How to earn $1M from NFT in 1 month ? 我怎麼靠NFT月賺百萬?新手該怎麼開始?🤩|阿卡貝拉-結婚基金 #LesbianCouple


That was when NFT exploded in sale. Very high trading volume. One picture could worth tens of millions and the price just kept going up. It's all over the news. And I was like, “Wow, what is this?” For the first time, I felt that every second of my life is worth tens of thousands of dollars. Set 12.88 for sale And then suddenly I felt so relieved. In the end… Before the video begins, remember to subscribe, like and turn on notifications! Kisses! Become a member of Kingdom of Bagels. Join membership today! Hi everyone!, I’m Caca.

I’m Bella. We're Caca&Bella. Today, it will mostly be me talking. Bella will listen to me. But you can ask me if you have any questions. As what can see from the title of today’s video, I’m going to share with you guys how did I made a NT$1,000,000 from NFT. One million dollars? Really? It would be more than a million dollars. If I hold it longer. Many Bagels know I am interested in NFT. And cryptocurrencies too. And many of you messaged me privately, wanting to know how to open an account and etc.

And my friends would also ask me what to do. It looks quite interesting. But once I told them how to do it, they would say, “It’s too complicated. I give up”. I thought it was complicated at first too. I thought it was complicated at first too. But when you understand and know more about it, it’s really not as hard as you might think. I'm still learning. I hope I can use the plainest language to explain what NFT is to you guys. And I hope people don't take the long way. And we can make a lot of money together.

It was March of last year. That was when NFT exploded in sale. Very high trading volume. One picture could worth tens of millions and it just kept going up. It's all over the news. And I was like, “Wow, what the hell is this?” I was already studying cryptocurrencies. But I didn't know much about NFT at the time. So I went and did some research on my own. I was discussing it with our agency and Bella. I said, “Well, maybe we should release our own NFT too”.

But the market for NFT at that time was a completely different situation than it is now. That’s a saying, “One day in crypto world is like one year in real life”. We first noticed NFT in March. And then we worked relentlessly to rush out our very first NFT. It’s called “Eternal Love”. I think at that time many Bagels bought it to keep as collection. It’s sort of like a charitable NFT. It's not quite the same as the NFT on the market today. At that time, I was thinking, “Wow, art can finally be linked to cryptocurrency!” I felt that it can help promote art. Because I've always loved art. Most people’s understanding is that artists can’t make a living.

But I think the use of NFT can give a lot of artworks a chance to shine. And there seems to be many fun ways to do it. So I just threw myself in. And then I slowly get to know it more and more. Just like everyone else. I feel that art could be connected to the metaverse. So is “Ready Player One: OASIS” really going to come true? This is a super exciting thing. Don't you think it’d make your blood boil if we could be like “Ready Player One”? Each person has a different avatar. Different looks. I think it’d be fun. What would you like to play in “Ready Player One”? The assassin. You might need know how to fly around.

How to jump around. That’s still not quite the same as the game. But to understand NFT, It actually takes time. And you need a lot of passion. But you don't necessarily have to spend money at the beginning. You can check out NFT projects, find out more on Discord and Twitter. I’m going share all these with you guys.

NFT stands for Non-fungible token. Do you understand? Honestly, I find it hard to understand too. To put it simply, it uses smart contracts to prove that you're the owner of something. It is unique. In fact, there are many use cases. Whether it's an artwork, a real estate deed, or a membership card. In the past, you have to sign when you buy a house. Now it's all done online. And it is automatically executed. We need to sign, right? Now you just have to sign online. And the moment you sign it, it is executed automatically and you’re immediately certain of the outcome. It will automatically send you the money, with the pre-agreed terms between the parties.

This is how smart contracts work. So it's all done by robots? It's program code. For many people, it would be more credible. In the past when we use traditional contracts, if one of the parties breach the contract, you might find it troublesome to sue that person. But with smart contracts, And it’s fulfilled instantly. And it can also prove that this is yours. It can also be traced back to the source.

You sold it to me then I sold it to you. You can see the whole trail. And even if we issued 100 copies of the same NFT, each NFT number is different. The content of the smart contracts is different. I won't go into too much detail here. Because it’s a little bit more in-depth. Okay, so let me start with the ones you're most interested in. How did I make a million dollars in a month. And it's just one NFT. Sounds like a lie.

But it really happened to me. And I'm already considered earning less. Because there are people who made tens of millions of dollars. If you’re following Bored Ape, that's how people made tens of millions of dollars. I have been following NFT since last year. Because I was relatively inexperienced back then, my research was not very thorough. I was just a little bit lucky. Or you can say, a little bit unfortunate too. Anyway, I was kind of a rookie on all levels at that time. But I've been following a community called RTFKT for a long time. You can go check out their Instagram. They make those virtual sneakers. And they are one of the pioneers making metaverse-related artworks.

If you have seen the “metal” sneakers on Elon Musk's foot, they are the one who's behind it. And they launched a project last year. It’s called CloneX. It’s kind of like a next-gen mankind. Something like cell X. Their artworks are all very nice and distinctive. Easily identifiable. I was like, “Wow, it looks very artistic”. And it seems to have a huge potential on further expansion. It makes you want to use their profile picture to be your VR avatar. And what they launched is a profile picture NFT. PFP for short. But because it was so expensive back then. And I was still a beginner. So I just watched and waited on the secondary market, OpenSea. The asking price was like 3 ETH, 4 ETH, 5 ETH. -It's so expensive. -It is expensive That equals to NT$30,000, NT$40,000, NT$50,000.

I was like, “Well, I really don't get it”. Then I had a casual chat with some of my friends who have been playing NFTs for some time. And I was convinced. He told me he thought it was worth buying. Back then I still didn’t get why it’s worth buying. I just thought those on OpenSea were all very distinctive. They all looked different. Each one of them has a few different elements. Maybe the eyes, the hair, the costume.

They are all different. And then the rarer each one is, the more valuable it is. At that time, I was eyeing this number 11173. This mint-haired robotic hot chick. I like her a lot. Mainly I think her mint hair looks good. Oh, you picked her because she had mint-coloured hair? She’s relatively cheap among the ones with mint-coloured hair and robotic arms. But it still costs 4.75 ETH. I bought it on December 14th. Valentine's day! That's not Valentine's Day. -The 14th of every month is Valentine's Day. -Is it? Isn't the 10th our Valentine's Day? The Valentine’s Day gift you bought for yourself. It's a bit too expensive.

Ether is about US$3,800 per coin. About NT$500,000. I was like, "Do I really want to buy it?” And I've never spent so much money. I sat in front of the computer, and contemplating whether to click the button. The mouse was just there. I just needed to press it to confirm the purchase. I was waiting and hoping the gas fee, which is the handling fee to become cheaper. So I just sat there for an hour. Contemplating whether to click or not to click. And I thought to myself, I don't usually spend any money anyway. Just press the button. It was an amazing feeling. Sitting there alone in front of the computer. For the first time, I felt that every second of my life is worth tens of thousands of dollars. It's kind of like being at a gambling table. You don't know if you're gonna lose that half of million dollars or make money. People kept saying it's a good buy. But more importantly, I loved it. So I figured it wouldn't be a bad investment.

And then I got dizzy, and I went to bed and slept. And then I felt dizzy the whole day. I was very lucky. Very lucky indeed. A few days after I bought it, Nike acquired RTFKT. And then as soon as the news came out, the CloneX series went through the roof. After all, Nike is the leader of the sneaker industry. The price was soaring. At that time, it could easily fetch 8 or 9 ETH. I was like, “Wow, should I sell it?” Then I thought, maybe not. I only got one. I didn't know what to do at that time. I couldn’t bear to sell it away.

Because there’s no way to buy it back. So I just kept it. I was just watching and waiting. I didn’t even know what I was waiting for. But at that time, I was still considered a rookie on NFTs. It’s kind of like I bought it following my friend's advice. Good thing I listened to my friends. And then they airdropped two Space Pods. Those two Space Pods are very valuable. Because you can use the Space Pod to display your NFT.
There's an avatar and there’s a Space Pod. It's like I'm actually going into the metaverse. So how do you decorate the Space Pod? You can go to their website and decorate it.

Plus, because of the Space Pod airdrop, it also helps the project's fame. Because when people is done decorating, they display it on Instagram or Twitter. The more attention you get, The more likely the value will go up. So I think they have a smart team behind the project. About a month later, I didn’t know what happened. It just hit me. It was Lunar New Year and I got nothing to do. And the concert was over. We were just taking a break. I was playing with my phone, and checking how much my avatar was worth. You don't know what it feels like until you buy it yourself. And then I was like, “I bought it for 4.75 ETH”. I’d probably sell it for three times the price. I don't think anyone would buy it at that price. I was just feeling bored and I didn't ask anyone. I didn't check what its rarity and how much it was worth at that time either. I just typed 12.88.

Which means “to prosper”. I thought it was cool. Because I couldn’t sleep. And I didn’t know what I was doing. I got up in the middle of the night and went to the computer and set 12.88 for sale. And then suddenly I felt so relieved. In the end… I didn't expect the deal to go through when I got up. I was like, “That was not good”.

The deal went through so easily. Wrong price… It didn’t seem like a very good thing. When it was sold so quickly, it usually because it’s cheap and good. That's when I started asking my friends. And I went to check what is the rarity. And I found out that I could have sold mine for 20 ETH. Wow, a lot less! I sold it for 12.88. And I bought it for 4.75. Then they gave me two Space Pods. So all in all, I still made about 10.13 ETH. The average price of ether is about US$3,600.

It’s all-time high is about US$4,800. That still makes me somewhere between NT$1 million and NT$1.36 million. That's how I make a million dollars in a month. But it was a huge mistake on my part. Not that I'm greedy. I was stupid. I made money and I should be happy. But I couldn't be happy at all at that time. I thought, “How could I be so stupid”. I'll tell you how much money I'm missing. If I hadn’t put my avatar for sale.. Being acquired by NIKE usually leads to something very quickly. If I hadn’t put it for sale.

In a couple of days, I could have sold it for 20 ETH or so. As long as I keep that avatar. They airdropped another Nike box. No one knows what’s gonna be in the box. That box alone is worth 6 ETH. I earned about 7 ETH less from the avatar. And another 6 ETH short from the airdroped box. So this means I earned 13 ETH less. About NT$1.3 million to NT$1.5 million less. So actually my that avatar, if I hadn’t got hit in the head in the middle of the night, if I had done my homework, You would’ve been a rich person now. Not considered a rich person in the crypto world. But it’s a lot of money for me. I could have made NT$2 million from the avatar alone. I only made half of it. That's why I can make this video. A million dollars sounds like a good deal. I'll tell you how to check rarity first. Watch the screen recording. You can click on it. Press this button and slide it down and down. You can click on each one to see. What the average price is.

Then you can gauge what price to sell. You can check out the rarity of the mint-coloured hair element. How much it is now. I think it was 0.38%. It's very rare and it looks very nice. Mint heads are so rare? Very rare. The robotic arm is only 1%. Robots are not too rare. But rarer than humans. That’s why the one I had could fetch 20 ETH. Right? You know what heartache feels like now? I'll never make that mistake again. But I still made a lot of stupid mistakes. We can only learn from experience.

It was a huge mistake on my part that I sold it so cheap. It's also my own fault for not doing my homework. So I made some money, right? I made money, but I can no longer afford any RTFKT. Because even the ugly bald head costs 15 ETH. I simply can’t afford it. Whenever I think of it, I feel heartache. I didn't even check, and I just anyhow bought two NFT projects that I used to like a lot. It’s called HAPE.

The price was already dropping when I bought them. It went from around 8 ETH to around 4 ETH. I didn't think it was weird at the time. Your head got hit again. I didn't go into my Discord group and ask anyone either. I don't know. Sometimes I'm a little headstrong. You did ask me which one looked better. You asked the wrong person. Yeah, I asked the wrong person. I used the 8 ETH I made to buy two HAPE's monkeys. Because of my experience with CloneX. I know I have to buy two if I like it. I didn't do my homework. I didn’t even notice the price is dropping. The two monkeys that costs me 8 ETH is probably worth 3 ETH now. I don't have a lot of money either. I lost most of it. So I told her, do not do such a stupid thing. So I can only say that if I have done some homework, I wouldn't have had hundreds of thousands slipping away in a minute just like that.

Or even a few millions dollars in a second. I can only take it as the tuition fee I have to pay to learn from experience. By the way, I managed to grab a whitelist spot on Arcade today. I'm being stupid again. You seem to make a fool of yourself easily. I hope you guys are not like me. And don't get ripped off. I've have never been ripped off. Well, buying that monkey might be considered one. But anyway, I'm not here today to show off how much money I made. I'm not here to cry to everyone either.

Nor is NFT guaranteed to make money. Like what happened to me. You could lose what you made without knowing. After all, there are many NFT projects nowadays. So how you choose is very important. People enter the NFT world because they see others making tens of millions so easily. Like making millions of dollars very easily. You can be blinded by greed and lured by the big money. But you ignore the risks that might be involved. So if you haven't studied it carefully, or have a wrong mindset, it's quite likely that you’d spend money on something you don't like, pictures that don’t really look nice, or projects that might make you lose money.

I'm telling you guys about all these things about NFT, not because I want you to buy NFT. I just wanted to share that, from NFT, you can get a lot of experience. You can also learn a lot of things. Because NFT and cryptocurrency are the current trends. And they are an extension of the use cases of blockchain technology and smart contracts. Well, it’s not very important anyway. Smart contracts, as I said, are about automatic execution and settlement. Blockchain technology is a bit like going back to its roots.

But it's anonymous. Decentralized. No one can control it. You can look these things up on your own. Because it will take very long for me to cover this. But why do you need to know all these? Because they are being used in our lives without you knowing. Like the online medical record when you go to a doctor, the sales and production records of mushrooms, and even the national identity cards in some countries. All these are using blockchain technology. It’s cool, isn’t it? Of course it doesn't mean you must know. But if you are interested, you can pay attention to it. Start learning. Because the more you know, the more interesting you will find it.

Your world will suddenly look different. It’s a new dimension of space. Here are some things to watch out for. With my own stupid experience. Proceed with caution. I hope you all make one million, ten millions. Don't make money and lose it right away like I did. Super stupid. Well, after all that, I just want to tell you in a simple way. How to start investing in NFT slowly and as safely as possible.

The first thing I would do is to study many different NFT projects. I will look at the pictures first. See if it gets a lot of attention. I will then join the Discord group for that project. And follow them on Twitter. Secondly, I will see the level of interaction of that Discord group. Do I like the vibe of the group. Whether those in the group would just keep saying “FOMO, FOMO”. Shouting for nothing. What is FOMO? It's an abbreviation. Fear of missing out and rushing to buy. And then there are some groups that were being run very well. And then it will slowly grow and grow. You can go check them out on your own. Which style do you like better in each group? Because like attracts like. The third is that you can check whether the project publishes a roadmap.

It's usually posted on Twitter or Discord group. Roadmap is like a document that tell you how it empower you with the picture you bought. What is empowerment? It's like the McDonald's Sweetheart value card. The card is like a proof. Of course NFT is not that simple. There’re many use csases. Like CloneX. They will airdrop other things in time to come. Every project has something different. It doesn't always start with a roadmap. Because this market is still growing. So there could be more and more things they’d announce while the market’s still growing. So if like or believe what the project team says about the project, and you bought the NFT, which is like a membership, it may be easier to get what you want in the future.

Take note of the third point. Because they're usually announce when the Voice AMA will be in the Discord group. AMA will tell you where the project is now, things that they will be announcing, and the release dates. So you have to pay special attention to the calendar. The fourth one is that you can be in a lot of Discord groups. You can discuss your views or ask questions. Because the people in the Discord groups are usually from all over the world. In metaverse, people is less likely to have issues with nationality. We all say GMGM which means Good Morning.

GN GN Goodnight. Apart from the general daily chat, you'll probably be talking a lot about art. Or cryptocurrency stuff. Or exchange of information on technology. Or discussing the project. So you can actually learn a lot from it. You can even become aware of another project in there. And there are usually discussion forum for different languages. You can even make some good friends in there.

Personally, I feel that I've met a lot of nice people in there. The fifth is that a project will usually succeed, if there is high sense of community within Discord. It's like a group. There's a consensus that they like the group. There’ll be more and more people and the group will get bigger and bigger. Then it will attract more and more attention. Because people will share and spread the news. That would make the project more valuable. Then you can see if you’re sure you like the project. If you like it, you can start trying to get whitelisted. You might need to participate in some activities. Some may need you to recreate their painting.s Or make some memes. The project will get some publicity as well.

Then they will see how sincere you are, and give you a whitelist spot. Sometimes through this project, you can get a whitelist spot in another project. Because many of these projects collaborate with each other. So actually if you get in there, it's easy to become aware of other projects too. And then I realized that everyone is kind of in big a circle. Kind of like bringing Pop Dance Club from different schools together. We are all from Pop Dance Clubs.

The sooner you follow them, the sooner you can be sure whether the project is worth buying. Or you can just see for yourself. You want to buy it because of the artwork, Or you want to sell it to make money. It's kind of like art and shares combined together. And it’s online. And the rest is for you to gather information from wherever you can. Because you start to get to know some people. And then there will be people who have more experience than you. And a lot of people will be willing to tell you more. Share with you. I used to be a bit aloof. I don't really want to ask people. That’s why I didn’t earn that one million dollars.

You know, it's not gonna kill for you to open your mouth and ask. You'll make an extra million dollars. I’m giving you this advice from the bottom of my heart. I’m that idiot. Some people asked me, if they are new to the crypto world, How do they start investing in NFT? But if you have never traded cryptocurrencies, I would advise you not to get into NFT right off the bat. Because the amount of information can be overwhelming. It can be hard to digest. And then you would FOMO. And get ripped off. So I would suggest that you download Binance, the cryptocurrency exchange, if you have not already done so.

You can trade cryptocurrency first to get the hang of it. And then you can start looking deeper into NFT. Well, we're going to talk about it in plain language next. How do you invest in NFT? Because a lot of people when they hear that They need to download Binance, they need to download MetaMask, they need to download OpenSea, they’d be thinking, why need to download so much stuff. And I don't know what to do with each one of them. And it’s all in English and I can't read any of it. Even now, do you still find it hard? A little bit. After all, I'm not as involved as you are in NFT or crypto world. Which is harder, mathematics or this? Mathematics. See, high school math is definitely harder. I know you'll want to give up when you hear it at first. But I promise you, it's actually just three very simple things.

The bank, the wallet, and the art gallery or auction house. First, you have to open an account with your exchange. The exchange is the bank. Once you download the app, you have to verify your identity online with KYC. But it's very fast. Personally, we use the biggest crypto exchange, which is also usually relatively safe. I myself use Binance and FTX. If you register with Binance, you can put my number 83941348 in the referral code. Or scan this QR Code. So we can all get some freebie. Like giving back. Yeah, like giving back to each other You can also give your referal code to your friends. Then on the exchange, you can then change currency of various countries into stablecoin.

USDT or BUSD. Primarily these two. Because they are worth about the same value as the US dollar. A more stable cryptocurrency that doesn’t fluctuate so much. And when you're done, you can change it into ether ETH on the exchange. And even all kinds of other cryptocurrencies. It's just like a bank. Buy, sell, exchange money. Buy low and sell high And you make money on the difference.

The buying and selling process is quite complicated. So there are lots of websites or YouTube videos available. I would recommend Brain Bro for YouTube. I like to watch Brain Bro’s YouTube videos myself. Or bitssue_credit on instagram. He also share a lot of different knowledge. We can all learn and grow in knowledge. Next is to download the wallet. I normally use MetaMask. I thought something was strange when I first downloaded it. Because it's a picture of a fox. It’s actually quite easy to use. And the concept is a bit like, you have a real wallet, and it comes with a combination lock. And you're going to the art gallery or the auction house with the wallet.

To buy things. A crypto exchange is like the bank. So you have to send money from the bank into your MetaMask. Transfer the money to your wallet. It's kind of like going to an ATM to get cash, and carry it with you, and then go shopping. But for this wallet, there will be a recovery phrase and password when first you set it up. You must write these two things on a piece of paper and keep it properly. Because if you do lose it, it's like throwing your wallet into the ocean. It's basically impossible to get it back. The third is to buy NFT. You can think of NFT as an artwork. Artwork is usually bought in two places. It’s firstly released in the art gallery. Then on the secondary market, the auction house. The artist makes an artwork and put it at the art gallery. You're the first one to own it. When you own this artwork, it automatically connects to OpenSea, the auction house.

People can then see your work there. You can have people offer to buy your stuff, or you can sell it for whatever price you want. The thing is, you can see the rarity, and all kinds of data and transactions. So there are a primary market and a secondary market for NFT also actually. And the primary market is like pre-sale of the project. Pre-sale is whitelist. You can have first right of refusal. And then it will be put up for public sale. A public sale is where it is made available to all customers for purchase. But usually in the public sale, you need to fight for it if it’s a hot item. Sometimes you even need to draw lots. Yeah, something like that. So actually you can imagine the project team as the art gallery. And then for the second hand sale, the most common name we hear is OpenSea. Of course there are others. I’ll start with OpenSea first today. Whether you’re going to the art gallery or the auction house, you always have to carry your wallet, which is your little fox.

So you can buy things. Same thing. On the website of the project or OpenSea, you have to link your MetaMask with them. It will verify your identity at the same time. That's what a smart contract does. After you linked them and start trading, you have to pay a gas fee. Executing the smart contract involves running some code. Some calculation etc. That fee is going to the miners. And that's probably what the miners are doing. So if you can wait, then do it when gas fee is relatively low. But if it's urgent, I usually just go ahead and buy it.

After you’re done browsing the project website or OpenSea, make sure you log out of wallet on your computer. Otherwise you're kind of like putting your wallet like this. -Showing it to people. -Yeah, that’s right. Then the hacker might come and steal it away. It's also very open and transparent on OpenSea. You see a lot of details. For example, if you click on activity, you can see the transaction volume and details directly. The gray one is the price the seller sells it for. And then the red ones are the other people’s bids. Bids from people who want to buy them. And the seller agrees. You can click on each one to see. You can see that this picture, what is the rarity element for each of them. And then you can click further for each rarity element.

Other pictures that has the same element for this project will also be shown here. You can then evaluate for that picture you want to buy, what is the price that people considered to be reasonble. And then how easy to sell it. Or you can put a sky-high price on it yourself. Just for fun. But you have to pay the gas fee if you want to put a price on it. You have to pay a small fee whether you are making an offer or accepting an offer. You can’t just bid for no reasons. So the simplified version of the process is First, go to Binance crypto exchange to change money. Next, put the money in your little fox wallet. Then finally, go to the project website, the first-hand creator, think of it as an art gallery, Or alternatively, go to OpenSea's second-hand auction site You can go and see what you want.

Isn't it very easy? Because too many people are asking. And I just kept going on and on. Because I don't know what to skip also. So I made this video specially to explain to you guys in plain language. Although it might sound a little complicated. But after using it once or twice, I guarantee that it’s much easier than math. It's just that your blood pressure can get pretty high. I think NFT is a very interesting thing. ’Cause it’s not like cryptocurrency. It's all about numbers and data. Numbers, candlestick chart and all that. It's a good combination of art and business. Then it gives a lot of underrated artists a stage to shine on.

I think there will definitely be more extensions and more use cases in the future. That's why I myself want to study it, do research on it, and get involved in it for myself. Because it's just fun. And I'm gathering some talented people right now. To discuss and see if we can issue any NFT. Or something related to it. If there are anything concrete, I'll share the good news with you guys. Last but not least, a very important reminder for you guys. Do not click on links from unknown sources. It's probably a phishing site. And don't link any unofficial wallets. Don't trust people you don't know. Don't impulsively buy things you don't know. Just like what I did. Don't buy fake projects on OpenSea. Do more homework and more research. Doing more homework will make you a lot more money. I wish you all the best of luck in buying your favorite artwork! And then hopefully you can make some money. If you like this video, please give me a like.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below. There are many websites out there that you can look up for more details. That's all for today's video. Wifey, am I good? You’re awesome. You guys are awesome too. Make a lot of money! Bye-bye..

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