How to transfer NFT to another wallet using Metamask wallet


Just how to move NFTs utilizing Metamask wallet. This.
jobs only with the mobile app. As you see on my account, I have three Biswap squid gamer NFTs.
in the NFT area. In order to move one of accounts and pick the account you wish to.
transfer to. The next action is to choose one of the players or one of the NFT, so I choose one.
NFT, click next, pay the gas costs as well as click send. so you can see NFT is currently gone from this.
account and also the purchase is complete.that ' s it.

now you can examine in one more account. you can change to the various other account. You won ' t see NFT by default so the option right here. is to click import NFT. to import NFT, you need to discover the id. To obtain the id you can most likely to transaction history or BSC check this. address as well as you can click ERC tokens so you can see the token that is. simply arrived and its id is 65280. and also you can click the agreement as well as copy the agreement. This procedure is really simple. thank you for watching!.

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