Crypto stamp 2.0 – die Blockchain-Briefmarke


hi i'' m klaus and also i ' m mosting likely to clarify to you today what a crypto stamp is the crypto stamp is an electronic stamp and also an advancement of the austrian blog post it is essentially the digital enthusiast ' s thing and also is saved in the so-called block jane we'' ll reach that later it is composed of one from the physical stamp that you can use as a stamp customarily it can be eliminated very quickly and is wet klimt see the various other gets on the back under the protection label the accessibility to your digital collection in the block chain as well as what specifically is now this blog chain this is the unique sort of storage the information is dispersed on numerous computers and also can be watched by all customers and is therefore much more safe this technology makes the club times so distinct as quickly as you purchase your brand online or in your blog post office and also checked the qr code see crypto dot post.at d he digital variation of your crypto is now stored in its function as an electronic pocketbook, in a manner of speaking, as a digital twin via the blog sites, the club times can additionally be handed down and also it is always entirely verifiable if the previous owners were the theme for the initial version in 2009 10 a unicorn was the heraldic animal of the terium neighborhood with the second journey to design edition 2020 there are now likewise the motifs honey dax lama panda as well as german these were likewise selected based upon the crypto community within the concepts the physical brands look the like their digital photos nonetheless, they have different colors with different regularities from black, which is the most common variant, to environment-friendly, blue as well as yellow, to the unusual as well as for that reason extremely desired color red, of each animal there are 60,000 stamps, so a total amount of 240,000 and also because I also am a big fan of the restricted kuppers times I have to leave very rapidly currently [Songs music]

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