Introduction to SEO (Search engine optimization) | Part 2


other some other factors if the site is a dot gov or speck edu these website have more weight to google and 202 some other search engines so if at some of those websites the linked to your website you’re going to gain usefulnes to Google but an important thing to know is that those relations have to target your keywords so you’ll you’ll sound a lot about about fasten verse and i’ll show you two examples here this is a anchor text so the secure verse this is a link right here and this ties-in fasten textbook is becoming a puzzle calm otter otter so let’s go back to a medicine acne fast and let’s go now on the essay and you see that a person that put up this article probably did did so to promote one of his website or product so you visualize he put up a link with our fasten text of already mere rectifies for acne stain so he was willing to to rank his website for this this particular special name of keywords so let’s click on this one so this is his website and let’s search for home relieves for acne pigment on google and by the way guys what I’m doing in our I didn’t rehearse it or anything so I’m picking up entirely random niches topics simply to show you a bit of how it manipulates all around so you assure I was hoping to find that this website now would rank well and the first results of Google but at what ranks well is a the same article here six tips-off to assist you antidote acne fast the reason why I thought it might rank well is because this article ear as some stature because a it’s a it’s well graded in Google and it has a link to another page so I judged maybe this other page would be a well placed in Google but they are a lot of factors to consider there’s so much parts and actually this this video succession is only scratching the surface and will soon jump into on sheet SEO where you’ll have more controller but before I I finish talking about off page SEO be aware that I’m creating as of right now a video course on tie construct and this is this will be the cornerstone cornerstone of your business so when you you build a website you choose your your niche by do a keyword research and not analyzing your race and I’ll put up a video track on how to do that also on the other website and then you build your website and then you do some on page SEO which I’m gonna justify a bit last-minute in the course today but the last part and the most important part is a link building so when I’m what I was a what I’ve been talking about up until now having associations from other websites drawn attention to your website and especially attaches coming from websites with a high page rank and sites that are older or sites that are that target a subject thats related to yours this is all going to be discussed in the link building course I’m building right now so check it out guys it’s a very important for your business now to on page SEO the other side of SEO because you have two ways to prove to google that or as other search engines that you are important and one of them is either content on your page the channel it’s set the other one like I told you is a other websites on the internet think about your website so if websites are connecting to your website in good crowds but on sheet SEO is basically telling the search engines what what your site is about so wanna one of the important factors and this is a like mandatory nearly is to have your keyword the keyword you choose to use in the title Anna merely just as a remembrance for parties just starting off you have to target a specified of keywords I can’t be emphasised that enough like you ensure me type a cure acne fast here the person that did this article knows very well that a lot of parties are searching for precisely those words heal acne fast every day so the way to to have parties come to your site is not putting up a website with a name like John’s John’s blog John’s blog on the health and fitness unless you want to rank for health and fitness but if you want to sell a product on the cure acne you have to choose a mount of keywords that are going to trigger a lot of researches but that are going to be accessible and be easy to to rank so not too much race but again watch my video on a keyword research for that so too oh come back to our main subject on page SEO what else are have your keywords a duet day in the sheet particularly in the h1 tag ederd editor one other level one you have to get your keywords in the in depth and the level one editor’s settled just one of them and put it at the beginning of the year content and then use level two writers or h2s and stage three editors for other less important content so the two major are h1s and h2s and if you don’t know what I’m talking about check out my video successions on HTML and CSS you know you’ll learn how to do those editors and if you’re working with the WordPress is a pretty easy and now before i continue exactly to let you know i’ll be putting up on page SEO checklist on the on this article on earn money on the internet org so don’t worry if you don’t remember everything i say today or if it looks a lot like it I’m talking about subjects and mixing things up the too much so okay the name mantle at the primary claim subtitles h2s I’ ve your keyword in your material so a lot of marketers will tell you to have a your keyword got a couple of terms in your content and this is called the keyword density and I contemplate a good density to F is between two percent and 4 percent and this meant that a let’s say let’s do four percent or no let’s do two percent and you have a hundred utterance essay may be on your main page well you want to have your keyword two times and if you took four percent you miss it four times and it’s not a it’s not a rule set in stone I seem how I look at your tournament and try to see what they do try to see what you’re the best ranking websites for your challenger does and if it has eight percent keyword density then go for eight percent and there are tools to check the keyword density check out my video on the quicks SEO tool and there’s a this is a quick stool there are some implements to check out the keyword concentration of a sheet and “ve been trying to” build your keyword fearles at least one once sorry Anna maybe underline it or make it a lick something like that merely to really prove the search engines what your website is all about and another important thing to have for on-page SEO so have your keyword in the first

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