Introduction to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Hi Everyone, Today’s topic is preamble To SEO. So, What is SEO? SEO is Search Engine Optimization This is simply the process of obtaining website Visitors or traffic from free or organic hunting outcome In search engines like google or bing. SEO is a process of optimising online content so that A search engine likes to show it as a top upshot for Searches of a certain keyword. Now at its core, Search Engine optimisation Is about increasing your website visibility In the organic exploration upshot of major search engines. If SEO is done early and doing well. It can be the most Cost and season effective stagecoach of building your website. Now, further divulge this interpretation into simpler utterance First one is Quality of Traffic, how to get visitors through The non paid optimisation only direction is to have quality Traffic that is once you have the right people clicking through from Those locomotive arise pages.It can be further breakdown To the another point like Non Paid Medium For all The organic congestion or may be click there is no amount to be paid. Next one comes quantity of traffic Traffic improves automatically once the right people clicking through exploration Engine result pages. SEO is the magic you have to work On your commodities in order to make google very likely to include Your post as one of the top develop. Whenever Someone searches for that particular keyword. Generally the More often a website appear in the search result list The more pilgrim it will receive from the search engine users These guests can then be converted into patrons. Next comes Three core conners for visibility to get that visibility You must realise 3 core components and What Are those First one is content type What kind of content parties or users are searching Next is search engine. How any search engine use. Third could be optimisation how to properly Prompt and optimise your website So these 3 Basic core components are very important to get the visibility for your website.Will discuss these topics in more detail in upcoming lecture. Thank You for watching this video ..

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