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Hi Guys, Today we’re going to see how to grade your website on the Google search. Now let’s say you have a website, And you want to rank this website on the Google search results. But now when you search for it on Google. your area appears not to. Now how do you bring your websiteinto the Google search results? So in this video, we’re going to see How to do SEO for your website and get your website to appear on the Google search results And in this video we will likewise is how to rank your website, for the’ rummage terms’ you want.Once your site appears onthe Google search results, you will be able to get morevisitors to your website, free of charge. Okay, so let’s get started. First, causes see how Google ranksa website on their search results. Now lets say youresearching something on Google. And you get results like this. Now how did these results show up here? What is Google looking for? Google demands its consumers tofind what theyre looking for. It wants to show the bestcontent to its users. So these results are here, because Google thinks they will solve the problem of the user.So in order to be allowed to to rankyour website on Google, “re gonna have to” do 3 areas The 1st persona is to CreateContent Which Can Rank on Google So to create the content The 1st stair, is to Find whatpeople are searching for. Now, How do you find whatpeople are searching for? So To do that Just go to google. Now imagine, Whatyour business is about? Let’s say you’re running a’ coffee shop ‘. Just Enter that into google And as soon as you type it! You can find what peopleare searching for, related to’ coffee shop’ Now lets say you wantto reach these parties ., To find more periods, searchedby them, precisely press the down arrow and adopt that keyword. and now if you press’ opening’ you can find even more calls, scoured by the people Now Google is showing theseresults, because it has been scoured by a good number of beings. So once you findwhat people search for, next you need to Choose the people, who you want to reach..So you can pick any make of users you miss. I am going to choose these users The beings, who have probed for, the best coffee shops in mumbai. So Formerly you have selected your audience, Next you need to find out whatthis user might be looking for. So to find out whatthe user is looking for you need to think about, If someone searches for’ this’ What precisely, are they looking for? So in this case, the users are clearly trying to find, the’ best coffee shops, tovisit, in the mumbai place’ So formerly you find what the useris looking for, we can go to the next step,: which is to Create content, for this user Now as google wants its customers tofind what theyre looking for,. In degree to rank on google, you need to create a content on your website which refutes the users question. So next gives see how youcan create the content. to create the content Let go to our website. Now this is a site, which Ihave built with wordpress. If you don’t have a website, you can easily create one by watchingthis video, now to create our material Causes go to new and clink berth And Now it will make you to this page. Now first, we need to enterthe title for our material Now as were appointing the contents for the people looking for best coffee shop, in mumbai Gives participate the name as Thebest coffee shops in mumbai Formerly youve penetrated your designation, Next you need to add thecontent, which reactions our useds question.Now as the users are trying to find the’ best coffee shops, in the mumbai area’ Im going to list down, thebest coffee shops in mumbai. Now once you have added your content.to make this content easy to read, Lets supplemented titles, So to add the foreman Just select the text whichyou require as the heading. And then click here, and pick ability in the same way, we will do it for all the headings Now, once you have added the leaders to build your announce seek more attractive let’s supplemented portraits So makes say you want to add this image ., exactly drag your image, And then drop it where you want to add it. And then well add another image now, and in the same way, you can add personas under other leaders we have completed creatingthe content for our customer,. and we’ve successfullysolved the users’ question. Which is what are the bestcoffee shops in mumbai So once you have created your material, To publish it on theweb, time click publish.And the content will bepublished on your website. So lets be seen to what extent it appears. To see your content, merely click examine post. And as “youre seeing”, wehave now get our blog upright. So this is how you can CreateContent, which can answers the users question& can rank on Google Once you have created your material, Next, let’s go to the 2nd part of thistutorial, which is to make your which is to originate your site looking good, when it seems, on the Google search results. So firstly let’s see, how our site willappear on Google search right now. Here it is. Our site is not yet graded on Google, but if it grades, this is how it will glance. Now now you can see that, we havegot the title, which we saved now. And now Google showsthe link, of our sheet. and as you can see, this relate isnot very clear, Here you can see another site’slink, which is more clear.So Next, let’s see how you can make thelink of your upright, inspect most attractive. So to see the link attractive. Let’s go here And sounds dashboard. Now go to settings, and then click permalinks. and now It will take you to this page, so this is the page, where you canchange how your associates look like. Right now you can seethat plain is selected Which necessitates our link willbe shown in this way. Now to compile our tie-in more attractive. All we have to do is, only select pole refer. And all your ties-in willbe changed to this format. So now if we click save changes. And then go to our affix, and click refresh, you can see that, ourlink has been changed. So now when our site appears on Google, instead of appearing like this, this is how it will look.Now as we have the same search term used by the user here it will help google identify what our material is about and help it rank better on the search results Okay! So now you know how youcan insure, the title,& the link. But what about this part, which is the description. Now Here you can see that, it shows a random verse. Which is taken away from our blog announce. Now instead of this verse, what if you want to put your own text, like this, which appears more attractive. So next let’s see how you can addthe description, Now WordPress, by defaultdoes not have this peculiarity. So in order to add ourdescription, we need to install a plugin, on our WordPress site. So to install the plugin, gives go to WordPress. Now go to plugins, And click add new.Now search for SEO And you will get these plugins now to add our description, we’re going to use this plugin So lets clink lay, and click activate. And as “youre seeing”, the plugin currently installed. which means we can now computed our description Now if we go to our post, and scroll down You can see that thereare no alternatives here. But now if we click refresh. You can see that, we have got these options from the plugin And now, You can see how this affix will appear, on Google. Now to add your description, just sounds revise. And here you will be ableto add your description. So now you need to enter the textbook, which you want to show on google.So Im going to enter a shortdescription about my material As “youre seeing”, this is the description, which will appear on google. Once you have entered your description, Lets click close and Now to save yourchanges, precisely click update. So now when this affix appears onGoogle, this is how it will glance. So this will encourage moreusers to click on your association& then read your material. So this is how you can add the link, The title, And the specific characteristics, for your material. Okay! So now we have successfully represented our sitelook good on the Google search results. Now once you have published your content, how will Google’ Know’ about your content? To help Google, findyour website& it’s content, We need to share ourwebsite details with Google.So Next lets go to the final part ofthis video, which is something we discover, how you can tell Google About your websites content. so to tell Google about our material, we’re going to do 3 stairs. The first step, is to installthe Google plugin on our website. So to install the plugin, makes go to our dashboard, and then go to plugins and sound compute brand-new. Now sought for a plugincalled’ Google site kit’ And you will get this plugin. So this is the plugin, which is going tohelp us tell Google about our website.So to install this plugin, Lets click install, and then click trigger. And as “youre seeing”, the Googleplugin is now installed. and “youre seeing” the message here Once you have installed the plugin, we can go to step 2 which is to setup the google plugin, So to set it up, tells click start setup. And it will make you to this page, Now to setup the plugin, lets sounds signed off. And then sign in to your Google Account, Now click countenance. Now to complete thesetup, time click advanced. Then again click allow, and then finally click lent site. okay! So now we have successfullySet up our plugin So now if we click go to my dashboard, you can see that, Google is now connectedwith our website. Once you have Setup the Google Plugin, you we can now go to the final step, which is to tell Google About all thepages you we have on your website. Now causes say you have published1 0 blog posts on your place. Now how will Google, find these poles? So to inform Google about yourposts, we need to submit, something called as a sitemap.So sitemap is a page, which has the links of all the pages& berths, you have on your area So to submit your sitemap to Google, First we need to 2get the sitemap, fromthe seo plugin which we lay before. So to get the sitemap, tells go to WordPress, and click SEO. Now go to boasts, here you can see that, we have an option called sitemaps. Now to get the sitemap, only sounds this question mark, and then click here And as “youre seeing”, weve now gotour sitemap, which has the links to all of the pages on our site. Now if we sounds announces site planned, you can see the Links to all the posts, that weve was issued on our site, includes the one whichwe just published now. So deferring this sitemap to Google, will help it find all the contents of your site easily. So to submit your sitemap to Google, First lets go back tothe main sitemap page. And now we need to submitthis sitemap link to google.So to submit the link, causes go to wordpress. and then go to Google Site gear And click rummage console Now click here, to open the search console and it will take you to this page Now to submit your sitemap, simply sounds sitemaps. And here you need toenter your sitemap link. So to get the link, gives go to our sitemap. and then select this part And then right sounds& duplicate it. Now to paste the link, lets go back to this tab, And then glue the link here. Now to submit the sitemap, really sounds refer. And as “youre seeing”, our sitemaphas been successfully submitted So now when you publish brand-new content, it will be automaticallyadded to your sitemap, and will be recognized by Google.So this is how you can tell Google, about the pages you have on your website. So now weve optimised ourwebsite, for rank on google. So now if we go to google You can see that previously, our website was not found. now if we sounds refresh. You can see that, our website hasnow started to appear on google. So this is how you can get your websiteto appear on the google search results. Now in order to rank forthe keyword you demand. There are a few thingsyou need to remember: It takes time for google to findyour content and then rank it, for the chasten hunting periods. So be patient while googlereviews your material. Remember that Google Wants to show thebest possible content to its guests. So, Take a look at the rivalry& ensure your content has something new, or better to offer to the visitors. Try to create content whichis better than what the event has to offer Okay! Now you know how to get your websiteto appear, on the google search results. But, How do you know if yoursite is grading on google? How do you witness the number of people, whoare coming to your website, from google? So to see if your contentis ranking on google, tells go to WordPress& sound site paraphernalium, Now as soon as you click it, Here, you will find, afew important details.Now the 1st number here, whichis called as Impressions is the number of goes, your website hasappeared, on the google search results. So here it says, our website hasappeared on google search a 209 periods, In the last 28 dates. So as you publish more& more New content your site will get more& moreimpressions from different search expressions. And this figure will be increased. And as this rises, the number of timespeople click on your website, from the search results will likewise rise. So this is the no of meters, peoplehave clicked on our website, from the google search results. Now if you want to see the search expressions, which your content is grading for, Just scroll down And now you can see the search termswhich parties are employing, to find your site. Now, if you want to see, how aparticular blog announce you wrote is doing on google, really click here. And then register the title of your berth And select it. Now if you click panorama data…You can be found in the impressions& sounds this individual post has come, on the google search results. So this is how you can know, Which content youve published, is ranking on google. And how many people are visitingyour locate, from that content. So thats it guys! This is how you can optimizeyour website for google And then make it appear onthe google search results. Now, if you choose a searchterm for which the opponents material is already very good. Then you might find it difficultto rank your locate, for those periods, In that case, you need to find, keywords which are easy to grade for If you want to search for low-grade challenger keywords For which you can easily graded for, you can watch this video.And If you want to see full roster of things you can do to improve your seo, You can download our seo checklistguide by snap now. And too make sure you subscribe to Website Learners to get more videos like this one Thanks for watching, I will see you in the next video. Take care Ba Bye.

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