Iraqi News Is Iraq Comfortable with IQD Status Why? Baghdad New Bank Accounts


Today’s video is short sweet and super, superimportant information this video form the foundation of why Iraq is so cozy with not revaluingor waft their currency but firstly yes it truly did snow in iraq during the pastweek the path ascertained this short video on MSN to let you know it was not a prank it snowedin Iraq and for the second time in 100 years it snowed in Baghdad various of you asked in thecomment division how Iraq is planning to build new institutions increase oil production and buildnew mills when the Iraqi dinar is worth so little the answer is oil revenue is paid inUS dollars the Iraqi government is taking US dollars and proliferating the country using iraqidenials, in fact, opec continues to price its oil in u.s dollars the entire oil industry is based onUS dollars Iraq’s oil revenue each month is in the billions of US dollars Iraq gave nearly $41.9 billion let me repeat that $ 41.9 billion US dollars The second.thing that you should knowas an iraqi dnr investor is more than 61 000 new savings account were opened at one of Baghdad’smost popular banks during 2021. the bank announced the number of members of accounts open to citizensin Baghdad totaling 61 298 savings accounts the bank continues to provide its services and openaccounts to citizens in dinars dollars and chosen deposits for those wanting to earn interestin accordance with the conditions and controls set by the bank does this mean investors can setup a bank account in dinars and deserve interest.

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