Bitcoin Weekly Forecast & My Portfolio Performance: Nov 29th – Dec 5th


so from here i’m going to tell you my future projection about bt surprise first of all as i told you i’m gonna abandon[ Music] from november 29 th to december 5th guess and this is my phone for site now so the total return since my 2090 is 1275 again and then last week no wars these are all cryptos that’s currently investment in then these are my total investor return for each group assets okay if you are interested much more detailed appropriate locations and too my real-time buying and selling action for every single crypto assets including ico model and d5 please think about the job my fee body program delight think about to join my fee membership curriculum jolly hour buying marketings signal the major purpose of this membership program to help you reach your cryptos and act to my position here so for more detail please check them out a video and here’s my video join okay then there’s some over here bitcoin market analysis now jojo this is my btc usd4 job and last week five major news got a huge influence on the btc toll move here so aside from this one november 29 th microstrategy buys additional 700 2b dc then we’re gonna knowledge this connect on here then try to hit this in a bridge break out here but eventually they’re going to miscarry and then december 3rd we’re going to come this news pdt’s btc spot etf stats trading in canada now at the same time we’ve got also this news here usacc reject winston trees vtc recognise etf so looks like you know with this move you know this one is positive news and this is the usbc ones near the word it’s kind of like a break even positive information and early report so virtually no reactions but on december 4th investors dropped excise assets in wall street marketings after u.s errand reports because of a lower increase from the high expectations on a u.s job report that is why stock market knowledge strong expenditure disintegrate then btc expenditure likewise throwing up these in a bearish pace now right then btc plus collisions 40 k on december 4th with the surprise scratch here december 4th every single model acquisitions 150 more bitcoin as btc descents below 47 k it looks like a lots of innovative investor institutional investor or wow investor they’re gonna fall out this is about action here so we’re gonna knowledge this deep buying power now then now we have city plus get now but once we’re gonna look at the kdj here for databases short-term trend gradually affecting lower toll breakout against centre and long-term trend here you know you know for child bases we might see so you know for our child cornerstones we might see more further expenditure questions from here that’s what i’m thinking about the next one btc usd daily show so first things i want to transition to this spice right here this is you know the past all-time high on the second borough bitcoin 52 k 920 then we’re going to hit lower expenditure comedy placard against it and also this yellow line is ima 200 likewise lower toll breakout so currently on a daily map basis there is no support line anymore that’s why we have to look at weekly map this one what’s the meaning of this splice 120 k is actually connected to this place now 41 k 950. Too make it do this plus here 41 3 and 30 and also 39 600 s so all these spikes is close to this one now right it’s kind of a critical sample line for a big comprise as you can see here you see this so the reason the btc stopped around here is because of this right here but “ve been thinking about” the premium question times after the first movement now as you can see we’re going to test ems 75 this pink one here then on this you know price pressure minutes i likewise expect same expenditure loop-the-loop now to measure ems 75 again we’re gonna receive a little more further toll questions because as i told you that bitcoin price experience is expenditure question in january february but because of this in a big price flash that duration is coming earlier so december and generally is likely to be depressed question moments so i expect a little bit more further products the issues and always ems 75. One more thing once we’re going to look at the um 75 names here currently 38 k 917 but still smacking two records so this stats it’s minimum will go up like this way is situation you know formerly the ema 75 traversing this blue line here then we can experience this tush pattern like this one that would be the ideal but at this moment we don’t know one other reason is once you look at the kdj now on the number two as “youre seeing” on this you know price bottom formation here frequently kdj assembling like is why gradually short-term trend is heating to middle and long-term trend and events upper premium failure here you see this look at now not yet all right so we have to prepare more further process question from here okay then as usual formerly we get the btc futures publisher money paces because of this premium light of course it’s negative now either quality for these instantaneous moves is if they can maintain negative stats here for you know next two or three weeks or so it’s a great power to increase a good deal of long arranging on this btc future ceaseless concoction that also could be a next brace course for the next british word so so my belief for all the exchange they’re going to maintain these negative stats next two to three weeks extremely like within this year that’s my anticipations then next one btc elevation map so from here i’m going to tell you my future prediction for the bt supplies first of all as i told you i’m going to abandon my press prediction that btc smacks 100 k usd within this year because of this flight lash then you know the price question instants will come in next january or february also coming out here december and january toll question times that’s my expectations how we’re going to form premium button on the btc it’s critical moment for us thinking about the future grocery label on judgment pastime moments okay first thing is we have to think about this one plan online here all right this is also function of neckline in the future the first key scenario what you have to pay attention to this formation touched at the shoulder top formations affect here 69 k display the one and shoulder two all right then generally usually shoulder two hit the approximately the same place on the shoulder one height we’re gonna know-how this strong bearish strength that scenario likewise depends on the premium tush formations typically flat bottom formations like this way flat so affecting this support line now on a off-color quantity line that i told you previous move and also lower posterior here chief and shoulder top formations it’s pretty higher likelihood okay now now or now then we’re going to go back again like this right but in an upper upper-bound situation which are now being i expect ems 75 on a weekly databases like this trend here then btc makes now and going to go to british one again we can expect all-time high updates but not hundred percent okay even in an upper secure formations we might see affected and shoulder top formations but in the upper mas shapings all-time high updates could be possible all right that’s the key point currently i am looking forward to these three decorations for this bottom patterns the that conformations heavily affected next field on a bitcoin whether they’re gonna hit all-time informs or you know it’s the different levels here on this premium move all right considering about the z0 plus scenario all the time we need to pay attention to volume size here frankly as you can see it’s downtrend this one is also conventional move on this you know head and shoulder conformations specially look at now when we realize last volume increase with various price move here like red signal here this is a completion of the hit and shoulder surface thread okay once we’re gonna come this you know train volume here it’s pretty clear that we are reached the end of third halving firebrand on bitcoin marketplace okay which is pretty important for you to understand which is really really important to understand in advance okay and as usual btc somehow in burra 2721 so bitcoin ordeal hubby instants in the past first one second one the first one is november 28 th in 2012. They’re almost exactly one year later is on here bitcoin update all-time high on december 4th 2013 then irregularity washer based on the stock to pro expenditure at the moment is plus 969 percentage all right the second highway moment in this one starting from 2016 july 7th right now almost exactly 1.5 years later december 17 th 2017 divide one present reaches plus 351 percentage all right then now we are in the third having instants commencing from 2020 may 11 th currently i’m going to believe about deviation targets will be plus one twenty seven percent key point is one now i’m gonna support four business situation one two three and four okay then number one johnny two place twenty two interruption simulate number one there’s then subtriple toll had a 10 k plus disagreement last-place prove 2050 k then data prototype number two you lay down secondary times so more than one point five year later for up ux academy in 2022. The timing is august 2022 then broth football premium 100 10 k the plus segment last-place establish 250 k the third largest one december 22 retarded simulation digit three broth to pro toll is highly 10 k at the department rate 250 k then august 2023 full scenario dna modeling numeral four follow uso summary in 2023 again there’s something for price it’s 100 10 k and plus divisional rate 2050 k all right then currently you see i’m gonna belief bikini number one and number two will be the idea scenario the reason is current entire crypto market is led by u.s market as we know then to reach this price level now minimum requirements we got the two pieces now first one is usbc approval for bitcoin smart-alecky etf the other item is us socks summary so from these to factors perspective the work requires more hour that is why between number one number two would be the idea scenario okay but again as i told you once we’re going to confirm the bias underside shapings on the previous analysis hit at the shoulder top formations some ponderous instants we stop at the moment then that timing also between number one number two that’s what i’m thinking about okay from here is a fundamental key stat analysis most of the data from glass fingernails first one is bitcoin stock flow ratio so software twice in decimal fifth is 108k 520 the actual price is 49 k 556. So price gap is minus 54 november 28 th last week was minus 50 so start is widening hence rarefies in 2017 title before the blizzard brew operate ultimately bridge one big-hearted one twice july 16 th this stat too smacked -6 5 okay so let’s pay attention to which digit we’re going to hit here objective of the surprise question instants okay next one btc after august december 4th 966 k 373 plus 22 since last week simply said because of this five slash a lot of retail investor they’re gonna solve the bitcoin that’s why it’s gonna affected the plus quantity now okay come this one btc transfer three as same as bitcoin after about less plus six percent because a lot of the investor they’re gonna solve the bitcoin that’s why okay there is a btc and upf disable action 0.500 last week was 0.551 so stats is also coming down but still currently in lettuce zone here as you can see there was the stats making stature at 0.75 means bruise on here sell is too hot still within the dark-green zone here okay therefore invoke also in 2017 september 14 th right before the you are familiar with strong sell feed bitcoin these stats too affected eurozone here that’s why still we need to pay our attention to these moves here too okay there is one over market capital btc normal slice total sell enterprise is minus four object six percentage it’s a middle elevation weaken then btc orbit slice knocks eighty seven percentage forty phase twelve percentage this implies much bearish on the bitcoin some of the open programmes remain british against this big compressor here okay then for backup analysis as usual we’re gonna check out east vdc you see this here bo so ether grocery it’s quite bristol bitcoin even inside is a bearish trend right then look at this you know rsi here it’s gradually across the flash flood line now this means also ethereum it’s getting bleach and blush more than bitcoin as you can see from here okay the next one wbtc grocery quantifies burns last week almost no wars good information is you know unlike this move here no jump on this contract but still it’s beginning we may see some in advance now but let’s wait up this here okay next one google hunting tend btc minus 820 golden minus 1255 ethernet no change nfd no change and many of us don’t change interesting point is usually when a bitcoin price reaches bears toll last year this number hits much higher but this time it’s negative now so my analysis is that probably not so many we get investors free-spoken up these you know plastic minutes on bitcoin that’s the key things we call from here okay there is a gold usd sell weekly graph basis still these alterations now again once gold twice higher this enters here this is the reformation right here is now gradually bridging critical moments at this moment bridge breakout or bearish breakout is 50 50. The reason is we are facing inflation risk then of course still a great deal of conservative investors consider amber is rushed result investment assets against anti-inflation but bitcoin still the early adopter or like you know early innovative participate consider its anti-inflammatory risk resources so still about this you know police breakout or balance breakout it’s a 50 50. okay then u.s influential lens no change since last week still we are waiting for the updates on the november stats now let us know u.s standing at treasury memoranda since last-place friday it’s a minus 0.136 stats is getting lower but still we’re testing ema 200 s here okay then one likelihood resource grocery breach december 5th bitcoin no change top sevens next to tesla then that’s what one richest being grading december fifth santos nagoto 49 billions top 27 s one lamp down with the last week then this one wild db rank december fifth also no change top number eight two station forty five trillion part advanced economy next to france minnesota is 500 as you can see it’s very strange there’s almost no reaction in the initial examine of the backbone here instead our progress proportion stats is it’s improved down last-place month but it’s lower than expected for the most of the investor that is why we’re going to see this rate last year then bitcoin marketplace is too be accompanied by this crash they’re almost same reaction that’s f2 all right then from here key word modernizes the first one is kobe 90 as usual so the total infection number is plus 1.65 percentage the fatality fraction plus 1.02 this stat was 1.5 percentage last week and this organization was plus 0.96 percent last week so that’s a little bit worse the muscle conclude coming from omit anchors the one key topics what i need to pay attention to looks like those people who get the kobe 19 inoculation they gotta get higher destination right this means you know government who have to so seriously think about totally renewable scheme about how we can protect the people from kobe 19. Again let’s get news could bitcoin rate benefit from the la gather november john rebels this key news is kind of inside for us because most of the reason we’re going to see the bearish tendency or stock market of course this undertaking amount is pretty important but likewise the inflation risk then as we know the crypto market is anti-inflammatory market except for bitcoin they now eat it so think about the long term it’s pretty natural that investors make likelihood activities against bitcoin ethno when they’re gonna face those bearish fortitudes on the stock market but still we’re gonna foreign spread as we’re going to see on a bigger market claim so we’re kind of waiting for the traditional instants these stats but still not really coming to more we have to continuously pay attention to this okay netsky news report goldman sachs and other world street banks are exploring bitcoin backed credits shocking because when i think about this news all the time which reminded us the supposition now these days a great deal of u.s corporations or including governments they cannot buy bitcoin in long term once those investment banks equip you know bitcoin background a lot of major corporations will fall out these actions now like microstrategy because all the time companies have to think about capital rising cost that if the dose of rising costs compared with stock or alliance or bitcoin background at a bitcoin background is the cheapest one they’re going to fall off this action like michael scratchy so this might be a killer solution for the u.s golden toll in long term that’s what i’m thinking about so this is great yeah the next bulletin great flake prepares to sue scc overall spot bitcoin etf it’s a great actions the here’s quotation from the article rasnites our lawyer at the davis park mailed a letter to the usa city arguing that approval of the bitcoin futures space etf but not bitcoin square based etf like gb dc is arbitrary and capricious and therefore in a violation of the administrative procedural acts apa this is amazing wars the reason is simply say grayscale btc kind of function like bitcoin discerning kf because they’re going to indifferently buy a bitcoin right then usacc approve it then why not because for etf so looks like you know their decision criteria is pretty big on the usa cc liberty so this implies this is a great chance for us ask the ecc to clarify what’s the standard for the decision-making process the u.s law system formerly they can verify those standards usacc followed these verified standards that also cured a lot you know fun player to design their you know bitcoin sport etf to get the approval from usacc so this news itself tends to be a great turning point about for the sanction for the bitcoin force etf so it’s a great actions astounding all right so this is a lot of slides so photo is the best for the retail investor to minimize the risk and maximize the return because investment in crypto assets just like the investment inc are the days we’re going on facebook then formerly we’re gonna look at the famous angel investors russians such as long conway peter q will hammer all the time they’re gonna take the simple speculation approach it’s a long-term financing and here’s another ground for the bias research this is a bitcoin case and the longest holder of the bitcoin must find the financing return with plus 220 percent much larger number than other short-term owners here i’m gonna also mostly make the long-term investment approach i’m gonna likewise banked you guys two things in the same office extremely all right so that is all this time so i’m going to make this video for you purpose so i’m not going to guarantee you any kind of certain investment outcome with this video and this video that i shape but i truly hope that my video will probably help you guys understand about high-pitched potential by crypto multi-space so i’m going to make a lot of brand-new disability crypto virtual seat so expressed appreciation for for watching[ Music] you

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