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today we are going to be considering a large advancement that'' s took place in the flax ecosphere if you'' re unqualified day yet with what flax is flax is a fork of the official chia block chain so as a fork it allows you to do specific points with your initial stories approximately this point it was just the original stories that would certainly gain you flax so you could actually farm on your initial stories and also make flax with the support that'' s appeared now in this latest release they now support farming to nft plots so you will certainly obtain if you see below a 0.25 xfx benefit whenever you win a block and also this is the huge component the 1.75 will certainly be recoverable in the next release that they'' re pressing out prior it just sort of poofed uh which i didn'' t think was something that i desired to launch out there since that didn'' t make a great deal of feeling necessarily currently it appears like they are being tape-recorded on the chain as well as they will certainly remain in a future release recoverable as soon as you upgrade to the flax 2.0 release and also they'' ve obtained a few other points that are taking place allow'' s undergo the procedure let'' s get this installed you make your own protection choices on your very own setting this is my over used laptop that is being in its very own vlan as well as its own little connect with some accessibility to plots so i really feel respectable doing whatever with it if anything occurred to it it'' s not mosting likely to probably have the ability to run away so i'' ve obtained this frequently asked question drew up here on the flax discord links below to every one of this so the flax discord has a lot of details and also a quite big neighborhood base likewise so as you can see the flax blockchain data upgraded every two hrs here that'' s in the frequently asked questions alright so'let ' s go in advance as well as download this and after that we ' re mosting likely to remove it it'looks like it ' s 1.5 gigs to ensure that ' s mosting likely to take a bit of time utilize this moment to examine your network safety configuration if you don'' t have vlan configuration or you'put on ' t have the ability of setting up vlans that'' s something that is a very rewarding thing to update to either some equipment where you can run an open feeling box or a pfsense box or to simply purchase something off the shelf that sustains vlans web links below to some recommendations as well as some network safety things that you could be interested in taking a look at as well as so we'' ve got our data downloaded and install below so i'' m mosting likely to go in advance and unzip that therefore i had stopped farming flax when i had moved off of every one of my last og stories and so that ' s been a bit so that'' s taking me time to catch up however in fact it'' s going rather darn great right here i suggest i'' m only 5 days back 4 days back currently to ensure that'' s capturing up quite great if you are really far back if you are just beginning you absolutely are going to possibly intend to accelerate this data can aid you speed up likewise ensure you have port 866 paid for to the ip address of this computer in this circumstances my laptop computer it already is sent when you'' re doing this procedure go on and exit out of your flax blockchain traveler if you are another fork check out the github for flax don'' t replicate efforts uh don'' t resist the existing you know this is open source software collaborate with the present get your software approximately date you absolutely will obtain a video by me as well as most likely other individuals covering you because that'' s something that ' s interesting and also it ' s secure fine so since'we ' ve obtained this done right here we ' re gon na go in advance and also just call this old two and also we will certainly move that database up there alright so now that we'' ve obtained that little operation cared for allow'' s begin back up the flex the vital'you ' re making use of on a fork requires to be matched to the trick that was used to produce the plot in feet if both don'' t match you ' re not going to be able to ranch on them this is my examination web'trick i ' m actually going to undergo the procedure after i obtain every one of this up as well as running of adding in my non-test net key since i wear'' t have nft stories on my examination net so i ' m mosting likely to include that in after we ' re done here that purse ' s mosting likely to take a long time to sync up yet this is excellent sufficient for a demo and again web links to their disharmony down listed below allow'' s go on update our software application the 0.1.1 launch and so as quickly as that'' s done we should be able to run it this is based off the one of the most current 1.2.3 code base that chia has one more point that i would recommend to any person that'' s available that is generating executables for the windows setting this is understandable however at the exact same time a code finalizing certification can enable you to bypass this fine so we'' re running and also it ' s mosting likely to do the upgrade procedure below it will take time for it to sync up the pocketbook yet as quickly as the pocketbook synchronizes up i must be caught up if i make any rewards or any kind of winnings or any blocks in between there i ought to start to begin to see those.25 s load in that my close friends is amazing hit that like hit subscribe you could be asking yourself how you can start by producing some story nfts to obtain going on this to make sure that you can get up and also running with what possibly is the future of most of the hand over there inspect the video above and you can most definitely get up and also going pretty quick fine so we'' re mosting likely to go to my secrets here real quick i'' m mosting likely to import from the mnemonic for my various other essential set and also hit pause be right back afterwards'' s done going to include the story directory site for our nft stories and also then we'' re going to be up and running remember this component is vital if you are utilizing a trick that'' s various than what your secret that you'' ve developed the nft stories with is you are mosting likely to encounter troubles that will stop you from making therefore we can see my wallet is extremely out of sync even though my full node is reached date so that implies we'' re prepared to go on and add our stories in here or this is based on chia 1.2.3 so i have a slipping uncertainty that this is in fact since when plots revitalize once more when are my stories going to revitalize without me needing to close things down or hit re restart numerous times currently this is type of what i was anticipating it resembled it was hanging on to old og stories that i had there in the past or something like that so i guess we'' ll just proceed and also include the plot directory site once again given that it seems to have actually forgot that story directory site alright possibly it didn'' t see what i mean let me just hit refresh story directory i actually wear'' t put this on the flax team i i placed this pretty much back on the chia group ah there we go so we'' re up we'' re currently farming uh we'' ll check exactly how several we'' ve got reported right here we ' ve got 1062 plots interesting and also so we are raising that net space for everyone else as well as also if we look down here we can see that we are having stories past filters terrific as well as we'' ve additionally got block challenges appearing so we are participating and that'' s it so quite exciting stuff right here i assume this is a truly important moment for forks of chia around um going across that obstacle and also this is you know the the jump to nft being a breaking adjustment that occurred it is a threshold that other forks ought to be jumping with it is something that if you want to get insurance coverage from me you can drop me a line and claim hi there we we'' ve updated our ecosphere to be nft certified and also we'' re on late the current you'' ll obtain coverage from me without like sending me things and wear'' t attempt to send me things because i wear'' t want anything there'' s all kind of guidelines regarding stuff like that as well as i'' m not advertising any person ' s item around unless i clearly say i am promoting someone'' s product as well as i ' m not going to obtain right into advertising individuals ' s coins ever since those may well be viewed as safety and securities this is something that you can do if you'' re a developer of another fork make sure that you connect to individuals that go to flax allowed them know excellent task on doing this also be sure to strike that discord that like which subscribe and get notified so that you can be alert of all the new web content that'' s coming up quickly

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