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so welcome today we'' re outside discussing non-fungible symbols i like the word fungible it is so simple to make use of in everyday conversation yeah the deal sounds wonderful it'' s just that it ' s fungible [Music] in today ' s video i ' m your social media legal representative as well as i ' m mosting likely to explain what a non-fungible token is and i ' m going to make it as easy as possible for novices available non-fungible symbols exist worldwide of blockchain technology as well as of course they are absolutely legal around the world for for how long extra on that later blockchain is an electronic system that tapes information and also is practically unhackable you see blockchain innovation made use of when you visit sites like coinbase.com niftygateway.com or prized possessions now this is actually vital there are two major kinds of information that are utilized on blockchain that is one of the most popular right currently the first kind of data is fungible data as well as the second is non-fungible information rings regarding doesn'' t it fungible data that is equally interchangeable information like cryptocurrency if you'' re aware of that whatsoever if i send you a bitcoin and you send me back a bitcoin we both own the exact same thing each bitcoin equals and also has the exact same value and qualities it'' s the exact same point if you send me a dollar you send me a dollar as well as i send you a dollar back we both own the same thing dollars are fungible properties just like they can be on the blockchain all right now we relocate into non-fungible data non-fungible information a fine example may be i send you an image a digital photo of my pet and you send me an electronic picture back of your pet things that we both have are completely various they have different information we don'' t own the exact same thing as well as each electronic data is absolutely distinct the thing that you have in your belongings is an image of my canine and the important things that i have my belongings is an image of your dog so that is non-fungible data currently it'' s important for you to comprehend that there'' s 2 different sorts of non-fungible information the initial one is called distinct the second one is called limited so distinct resembles the dog photos we traded there is only one data it'' s completely unique and the photo of my canine feeds on your computer the other kind of non-fungible information is limited as well as the most effective analogy that i'' ve developed is baseball cards so an excellent example is the rookie reggie jackson there were 664 novice reggie jacksons made at the time they were entirely the same but gradually these baseball cards began to use down and so currently they'' re entirely different however there were 664 versions made as well as so that is a scarce non-fungible possession that exists in the blockchain world there are limited non-fungible information organizing so to synthesize all this data non-fungible symbols or nfts are information on the blockchain that is either unique or limited what'' s so outstanding regarding nfts is that they can be virtually anything that can be digitized digital art pictures video clips speeches music files even video game items because nfts live on the blockchain verifying you own a given nft is very easy it'' s even less complicated to move it as well as they'' re basically fraud evidence okay now you know what an nft is ideally if you do provide me a thumbs up if you don'' t not a problem decrease in the summary area i placed a web link to a video clip that goes right into even more detail concerning what an nft is watch that video and after that return here the actual question currently is why the hell would certainly you wish to obtain associated with all this nft things in one word money nfts are obtaining worth at a startling price in 2015 typically they increased 900 the primary factor is that a whole lot of well-known individuals are entering into nfts there'' s a lebron james nft post malone has nfts dj khaled has nfts lindsay lohan has nfts as well as jack dorsey so individuals are completely hyped up about getting nfts from renowned stars yet also a great deal of individuals are getting in the market they'' re hurrying right into the market due to the fact that they want to utilize nfts as a bush versus unpredictable financial times in the future so you might be believing hello pay attention i desire to get involved possibly this is a cool thing possibly i'' ll make some money exactly how do i buy an nft and there are many lots of ways as well as i'' m an attorney not a very crypto specialist but i can inform you normally so you intellectually understand just how the process goes and also that is generally you download and install a wallet to either your smart phone or your desktop computer and also this pocketbook will house these electronic nfts after that you sign up at an nft exchange like belongings wearables or openc dot io after that you can browse throughout these nft industries and also locate what it is you desire you can put a proposal in or you can acquire it straight a lot of times you have to make use of cryptocurrency to be able to buy the nft it'' s either normally it'' s ether or what ' s called wrapped ether i ' ll talk regarding that a few other time or in some cases you can make use of a bank card as well as usage bucks or whatever cash you have on your bank card to spend then after you'' ve confirmed you spent for the nft it'' s transferred digitally to your purse address and after that you hold on to that nft in your wallet and also can move it or can simply hang on to it permanently so inform me in the remarks area below do you have any nfts do you plan to acquire some if so which ones and why in the next video i'' m mosting likely to offer you some cautions regarding some real lawful issues with nfts as well as how to fix them you'' re not going to wish to miss it in the meanwhile like as well as subscribe for even more lawful pointers as well as i'' ll see you in the next one [Music] [Music] you

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