How to Create SEO-Friendly Content With the SEO Content Template | Lesson 5/9 | SEMrush Academy


[ Music] hello SEO optimization is compulsory for hitting Google’s top standings so this lesson is devoted to precisely that the SEO content template tool it will assist you appoint SEO friendly pieces of content based on recommendations designed to bring you traffic with this tool you’ll find out what your audience expects in terms of text length readability and depth of analysis when searching on Google let’s look at how the SEO content template works in the previous lesson we’ve attained appealing the subject matter of our textbook in this case we’ll use one of these topics with a primed of subtopics by exporting them from the topic research tool directly into the SEO content template tool we can further specify the topic by introducing added keywords in return the tool will provide us with a more specific piece of advice SEO content template will analyze the strategy of our top 10 competitors for our target keywords and show us the key recommendations these include semantically related keywords that can widen the coverage of the contents a roll of arenas worth trying to explore in order to acquire backlinks from the optimal period and readability of content also we’ll see how our top 10 competitors are using our target keywords at the lower end of the sheet we’ll find some simple suggestions about what keywords we have been able to add to our deed meta and h1 calls and to the main text overall you can export all these results to a docx datum and use them for creating SEO friendly content as you can see this tool specifies a quick and easy solution for going SEO recommendations from your contestants that have already succeeded in bagging a top 10 Google ranking to summarize the SEO content template tool will help you outperform your tournament by analyzing their content and giving you recommendations on how to seductive sections explore appropriate tools and create a couple of templates for topics that interest you “the worlds largest” too inspected our predict further section can be attributed to our knowledgebase and take a look at our blog to learn more

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