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hello there, welcome, welcome to this program on
NFTs, allow me introduce myself, my name is Jhon Supelano, I am a multimedia manufacturing engineer, an
online advertising and marketing specialist, online service, this time around I offer this course,
in this program, in this first-rate, and also we are visiting what NFTs are, let'' s go Let ' s see regarding the history of NFTs what NFTs are for us just how we can trade them in the block chain where these NFTs are how a chain of blocks or block was established we are going to see the structure of NFTs the production of NFTs and the development tools needed for NFTs this course is being created by and also is on the huvid.co platform these programs are on this platform due to the fact that it is the platform with which you have actually acquired this training course NFT symbols gain from scratch an expert this functional training course is aimed at programs artists and self-taught individuals who intend to find out just how to produce as well as offer their very own NFTs is a representation of value this depiction of value has a qualification of origin to this qualification of origin a transparent traceability can be developed and also this NFT is a digital thing that is limited NFTs tell you when as well as where the material was created not the web content in yes as an instance to this a non-fungible touch is an one-of-a-kind item allow'' s say the monalisa in the event in the monalisa as it appears in the instance that is a physical product yet let ' s say if the musician that created it allow ' s say a brand-new version the monalisa developed it electronically that brand-new version would be a. non-fungible token to be
a special digital product that distinct digital item which has. a depiction of worth and also to produce worth what is done is that the information of that. development is posted to a data source on the net that specifies that
digital write-up that you. made let ' s say of'that variation of the monalisa allow ' s put it as an example is uploaded on such a server. that The image was created by such a person and it is certified that it was you that made it, not all.
that content is posted to the block chain, however the details of that image or that digital thing.
that he tells you that you are the proprietor of that item before that existed,.
a digital work was developed and to be able to understand that this digital work was yours, what ought to be done or what.
need to be done is to head to register copyright and this piece would currently be distinct, most likely to a notary.
before the entity where that visuals item is registered and it claims that you are the proprietor however.
in the situation of this and these brand-new modern technologies things have altered currently it is in a.
far more decentralized method the notary is no more required virtually the chain of blocks.
changed a notary or the entity that licenses that you are really the owner.
of these works, although there are some more vacant lawful issues concerning this, you must constantly go after.
the avenue or the laws of the laws of each nation your nation says that you have to assess the electronic visuals pieces.
the initial point you need to do is register them as well as if you want to trade them you.
can upload them to the block chain and after that trade them and sell them history NFTs this.
arised in 1993 when the initial was published as the initial suggestion that this was going to arise.
this was written by Hal Finney that he was referring to some cryptographic cards that is, this.
info was uploaded to the net and that was the first NFTs however it was like a concept and this.
idea almost came true when bitcoin was birthed when bitcoin was born in this.
decentralized distributed database in the initial deal that was made a message was placed in.
English as well as that would certainly resemble the very first info that something that generates worth is submitted to the network.
whoever has that profile as well as that purchase that has incalculable value below we can see that.
this message can s we never truly know who sent it according to that it was Satoshi Nakamoto since the one that.
created that deal and it is to that budget or that deal due to the fact that it has an incalculable worth.
since that truly developed something in background it resembles when somebody etched something in stone and.
that person was very renowned currently in 2016 they developed a phenomenon called the rare pepes.
purse that this was developed by Joe Looney that this allowed to deal a kind of cards they.
produced cards with photos of frogs as a meme of these memes they were sold in that chain.
of blocks that task which was how the very first principle of what involves NFTs remains in the.
initially electronic market of these in NFTs it arised in an area that developed a chain of.
blocks called Counterparty which'' s where it was produced the very first the initial origin of the trading market for. this kind of photo as well as that started from the online forums on 4chan and also reddit for those who put on'' t know. reddit is a a sort of online forum where you publish some things and you obtain threads as well as you can.
upvote if it'' s excellent if not as well as you develop fairly a few subjects and also people reply with these.
subjects this turned up in that kind of discussion forum and a lot later on as well as much more advanced the problem is the NFTs.
as well as today a couple of years ago the CryptoKitties were created, they were cats that were positioned.
on the block chain as well as these felines had an exceptionally high cost since they could.
job with each other as well as today today in the year 2021 what can be done with the.
nfts is that they have advanced too a lot a lot to make sure that there are currently computer games where they get in touch with these.
nfts they can be sold a decentralized means allow'' s state a sword a closet or what you.
can think of that can include in a video clip game they can be traded in a decentralized means.
so it'' s like the story of NFTs and also where the NFTs are going that perhaps nobody knows.
whenever It'' s like you ' re visiting even more virtual globes where you ' re going to have the ability to broaden this sort of. digital items.Facebook has its job in a decentralized way, it works decentrally.
and also there are a great deal of computer game companies that are starting to purchase this due to the fact that it''
s an. sector that relocates a great deal of cash to ensure that NFTs are always accountable of not just.
what has to do with digital art than songs that pertains to online globes however.
is also linked to the conventional globe such as assembly line a farmer who markets.
strawberries as well as those strawberries have a package as well as to determine the quality of the strawberries they generate.
some qr codes and also all that one can produce a much broader traceability with even more data.
on any kind of kind of item and it was produced at the location of beginning you can post a picture of the item.
in actual time they can see the qualities of the product where the product is mosting likely to be.
traded all this can be You can include NFTs with all these kinds of attributes of an item.
and also after that transform that details, upload it to the block chain, you can develop a.
unique NFT for an item that is physical, that is, a tray of strawberries or an item of some vegetables,.
a set For avocados, anything that is traded can be connected to this digital subject.
and also can also be broadened on the subject of education.Let ' s say a

person takes a course. and in the course a certification is generated, that certificate can be posted to the block chain and. with all the features of what was in the training course hourly strength that is the individual. recognition all this in the component of the realty your houses a business can obtain a. parcel which parcel have the title of the land and this title can tokenize it by components many. hectares they token in and each hectare or each piece of their land can offer it via. these NFTs and everyone would certainly have like a piece In this field, there are several alternatives. for occasions. You can additionally utilize this sort of NFTs to claim, an individual that goes to an. occasion, provide one of a medal or gamification, that is, that kind of stickers that are provided. to every individual, let ' s say since they go to an occasion can compensate everyone that goes to an occasion. with these NFTs as well as later attach each person that
has their NFTs and also offer them discounts. on products etc.The infinity of this is that NFTs are not only concentrated on what. digital art is If not, it is in really wide fields such as medication, it can be in. medicine items such as medical certificates, birth certificates, whatever that is. distinct, copies can not be produced and let us claim that information is that it can not be modified which. it will certainly always be being the exact same you can produce a result of that the opportunities are tremendous. this can be extended also much and it is not just concentrated on the art there
are the vids eogames. music virtually the globe is going to fill out has NFTs remains in the following 100 years this is.
not going in reverse this is going forwards as well as it is a sector that creates money
and that is going. to generate even more riches because that is exactly how NFTs have individuals An advantage is that this can be. exchanged from one person to another. Let ' s state, if I bought a concert ticket and also I wish to. re-sell it, I might do it openly in a decentralized
market.They wish to market accessibility to such an. event and also if I purchased it for 50, now they can

do it.see in 100 or 200 if an additional individual is interested
they acquire it they would certainly have their accessibility as well as when they go to the event they place their mobile phone as well as given that they are the
owner of the NFT immediately within which is just how we work this can be passed from indicate factor
b in this situation from Alice to Bob as well as from Bob to Alice and from a solitary entity to hundreds of individuals NFTs
as well as fungibility when something is fungible when something is not fungible when something is fungible is that
they can be developed hear numerous duplicates of this in the instance of paper currency fiat or any kind of federal government
can create limitless money with no reason to ensure that is fungible the same can be developed
coins pieces in a minimal method let'' s say Mesi t-shirts as well as Mesi tee shirts and also they can be create in a fungible way and also develop a great deal of t-shirts produce a lot of cash for Mesi tee shirts however there is something unique allow'' s state in this instance let ' s say if I have a messi t-shirt however that tee shirt is signed by messi oh yes there is no longer a various tee than that there it states that tee shirt would certainly be special so they can not replicate it if the duplicate would no longer be the original since allow ' s state they would not recognize that he signed it due to the fact that it is with a pen that is something expendable it remains in the physical component it would be the example of the t-shirt in the non-expendable component they are let ' s say some fungible net domain names would be from huvid co just domain name I have it and no one else has it and the case that I if someone quit spending for that domain it would certainly no longer be mine it is something that is not fungible that can not there can not be numerous domain names like huvid carbon monoxide as well as that they belong to numerous people in this situation a certification or birth certificate belongs to me that It just belongs to you, possibly the notary'' s office I have a duplicate of, produce a copy, these information are distinct, you will not alter exactly how much you considered when you were born, neither the height neither the weight, that is some information that is there for life and no person you are going to customize them due to the fact that they are not expendable because allow'' s claim you develop an electronic item for a game what I am going to create a sword or a piece of apparel for a video clip game you create a shirt you design it in any kind of kind of editing and enhancing program so you repaint any kind of program and also you create that piece that is unique you created that image and also that image is non-fungible you can tell another person to attract that very same shirt but it will certainly not be the very same the shirt is mosting likely to be an additional shirt as well as there are numerous methods to confirm that what you do is not the exact same thing that an additional individual replicates it is not the exact same there are programs to validate that which validates a documents that generates a hash and that hash tells us this picture is special if an additional person tries to reproduce my image while doing exactly what I did and also at some point they are going to put a pixel, a dot or anything different and it will no much longer coincide picture in the adhering to courses I am mosting likely to describe about exactly how this works and also why anything that'' s done is always mosting likely to be distinct non-fungible symbols or NFTs yet we'' re. getting this far and they put on'' t know what a token is a token is
like an online casino. chip a chip something that stands for which it can not be customized that is exactly how it is which is exactly how the one that. tells us that non-fungible tokens are one-of-a-kind and indivisible transferable scarce as well as have.
traceability I submit that non-fungible token is an image in a text a pdf any kind of.
electronic data to the internet and also I release it on a block chain that will certainly have traceability.
I publish it today as well as I placed it up for sale one more person gets it as well as markets it as well as that'' s how thousands of. people that they bought and offered that item that I created as well as traceability can be developed for it,.
the person will recognize that was the one who produced that product and you can see in what hands.
that item has actually fallen and also the moments that traceability has actually been re-sold it can do another thing to it is that it is.
rare, let'' s claim if I think that it is distinct and also no person else is going to believe it precisely the exact same there are.
multiple means to do something limited it can be an unique collection of graphics a.
special collection of as I provide as an instance allow'' s claim like when the special editions of the. tazos appeared that can be found in the packages of potato chips some tazos came and those tazos had some little.
drawings as well as individuals collected them that kind of fic so let'' s claim you can '
t produce certain. types of digital things that are unique and also at the very same time that they are scarce the blockchain or chain.
of blocks is a common distributed data source but first we have to recognize what.
a database is a database is a software application a program that shops information in.
text as well as this text is stored in tables or data is that it has that sequence that can.
be purchased blockchain technology signs up in between several events it is a.
distributed and shared ledger that is proven as well as immutable that is a distributed and.
shared journal something that is accounting what the block chains do is to tape deals.
and also in all those deals information will certainly be consisted of in that information that is consisted of that.
interacts with those block chains is annexed to that the info was connected there of our NFT.
after that for us to present or publish to that database the details from our NFT is.
mosting likely to charge us a transaction depending upon the block chain that is utilized this fees a.
compensation these compensations are billed because there are certain sorts of computers that are organizing.
that details and each time they gather a certain type of amount of transactions what it does is that.
they are verified as well as where numerous computer systems interfere in the network and these computer systems.
confirm or do not verify those purchases as well as those people that have those computer systems.
that verify those purchases obtain those payments for connecting it to a block as an.
instance I have a publication with many pages and on each web page I videotape purchases that.
I receive information when I finish a specific number of pages I have numerous individuals who.
confirm that information, allow'' s state if whatever is appropriate, he secured that details on some sheets as well as.
kept them in a block which he currently desired immutable to that It can no longer be modified as well as that is just how it remained that.
is as an example yet in the electronic part it is a little bit a lot more technical a little bit extra complex that.
info think of and as if it were a publication that records all type of transactions that someone.
attaches a number of computers they validate these deals which they tape in a.
block block with has a great deal of deals within that block is your deal with.
your NFT details yet when you say you call allow'' s claim you want to post that info to.
the block chain you have to utilize a wallet a wallet this wallet gets in touch with.
this block chain and also via smart contracts it permits the production of these.
programmable documents with computerized workflows.These blockchains have microcomputers in them. that are adjoined with
each other and the only thing you send out is information. in a code and this you receive that information and also performs what you are sending it for the. programs mators what they develop is code they send
code to those computer systems and those computer systems. via those contracts produce that information as well as put it with each other in a deal below in this photo. we can see the hundred nfts below the entire link of all this maybe the issue is a a little bit facility. a bit a little bit reasonable yet to make it extra a lot more simple what we can see is that this is the.
publication for us we can place those deals in that publication and that book is stored.
because block we need to use a purse as well as call an agreement because contract we say we.
do not desire to produce an NFT because call that is already programmed discovers that information and charges us.
a commission and it is implemented it is a chain of blocks when the deal is confirmed we would currently have the.
NFT in the chain of blocks that We are visiting all of this in an useful way in course later.
on you will certainly have the ability to understand every one of this in a a lot more sensible and aesthetic way much more.
easy to understand in the advancement in the blockchain is what occurs to us separated by layers are the dapps.
decentralized applications and also these decentralized applications are with the symbols these.
are symbols envision that a non-fungible token is an unique one and also the fungible ones I can develop.
a fungible touch in a million and a numerous those fungible symbols that represent I don'' t understand. anything, these are the clever agreements that are executed in the block chain as well as the.
blockchain itself that shops all that information and also we are going to see just how the structure is.
comprised of All this here we have our picture, be it any kind of type of digital documents.
and through IPFS this decentralized storage is submitted that picture is.
kept right here the chain of blocks is created as that fingerprint as well as it is published on the net or.
in the marketplace that you intend to release it The picture itself is not uploaded to the blockchain, what.
is published is a text string and also a data.

message that informs us where.
the photo that you possess is saved at what time you released it the attributes that picture has if.
it is published to the block chain and released in a market where it can be viewed that.
would certainly resemble the steps this decentralized storage it can be done by creating.
a node to be able to store those photos or if not making use of third celebration solutions to be able to.
store those images we are visiting this in a far more practical method the next.
courses so if you have lots of questions I understand that of course they will certainly be able to address them in the.
sensible component and also comprehend all this one hundred percent as well as we will proceed we are going to see the production of an NFT.
right here this is separated by the contracts the clever contracts that are the wise contracts.
there are two types the ERC721 the ERC1155 for the cases of this training course as well as method what.
we are mosting likely to utilize are the ERC721 those ERC1155 as well as they are a lot more advanced than we are only going.
to see the E RC721 we also have contacts without smart contracs and also we are not mosting likely to handle that either, we are.
just going to manage ERC721 the devices that we are going to use in the.
advancement of NFTs are the blockchain as well as we are going to use any type of chain of blocks.
that is based upon ethereum as well as one it can be in layer 2 or duplicates or of the original job.
today working directly on the ethereum blockchain is also pricey for the functions.
of this program I will not use it I will certainly use layer 2 I will utilize the polygon matic network which.
is like one of the most popular that there is at the minute and it has very low compensations.
that are obtainable to any person to be able to put their non-fungible symbols in these.
blockchains you can utilize it from Binance Samart Chain the one from avalanche are several.
blockchains where it mosts likely to have the ability to carry out as well as deploy your NFT we are mosting likely to make use of the budget.
called metamask, it is recommended that we utilize it on the desktop computer as well as we will s to utilize.
we are not going to use the mobile the mobile we are just mosting likely to utilize it to see the NFTs inside the.
pocketbook but also for the objectives of this program in the sensible component we are mosting likely to use it from the web browser you.
can use an internet browser like chrome that brave we can utilize in a microsoft side web browser.
in storage we can make use of a brand-new ip fs straight our computer to publish the.
pictures or pinata is in this case we are mosting likely to utilize pinata which is it they have the node and we submit the.
pictures directly to this service to be able to release the agreement of these NFTs we are going to make use of an.
ide that is called remix from one of the most renowned as well as easy to use anybody can use it as well as.
it is not very complicated to deal with the requirement that we are mosting likely to use ERC721 as well as the display screen to be
. able to envision the NFTs we are going to use the same metamask or the opensea market if in.
this program we are going to reveal how to release nfc from a remix by executing an agreement.
from scratch I didn'' t straight think open if it doesn'' t requirement to be so sophisticated anymore however rather easier and also.
has a remedy that is far more advanced than doing it by hand yet nonetheless I.
'' m going to reveal you both choices and also depending on your needs you can select either of the.
two and see the advantages or drawbacks of one or the other to conclude it is currently extraordinary you have.
practice that is mosting likely to be the only academic thing since the remainder is paperwork what we can.
conclude is that this is really easy and also very lucrative because you do not have to invest money with one.
dollar you can already deploy nfts without spending countless bucks to publish an electronic.
and also industrial post or on the net this creates interest because as this is something brand-new this is already a great deal of renowned people.
entering this sector several individuals need to know what all this is regarding they are pioneers.
in this and also if they dedicate time to it, they will certainly learn as well as gain from this sector.
information ace rca of your brand name can develop a brand name through this and even cocacola.
banks are creating their NFTs as well as truly well established brands are entering this.
sector and also then those that are not established can go into to be leaders of this as well as the NFTs that they think today in 10 years or in twenty or in a century they can be worth thousands they are at.
the beginning point and also you need to start now as well as if you are not a brand after that you can develop your.
personal brand and also begin producing that target market and you will certainly begin to improve it you of any type of.
kind of occupation this does not excluded any individual this has no limitations and also age sex religious beliefs.
anybody can use them it does not exempt any individual since creativity anything that is.
published digitally this is not mosting likely to omit anybody this promotes involvement of any kind of kind.
of person can additionally enhance your revenue in a couple of weeks that I applying the NFTs have.
already produced some income that would or else e it'' s a lot slower this resembles much.
faster due to the fact that it'' s internationally an individual that is in china in patagonia in the usa in russia.
in any kind of remote edge where they have web and NFT appears acquainted to me can get it there are no.
border restrictions any person if we are billions of individuals on earth.
and also there are no limits to boosting your revenue from absolutely no to thousands I am not going to guarantee you that you will.
be abundant that you will cover up in money since there are numerous factors that influence to be.
able to get to one generate income that is too expensive then that will depend upon yourself and.
how you create a winning strategy create an approach that brings in attention and there are several.
approaches that can produce excellent revenue there is already a strategy is that they damage it.
he would almost stop working for his whole life as well as it is shown because there are kids that have already.
paid for their lifelong studies on their own through digital photos when you are left.
out of this, continue with the adhering to classes so we are mosting likely to do a lot even more technique we are going.
to comprehend all this that I simply clarified to you that it appears like Mandarin Chinese that it appears super made complex.
but it is going to be very easy for that person that put this right into technique as well as in a couple of days.
you will certainly be an expert in this you can likewise use this as a service to business to.
other individuals share this share the program as well as the last thing is that this is pleasant to.
the atmosphere a single person before that offered a document needed to make it physical and also sell a.
newspaper to sell a photo had to print them is wasting paper in this instance no if a.
person takes a photo a video clip no longer needs to send the cassette as well as titan for
. the person to get it yes you don'' t message your picture on an NFT that is unlockable you also have an.
choice to open the paid individual and also you can see the web content that the person posts or it can.
be a picture, it can be a video clip, whatever it is as well as it '' s just learning just how to do it a lot later in this training course.
that conserves us from damaging trees to produce paper as well as a great deal of minerals to.
develop short articles that end up arumados or over there in a san alejo in any kind of area in the.
cellar because individuals no more utilize it or it has currently ended up being out-of-date ideally this adds a.
lot to the atmosphere due to the fact that it is one hundred percent all digital I know you got to.
that part of this class in the part end of the excellent I thank you quite for seeing.
every little thing entirely if you did not recognize it you have many questions I recognize you have them do not be discouraged I understand.
that maybe all this info is really complex yet as you undergo the complying with classes you.
will understand regarding what is this all around and the most interesting thing is that you are mosting likely to place it.
right into practice instantly it is not like the training courses you discover on the web that speak pure.
pure pure theo laugh and in technique it is nothing virtually in this it is extremely little in this case there is.
going to be method all the time you are going to find out how to execute this extremely swiftly thanks extremely.
much for enjoying this extraordinary if you have any kind of inquiries or if you want aid to set up.
whatever you need for the program proceed with the adhering to workshops in the adhering to videos.
that adhere to in the next course.

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