh invalid zip try that great so yeah crypto khaki i.
wear'' t know if you ' re still there but like what i discovered on this is like look at the look. at the timer male did you discover that little those the secs right below watch the seconds see how those are off and after that this page is likewise.
off right below these 2 various tabs and after that this web page claims 12 mins so 12 8 secs or.
this set states 8 mins this says 12 mins as well as after that the seconds are off here lot i.
saw a lot of individuals were having trouble with obtaining this decrease on binance.
a bank account included okay better but i have to be 20.

All right well add settlement method so yeah i don'' t think. i ' ll have the ability to get this decrease since it ' s essentially asking me for ach also however. i just placed in my card so maybe allow ' s close out the app and also try to once more we ' ll try again we''
ll. have 7 mins delegated do it yet we'' ll try as i can acquire crypto now now that.
i inputted my card try once again include settlement method yeah it'' s not allow me. it ' s not desiring me to use my cars and truck now so uh annoying perhaps i'' ll have to. swap out crypto allowed ' s maybe buy ethereum wait a min maybe he wants.
me to confirm like something i wear'' t understand i ' ve already validated my identification. i assumed yeah it says confirmed so and also i ' m validated fine really.
discouraging great let'' s see for quick transfer oh'yeah it ' s just allow me do. ach which is extremely aggravating use your debit card to buy crypto and i entered my charge card or.
whatever so i'' m getting type of annoyed here i put on'' t recognize why all best allow ' s. close it out as well as try once more good see crypto khaki erased message what'' d. you state would certainly you reveal male what ' d you state wow states crypto khaki so go time dot. is yeah let'' s see allow ' s see what it is 7. gov yeah i was like can we collaguate this. point due to the fact that it might be a possibility is what i was saying earlier all right.
6.53 yeah they need to go 6 mins go that'' s that that appears rather affordable.
but this timer i have no concept just how this obtained behind like when i clicked the page i regret.
for the sad soul that like remain on the web page they they click on and they didn'' t refresh. their page and also they were stuck on that particular timer otherwise because yeah let me take.
this page off the screen momentarily maybe i can buy some b usd actual quick brand-new individual prior sweeps you''
re. not unable to fish your hair yes so what right here already checked in i assumed.
so is it not allowing me getting type of irritated below not gon na exist alright maybe it'' s gon na make me authorize to. the finance.us because situation is like i believed i was already authorized in to finance us all right so i put on'' t all right we ' ll try signing into binance.us. as well as see if allow'' s just purchase this nft now'it doesn ' t appearance great got. 3 mins left so i better we'' ll try right now it wants me to confirm my email okay so we'' ll proceed validate the e-mail okay it took me back to.
the login display i don'' t understand i
simply visited you understand. oh my'gosh what is going on individuals it ' s literally just taking me back to. i logged in and it simply took me back to the login screen like what where'' s my control panel.
all right let'' s google authenticate again fund you need fine finally.
all appropriate so now it'' s logged in i got 2 mins left as well as it ' s not. looking great however like however you got ta understand bsd this dude yeah fine i ' ve currently added my. bank card let me add it again dude we'' re gon na add it we obtained less than a minute left it'' s not looking heros not gon na lie fine thank you included card by crypto it'' s not gon na allow me use my right so yeah i ' ve added my card two times'yo that ' s whack i put on ' t. assume it ' s gon na allow me people that was very aggravating um i don'' t recognize what to state man i.'don ' t know what to claim since it ' s not letting me i i ' ve entered my card both on. my phone and on the internet site close that evaluate currently allow'' s go ahead as well as rejuvenate this see if we can. get a quicker time 49 48 secs we'' ll see what occurs i can'' t also acquire finance usd and also despite.
the usd it'' s it ' s not allowing me use my card so it just desires me to do a sweep on my bank account.
which will take days and i put on'' t have days i have seconds right a minute a couple minutes that ' s. really extremely frustrating right there i'' ll tell so i wear ' t know what binance can do on their part to.
repair that or if there'' s regulations yet that'' s the factor yet i'' m a little distressed right currently so.
does any person knows binance says my region is not enabled to buy the mystery box yeah i'' m not. sure guy can ' t find nfts on money currently ffs delighted we were past all this.
on vb yeah guy this is uh he wants me to transfer this yet.
i wear'' t i ' m not gon na show that all right so currently it ' s returned to. 40 something seconds right there staying quantity 30 000.

Well i can.
inform you now we'' re not getting any kind of so let'' s just freshen and also see what see. what occurs it'resembles it ' s 29 000 left i might try uh i can try. vpninning however it'' s like i don'' t know you recognize what i suggest i wear ' t also.
understand exactly how to do that on mobile and also then it ' s not gon na allow me make use of. my card i can tell you that a lot i ' m gon na try coinbase coinbase is'pretty easy they have actually busd on'coinbase which i wear ' t. understand if'they do i don ' t know
why they would yeah they wear ' t have that because. clearly they have usd coin um 30k those
exactly how do they also sell out i don ' t. recognize man um the very first set offered out rather quick or whatever yet obtained 18 000 left that ' s
kind. of taking a while it ' s taking a minute or 2 um for 20 b usd you understand what i indicate chance you just have one percent chance.
like less than 2 percent an opportunity to obtain uh this ssr incredibly extremely super unusual kind of dorky extremely incredibly very very two times.
not extremely rare however just extremely super unusual not secret rare you understand what i'' m. claiming the last thing a great deal longer this time than the initial decrease.
which was gone in an immediate yeah yeah yeah i saw that the initial one went out.
quite quick i believe people might realize like yeah i put on'' t recognize that'they ' re most likely getting
like. these other ones they put on ' t want possibly sneaker snacker individuals i attempted though i attempted to.
get as you saw i'' m logged in and every little thing guy they simply won'' t allow me they won ' t allow me get them. that crypto they won ' t allow me get the the usd so i assumption if you wish to if you intend to.
flip one an open box to me i'' d more than happy to maybe'acquire it i wear ' t'understand we ' ll see. it ' s insane they sell i comprehend pv with the automobile collectible however this lol i. think i procured six dang dude 6 page ain'' t filling today not. filling try to load a different tab so 3 000 left 4 thousand so this will.
be marketed out here in just a min that'' s not poor you know for that many.
boxes like what was that 40k boxes nearly 40k times 20.

They made 800.
grand in like a couple of mins 1000 left so this negative kid is going to be sold out a great deal of individuals are probably just.
getting even if it'' s on finance okay let'' s rejuvenate and also see uh see what.
happens great offered out yes offered out there great i'' m gon na show
you something. great men if you people are brand-new you men are new to uh vv allow ' s
proceed as well as. pop on over guy i ' ll show you people what ' s good all right this is vb men i'' ll reveal you some
. premium digital antiques below digital nfts i'' m unsure need to i open it or sell it if you.
want to give me one offer one to me bro um i'' d enjoy to inspect one out i don'' t understand the number of i'' m. gon na purchase on there however um i attempted guy i tried yet it'' s approximately you you can keep them all if you desire.
to show everyone though obviously you simply most likely to the app shop on apple or google you simply type in.
vv like it'' s the initial one you recognize clearly this very first like listing is an advertisement from kraken but you.
just go right here you download it open up that poor kid up collect your favored brand name of costs digital.
layout beginning collecting i can click brand-new i wear'' t understand if the new tab is going to be there for life.
but as you can see these are all offered out as well these consider the top quality of these nfts man.
good got tokidoki also as a brand name so we can come over to brands you understand there'' s. dc mark like wonder'' s coming gavinche which they possess like louis vuitton i believe and also.
a number of various other like deluxe brand names you got ron english artists okie dokie right there look up.
there then you got a lot of others unicorno you can choose up some rather pleasant ones however.
all the decel these are marketed out like we can come over to as you can see like those little.
badges suggest i own like top left corner of each box there may be a badge that implies i own that.
one currently um yet i can can be found in right here and say i wish to obtain a dolce i can first of all.
you can really such as click on this poor boy the length of time does it take you deliver where.
to have you i'' m not actually sure i haven'' t i place ' t obtained any kind of secret packs you''
re. gon na have to ask maybe mr coyne xrp boss but this is what tokidoki resembles on.
the vb at male like look just how great that looks however i'' ll show you individuals something.
in a minute as well all right so as you can see 222 is available for sale on the market yeah thanks rob male thank you for subscribing.
um take a look at this 13 treasures so what i can do check check for a good serial number.
so fa 1620 respectable fa 1620 for edition reduced to high fly oh dang identification number.
133 for 500 treasures a fair bit quite a little bit good yeah those are a little evaluated for.
me i like that 13 treasures not gon na exist oh these are getting bought up for the reduced.
cereal cereals and opting for type of high so for that 1620 i'' m mosting likely to proceed and.
acquire that since that appears like a bargain but also for 13 treasures go on and click acquire um i just.
got four treasures in my account so we'' ll click acquire now okay trendy um buy now acquire effective.
obtained two additions click that 16 20.

packing the polygons filling the geometry good appearance at this so all right you can.
see that but look into this ar function right well to start with i need to modify.
this video clip since i obtained a great deal of risks in this video however that'' s
all. excellent all right so i can view like yo my tokidoki like you know what i.
imply on my desk return let'' s redo this check out that i can do that oops i got my finger.
over the cam i can be that tokidoki up close.

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