How Discord Works in 148,000 Miliseconds or Less


This is how Discord works in 148,000 milliseconds or less. Discord gives you one place that helps everyone stay
in touch and talk easily. Everything on Discord is
organized into servers. Servers are places where
everyone in your group can meet, talk and be with each other. I'm starting the server for
my university dodgeball team, so I'm going to come up with a unique and creative name like dodgeball. I'm even going to add our
super cool dodgeball logo, which is someone not dodging a ball. Now I'm going to invite the whole crew, and for people not currently on Discord, I can easily send them
a link by email, text, or tiny rolled ups scrolls
delivered by foxes.

(crowd gasping) With everyone joining, I want to start creating
different text channels for all our dodgeball-related messages. I'll also create a tournament channel where we can track our upcoming games, and a private channel
just for the coaches. Now we can talk about specific
stuff in designated channels without having to worry about interrupting other conversations. We can also have a private space for people with the coach role, which we'll talk about
more in our next video. For those times when we just want to talk, see each other's faces, or
just enjoy some company, there's voice channels. Think of these as open phone
and video conversations that you can casually drop in and out of, or use to host bigger
things like a meeting. See someone in a voice
channel, just pop in, hang out for as long as you
like and leave when you want.

It's like joining a friend
on the couch and chatting. Talk about your day, talk about dodgeball, have a two hour debate
about why deep dish pizza is an abomination to the culinary world and end entire friendships. And voice channels aren't
just voice channels. They're for voice, video
and screen sharing, too. So whether we're talking
through strategies or showing off the team's new logo, we can do it together live. Leaving a voice channel
is easy, just disconnect. It's almost as powerful as clapping a flip phone closed. Almost. Discord has many uses. From a casual club to
an organized community to something more small and personal. You can customize
Discord to fit your group so you can stay in touch. What you do with discord, is up to you. Have any feedback?
Questions? Want to say hi? Don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Even if you're just
looking for dodgeball tips, we'll try our best. (bright music).

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