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Get More Views on YouTube FAST in 5 Easy Ways 2021

– Today, I’m going to be sharing five tips that you can use to get more panoramas on your YouTube channel immediately. We’re going to report some really easy tips and pranks that you can apply to your YouTube channel today, to immediately get more sentiments, and the last 2 tips I’ve been using to got to get 50,000 additional considers to my direct. So with that being said, let’s get started.( upbeat music) So the first tip-off I have is to post at the right time, and a lot of YouTubers don’t know when the perfect time to upload is, and the answer is that it depends on your direct and who your readers are.

But you can actually see in your analytics when the best time to upload is, and all you have to do is go into your analytics and then go into the audience and scroll down, and you’re going to see a plot of the excellent hour to post on every single day and it can also vary by the day. And as “you’re seeing” on my direct, I too have the TubeBuddy extension and both of these sources are pretty accurate because they’re giving you some decisions on when the perfect time to upload is, so you know that it’s fairly trustworthy. And then one more thing you can also do, which is very minor, is to upload 15 hours after the hour.

So say for example, the excellent age for you to upload is 11:00 am, if you upload at 11:15 am, this means that your video is going to be at the top of the sub-box, above everyone else who uploads at 11:00 am, so this is a very minor trick that you can also use to get a few additional considers. Now, the second tip I have is to look for stagnation in your videos and then correct it to increase your attention. So if you go into the analytics of any of your videos and scroll down, you can see that YouTube now shows you the key spikes and troughs in your videos, or you can go on the Engagement tab and you’ll accompany the same chart, which shows you where all the dips in your engagement are.

And these are areas in your video that people are choosing to click away, and so what you wanna do is attend to why people are clicking away and then fix it, and what this will allow you to do is increase the retention of your videos. And higher retention means that your video is going to be recommended a lot more in the search, as well as any hinted videos, so this is a really important metric that you should be looking at. Now, the easiest way to keep an individual involved is to merely switch up your content midway through the video, and there’s a cluster of ways you can do this. You can do this by changing the zooms or the direction of your video.

One thing I’ve been doing a lot has been adding stock videos and I’ve noticed this has had a positive impact on retention because the change in the video excerpt that the onlooker is hearing, is allowing them to stay engaged for longer. You can also do things such as change the background music, and candidly, there are a ton of different ways you can switch up the current frame of your content to keep the viewer more engaged, and if you guys wanna witness a dedicated video on this also let me know down below in the comments. Now, the third way to get more judgments is to test out a video before you upload it, as well as after you upload it. So when I say test the video before you upload it, what I make, is that you wanna see if the video topic is actually worth creating a video for, and so what I personally do is I use the postponement TubeBuddy, and all the features I’m showing you can access for free and I’ll link it down below.

But mostly what such an extension allows me to do is when I search for a video in the YouTube search, which is where I tend to target my videos, it actually demonstrates to me the average amount of views each video gets, as well as how many ends the lowest examined video on the first page has. And if I can make a video that does more sentiments than that and I can create employing material, what it mostly tells me is that I can make a video for this topic and my video is going to hit the first sheet and therefore I get a ton of views, and that’s what I do before I make a video.

What you can also do is you can test out a video after you make it. So what a lot of beings don’t realize is that once you constitute your video, you should still be experimenting it out with different keywords, thumbnails, as well as entitlements, and the most important to test here “would’ve been” the thumbnail and you wanna see if parties are actually clicking on your videos. You may not have noticed this unless you’re on YouTube a lot, but a lot of large designers within the first hour of a video, they might try out a certain thumbnail, and if that video isn’t getting as numerous positions as they think it would, they actually change the thumbnail a marry hours later.

And I’ve seen this with a ton of architects, and this is something you want to try as well. So formerly you upload a video, see if it’s doing median, above average, or below average within the first couple of hours, and if it’s not performing that well, you wanna change the thumbnail. And there are also different tools you can use to do this as well, so for example, one implement I use is TubeBuddy to run all of my AB exams, to see which thumbnails do very good. And you’d actually be surprised because even a difference in the texts that you’re using for your thumbnail are affecting your video by hundreds if not thousands of views, so once you upload a video, make sure you test it.

Now you don’t need to use TubeBuddy to do this, I precisely find TubeBuddy is a lot easier because I can run the test and it’ll change the thumbnail every single day, and I won’t have to worry about it. You can also do this manually by having a certain thumbnail, witnessing what the average click-through frequency is, for say a few days to a few weeks, and then you can switch the thumbnail and see if the new thumbnail for that time period has a higher click-through frequency, and testing is the best way to maximize the number of views you’re going to get. Now, the fourth tip-off I have is to make sure you have a theme for your thumbnails. And this is important, regardless of if you’re optimizing for the search or for shown videos, or you merely I want people to click on your videos once they see it in their sub-box. And this is because if you think about a lot of YouTubers you watch, I bet you I can show you a thumbnail without a name or description, and you’re going to immediately know which developer performed that video, and you wanna have the same sort of effect.

If you have a theme for your thumbnails, then beings are going to recognize you as a pioneer when they’re going through their sub-box and when they’re going through the search, and there’ll be more inclined to click on your video because the first thing that’ll process is that they know who that author is because of their thumbnail, they don’t have to read the entitlement or anything and therefore they’re going to click on it the fastest.

And I’ve noticed this with a lot of top five videos I originated, formerly I have a certain thumbnail style that I’ve been using, all of the other top five videos tend to get more contemplates on average because the thumbnail becomes immediately unmistakable. And the final gratuity I have is to connect your material. So formerly someone watches one video, you already have them on your path, and what you wanna do is, you wanna have them watch multiple videos of yours because they’re already here, and there’s a bunch of ways you can do that. A couple of easy channels you can immediately do this is by making playlists as well as by apply aim cards, so parties are more likely to click on your video. But what I’ve found the most effective is to actually use pinned notes, which is a very old feature, so I’ve been doing this for years. But recently, for example, I had a video that blew up, is getting about 8,000 beliefs per epoch, and so what I’ve been doing is every time I make a video that’s relevant to the topic of free video editors, whether it’s the best pay video journalists or is the best photo editors, or it’s a tutorial on one of the video editors I handled, I will employ a pinned to comment for a couple of months for that video, and immediately a lot of parties started liking it because formerly they watch my video, they’re in my pour and that material is relevant to them.

And I’ve noticed from the analytics that I get thousands of added judgments from people exactly clicking on the pinned note, and this is also true if you kept videos in the specific characteristics. So what I’ve done is I’ve specified my upload defaults so that every single video I acquire, I recommend two or three more videos in the description that are related to the same topic, and I’ve been getting a knot of clicks from there as well. So only by connecting your content, you don’t have to create any additional videos but you can generate more contemplates because you’re redirecting your current observers to other videos that they can watch.

That’s about it for this video. Hopefully, you did love it, if you did, be sure to give this video a big thumbs up and as always thanks for watching, my list is Ziovo and I’m signing out..


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