Chia NFT Standard Announcement, Storage AMA, Rack Planning LIVESTREAM!


I think he lives below, I'' m not sure if'it ' s live allow me see getting that web link and also throwing it on twitter everybody is thrilled concerning chia nfts I wish you men understand I require to see what that tool is a terrific conversation docs tool, So I really hope everybody has an excellent day, I recognize the statement we just obtained from Chia is making my day a little better ah looks like we'' ve obtained the chia nft standard we most likely to review it live, I have definitely no suggestion what'' s around, so I thought allow ' s. Read it together'I ' ll obtain this tweet.
fast right here if I can get the url of this real-time stream I don'' t know why I did.'n ' t give the url of this online however.
I need to be someplace obtaining my share of the web link boom.

ok allow me I do that which'' s what occurred guy Austin win. ft requirement what is this I'' m going real-time here men
.'I ' m curious about reviewing what ' s going on with the nft requirement.
advertisement they just came out of the opposite side of the chia here we been.
awaiting this allow'' s leave reviewing with it I wear'' t know. What does it include, but I believe they claimed blind u are on testnet 10 which indicates people are in fact mosting likely to be.
able to see what'' s taking place actually conveniently in what ' s being. established with this technology so what ' s up seeing I ' ve got 3 people. right here until now, that ' s amazing, enjoy you men. Austin Josh as well as Peter'Spaley 777 as well as. let ' s see we got'yeah and I ' m going to go with.'some other things that ' s going on below. also there ' s a great deal of news today ok send.
this message down ok ok i suched as. striking everyone on everyone a message like a few times today.
it doesn'' t appear like Great however yeah you recognize you ' re doing what you got ta do right you ' re doing. what you obtained ta do so let '
s inspect what ' s going on with. the chia nft standard due to the fact that I ' m closing this things ah we ' re likewise mosting likely to have a look at some.
shelf schematic designs that we ' re starting to discuss.
advertisement whats brand-new just how greenwings go 2 I wager the. greenwings are truly excited that the guy is going to make use of the standard.
so let'' s take a straight'appearance right here at what ' s taking place so this is written by e fish. which is Richard Cao Wah talking about Oct 21 I began.
discovering the nft area And the function that they can play in it now the nft area is.
type of like a roller rollercoaster so sure i simply got austin simply shared me.
i recognize you obtained in as well as well as i think some.
various other people were dope to the whole point as well and also like we simply entered into it and also would love to.
finally acquire some nfts, I think I got the peak I assume I'' m. holding the highest possible acquisition cost on the NFTS we.
acquired so probably don'' t take my advice on buying nfts due to the fact that I truly.
put on'' t understand [__] regarding them but undoubtedly I assume that ' s very intriguing See.
the show submits discussed below in the first sentence We Our company believe block chia.
can give differentiated value with real digital possession, yes,.
as well as chia delivers of course, so peer-to-peer trading without a main market.
can originate from the video game market, and also.
I think that'' s where it came from If you recognize with the nft blockchain globe.
, it is necessary to recognize the essentials of just how.
nfts function today and afterwards construct our service concentrating on resolving the difficulties.
encountering the ecosystem today as well as showing the applicability of the real life, so I believe.
you recognize considering where the bigger market is open c.
, You absolutely have a great deal of chance out there due to the fact that individuals.
get scammed as well as I recognize recently we heard.
you know a chia member on the official chia team who in fact revealed.
combos and also things there and in fact bought some nfts, they obtained scammed.
, as well as they wound up losing out on a great deal of things that It remained in.
their metamask budget so there are real threats if you are.
just an individual of nfts so there are a great deal of chances or rip-offs type of.
common it appears you can such as nft blacklist significantly.
, nft damages Opportunity to trade them in the future.
There is no such clawbacks as well as healings so we will praise Shea So let'' s. dig deeper so some obstacles with the most up to date.
current technology purchase costs Yes ok very pricey I'' ve tried I.
think I paid $45 in gas.
Not great Inconsistent Tough Really Proof of.
Origin with Developers as well as Proprietors When NFT is Reformed.
Also, it'' s hard for the original developer to inform if previous customers.
were real people viewing the trade or fabricated rate walks like high prices t, so I think meddle I.
don'' t understand exactly how anyone can fix
. whether something was acquired simply to damage it or otherwise, however surely.
offers a resource beyond nft I possibly put on'' t recognize. the digital documents connected with it nft has just one source web link with no.
An extremely valued cryptographic hash If that web link goes missing or if the.
file is overwritten, the proprietor might lose access to the initial information files, well that'' s right as well as. like I recognize it'' s a wonderful weave as well as weave is incredibly complicated.
from a mining viewpoint Peter I examined it firsthand.
And like yeah it'' s possibly a perma network as long as. you know the future value of points is taking place yet it'' s certainly difficult to establish up as well as. sure you know getting points in chain for our weave, I believe.
they obtained our incentive currently, perhaps that made it a little simpler, and I put on'' t recognize. that there are probably a great deal of even more graphic means to do this too. as not trusting that aristocracies are always paid to designers, so I.
think chia takes the side of aristocracies squarely which I think is.
big and extremely different guidelines like aristocracies are not imposed.
on blockchain however only via main markets entailed.
, well yeah we see that yet it'' s additionally actually like their success.
if they can fix this that transforms the nft approach and makes chia.
the de facto leader in my point of view in nfts due to the fact that aristocracies are essential to.
creators and musicians that are going to artists they want aristocracies Fail-safe, so this is.
essential in my opinion, and also I actually wish they can address.
that appears like a massive challenge, indicating that the promise to obtain nobilities.
on every resale can'' t occur with private sales between individuals or.
with incompatible markets.

I'' m not fairly certain what the incompatible market is.
if you people know inform me.
I wear'' t. have experience with nfts approximately this.
point let'' s see the obstacle for the end customer For. lots of creators nfts can be a great extra revenue source but.
modern technology as well as process can be complicated and also difficult to comprehend
. straight pyramid systems rip off fraudulent actions.
with several who put on'' t want to be connected with them i do not understand.
do you individuals believe i don’t recognize if this holds true or maybe i believe pyramid plans i.
dont understand how to do a pyramid system on nfts however i am interested i wish to take care of.
myself now i am kidding Uh, many reputable makers are worried about.
the ecological effects of the existing major block chain eths sucks, yes.
, some aspects attracted and also some are attracted to proof from quota systems since they.
are frequently marketed as greener or cleaner, we discussed this like on.
this network that spoke concerning it endlessly on twitter if you place'' t shocked me on. twitter this is resemble port area you need to make sure check me out there uh yes.
an item of [__] um because it'' s actually just a number of web servers and like the. innovation isn ' t extremely innovative, get the galera group developed right here a bunch of.
servers are processing your decentralized transactions why the public lack.
public framework sure if you get a.
department like aws or you recognize another organizing company below Ack,.
you shed fifty percent of that generally you lose sufficient to shed a quorum So you lose.
your decentralized blockchain, it'' s not a blockchain like. an application composed on servers, it'' s my opinion on this is not
shut, allow me. recognize what you'assume and also I ' ll read all these remarks, there ' s a great deal. of remarks can be found in below adding another layer of intricacy
uh. the current ecosystem has actually widely embraced the nft common erc 721 standard.
, yeah, it really appears to be attempting to fit all the use situations for.
nfts that I.
put on'' t understand about. Didn'' t get the nft conventional i recognize there resembles polygon and also it.
will occur like meta facebook crap or something i.
heard my spouse resembled that suggests you will certainly have to educate.
grandma concerning nfts and also she is '' I will buy it in a market you know like facebook.
industry I wear'' t recognize that the nobilities charged to The chain offers.
a functioning instance of this missed possibility as well as factor of friction.
while core criteria have been released none of which have recorded market share.
from erc 721 ok so I think there are various other requirements that are.
not as common as of course open c open c drive the gas market.
in my point of view and it is one of the Perhaps the most significant use instances for Ethereum are probably.
why Ethereum has such an enormous market price as well as various other things that.
have actually worked together with the quest to identify.
innovation as well as user-specific difficulties helped our team recognize where we need to.
focus and what we need to develop to resolve concerns well, so it appears.
That this is an excellent paraphrase we have strategies going ahead.
, OK, so we mean to tackle one market sector each time and create.
a bespoke NFT requirement that satisfies all the certain needs of the marketplaces instead of.
trying to develop a hard one fits all, what the standard hell this indicates.
ok so I think if you'' re speaking regarding. art it ' s upright like.
files, items of like machines or something.
I don'' t'know, well let ' s keep reviewing the
very first vertical is. fine art globe, and I don ' t recognize if all the nfts. I ' ve seen there are art yet it ' s most definitely a type of art. where we feel we can give the very best system for musicians particularly.
we'' re seeking to offer musicians that want creating their first decrease.
however have actually resisted as a result of concerns concerning the inclusiveness, sustainability.
and also intricacy of the nft area Well yeah I can see that let me go.
to the screen right here and also not realize I need to have examined.
as if I was reading this and also like people like.
what the hell are you reading I put on'' t recognize if I went down a link there.
so I'' ll take an opportunity below to follow the comments.
And also hey what'' s up Pedro Envigs is a great deal of fun yo yo yo nfc is o n.
chia chia Fallen leave yes I agree nft 0 dev overview greg is in fact doing.
some stuff with the Environment-friendly Wings team who enjoy to collaborate so he'' s. really excited to see what they can think of Remember that chia pocketbook a fraud.
done by a fraudster no concept what you'' re discussing in. there yeah uh I'' m interested in this douglas so quit talking with.
even more are you claiming chia is mosting likely to make the nft conventional going onward yeah pedro.
i believe NFG truly believe chia has the capacity.
to Being really like a bespoke market because if they'' re going to resolve.
all these troubles as well as these are legit troubles if you'' ve. gotten nft paid that gas after that you know what the troubles resemble.
I assume some people have acquired nfts as well as they'' re not actually obtaining the metadata right.
Or something like that, yeah, there were a great deal of issues.
, so allow'' s continue reading here, let'' s see that our vision for
nfts straightens. with the core columns of chia protection as well as conformity sustainability

Certainly make use of nfts safety when getting into the.
basic nft construct procedure here it '' s most likely a. huge setting apart aspect and if you intend to consider it like you have chia.
nfts and also like everybody have a [__] load of chia nfts today with.
plots chia, chia stories are practically nfts,.
nobody there had a completely unexpected method like building quit working.
like your pool plots where i thought initially chia.
these points function as they are we work from Yeah everybody no one like it.
hacked no person has actually broken it as for I know nobody has actually hacked or.
damaged if you recognize somebody has actually hacked or split it.
yet I put on'' t think that has actually occurred yet but not all is well so.
allow'' s keep proceeding So ahead right here uh our vision of nft lines up with.
cheek or stand yes yes yes, to fulfill the difficulties of.
space as well as deliver an item with special worth we have actually constructed our nft criterion with.
3 distinction essential ctors we look for is to take advantage of our.
comprehensive and also compliant lasting blockchain to allow and also drive.
genuine world apps Digital Possession Via Real Market Self-reliance As Well As The Steady Resource Of Digital.
Josh If you follow what.
you believe this suggests brother, I recognize precisely what that means.
actual market independence by enforcing all the guidelines like royalties on.
opera chia blockchain files for non-custodial trading without.
Any kind of counter event danger, well, that'' s right, yeah, you can like me straight and you let'' s do it,. I suggest those markets exist and also it ' s best to
leave. the central markets right into the bigger chia nft community in the future.
, we'' ll also give a chia data layer a layer chia information,. can i have a little dl love oh man all right y ' it ' s all such as this. real-time stream I ' m returning cope with something if this isn ' t like.
the wildest real-time stream ever I put on'' t understand what else where to say maintain'it It ' s on the data layer, this is. Josh ' s t-shirt that I obtained, and he'' s got this awesome print on
the. back that costs a lot of cash, and this is a top quality shirt, it in fact.
does the wick the means that dampness so I assume he published this when we were.
talking regarding the data layer.

Nat [__] as well as yep, so I believed I was just mosting likely to toss.
this out I didn'' t in fact understand this was mosting likely to occur so excuse me for simply
. heading out this is a real-time stream I know what I'' m going to claim where [__] I was ok let'' s return below. ok we ' ll save Additionally a chia data layer that enables all industries to store and.
recover electronic identification as well as nft metadata in a linked database.
secured via the chia blockchain,.
I wear'' t understand what else to claim, it truly delighted. me, let me see if any individual has gotten Anyhow, I'' d like
the. great miss in advance, yeah Josh that'' s awesome Appeals like the data layer has actually been.
so exciting when I believe merch ah Josh is providing these.
up for sale on his site uh capmost.io so you can inspect it out I just.
got a purse from gobi as well as xch can i do thank you Josh for.
being a badass designer love you male will speak to you.
later additionally a consistent resource by letting content makers have.
designers as well as proprietors prove their digital identifiers with their.
well-established social media sites existence so why.
well what'' s. Twitter like twitter me up.
great so I hav e like what hell like twitter.
blue for some time and also I simply provided it a month later because it was.
[__] absolutely amusing I liked a.
great deal of things happening with that and also it was ineffective aside from.
giving me like some metadata concerning my little name.
and it wasn'' t That ' s in fact useful however yeah.
, I'' ve developed a social networks presence so are.
they in fact going to be integrated into areas like.
instagram and you understand I believe we'' ve seen some various other individuals saying they'' re. mosting likely to have an instagram as well as you know other individuals the shoelaces that twitter likes.
to reveal on.
nfts that'' s going to be Big in the.
future, we will certainly offer an optional.
third-party integration with third-party partners for payment.I put on '

t recognize what that implies.
tell me individuals what you assume it means I have no concept what it suggests.
for better electronic permanence by supporting numerous sources and crafting.
cryptographic hashes for nft digital documents in the future that provides integration.
to optional third-party partners versus paid enterprise storage space for.
nfts now, Come on allow'' s see the mint garden, no its. not the mint yard, is this the mint yard.
Yes, it is. a mint garden. Youngsters below. just keep that in mind since you'' re. signed up for this channel put on'' t subscribe because you saw that, yeah.
, that'' s fantastic of what occurred in the mint yard,. and this can be among those partners uh I'' m simply picturing that'' s sort of what. they ' re discussing there, I put on'' t understand uh. Institutional class storage I don'' t know what that implies uh I ' m. interested uh what do you think this indicates as you understand.
data centers that I wear'' t own I don'' t recognize I wear ' t know effectively our step-by-step technique where we made a note of. our perception of the NFT item method, we know that the living-room just for the initial Nft requirement.
no Enough, we intend to offer a complete individual experience that consists of.
significant alteration with chia gui and also nft ecological community to run.
at the same time does that imply the client.
will really have the ability to like the nfts supply in it.
that will be there like i understand.
metamatt resembles coinbase purse extension.
likes allow me see right here I'' m mosting likely to show you guys.
my lot of money of good manners i store here like ok this is in fact and also.
as i believe what occurred with this there was some.
like yeah these are actually not the ones i have.
like the ones that were exact there was type of.
the handle for metadata and I think Coinbase resembles an extension wallet.
like interacting that info however like real nfts not these.
3 nfts they are different from display screen which was.
a substantial complicated ah, like my initial experience with nfts it was a whole lot of.
complication, some people were like, you understand, I I spent for one I got a.
different experience there is absolutely nothing you can do about it I forgot that it was but.
someone informed me they bought one and also it was like.
a completely various one.
ok allowed'' s see while we jot it down blah blah blah oh major client as well as.
ecosystem nft this would be really nice to guarantee we preserve.
clear line of sights for our technique and the capability of our technology to conquer the.
difficulties we have identified we brought several of the leading area designers.
right into a closed alpha environment to make certain a vivid interoperability environment we split our launch right into stages.
suitable with the launch of the nft style strategy Our own today, phase one from no so.
I presume that'' s where we are today at absolutely no so.
now I know the garden mint is under nda they stated it'' s in public a couple of.
times with chia i I mean uh, so.
they could be among those companions, I wear'' t recognize who else.
could be among those companions, I really hope Green Wings as well as Greg you are just one of.
those companions, yet it appears like today'' s launch is nft no. functionally equal to nft basic to erc 721.
ok, Additionally I believe going on github.
looking with some branches is where we could in fact be.
the dead branch or something or perhaps they simply released a common branch supplied I.
don'' t understand uh we ' ll click that switch right here in a. second we ' ll just
see. the very first nft second stage Based on neighborhood comments.
Based upon neighborhood comments, the intent is to update the standard to accomplish guarantees of.
freedom as well as versatility.

Re-excited to share.
our pproach with the chia nft criterion with you, we think it'' s a meaningful step. to resolve the challenges as well as pain we'' ve discovered with the existing nft ecological community.
that definitely exist and also create the foundation for the following generation of.
nft on nf items on the chia blockchain not simply on the.
chia blockchain on the chia information layer.
on the chia information layer and I likewise like that.
the information layer is utilized, this is mosting likely to be extremely cool chia will.
transform the world, well uh today the chia growth neighborhood will obtain a.
chance to sign up with the very first stage of our task with testnet xer with.
nft absolutely no on testnet we can'' t wait To see the exciting jobs you'' re building.
well they have a few points right here I think so allow'' s gone through that why.
are you launching a net examination variation of nfts I think one must simply be.
self informative I '' m thinking you recognize'it ' s essential to evaluate Individuals.
in fact did points before they much like to bring it up.
so my answer would certainly be that they would certainly provide a more.
thoughtful response below back when we began composing chia lisp code for.
nfts we planned to release a version with a narrow focus but it soon ended up being a lot more and also extra preferred. Clearly we need an even more modular strategy for our brand-new layout pattern provides us the.
versatility to launch nft 0 as it is today and afterwards nft 1 as a new module for.
royalties and dead, well yeah they do highlight the base level performance.
then they will certainly update that with nobilities and also dead in every subsequent upgrade.
We'' ll have the ability to include new features without needing to begin from scrape.
so I possibly wear'' t know if that ' s what. they ' re really claiming there however I possibly put on'' t understand who ' s sticking with nfts

. today. There are no constraints on that is enabled to do nfts, however for currently.
you will need some technical abilities like capacity to run shias examination network.
from command line.
fantastic is there a customer guide for nft 0 yes we have an individual guide for nft 0 [__] checks out.
those Guys with their paperwork they have actually transformed their paperwork video game so most likely to.
their paperwork and also review the code as well as search for the remarks in a line on the.
code like it'' s like you ' re thinking what something is doing now, there appear to.
be comments all over the location, check out the current config.yaml,
you will certainly be shocked if you sanctuary'' t took a look at it in a while,
well it will reveal you how to produce
as well as trade nfts as well as utilize the brand-new collection of
rpcs i assume got josh thrilled there, rpc likes
big question is it possible to make nft on mainnet, but the
answer nft 0 is for network use screening only While it is in theory feasible to
make nft on the primary network today, you will certainly take the chance of that you will be incompatible
with ft1 as a result of insect fixes and/or eleventh hour improvements,
we strongly recommend that you do not attempt this, we will not offer major support for nft We will not use
any Guarantees compatibility with future releases
, I unintentionally did something on mainnet and I.
wear'' t recognize what among nowadays we should make a video clip.
concerning that, alright allow'' s move on to which branch you need to make use of to examination.
nft xero nft as well as dead advancement occur in the primary dids branch of the.
chia blockchain repo on github information.
how to access this branch as well as nft customer overview can be located ok so let'' s obtain to this fast so check out. all the adjustments it looks like their last commit was 2 hours ago or.
something, so this is the branch in which do you understand you reach.
swap that branch and after that you understand develop it if you'' re thinking about.
diving as a developer it has nfts made it possible for in chia gui.
thus far so they will certainly do what I'' m analysis. from that now they simply have it enabled in cla but we will certainly be adding.
more and also much more nft functionality to the gui over the coming weeks.
it'' s very exciting and also it ' s extremely exciting nft. zero nft xero includes the foundation of nfts that you can nfts.
from the command line a you can buy as well as sell utilizing offers,.
so a we'' re prepared for genuine physical purchases now it resembles.
nft 0 testnet 10.
is not traditional perhaps it shouldn'' t head out. there and do it immediately yet at the very same time you recognize.
i'' m all set i ' ve got xch melting an opening in my chia wallet so talk. of course ready to spend that what are the.
differences in between nft absolutely no as well as erc 721 Well there is possibly a great deal more that.
provides a very general interface for creating and also moving nfts on.
chia'' s blockchain. uris which enables routers to keep nfts in several places.
which includes in the survival of nft as opposed to erc 721 uses.
a metadata user interface with json schema that only provides one uri to.
me learning brand-new points there since I didn'' t know
you. just have one uri in erc 721 which'' s really cool down to have. a repetitive link the details that is likely to actually help your maintain you recognize.
the web link lives what add-ons to.
include in a function missing from nft xero the.
3 primary parts of the capability that will m included nft one are.
royalties as well as supplies these are instead huge thats why nft 0 is for.
test network only nft 0 is for testing not.
simply switch allowed however you can just acquire and sell nfts for txch ultimately ft1 will certainly enable.
gui purse support Currently full only command line.
supported These features will certainly enable nfts.
built to the nft one criterion to be truly decentralized.
for the initial time your nfv nfts will certainly never ever be secured into a central market or.
also any kind of market at all nft1 will bring chia nfts one action more detailed to true.
digital connection And Regular Source which.
is an actually huge thing which is an actually large and also game-changing point, and this.
is not simply distinction in the market, this is a market revolution Achieving.
true electronic continuity and consistent source.
even if it is one action closer than it is currently.
[__] this is a bad point happening Constantly just how royalties will certainly work as component of one.
nft in one nft, nft tutor will function Define nobility framework.
wonderful, there doesn'' t appear to be strict crypto guidelines, that.
'' s quite cool, we realize a wide variety of.
capability is called for to get nobilities, might produce some For nfts coaches just.
as a hobby and also most likely not requiring any kind of.
nobilities Others may be professional artists whose livelihoods rely on.
gathering royalties from their artwork, yet one will have.
an adaptable ownership framework that suits both of these usage situations, whatever the intent, nft can decide.
portions of sales future that will certainly be paid as royalties over the.
life of the nft to ensure that.
solutions a whole lot of inquiries that have been.
thought concerning nobilities and my discernment seems to be a versatile system that.
doesn'' t'get taken care of d it ' s not enforced by chia as it should be this or a minimum this or a maximum so.
I assume that'' s a great thing Really which is equipping and also I believe reaching that.
there has actually been some conjecture about perhaps it would be like a consistent or something.
or an upper bound or.
a lower bound that seems to be quite flexible the.
method it.
must really be alright.Together with the nft one, one would certainly permit advisors customers and proprietors to
trace the provenance of any nft providing them self-confidence in the background or origin of
their art work, and also it would additionally be useful in lots of methods past simply nfts in fact
, inevitably giving customers complete control over that is allowed
accessibility to his personal information and also what info he is enabled to see, I wouldn'' t state I. completely comprehend it but it feels like an adaptable means. state this is the collection of info that adheres to nft possibly which'' s. what my sight of it seems to be based on its minting,.
I wear'' t recognize if that Details at mint time or not, I put on'' t know uh there are some. concerns I have concerning that but I assume we'' ll see some people with
. possibly better responses in the following Twitter rooms that.
people know maybe more free to speak about.
some elements of the execution of things that could be I was under like.
nda prior to they can begin discussing things a bit a lot more so it'' s. raving in the summertime we obtained this version this stuff is rather epic it'' s. lasting chia nfts well I think I avoided someone that'' s. mosting likely to be wanted within One foot, not every repairer will be able to decide if it.
will certainly need expert artists that will most likely want to perform in order to.
preserve the initial, and novices may not want maintaining track of ownership and also will.
dodge in favor of pseudo- uneven xch titles cool,.
yeah, I can Seeing myself doing it like I put on'' t actually respect a nimble resource. as well as you recognize all that various other stuff yet if I'' m acquiring. something I ' d possibly want this to be a vital day for me chia I such as.
I really feel this is a vital day for chia.
archia nft Being sustainable over other blockchains, nfts have actually been obtaining a great deal of.
negative pressure lately due to the fact that of their high power needs so this returns to the climb, OK, so let’s talk.
truly briefly regarding one ah type of you understand that this isn’t always nft but that’s.
type of like the Dow Climate based and they attempted to decouple themselves from.
counting on the entire blockchain, you can'' t do that if you check out something.
the part parts that compose that and also let it function can'' t be omitted. from the power footprint', I wear ' t care who you are, there is no description that.
procedures the cost of your contracts for D getting in as well as out of the chain.
is useless like not having an entire Hine block This is.
the l1 foundation that makes up that the blockchain must be included in Shiites.
None of the ideal what a true decentralized blockchain.
once again is not a proof of risk which has a remarkably high energy impact.
By themselves, as a true decentralized blockchain has a.
whole lot of computers, a lot of computers, a great deal of chia is usually much.
much more power effective than bitcoin as it resembles light years and also.
ethereum a little bit so these are really genuine l1 chains if you seek to Southern stuff like Solana.
I put on'' t know which. one this is proof of situation whatever I won'' t enter
that. once again go review the rants of chia or go review my rants on twitter well, nevertheless,.
the major blockchain is developed from the ground up to utilize the power of Much much less.
confirming work and it does while keeping the same level of safety as well as it.
certainly does chias nfts do not need more power than the base.
xch from which they are produced very awesome ext ensive analys is of chia'' s. energy use is readily available at chiapower.org.
uh this was in fact something that i went as well as had a look at like that has some.
really great info you ought to absolutely examine that out at some time when.
you'' re interested and allow ' s read our final uh.
frequently asked question thing right here when nfts will be readily available on mainnet quickly with a tm so.
that indicates normally like quickly, not like quickly like.
maybe you'' ll die before it takes place yet soon like you'' re certainly probably. gon na live we have completed uh the heavy lifting for producing the nf team.
one common nevertheless we need to still permit our neighborhood devs time to do.
extensive screening we will likely need to make some minor modifications before releasing.
nft one and also did one criteria so there we have it allow'' s take an appearance
truly. quick here at the nft no developer guides.
wow yeah so this provides you basically what you need.
to go through it resembles josh i wish you make a video clip on this due to the fact that it.
resemble you'' ve obtained you got the capability to develop that n ft. budget so chia has numerous kinds of purses it does not just have like a.
wallet it has a great deal of different wallets that are feasible.
as well as it appears like it provides you the rpc calls that you need to make to be able.
to communicate with that said as well as you can simply manuscript that out.
and acquire a photo as well as it'' s hash wow they give you like every little thing pleasant.
pleasant they really show you how to mint an nft on chia not just that they'' ve. actually recorded points very effectively so it appears like we'' ve got chia pocketbook. nft produce chia pocketbook show which'' ll sync up the purse which contains that. nft nft transfer nft rpc to utilize the
. complying with worths wallet id target addre s nft coin id so wow cool it ba.
ically will inform you where these points live and.
add a uri 10 nft sweet.
yes they provide you like every little thing you need.
very very amazing and also below is the extra rpc referral material for.
the nft mints as well as.
examples of exactly how to utilize it i love seeing the documents concerning this.
factor where it'' s ver y you know simple for a. programmer to tip in reviewed this usage this and also not have to reach.
out for you recognize hand holding and also once more that is the main dids branch likewise on.
chia so allow me take a 2nd here i'' ll catch
up. with a few of the remarks that are can be found in wow there'' s a great deal of comments i got a. great deal of reaching do alright so sorry you ' re like low-cost crypto miner. homie love you dude if you have not hit up economical crypto miner his channel is.
like loading a gap that chia truly needs which resembles the everyday usage.
of your chia stuff he'' s like working with it'he ' s grinding definitely struck him up.
sub as much as him thomas developing great thing i awakened in the middle of the night.
hello men yo sorry that you'' re up in the middle of the night'yet likewise i ' m. happy you ' re up in the center of the evening i hope it wasn ' t a notice. from me that woke you up yet if it was it was beneficial.
layer 2 for low minting costs uh so.
chia has the information layer which resembles.
not necessarily an l2 uh it doesn'' t ne cessarily offer. like roll ups and zk like it doesn'' t provide a great deal of l2 stuff data layer is. like a various beast and like chia is remarkable for this it ' s gon na bring. various monsters into blockchain tech that like have not been seen prior to information. layer is sort of like one of them as well as so i don ' t understand if it really has an. comparable uh reports on ns.
msnbc and fox information about 99 percent drop in earnings based on a record they talked.
concerning 2 days ago i imply i don'' t know like i can be the nfts are art based.
nfts are under a great deal of stress i recognize i dumb talked on the phone to my dad about.
this as well as he resembled nfts are so um like i think there'' s an opportunity. that you see a great deal of people that are like nfts like as well as there ' s a poor user. experience around nfts like why did i pay 50 for something like i.
don'' t understand uh eath gas costs suck as well as like openc is the vehicle driver of gas fees so.
like yeah getting that on chia would be way much more controlled from a.
charges viewpoint uh.
ii can'' t say anything other than fo r that i know c oinbase additionally dismissed an absolute.
item of crap which was their nft market as well as.
i mean it had like mistakes i like opened the inspector i resembled if i.
scrolled up after scrolling down like the web page vanished like what in the.
absolute hell did you guys even test that i wear'' t recognize i it appeared like they. went out of their means to make a negative product.
i put on'' t recognize what to say open c is virtually the marketplace dominator for.
nfts currently seeing chia as a competitor with genuine distinction is.
something that is definitely welcome too greg mention here below art.
music literary uh paperwork as nfts actual physical ownership of title is.
something that'' s been speaking about extremely heavily with nfts additionally i put on'' t think. you ' re gon na see that ethereum with erc721 it just doesn ' t offer. points like double ink as well as all these other points like it is not an evolvable.
basic the method it'' s applied now whereas chia clearly has just chatted.
around in what we just read being an evolvable standard so.
satisfying the obstacles of market verticals is something erc721 not well.
suited for something chia quite possibly suited for.
art is a classification just leaping in extremely delighted to see the.
release clyde wallace this is clyde wallace and he is from mint garden.
as well as he is most definitely among the people that lags this large adjustment that.
we'' ve got coming up below uh need to be taken care of on a separate chain.
as it is a huge information submit ah yeah so.
i don'' t recognize the technicalities of it i don'' t understand i will certainly be seeking some. individually talks with people that might know as well as i'' ll attempt to offer that solution.
i put on'' t think they ' re discussing saving the'photo on chia ' s blockchain i. don ' t necessarily know that they ' re speaking about keeping it on an information layer associated.
however i do assume the metadata which is the referential data with that.
nft being saved on the information layer is something i did so that would certainly.
like they pointed out enable for numerous information places so multipl e uris to be.
butt ociated with that said that'' s much better than what i hunch erc 721 only permits one.
web link like that one link obtains removed uh oh you obtained.
you lose your data uh i got an nft on openc with matic.
and also they just disappeared i don' ' t understand what to say regarding
that. gustavo i'' m sorry to hear that'' s i ' m shocked that didn ' t take place to me. to be straightforward with you verticals may be things like real estate tickets lawful.
agreements for possession of tough products yes absolutely assume that is.
what they'' re speaking about here greg many thanks for all your assistance as well as aid from. the area as well as discord guy i attempt what else can i do on the information layer.
yeah this t shirt really cool you can get your own at catmost.io.
which i paid for with uh the gobi budget uh i wear'' t understand if he ' s ready for. orders uh so surprise josh there you go uh.
let'' s see dropping here i desire that t-shirt this is an excellent tee shirt i. such as this shirt oh. accounting nightmares so by the means uh austin enjoys bookkeeping headaches and.
he has informed me on numerous oc casions to send him unrequested questions no i'' m. joking uh he despises accountancy problems and of course certainly there are possible.
issues around with all kinds of crypto with all type of unrealized.
gains i indicate i think people are seeing right currently like the trouble of taxing.
latent gains in a down market like what you are gon na fine to ensure that'' s. latent you recognize it'' s just it ' s crazy to be approaching points the means the. government has actually been approaching them with any luck we see some like.
actually good sense stuff entered into play where They'' re like all right that doesn ' t. make good sense like possibly this is a checkpoint at the cost of a lot of the.
cryptos which has been similar to totally free loss the past number of days uh.
by the method if you'' re among the individuals that has remained in complimentary fall on cryptos.
just put on'' t take it like insane you understand.
these markets are up these markets are down like it'' s tea leaves and there is. no clairvoyance that can see the future of crypto so believe in the technolo gy.
like i believe in chia'' s modern technology like i truly rely on chia ' s modern technology. due to the fact that the people behind it differentiators the individuals behind nft1.
here plainly tackling the distinction of the market as their.
key technique so.
count on the innovation rely on the human funding count on its capacity to.
deliver changing.
modern technologies that we have not seen prior to chia does embody that you wear'' t. get that out there with these various other blockchains really in my estimation gee.
it does provide that we will certainly have nft no reside on mint garden by the end of.
the week oh wow that'' s huge information clyde i'' m thankful to listen to that client already.
does display nfts what what.
uh when what.
what that'' s awesome amazing info wow the client looks rather.
good saw it on your announcement on discord alright so i'' ve got stuff to capture. up with on dissonance for certain chia group has done a great task like directions.
perhaps i must get my art in there if you'' ve got art you should certainly.
think about the chia b lock chain as a pl ace to create that art that'' s. not my you know official take on it yet i don'' t know where else you ' re gon na go. erc721 doesn'' t noise so hot currently open c expensive c also all kind of issues c.
so possibly you do wish to think about where you'' re placing it.
great so that was type of a significant cover of what'' s going on with chia and also.
nfts pretty amazing stuff most definitely struck up.
individuals at mintgarden.io i believe it'' s clyde wallace22 on twitter.
that'' s clyde ' s twitter deal with so strike him up available likewise.
uh yes yeah seeing that go obey the end of the week on mint garden.io it'' s. gon na resemble definitely cutting edge marmots.
on chain marmots off-chain environments both chain marmots uh that appears like.
something that perhaps will be in the jobs i know that the area mark.
area market staff has been discussing possibly like some type of prolonged.
function established uh guys certainly connect let me know which method it'' s mosting likely to go
i. understand that where there was the on-chain talk as well as som e individuals were pushi ng back.
does what she has simply launched here end up being an augmenter to that for the.
room marmot 1 program most likely one of one of the most effective.
pre-sale nfts and also really all we'' ve seen until now with chia.
as well as nfts around presently with feline offerings is kind of a pre-sale approach.
to points so that will be what we need to move forward i recognize that they stated they.
were waiting till the nft requirement was released before they launched to make sure that.
has me assuming that perhaps they'' re Believing along those lines i don'' t understand. uh yet definitely interested to see what is happening with that okay so what else.
is going on in my globe oh god yeah so i have actually been servicing.
where is that i'' ve been working with a shelf strategy.
for the layout for the garage and also this is definitely something that i.
need to get hammered out so i'' ve got three shelfs.
i'' ve obtained currently a 125 amps in there that is in the below panel in the garage i'' ve
got. to screw these 3 together currently if you take a look at the positioning currently i have.
one that is ki nd of in an alignment similar to this in the.
garage for the web server shelf i think i'' m mosting likely to bolt them all three together. right here now the thing i put on'' t like regarding that is. it will offer actually wonderful reflectivity off of this wall right here which'' ll kind. of echo via your home having it at a 45 degree angle absolutely was something.
i discovered did lower the echo so i'' ve got to get those connected i'' ve obtained
to. get the servers on that shelf i'' ve obtained a shitload of outlining to do and also these are.
like garage doors that'' s a door that ' s a door but this is where the panel is here. for the electricity and also so i think running over a bit of electrical power. to right here i got ladder consisted of with it which if you put on'' t recognize what ladder is
. it ' s generally what offers you the capacity to uh.
it primarily provides you the ability to have.
like an increased structure that you'' re running data wires on and power cords.
on and additionally communication cords on so that is.
one thing that i'' m looking at for se tting up additionally i have.
structured like yeah they'' re they ' re bike shelf hangers.
however they'' re up right here they ' re over the door as well as they lug presently network. cable i likewise have an organized media panel over below so absolutely mosting likely to.
be doing some adjustments in the garage quickly this workbench right currently.
filled with our 920s and our 930s obtained an absolute heap of work to do to get.
that all tidied and i have actually got the good news is all of the electricity job out.
of the way oh my god that was tough as well as warm and also this is a 3 12 pitch roofing and.
that sucked but i'' ve came down below a pile of cpus as well as a heap of ram so.
you can bet that that is occurring as quickly as i obtain those in the rack all.
right everybody many thanks for signing up with in today i wish you'' ve had a good time let.
me see if there'' s anything else i require to catch up on below as for comments.
as well as i believe we'' re excellent below and so i will certainly check you individuals out following time be.
sure also this friday in the dissonance web links to the discord someplace possibly not.
in t he links listed below real ly yet someplace other video clips something like.
that digital spaceport dissonance this friday storage ama with lebanon john as well as.
that'' s storage jm from the chia network and we'' re going to be simply focusing on.
geek stuff so deep dive on tech on things connecting to hardware storage outlining.
brand-new blade little bit we'' re gon na actually get this figured out i really have been.
going through the like alpha and anomalous results i'' ll simply
state. strange outcomes a whole lot of knobs to transform a great deal of setups to configure not just.
established it as well as it goes and it mandates that you have a great deal of ram.
this has actually a buffer based on ram and apparently there'' s going to be some. releases generating blade little bit so we will certainly be speaking comprehensive about blade bit.
also as well as several of the efficiency.
optimizations you may be able to do based upon what your storage space subsystem.
appearances like that io subsystem is going to come to be unbelievably crucial with the new.
blade bit release i'' ve heard individuals state that they'' ve. gotten really excellent results with high transmission capacity to ensure that suggests usually a raid.
no of a whole lot of ssds so if you'' re on like sas type of two degree innovation.
probably 3 to 6.
ssds will offer you a pretty darn good quantity of data transfer and also it having the ability to.
sequentially contact that is something that blade little bits latest alpha does allow.
so we'' ll additionally be discussing whether or not it'' s mosting likely to vanquish ram disk.
someone asked me that i was like i don'' t understand i can ' t visualize it defeating.
out ram disk however at the exact same time.
old enterprise ssds that you put in a raid 0.
quite low-cost contrasted to 512 gigs of ram so possibly.
perhaps not we will certainly find out on friday as well as maybe we'' ll also have some results to.
discuss i' ' ve already done some plotting on the bladebit alpha.
it was so all over the place i didn'' t do a video on it i started to do a video on. it i was not able to obtain the results that i was hoping for as well as i resembled.
and so just we'' ll cover that up.

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