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Dont Forget To Subscribe& press the bell icon.if you have any question? observation below. welcome to the first video and likewise digital marketing I was told you free The what ideally digital marketing is I? See supposingly there are many parties Customer within my index who are in blogging for full season who are say an designer Many are students who actually want to learn digital marketing So why why digital commerce focus appease now? Let me tell you this is a very basic to intermediate training and this will be for your personal use for Say website uh if I have four supposingly you are having a website a blog YouTube Channel are You want to write some material good stuffs right? You want to know what exactly parties are searching for So this is actually about the basic to intermediate our direction don’t expect To be an expert within a fraction of time with me But I build I’ll make sure that you guys actually have any problems, and I solve it, right So let’s go so here we go ah appreciate the Things that our used inputs are known as keywords right Now prevent how to scour Keywords, I’ll tell you later on Right now.I’ll only brief about what exactly the digital commerce is and how can you are? be searchable to search Engines Like Google Yahoo, bing NdEx right, so only brief out, and I’ll just tell you what exactly the digital commerce thing is and how it runs right? so supposingly Via searching for a recluse in men’s fake Emilia let’s choose men’s, India We will get a couple of results. You know these are the number of results. We are getting for this equal Now why these chaps are here? In the organic traffic this this section is called an organic commerce Which is ingested by the google right is all patronized x you can see here these are the sponsored ads which are Which firms are paying to the google to schedule them up here in this area? it is Sometimes are a couple of razzes down now two to three right and there there are couple of x before the sheet P gues right, so How can you come here? Let’s see first of all when you are writing any content it should be relevant to your audience should Be Connecting it should be engaging Right if you are able to connect beings you are able to engage parties For whatever whatever website you are having whatever blogs you are having Google Google tries to this to you up when this material is relevant more relevant or accurately level To the users right then it is Exactly looking to users Whatever the search query are is Is done within the Google search engine if you have content is exactly 11 to that Then google can’t stop it has an automated algorithm to set you up Okay, it has a couple of algorithms.I go through that Hey, but for now I am just telling you all this just because you are you might be eager to move That how these guys are on the first sheet. Why we are not what actually is going on So these things are like an overview. I’ll each step by step seo Within my next part f the following session sorry the following session already for example, let’s exploration some another inquiry a digital sell route right I Can see here? There are a couple of eggs Because you insure simply learn Digital vidya this is other circulars is this are? Circulars, and these people are paying to Google So they are listed within the first arrangement Right now we don’t intend to page in the beginning right so that we can actually know how we can Come to the organic transaction this area is an organic commerce locality if these are the search engine These are the organic beginning is actually right, so if you want to come here actually write a couple of videos 5 buy rating to 274 revaluations A And there will be couple of eggs down there Just as I told you before that there would be couple of down Add a got a couple of eggs down there and got a couple of eggs up in the first sheet in the Google right this guy is actually paying them and let you do need a partner Right we will just concentrate about the organic search engine result page okay, so Let’s say we will search another query on females watch in India Right so these are all the sponsor days You can see there is all the sponsor x right you get the images here These are the organic commerce from this website till the end Right now these are actually the alternate keywords Exactly make sure That you go through this when you are interlinked for the Keyword when you are in your Looking for this keyword ladies watching, India These are also keywords That parties are examining on the Google Now it is all the keywords.I’ll just tell you how to do the keyword research Take the call of implements which we can use for the keyword study Like so let’s go to Google Adwords or Google You can scour in Google also if you can instantly go to Google and search for Adwords Google calm Okay I’ll merely utter login For the till the time our this our three the tools which I saw from Google expansions right a got a couple of tools See these are this is the elektra Elektra ranking tool now Google is ranking patently for in Countrywide as well as Nationwide right and this other number of locates that are linking to New Google right So we’ll just go to Keyword planner the action I demonstrated you before that was and it is and Keyword probes right that are also the keywords and this is actually keyword research tool where you can see? How countless beings are searching for a particular Keyword? Let’s say it is watching it yeah, all right Just go to it Pardon me actually mind.That is are not so stable right now Okay, here. We go. All freedom. So we’ll pursuing see you can do sarge Variously like search for brand-new Keywords utilizing the utterance a website or a category right So this kick. This is a phrase You will go in detail till simply an overview, right? So this is targeted country India language English hotel, right? So we’ll precisely get an ideas. How many people are searching for this It shows you can see 1 million to 10 million people are probing So are 10 200 equal are examining the contender is high So numerous parties are looking for this so the contender is quite high right? you can see these are all the Keywords Maid Watches watches for women Watch what shop men’s watch is this all day actually all the keywords you can download it from here Hey, whatever keywords you are looking for for example if this is the key were you looking for you want to download this all the keywords is just e to click here and You can download it Right so “youre seeing” 7:01 Keywords are there which are downloaded? Like you can save the file you can see later on when you are creating content around it Right, so this is the e work tool Right these are the campaigns you remember I told you about the ads.This are the Campaign’s tools out those are the campaigns actually mounted it up within from such areas, right campaigns Right so this can be done with the help of source engine optimization you need to optimize are your webpages your Web pages is advisable to optimized are within certain keywords that I actually that users actually targeting right, so Taiana Rule From which you can check out the analytics of your area Wilco are Step by gradation for that likewise, but this is just an overview and testifying you how to analyze How people are interacting within your website? So you can see there are on 27 th of March to 2nd of April There are 54 hearings within my website right 34 consumers “re coming back” back in my website right out of those give you 1 0 3 pages of my website right This are the number of brand-new new employs brand-new discussions It is are not the regular ones these are four brand-new brand-new conferences You can see the demographic See supposingly from India I have I’m having a maximum visitors 70 part 37 tight respite are from Germany United Country share Brazil You can also see it City wise hey this is tim sermon – ah ah Food it’s in pune right onion touching gujarat, San Jose bangalore Hyderabad Malta Manchester Eight so this are the is are the targeted you can you can actually assure where people are compared beings are coming from? Where beings are going after leaving your side? Right how how those people are interacting with in your place? You can also check it with the help of browser make like what browser.They use when They came across your place, okay? Operating system is very operating systems used to Get my line-up side sauce okay, these are the service providers you can also segment it by City by the service providers like this this way the Service providers was the people who are having operating system this Windows Android Ios minutes Who are using browser this who where from this metropolis? This countries this expression is right you can also Check it The operating system like for the mobile users while you who came across or within my site is in the mobile Screen is this where this number of discussions For their four sessions, right? four sessions from Android and one likewise three conferences from Ios Right this method the screen resolutions this was the screen resolutions of the mobile screens It came across To watch my line-up, right? And this direction the service providers you Can likewise check out the real time audience who are viewing you right now? So this is basically the analytics of your area, right? Now actually I haven’t prepared Any slides to show you? That how this will be working step-by-step, but probably from this Saturday Sunday I actually I will be trying to club that together And I will exactly make sure that you pluck step by step and a go for the step by step understanding for Digital marketing claim, so I’ll exactly prepare the chart Probably tomorrow, and I will precisely be online again on Saturday or Saturday or Sunday I? will really affix one video per weekend and I’ll post it nearly around 8 o’clock It show that you can I will post this are on Saturday, right, I will announce it on Saturday 8 o’clock every Saturday right, so If you’re watching me right now exactly subscribe so that I can come to know you are learning something from me or you are or else if you are having any doubt You can merely note it dedicated below right? So I’ll merely sign it off for now and this is a free course so I don’t charge actually for Learning digital marketing right now.I can’t predict you. I won’t charge in the future, but yeah right now It’s free you can take opportunity for that Right so till then ah goodbye and have a nice day. Bye okay ?.

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