Crypto stamp 2.0 – die Blockchain-Briefmarke


hello i’m klaus and i’m going to explain to you today what a crypto impression is the crypto stamp is a digital stamp and an innovation of the austrian berth it is basically the digital collector’s item and is stored in the so-called block jane we’ll get to that last-minute it consists of one from the physical mold that you can use as a stamp as usual it can be removed quite easily and is wet klimt realize the other is on the back under the security label the access to your virtual accumulation in the block bond and which is what is now this blog chain this is the special type of storage the data is distributed on numerous computers and can be viewed by all users and is therefore much more secure this technology reaches the guild occasions so unique as soon as you buy your brand online or in your post office and examined the qr code visualize crypto dot post.at d he digital explanation of your crypto is now stored in its role as a digital pouch, so to speak, as a digital twin through the blogs, the club occasions can also be passed on and it is always fully verifiable if the previous owneds were the motif for the first edition in 2009 10 a unicorn was the heraldic animal of the terium community with the second trip to style publication 2020 currently there are too the ornaments sugar dax lama panda and german these were also chosen based on the crypto community within the motifs the physical brands inspect the same as their digital epitomes nonetheless, they have different dyes with different frequencies from pitch-black, which is the most common variant, to green, blue and yellow-bellied, to the rare and therefore highly sought-after color red, of each animal there are 60,000 extinguishes, so a total of 240,000 and because I extremely am a big fan of the limited kuppers epoch I have to leave very quickly now[ Music music]

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