CHIA CAT NFT and Other Projects – Call for Clarity (We NEED 2 talk about this NOW!)


good friday everybody i hope you have some greatplans for this weekend i know i’ve got a lot of really great plans first a word from our sponsortoday’s chapter is increased to you by catmost.io the atmosphere is the first game fi on the chiaecosphere allowing you to battle and likewise sell your felines for other felines get involved atcatmos dot io all right so today we deal with a topic that i think is very importantso this topic comes down to the security around you your finances and cap located programmes so wehave yet to see a carpeting drag or another kind of incident happen this early i wouldn’texpect something to be able to manifest also in a “cat-o-nine-tail” more uh to my knowledge i could be wrongabout that also so sound out below if you know of anything too make sure that while you’redown in there that you reached like and subscribe so let’s go over a couple of things that ithink are pretty important to address for a “cat-o-nine-tail” so when you have a cat located project thatis enabling industrialists at a unusually micro degree to create projects and ethic for the community andvalue for themselves in exchange for things like chia or something else which they could exchangefor cash you’ve basically initiated a marketplace for businesses ideas and parties to create profitsand value for customers now let’s take a let’s make two different kind of perspectives here afor profit meaning that these are profiting uh they’re accuse you something for somethingand also the non-profits we might say these are like memes or exactly educational sometimes oruh there’s various categories of them out there they’re what’s interesting is they don’t fall into asingle list and i think we will continue to see a bifurcation of categories as cats andideas come more and more into the ecosphere “its certainly true it is” only addressing for-profit cats afor-profit cat would be something that would be exchanging something of value for uh somethingof seen importance or actual tangible appraise so that could be a cat blaming for an nft a pre-salecharging for an nft or even you know raising funds for other business purposes or something likethat likewise doing educational outreach or money of some sort of a project or a person those areall going to exchange money for profit for the person that is offering the discernible offering fileto you so let’s talk about what you in my view as a informed shopper should be looking for inany of the for-profits that you’re engaging in and i want to too introduced this out there i havetalked to a lot of the people that are behind cats and i’ve cause them know i think these arealso some good guidelines that i think that they should make publicly available in some flesh orfashion and i’ve also been set up the venue so that if somebody wants to talk about these things andthey don’t have a scaffold other than you know a tumult or something like that or maybe a twitterfor putting them out there i think those are still really good regions to keep them out there but theycan certainly feel free to come on and talk about their project with me and i have just been some clearguidelines for that that i’m publish as well so let’s talk about the criteria that i think kindof encapsulates some of the information you should be asking before you get involved with any feline thewho the team behind a cat is an important thing to consider so if they’re offering something that’smaybe a highly technical concoction it will they be able to deliver is a good question to ask if theyare offering something that is an imaginative uh venue uh which we’ve seen a lot of so far then arethey you know capable of producing the artistry at the level that they’re suggesting that they’re goingto be able to these are some things that i think you know presenting a kind of credibility tothe team behind it is a good thing to do certainly i’m not be said that parties you knowgo perfectly de-anonymized it’s the internet people don’t want to do that but you know links to otherthings that they’ve done the more information that they give out probably the better and betterit is for the community to get to know them so if you’re asking for money in exchange as abusiness it’s not uncommon for somebody to know who they’re doing business with uh so do continue thatin subconsciou as you’re moving forward if you if you are dealing with something that’s completely anonymousyou might want to you know take that as a target of reflection the what this one is in my opiniona very important one so what exactly will the deliverable be what form will the deliverablebe in knowing those things going into a project gives you clarity and hopes of what you’regoing to get on the backside of that job so this also includes various kinds of less than tangiblethings that are associated with the you know artwork you might be getting or if you’re doingoutreach or if you’re doing some sort of other fund then knowing what it is as far as yourfunding with this cat is an important thing in my opinion so uh ownership rights associated withip related to felines will become something that is an issue because it’s already an issue in the nftspace so understanding ahead of time before you even involve yourself in a pre-sale what the ipownership of something is is something that’s very important in my view now there’s a lot of nftprojects that have already propelled so and i don’t think anybody’s really was just thinking about it or talkedabout it hitherto to this point but the copyright that is associated with an idol is something that ithink everybody should be considering what are the ownership of that so parties could explicitly statethat parties has not been able explicitly state that that could be hugely different wherever you’re at inthe world so if a project is intending to impose a restriction i propose that they would cause peopleknow that ahead of time before their clue marketings also if there’s going to be any sort ofopt-in conversation for the minting process i believe that that should be out there andpublished ahead of time before the pre-sale even begins apparently that chicken has flown thecoop on various campaigns once so i hope for the projects out there that they can put together uhsome sort of a you know if they are intending to and they certainly don’t have to intend to but ifthey are intending to opted people into any sort of an agreement to introduce that lingo togetheras soon as they can and let people that have already engaged in the pre-sales know what thatlanguage is i also think it would be very fair if beings do not want to opt into whatever thelanguage is to offer some sort of a canal for that person to get their monies back so ithink those are important things to consider the what behind a project exactly what are you gettingmay seem really simple but it also can sometimes be kind of complex the win this is somethingthat will manifest when you know that you are being rug drew this is where you’re going to belooking at something and the make is going to be not what you expected so it could either becompletely retarded or immediately and they’re gone so if you find let’s talk about a coupletrouble signals here a project going on hiatus for an indefinite period of time without notifyingpeople that’s something that i don’t think that would be good for the ecosphere if you’rea cat project out there i think updating beings even if you are just updating them that you don’thave a age yet that’s an update of i don’t have a time i’m working on it and you can give certainpieces of information parties love teasers and it keeps the community involved and it improves trustin whatever the nft campaign is going forward so the make is one of those things that here i am thinking uheventually at some point in time we’ve got to talk about it there will be somebody that eventuallydoes something bad a bad actor in the ecosphere so i hope that that doesn’t happen but uh you knowthe reality of human nature is that it probably does and the acquire is likely to be when you recognize thatit’s happened because they will probably just poof all going to hell the why i don’t actuallythink this is necessarily as important uh that we’re dealing with a lot of intangible assetscurrently so i think that might be uh something that is a little bit more sublime in its uh scopebut i do think there will be things that come out not necessarily as abstract as a piece of artin what their why is i mean certainly a dancing alien’s a dancing immigrant certainly and marmotis a marmot and certainly most of the spartans were spartans so these things will appeal topeople on different levels for various reasons so the why is not certainly something that ithink at this moment is something to get super concerned about uh i’m not even thinking that withmost nft jobs there is a necessarily really great why other than this is what it is so thenext one is talking about the where of a project this one also doesn’t undoubtedly seem like itis a wildly important topic because the where “couldve been” literally simply the internet uh it doesn’tnecessarily have to have aware yet so it could be on the why and the where behind projects that i’mjust not thinking of something that i should be thinking of sound off below with anything thati forgot to mention in this and ensure that you are touched that like and subscribe button so hopefully asa community we can continue to innovate on the chia blockchain in a variety of different ways andoffer registers really permits that to happen at such a micro tier that it’s really cool so i wouldsuggest that most projects out there do some sort of an outreach make people know about these kindof things because that certainly builds confidence in your produce as well as your ability create ialso think that both offering bucket hashgreen and any other future dexes that come out should put outreally clear criteria for what is it what it is to get listed including if there’s amounts ofcharges or fund that beings will need to have that gives people that might start a project areally clear idea of some of the things that they would probably want to engage in unless they wantto create their own channel which is interesting and also certainly possible so everybody makesure that you sound off in the comments below let me know what kind of stuff you’re buying so far onuh the different numerous dexes out there what kind of nft projects you’re involved in likewise what kindof other things you’re in i have really been precisely bumped up the past couple of weeks in everythinggoing on on “cat-o-nine-tails” i think this is a defining moment for the technology we have not seen somethinglike this in a different crypto technology out there before the level of innovation thisbrings and the capability adjusted that this brings to smaller individual teams is something thati look forward to being even further refined with the nft standard when that’s published andcertainly with whatever that coating two tech that gene hinders inkling about might turn out to bealright everybody be sure to make me up at proceed spaceport on the gabs you are eligible to made me up onthe discord connections below for that too be sure to check us out on the website where i actually havepublished all of this in written format links to that below a good read maybe people can get someinformation there uh and you are familiar with perhaps use it as a good check card for if you’re going to be buyingsomething and if that something is expensive you might yeah take a second think all right everybodywe will see you guys next time be sure to affected like and subscribe and check out these videos formore information on your favorite crypto topics you

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