What'' s up, Make Individuals! In today ' s video clip, I ' ll Teach you how to create an NFT from scratch That'' s right, you can have your NFT If you desire, complying with these steps that I Will reveal you in today'' s video So included me Wow! That'' s right, people, I need to Tell that I suffered, I was defeated I consider myself an individual that also Knows exactly how to handle innovation, a little I comprehend a little of the devices I utilize the net for a long time, as well as still I experienced, I can read several Subjects in English, and also still, reviewing Them in English, I obtained a little lost When it was time to make this creation, from the beginning, how do I get the cash That is in my account? Can I Change it right into Ethereum to send out to MetaMask, do you undersant that it has Some actions there that you may not also Thought of? But what I want is to Guarantee you, wear'' t worry because, yes I'' ll show you tip by step so it obtains Extremely very easy for any person that wants to create An NFT, undergo this procedure and reach the end with your picture, your art Your production detailed as an NFT Ready to be auctioned, offered The initial thing I intend to tell you below Is the adhering to, there are a number of systems There are several means you can do it What I'' ll program here, what I ' ll Program here is the way I could Do it as well as go via to obtain my NFT, okay? As well as reading in discussion forums and joining groups From Facebook, including everything regarding NFT That'' s what I thought about that The majority of the musicians are applying, to ensure that'' s why I adhered to these steps as well as it was exactly how I did it, come on guys, the initial thing You must recognize is the following For you to produce an NFT, you need to pay The initial point you require to comprehend Since to develop this token, you'' ll Have to mint your art And after you mint, you'' ll Have to note it in the system And also these 2 points cost money They cost the Gas Charges, as they call They set you back the Gas Costs, as they call If you ' re not made use of to What I ' m discussing, if you Intend to recognize far better what NFT is I recommend you to see the video I have already made explaining regarding this And for you to be able to gain access to it The web link is here, it'' s in the description Then you can enjoy And recognize much better what NFT is And afterwards try to do it, okay? However allow'' s go, you require to Undoubtedly, have an art You must have your art work prepared Now, let'' s say you develop it A digital art, be it a loop Of animation, be it a static Making, it doesn'' t issue, an electronic Paint, you have your art Preferably, this art of yours should be In high resolution, all right? I made mine with 5K pixels Due to the fact that later on if somebody Wishes to make a print of that In high resolution, they'' ll make it 5K pixels is a really good resolution To use this image After that I suggest you to produce Your arts in high resolution All right? That being claimed, you currently have Your art, currently you wish to know How you can, in what way You can do it, mint Placed it in your account As well as have your art detailed To be auctioned, sold To someone to be able to bid As well as to be able to make a deal Said that you have to pay To do that, just how Do you pay to do that? This is paid in cryptocurrency And also the cryptocurrency I used Which the terrific bulk utilizes It'' s Ethereum, Ethereum resembles Bitcoin, which is a cryptocurrency There ' s additionally Ethereum, the Ethereum Okay? That being said, you ' ll Have to purchase Ethereum You will have to possess Ethereum In order to pay these charges Of Gas to be able to do What you require to do As well as have this NFT done As well as provided, trendy, and just how do you Buy Ethereum? Below comes the starting Of whatever, I suggest you to produce An account on Binance, it is writte' ' Binance, okay? In Binance It ' s a place where you'' ll purchase cryptocurrencies, you ' ll have the ability to Buy Bitcoin, sell Bitcoin Acquire Ethereum, offer Ethereum Simply like numerous other cryptocurrencies That exist, ideal? In reality I ' m currently buying various other Cryptos, likewise using my wallet From Binance, just how do you produce An account at Binance? That'' s the very first point That you need to understand,'I ' ll share The display and'you ' ll see that you have This site right here, binance.com Ok? The initial thing you'' ll Do is to read whatever you desire to check out To obtain educated, how to start It'' s really cool that you can see The tutorial videos you have right here As well as to understand specifically How this functions, but the First thing you'' ll need to do What is it? Is to create an account Then you will sign up And also it'' s really simple to register at this website It'' s free to sign up After that you can sign up with the email address Mobile, create a password, as well as create the account Considering that I currently have an account I just log in to my account After that I have it as well as I'' ll log right into My account, ok, so you Produced your account at Binance You'' ll be visited, to log in It ' ll always request a confirmation A code, then you'' ll Give your email, your phone number Then'it ' ll send you a code Whenever you browse through to your computer Or you can use your cellular phone I also make use of the mobile phone I think It ' s much easier, however as I'' m recording Right here from the computer system, I ' ll show you whatever From the computer system, then it ' ll send out A code for you, a text To your cell phone, for instance Or an email to your e-mail address For you to get in the code and visit You'' ll do this and then you ' ll have A little point there, “” I'' m not a robotic” You drag and go down The little piece there, loosened it, terrific Done, since we have Our Binance account We need to develop an order Of transfer, to after that Make a transfer here As well as exactly how will we do It? What will we do? Come right here in “” get crypto”” Bank deposit, and also in this financial institution Deposit, you'' ll have the ability to develop A transfer order, then You'' ll do the following I intend to do it by a financial institution Transfer, which can be pics Just how much do I desire? I Wished to down payment 5K reais As an example, then there'' s my data Below, okay, I'' ll already Conserve for next time, such Such and also such, I come here in continue Here'' s what it claims You ' ll down payment 5K reals It must be from the same account Of the SSN, the same SSN you Used to make a Binance account You'' ll have to use an Existing account, an interest-bearing accounts, some account in a bank That you have, it needs to be Specifically the exact same SSN, or else It doesn'' t job, all right, you Will press ok, what did it developed Right here, individuals? It created as well as offered you All the information for you to Be able to make the down payment, then You ' ll have the ability to make a deposit Using this below, name of account From financial institution, branch, account, or Just a PICS, I will make a pics For example, after that the PIX key I will replicate here, key kind CNPJ, alright? Yet I mean You did it, inspect if it claimed such as this “” Congratulations, your order has been put”” Since you come here at “” sight background”” And see if your request is There, after that you must see here It'' s here, 5K reais, processing It must be here, refining 5K reais, done, after that this Is done, excellent, currently what Will you do? You go there In your financial institution to do a pics transfer So begun, I ' ll get in here In my account, I'come below In make a PIX, and I ' ll make My PIX, guys, so begin We opened the request As well as I ' ll make a PICS, I Will make this from my Mobile phone, okay? A pics you Know exactly how to do, put on'' t you, guys? The trick, put the key kind The key type that was There is CNPJ, and duplicate that Key, excellent, it has to be Precisely the value you Put there, I placed 5K reais, then you ' ll Placed 5K reais precisely It ' s not feasible to put R$ 5K And 1 cent,'it ' ll screw it, it Can ' t locate it, you must make Exactly what you must Do, confirm, validated I ' m doing it in the mobile phone Done, pics transfer done Now what will we do? Go back there in the background of Transactions, we'' ll see, yet It states “handling”” below Why? Since it takes some Minutes, right, guys? But in A little while we'' ll see This below “successful””, after that It will be done, so in A little while we'' ll be back to See it, fine?'It ' s Taking a while, there you go, guys! Currently a couple of minutes have passed Around 5 minutes And it showed up below, the request was made Quantity, “” effective””, that'' s it, individuals So what did we do? We developed Our Binance account Developed a buy order For us to be able to send out Cash there, I made a PICS, it went down In the Binance account, as well as currently How do we do To acquire Ethereum at Binance? It'' s simple, you go there, visited It'' s here, logged in, all right You ' ll come below in Buy Crypto And also exactly how will you do this? With money equilibrium, why? Due to the fact that you currently made a PIX As well as the money in Reais is already Here inside Binance, a lot that You'' ll see here “money balance”” As well as you'' ll see that you have the equilibrium That you transferred in Reais And also now, what do I intend to acquire? Here it claims that I want To purchase BTC currency, which is Bitcoin, no, I intend to acquire Ethereum, as well as Ethereum is ETH It'' s right here, Ethereum, as well as just how much Ethereum do I want to Buy? I ' ll put below How much in reais do I desire To purchase from Ethereum, okay? Bearing in mind that 1 Ethereum Is simply regarding R$ 10K Today, so if you desire to get 1 Ethereum, it costs R$ 10K You put on'' t requirement to buy 1 Ethereum, you can acquire 0.01 Ethereum, now, around just how much Does it expense, since you Will need Ethereum to Mint and also pay all the gas till You mint your Art as NFT? The ones I I made until today, cost about 100, 120 dollars, to To do this, so here'' s the point 120 bucks is practically Around 600, 700 reais, what will I do below? I will Place, as an example, R$ 5K But you can put, as an example, R$ 1K, R$ 700 Exactly just how much you Will require to Mint And also checklist it in the Platform, come on, I wish to buy 5K, you don'' t have to place A dot, you put on'' t have to place a comma You put on'' t have to put anything, 5K BR in Ethereum, what will Occur? Get Ethereum Done, what is it claiming? Blah, blah, blah, I review it, I Agree as well as such, confirm, just how much Will I get? I'' ll get 5K reais, I ' ll purchase 0,4879 Ethereum, validate, processing Please wait while we'' re Processing your order You will be rerouted Automatically, purchase finished I have currently, inside my Binance, I have 0.4879 Ethereum, okay? So we Have done that more step, currently We currently have Ethereum In our Binance Come on, now you need To produce your Crypto Purse MetaMask, how do you do That? You come below And also you enter Google, right here MetaMask, with K, you'' ll enter This here, MetaMask And what will I do? I will Download currently, and also I wish to set up, since this is an Expansion for the internet browser, it can Be iphone, Android, anyhow I'' m utilizing Chrome Install MetaMask for Chrome Sice I already have set up In fact, it'' s saying to Get rid of,'I ' ll remove from Chrome Get rid of, and now I wish to make use of in Chrome, include the extension, which That'' s what you ' ll do, currently I Removed it, to show you Invite to MetaMask What will you'do currently? Initial steps, you'' ll enter here And also you ' ll configure a brand-new Wallet, alright? I'currently have a purse Then I ' ll import a Pocketbook, I agree and also when You produce a budget, configure For the initial time, it will Provide a seed phrase, a Secret expression, and also that secret expression You need to maintain it under lock and essential Because if you lose it You possibly shed your Wallet and also the cash inside Then you maintain it Under lock and trick, for when it asks For instance, currently, you have It available there, I'' ll take Mine that I kept, with much Care, and also I'' ll take this secret Phrase as well as I'' ll paste it below, all right? Then it requested for a new password I will produce a password right here Verify password, terrific, I read it as well as I concur, import, congratulations What was done? It was included MetaMask to Chrome extension Okay, fine, what'' s taking place? I ' m already here with my MetaMask, as well as I currently have money below Due to the fact that I already had in mine Purse, as I claimed I currently had, currently below'' s the point You ' ll have 0 below, you ' ll Need to pick the account that You ' ll use, which will be this Key Ethereum network, alright? Main Ethereum network, that ' s What you need to recognize And your account is right here, and you Will copy to the clipboard It showed up right here, duplicated, all right? Currently you go there in your Binance, you'' ll come here in your Budget, review, and also below in yours Wallet, what will occur? You must can be found in “” Spot Account”” And it will show all the money That you have, ok? In this situation, you will get The coin that is the just one you Have, unless you already had An account at Binance Ethereum, as well as I'' ll withdraw I ' ll withdraw this cash And where do I withdraw this Cash, men? I ' ll put The ETH address of the receiver Which is what I pressed Ctrl+C, I'' ll press Ctrl+V below OK? It needs to be Ethereum Ok? To not mistake Ok? It states you'' ll have a Cost of 82 reais to take it off From below, all right? And also the quantity that I intend to withdraw? Today I have There readily available, when I acquired 0,4879, 0,4879, I wish to place 0.2, ok? 0.2 is what I want Here it is, deal cost As well as the receiver will receive 0.192, because it' ' ll draw from the fee That has, I will send 0.2 Ethereum to my Budget Send, to make certain that I am Sending out in fact to me I will send out a code for The cellular phone, send a code for My email, fine? Allow'' s get the code below Which I got by cellular phone It'' s here, so I ' ll placed the Code in my cellular phone and I ' ll Inspect my email to see what I obtained, it'' s right here as well I currently have my code to Make sure that I'' m not Sending that …

That it'' s me Who ' s doing it and so forth For safety,'I ' ll paste right here Additionally, send out, done Withdraw request sent Currently I come back here to My MetaMask, as well as it didn'' t come Below yet, I have 0.06 Ethereum It takes a little while, okay? I ' ll claim a bit 1 minute, 2 mins, 3 mins Done, look, done, currently In my MetaMask the credit score It was added, see? I have here 0.2566 Ethereum So in my MetaMask It'' s all right, I already have The money currently, after that Let'' s just recapitulate what We'' ve done so much now Since I understand it'' s a great deal of technical stuff, but we Created an account at Binance Created an order To be able to send out the cash In reais to there, I mosted likely to the Bank And also I sent out a pics with the exact same Value, of the very same SSN of my Account, appropriate, to Binance So I got reais Back at Binance, I acquired Ethereum with reais at Binance And I simply sent this Ethereum To my MetaMask, we Created the MetaMask, as well as sent Ethereum to MetaMask So we'' ve done these six Points here, and also now we Can most likely to the NFT component itself Currently how will we Take our art and transform It and also pay with Ethereum That we have in our MetaMask, begun, wonderful Now we' ' ll attach Our Wallet to the system To produce your NFT Begin, I have in Foundation My account, so I' ' ll Attach my Purse right here I click in the Wallet, it'already Will say that it ' s MetaMask My account is already below With my equilibrium, I merely Come and sign which'' s it I ' m already linked below And also in Rarible, if you'Don ' t occur to have an Invite, if you'' re not a Creator Right Here at Foundation, you Can likewise utilize Rarible Rarible.com, in which you Don'' t require an invite To be able to produce your NFT And you can likewise utilize This platform You will also come right here Attach Purse, and there are others Ways to connect, yet we Will utilize MetaMask It'' s loading and done, already It'' s connected right here, so'When I come right here, it ' s here My balance, 0.257 Ethereum And afterwards I can begin creating My collections right here, okay? However now, what will we Do? Is to produce an NFT in right here Of Structure, which is where I wish to put my NFT Which I'' ll show you Now, then I will create My NFT, I'' ll blog post there On Structure, let'' s see how We ' ll do it, people As well as just how much will it set you back, begin See, here, today, it ' s Monday, 10 o ' appear the morning Brasília time, why am I saying that? Since Yes, it depends on the moment That you do this It can cost more or less Depends on how much it'' s Being used the network to Be able to mint, to be able to do These calculations, people say that During the weekend There are much less people doing this As a result, it'' s much faster And also less expensive to do What we'' ll do here now But considering that I want to reveal this To you today, then I'' ll Document it here, begun, guys The very first point I wish to reveal you is below, I'' ll show you The Structure, after that what Takes place below today? We See below a number of arts already As well as just how much are they …

Several are currently at auction below You see? There are currently ones That were offered Additionally, you can look Here numerous points, what I desire currently, for example This here, this Gif below It'' s not a Gif, it ' s a video clip It ' s currently for 2 Ethereum Which is simply concerning 3,500 dollars, and it finishes In 6 hrs, then if a person Wishes to come right here and “” pow”” And also provide an additional proposal, as an example, I intend to pay 2.5 Ethereum, therefore who At the end of the moment there Has paid much more, will take it Like a real auction, but Begin, what issues currently Is for us to produce, I desire to create My NFT, I come here in Develop, excellent, then it will provide the Options, is it a photo? Is it a video clip? Is it audio? Is it an increased fact? In 3D, what is it? This isn'' t also Functioning now, see? It has video clip as well as photo, I desire A photo, cool, the first thing I have to do is To submit my picture, after that And also to do that, I currently left It ready, it'' s this rendering Below', I ' ll upload, people This making right here, I ' ll also open Full display here for you I will speak a little of it This image here, men, it It'' s very unique to me Since it took a percentage That really left control It was shared a lot And also soon I will mention it Since I'' ll need to place A description and after that we'' ll Speak about it, however it'' s this Image right here that I just Placed here, so let'' s go I ' ll “can be found in”” produce”, the initial Thing you need to do Upload, let it submit Below, well, this component didn'' t Take also long, now one point That you must pay attention to Guys, is when you fill up in This here, due to the fact that there are websites that Don'' t let you alter anymore, so if you Composed it incorrect, if you place Something you did not desire After that you can no much longer change So pay very close attention right here I'' ll name it, the title It'' ll be Covid-19 New york city All right? Come on, men, allow'' s go After that the description, will remain in English, I'already composed it Here, I ' ll duplicate it right here Duplicate, put, keeping in mind that You must contend many 500 Personalities below, I created Specifically with 500 here I needed to modify a couple of times Up until I obtained it right, below we go What am I writing right here? If you could see it Would certainly you leave home? That is one of The most typical images Of the Covid-19 pandemic It was shared in the entire world In the entire globe, from Common individuals, politicians And also Hollywood stars Like, for instance, Antonio Banderas, to name a few Who shared my Photo, definitely, every one Will have their own solution For that inquiry, however many Essential than the response Of this question is what this Concern that this picture Brings to us, as well as I produced This art in Complete CG That is, it'' s all in 3D I didn'' t use Photoshop To compose, as well as it has 4K By 5K pixels as well as 300 DPI All right, people? To make sure that'' s it Come on, the summary is'Right, there ' s room left Here, there ' s space left, I can also Give a get in right here then To have one more space Nice, and even right here, and also I take this Alright, let'' s have a look In it prior to I mint it, I come Here, preview NFT, it opened One more tab up here For me to take a look Just how will it look like Below at the end, prior to Actually doing it, so it'' s here It will be my image That if I open it'' s below Great, Covid-19 New york city I created every little thing that'' s below Version of 1, that'' s it Artwork Minted By Ander Alencar Closed, I close it here It'' s below, alright? After that Begin, what will I do Currently? I'' ll mint it anyhow I come here, Mint NFT Pow, what is it doing? Validate, that will reason Look just how much it will cost This Gas Charge right here, 82 bucks Individuals, pricey as f *** 82 bucks, 0,04, great Come on, verify, it'' s already with My MetaMask there, is Leaving my Purse And currently, what is taking place? Your NFT is being produced All right?Desire to see the length of time it Takes essentially? Right here, sight in etherscan It'' ll open up a new web page And also it says below essentially The following, it'' ll take simply Concerning two minutes To do this work It'' s been 18 seconds, 19 That'' s it, come here at Foundation In mint, on Foundation, sorry Your NFT has been produced Congratulations, your art work is Formally produced as an NFT On the Ethereum blockchain Great, I already have an NFT Now, what will I finish with my NFT? I will list it In Foundation, in order to place It to auction, then I come Here, list NFT, now comes A very fundamental part That is where you'' ll say This, the public auction will begin For how much? I can book A cost to say, people I put on'' t sell this for Much less than 1 Ethereum 2 Ethereum, 3 Ethereum Obtained it? So I think That I, really, I, Ander Alencar This is one of the pictures that I did, as I claimed, a lot more Representative, not that I did Most representative of the world Regarding Covid, due to the fact that I wear'' t bear in mind One more photo of Covid To be shared this much, and for Me, it'' s worth 1 million bucks This picture, but we Can place below Book a price right here For a minimum, right, guys? I strongly believe that this Picture below is worth at the very least 5, 10 Ethereum, for the importance Of it, for me, but I I will put right here as 1 Ethereum As a very first quote Is that great? Do I leave 1? Do I leave 2? Do I leave 3? 5, 10? 3 Ethereum, exactly how appealing To leave 3, begun individuals I will leave 1 to ensure that you Can go there in my Structure As well as buy it for 1 Ethereum All right? I'' ll press List Your NFT, I clicked as well as we can'' t Return, people, from the moment That I confirm here, I will pay Even more 79 dollars, it was 82 prior to More 79 now, to be able to Provide it on Foundation, see? I will confirm, your NFT is being Listed, after that what is Taking place now? It'' s being Noted, I come right here in View on Etherscan, 2 minutes Essentially, also, let'' s go Leave it below, it is being provided And if you'' re utilizing Rarible, or other platform You will certainly do it the very same method Only every one is a little Different, but what you Must comprehend is that You will need to mint And after that listing it, the globe'' s lengthiest 2 minutes Wow! Your NFT is noted Has been Noted, oh What will I do? I'' ll tweet, I ' ll go here Tweet it, below, this is my art Tweet it, here, it ' s right here After that I'currently tweeted there As well as I ' ll see my NFT already It ' s here, people, look If I were you I ' d run there As well as give a Proposal right here For this emblematic art To be yours, all right, guys? So look, I hope, actually That this video has Assisted you that intend to do That, always bearing in mind that Here'' s things, right, individuals? I am revealing what I did, I wanted To spend those dollars to do That, there'' s no assurance That I'' ll sell this below Or that you ' ll sell Your art, your NFT After that you require, every one To draw your trigger Then I have nothing to do With that, I wash my hands About you doing this This here is to assist Who'' s in the state of mind for Creating your NFT And also placed it up for sale All right? If you'' re doubtful regarding this Don'' t do it, go discover more Concerning this, that knows if this Is excellent for you or not Whether it'' s great for yours For the planet, for every little thing that You wish to do, yet actually I really felt a great deal of problem Of many individuals to be able to do This way, and I made it So allow'' s have a fundamental Recap below, we produced An account at Binance We opened an order Of acquisition there to be able To send the cash, we made a PIX precisely of the same Value that we produced the order From an account of the very same SSN Which was made at Binance Ok? And also there showed up reais And after that we took it and also acquired Ethereum with these reais Right? And after that what did we do? You went as well as downloaded as well as installed In your web browser the MetaMask After downloading and install and installing It, you have configured it The MetaMask, as well as after that you Attached it with Structure Or with Rarible, or with One more one you have used And after that you, yes, produced Your NFT, placed It right there, so you could mint And also listing it, these were the actions That we did till we had an NFT Released, okay, individuals? If you like this video Don'' t neglect to subscribe Here in the channel, please Sign up for channel I failed to remember to discuss this At the start of the video clip, but it'' s extremely Crucial for me that you Are signed up for the network, essential For you, not to miss vital Video clips similar to this one Where I pass info About making, art, just how To monetize our art How to bill customers well Which are one of the most profitable specific niches Inside making I chat a whole lot concerning property market From making to the realty Market, and also I speak about all that Ok, people? Like This video clip, as well as tell me If you such as this video I really would like to know if You had the ability to satisfy all The actions, besides informing me If you have seen that one art Of mine someplace in your life If you have seen and if you knew That this art was mine All right, individuals? Thank you significantly And also until following time, go render, go NFT!

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