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I wish to begin this video clip extremely
in different ways and also call out to Binance. Naturally, I expect your
assistance in the comments also. Binance, that connects great
significance to the Turkish community as well as states this at
every chance, should please us
in this sale, since this sale is first preceded
served, and packages have 75k TL with their present value. Now we will certainly discuss the information
and also our requests from Binance. Since we, as the Turkish
neighborhood, are a huge area and we understand that Binance
affixes important to us now. Buddies, as you recognize, there
is a Stepn Sneakers sale. We currently shared this, the
outcomes will certainly be recognized on the 19th. The first-come-first-served
technique. 1000 boxes in total amount. (850.
usual, 150 uncommon) Look, when we push.
Enter upon this page, it opens. These boxes will be sold on a first.
come, first offered basis for 0.5 BNB. So just how much are.
these boxes worth? Allow'' s see exactly how much it
is offered in. the Stepn application right now, friends. As you can see, an usual box.
is currently for sale for 13 SOL. In other words, the value of.
a common box is 19240 TL as well as it will be marketed for.
200 dollars on Binance.Let ' s take an appearance at. the uncommon box.
Look, I have just. obtained a new screenshot. The worth of an unusual box is 51. SOL in the Stepn app and also is marketed directly. There is volume,. there is everything. You can offer it quickly and. its worth is exactly 75k TL. We have currently participated. in the previous sale, the Sneakers will be. dispersed on the 19th. There is nothing to speak. concerning it, let ' s proceed. Currently I will certainly speak regarding what we. desire, and also exactly how we will certainly buy them. We will certainly be real-time on the 20th. These will be cost. 14:00 on the 20th, pals. As well as when we involve this web page,. we will click the box
we see. A buy switch will certainly show up right here and. we will acquire it by pushing this button. Currently, what does. Binance require to solve? This is what we. desire from Binance.
This is such a high return. and also guaranteed sale.
Turkish area ' s. net rate is'slow.And below are some.

points that we fret
around. That ' s not certainly. real, you recognize.
It is believed that crawlers were installed. on these pages and they get quickly. Of the 1000 boxes right here, 150. are uncommon, 850 are usual. Look right here on every page.
there will certainly be boxes you can get. Right here Binance should introduce.
a measure to satisfy us. So I wear'' t understand if we ' re doing a. captcha below or something else. But when we come right here, as the.
Turkish community, we need to have the ability to purchase the very least.
several of the 1000 boxes.Even if we can ' t purchase it, there shouldn ' t. be a question mark inside our heads. We shouldn ' t state. that the bots acquired it.
Since we made the. computation, guys, appearance. The most inexpensive Tennis shoe in the 200. bucks box is presently worth 19k TL. Again, 150 unusual will be. located, as well as its value is 75k TL.
It relies on simply one switch. So when we have 0.5 BNB in. our account as well as press this button, we will certainly be able to acquire this box, so I ' m. waiting for your assistance in the remarks. I ' m capturing this video clip for.
you men, you can be sure. Due to the fact that we will see.
the relevance that Binance connects to the.
Turkish community in this sale. We do not desire any type of privileges. We simply intend to complete.
with everybody on equivalent terms. And on the 20th, at 14:00, allow'' s not. have that enigma in our heads.No one need to state ' I couldn ' t.
get it, the bots acquired it' ' at 14:01. Even if they couldn'' t buy, let them claim.
'' I didn ' t obtain it, but it was a fair sale''.
As I said,'it ' s enough that. we ' re here on the 20th, at 2:00.
If God permits, we will be. survive on the 20th, at 13:00 -13:30. A different sale from the.
previous one, it ends on the 19th. It was a footwear sale, as well as.
it will be extremely profitable. Yet rapid success right here. I'' m telling Israel. I really hope Binance hears.
us and you support us. And I hope the Turkish neighborhood.
can obtain these shoe boxes on equal terms.I love you, wish to. see you in future videos. What were we doing people? We were commenting under. the video clip, also if it was a dot.

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