How can I make my Shopify SEO better? 5 ways to optimize your store for Google


How to optimize your Shopify store for SEO. Hi, I’m Clarice Lin, the ROI doctor who helpssmall businesses and online place do more auctions and clients by getting on Google andYouTube page one. In today’s video, I’m going to talk aboutwhat exactly is SEO? What’s this buzz about? And why is it important for your Shopify store? And how is it going to help you get more customersand sales? What precisely is SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimization, it has a lot to do with Google search engineitself.Most people want to be found on Google search, because that’s the number one search engine where people go to look for answers and solutionsand to buy products and services. So you want to be able to be found on Googlesearch results when people type a search query into search. So when someone says you want your supermarket tobe optimized for SEO, mostly, the outcome of that means that you want to be found onsearch when people are looking for your concoctions. That’s what it mostly makes. There’s a lot of puzzle started around SEOitself, basically, because Google doesn’t tell anyone what how exactly the search algorithmworks.How do they decide who is placed on searchresults page one, sheet two, page three? How do you decide if you are on position 1,2, 3, they don’t really share the details on how their logic parts, how their algorithmactually decides, make this decision. So if someone is searching for a query inthe US, or if someone’s sought for a same query in Singapore, how do the decision is whichwebsite or which URL to place on the search results? They have published a number of guidelinesand suggestions on how you should optimize your storage to be found on Google. But they don’t really have a particular checkliststep by step where you can follow down to the tee to make sure you are found on pageone.And hence, there are a lot of people who tryto cheat the algorithm by trying to hack or buy their rooms into getting on page one, whichis actually not a good mind, because you could get blacklisted. And that would mean that your accumulation mightnever even appear on Google search results. Nonetheless, don’t worry, in the later part ofthis video, I’m going to explain what you can do or how you can, which part of yourstore should be used developing and enhancing so you can increase your chances to be found on Google, by GoogleSearch customers. To be optimized for SEO represents frequently to beoptimized for Google.So there are also highways you can improve yourpresence on the other search engine like on Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, whatever. However, if your main customers are in thewestern part of the world, then coming optimized for Google is of the utmost priority. So do that as your priority, before worryingabout getting ranked on the other search engine. First things firstly, to be ranked on Googlesearch itself, you need to install Google Search Console. That’s the priority tool that you need tobe installed set up.You can also check out my other video righthere where I talk about the 5 free Google resources tools that you need, you might needto help to boost your sales and get more patrons for your store. So do check that out. Google search console itself, precisely to giveyou a little of a background. Tt used to be called Google Webmasters tool. It’s a tool for you to communicate with Googleand for Google to talk to you and tell you how your accumulate is performing on Google search.Once you sign up for an account, then Googlewill be able to tell you which of your supermarkets sheets or commodity sheets are coming rankedon which page of search results, what’s the position and which are the key words thatare getting consumers to find your collect and your produce. And it’s very important getting Google searchtraffic because Google Search consumers are people who are looking for something, looking fora solution or looking to buy a concoction. So that intention to purchase is much higherthan getting consumers from Facebook or Instagram or the other social media directs. So get Google traffic is of priority. So you want to set this tool up, you can signup use a Gmail address, and you need to verify with Google and tell them that thisis your store itself. And they are able to, send you this informationthrough this reports that you be, that you will be able to find on Google Search Console.I have another video right here that showsyou exactly step by step on how to be established your Google Search Console account for yourShopify store, the verification process. So check this video out. I also placed the link down in the descriptionand pinned mentions. So do check that out now that you have thistool set up. You’re getting a feedback curve from Googleto know how your storage is performing. And these are the areas that you should improveon your store. Number one, improve on your place title. Every store, you would have a title on yourpage, on your online sheet. So made to ensure that your accumulate claim is optimizedif you have a storage Shopify store tagline. Likewise applied that up. Or you can also mention your produce reputation. So that’s going to help to emphasize to Googlethat that’s what your supermarket is selling as well. And if your Shopify store “il rely on” yourlocation, you have a specific location, for example, if you want to tell people that yourstore is from manufactured in London, you’re based in London, so you want to have Londonin your store honour itself, you need to likewise employed that in your accumulate title, this is whereyou can actually improve your proximity, improve your neighbourhood attendance to be found for peopleliving in that city itself.Number two, you have to improve your producttitles. Optimize your make entitlements, make sure youhave the right keywords in your product deed. So when people are searching for full-dress, you know that they’re looking for specific dress like sun gowns, or you are well aware, tubetops. So there are certain designations that you wantto put into your commodity entitlements. Because you know that this is what peoplewould know to search. If you are putting in the wrong terms, thenyour concoctions will not be able to be found by Google search customers. So don’t use some artistic new words in yourproduct entitlement, if it’s something that nobody knows about. If you have a inventive title, yes, if it’sone part of your make entitle, that’s something new like a new word that nobody knows about, it’s fine, but still have the main keyword of what the produce affair is supposed tobe doing, what parties would know it to be. So threw that, make sure you have that in yourtitle as well. So you don’t miss out the chances of havingyour make sheets be found by Google users.So number three that you need to keep in mindis your meta description. If you notice each time when you go to Google, and you get depicted the search results, you check the name of the sheet itself and about1 60 characters snippets, like a little short summary of what this sheet is about. So when you actually publish your store, yourShopify store, you want to optimize your meta description right here. This is where you can actually do it. I’ve actually another video right here whereyou can check out the details. But basically, by optimizing that 160 references, it helps people to understand quickly what your product is about, what’s the sellingpoint of your make, so they will feel excited.So when you go to Google exploration, they typein their query, they are shown one of your product page, and then they skim rapidly atthe meta description. And then “theyre saying”, Oh, this looks like a veryinteresting product that I want to check out, then they will click on it. So you want to quickly have that little shortsnippet epitome with, contained within that 160 personas. Number four, is to optimize your commodity description. Many parties neglect and they don’t keep mucheffort into describing their produce within the product description itself, try to putin other related keywords. For sample, if this commodity augments anotherproduct that they should be buying, you are eligible to put it in, interlink your other products.So if you want to buy product A you can recommendproduct B and C to frame it in the commodity description as well. Tell them what’s so great about it. You can even give examples of how, let’s sayif you’re selling apparel, you can tell them where they can wear this apparel, and thenon which motive would this apparel fit them very good. So when people are searching for invests tobuy, they could be searching for color. So that’s something you can include, or youdefinitely should include in your commodity description. If they’re looking for dresses to wear forspecific occasion, you can mention the opportunity in the concoction description itself. Or if it’s meant for certain age groups, youcan also mention the age group within the product description. This is going to help your product pages rankhigher by having this relevant usage of your commodities should be included in your description. So don’t forget to do that put in as muchas you can. So that’s going to help you rank better onsearch results itself. And of course, then you can summarize theessence the most important part of your product itself in the meta description which I’vementioned in my previous level count five.You can also optimize your personas. When you call your images, you can name thespecific product name to put it in the alt verse itself. What Google does is, it indexes or registersevery commodity portraits that you have put up on your place. So by frame that specify referred entitle insideand particular description or emblazons into your product alt textbook itself is going to help yourimage to rank on image search. So if there are specific people who are lookingfor produces through epitome rummage, or something looking for inspiration, that’s going to helpyour product likenes show up as well on Google image search. So that’s going to be a booster to your collect. So don’t neglect that duty. Also, don’t forget to make sure that yourproducts are of high-pitched decide, and they are constricted, but they won’t look blurry. So parties will be excited about your productsto click on it, to go onto your website.If you have images that are too big, let’ssay it’s about 4 GIG, 4 GB, four gigabytes or five gigabytes. Well, it’s an excellent photo. But when people go on to your supermarket, yourproduct sheets is going to take a long time to load, it’s going to be laggy, it’s goingto be sluggish. And after three seconds, possible customersare going to bounce off and depart your store. So make sure you have the right app set upimage optimizer to actually optimize your epitomes by contracting it, but still havingbeautiful slides that are of smaller file size.Last but not least, you can also create nonproduct sheets content. If you want to start a blog as well to createmore information for people who want to buy a make that’s going to help to boost yourstore’s presence, the more pages you have, the more likely that your supermarket are goingto be found for other pursuit queries or facilitating customers to find your makes. So of course, all this information , non productpage information has to be useful to your potential customers. For example, it could be top 10 endows thatpeople could give to the other half for Christmas. So you can include your commodity as well intopart of this listing. And when you promote that blog page on thetop 10 Christmas endowments, so beings would want to promote that page.And when they do that, it’s going to helpyou get more traffic to your accumulation with that blog post as well as people detecting yourproduct. So that’s one of the specimen on how you canoptimize your pages with non concoction pages content. And the last pro tip for you bonus gratuity foryou is if you want to get your makes listed on Google Shopping as well for free, thenyou need to sign up for a Google Merchant account so you can get your commodities alsolisted on Google Shopping. So this is the other video where you can findout more details step by step process and how to set it up so you can check that out. And that’s my six gratuities on how you can optimizeyour Shopify store for SEO. I too facilitate Shopify store owneds with theirmarketing strategy so they can focus their go and vigor on their commodities instead.So you can check it out right there in thedescription and pinned explains https :// claricelin.com/ services /, do check it out below. If you enjoyed this video and found it is helpful, give it a like and is committed to my canal. Turn on the notification buzzer so you don’tmiss any future videos on how to get your Shopify store is available on Google and YouTubeand get more sales. I’ll see you in the next video. Bye bye.

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