Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss on making The Matrix Awakens with Epic Games


i occasionally miss this version of us legendary video games made an interactive matrix experience to display its upcoming unbelievable engine 5 at this year'' s game awards we sat down with the two stars of the demo and also the matrix movies keanu reeves and carrie anne moss to chat about just how the innovation is blurring the line between what'' s genuine and online what to get out of the new matrix rebirths film as well as a great deal even more delay can you make use of unbelievable and pornography [Songs] hi i'' m thomas anderson so this interactive experience that you all fired it'' s extremely various from a whole lot of points that have been made before it'' s utilizing innovative modern technology i'' d love to recognize what was the procedure like of of making this the concept was first propositioned to us by lana right and afterwards it was recommendation to me doing this discussion using this brand-new technology from legendary and also that we would be doing a type of introduction to it right so what was that like doing that opening that she composed and afterwards additionally after that individuals put on'' t know if it ' s the genuine you or the fake you the idea of doing something such as this coming from the writer of the matrix and after that taking this technology and you understand marrying it and having a type of you recognize what ' s real what isn ' t genuine conversation and what can that be'as well as what may it transform right into as well as you understand here ' s sort of below with where we ' re at for this right and you ' re fully digital in this experience what is that like seeing like a totally electronic variation of yourself like that due to the fact that you ' ve done video games mass impacts like but seeing that is it'yeah due to the fact that it ' s interesting it ' s trippy to see myself that way keanu the more youthful variation of you they actually took video from the initial trilogy i think they discovered it in some safe somewhere as well as recreated it made it modern-day what was it like seeing like a younger variation of on your own like that yeah i suggest i type of have to take my very own type of like oh that doesn'' t look real or not genuine but however additionally just to see the more youthful variation of it'yeah it ' s trippy i need to claim simply watching it recently as well as seeing your face more from currently to then yeah i believe you'' re much more handsome now oh my god sorry i mean i know i i can'' t i don ' t desire to take it into that shallow place however i don ' t know if that is truthfully the suggestion of aesthetics and also elegance is not a shower your similarity can after that be made use of for various other things though which'' s the crazy concept of this right is that there could be electronic versions of you as a performer that can in theory be made use of in manner ins which are not you acting yeah no i mean i assume that'' s part of like what ' s actual unreal and also that ' s the architect that'' s the director of the product right marlon brando claimed that with the cock donner superman right so he was currently thinking about oh wow why you recognize this is my you already videoed me you already filmed you already placed in the computer so i suggest he was ahead of the video game as well like today you can have your digital ip like i recognize for me in movies i can'' t be electronically modified without approval and also i did this way back when yes you know you'' re kind of licensing in an odd means we ' re licensing our performances in a means too with modifying in the initial area right yet i hunch if you'' re developing it and like making that avatar after that do whatever you want however then you can do numerous projects continue you might simply stay at home you can just stay residence or perform at a more youthful age or do yeah when you'' re retired or whenever i suggest i assume that'' s the entire aspect of this type of world that'' s ending up being increasingly more real so you wouldn'' t require the real physical experience of making it it could just be performed in a computer system it'' s puppetry right'it ' s computer puppetry it'' s the guy you can be wherever you want to be it'' s fascinating what do you believe about like the post humorous facet of it like carrie fisher and star battles where potentially even after you'' re gone right like your likeness could be utilized have you believed regarding like you have that where you have to prove how your likeness is made use of yeah i mean i understand a pair of years back my agency i mean there'' s companies currently where they'' ll record your electronic self to develop electronic content and also you understand you can probably transfer your likeness to the estate right they'' re already doing that right as well as there'' s also an element of this where games and also movies are combining somewhat right and this experience obtains at that a little bit however i suggest with unbelievable i think component of what legendary is doing is that you can take items created for a movie and port them over to a video game utilizing the exact same objects as well as the other way around that'' s modern technology that they ' re developing so i mean what does that mean for say any type of motion picture where you can just make a game out of it and also it'' s the same ip it ' s the same things that you produced the motion picture yeah yeah i guess it'' s the plasticity of photos i don'' t understand it depends i mean'if we ' re talking from a capitalistic platform you know i assume it'' s always going to be portioned as well as i think it'' s always going to be offered so it'' s just more things to sell i suggest i'' m sorry more points to develop i ' m sorry a lot more points to offer however i suggest they ' re also bringing the tool to the to to the customer right so you know you could be able to produce your you ' ll have the ability to license possibly ips ideal so does the idea of like making a playable film is that engaging to either of you yeah i hunch so i mean i guess that'' s not the finishing i desired i wear'' t know you actually can take the tablet on your own right yeah i presume what i enjoy regarding making movies is the being together being entirely and that human component of it it'' s what i like concerning it that ' s what i constantly enjoyed about the matrix was that i constantly felt so also though individuals would certainly constantly assume that so much of it was green display therefore much of it was unique results as well as yet that wasn'' t my experience of doing it we did everything you recognize i seem like it'' s the very first time in a lengthy time that that the real life is practically ahead of our scientific research fiction i mean the entire concept of attempting to pursue like when can we make it photo genuine when can we deceive i indicate every one of the deep counterfeit you understand technologies that are happening wow yeah it hurts the mind no no however i indicate it'' s like it'' s it'' s it ' s virtually you recognize it ' s like we ' re it ' s the why right we can ' t we have to maintain the species needs to maintain developing the types is like oh i can do that let ' s keep mosting likely to do that you know and no person can predict the'future i wear'' t i put on ' t know i was'having dinner with a close friend ' s house this supervisor as well as he had some kids as well as there resembled a 13 years of age a 15 year old 17 years of age as well as the uh they hadn ' t seen the film the matrix therefore the director resembled well why don ' t you simply inform them what it ' s about so i start to claim well there'' s this man who ' s in a kind of virtual world and also he figures out that there ' s a real life and he ' s actually questioning what ' s real and not real as well as he truly'desires to understand what ' s genuine and the girl resembled why and also i resembled what do you suggest she was like that cares if it ' s genuine as well as i resembled but you don'' t you put on ' t treatment if it ' s real and she resembled no isn ' t that wild it'' s incredible you assume it ' s amazing i mean it ' s remarkable i suggest it ' s amazing i imply yes this idea of that you know so in a means what you as well as i are kind of mentioning is type of like a legacy feeling we'' re practically like oh you'' re older variations just allow it go i know i'' m the mom at the kitchen area table like discussing the possibility of like a digital world for my kids and also i'' m sobbing you know like that'' s exactly how it really feels for me however currently i just i put on ' t know simply type of like relaxing the table and also talking no no but you ' ll be able to kick back at your table as well as chatting as well as suppose it ' s not a real table what happens if i wear ' t understand oh you imperial or not well that ' s that ' s the various other question also which which is among the problems that we ' re being yeah faced by really swiftly a popular technology financier said something as soon as that really stuck with me he stated that for many people the online globe will be a lot more compelling than their reality so why would certainly you not band on a vr headset as well as have the ability to be with somebody across the globe at a digital casino site right oh yeah for certain i mean yeah definitely therefore like what do you what i put on'' t recognize what the globe appears like when we get there but we'' re arriving i imply it ' s occurring can we just not have metaverse resemble developed by facebook you'' re not a fan no yet just the principle of metaverse is like method older than it is old snow collision yeah it'' s like a means older therefore for that minute to reach i'' m much like come on male do you assume it ' s dystopian like the way the initial matrix kind of offered all this resembles sort of dystopian where technology was headed like do you assume the meta versus everyone'' s speaking about it now i imply yes due to the fact that it'' s you understand i mean it ' s additionally you know'it ' s content production it'' s great it ' s economic creation right cryptocurrency are either of you into cryptocurrency personally a friend of mine purchased some for me a while back so yet you sanctuary'' t done anything with it i sanctuary'' t had to it ' s simply sitting there appreciate it it'' s similar to it'' s probably good just it ' s simply it ' s they call that resort just to sit there with it it ' s called hodl when you simply don ' t touch your crypto even if it tanks a bit you huddle it yeah so you ' re gathering your equipment yeah i have a little opening um did you guys see the matrix nft point that they did for rebirths just a couple days ago they understand they made uh nfts for the brand-new motion picture and also there were like 100 000 of them and also the site damaged like in the first couple of hours since there mored than 300 000 people in the line trying to get these nfts for 50 and also so like when you consider the principle of electronic shortage as well as things that are you know they can'' t be duplicated that are conveniently replicated well however they'' re not the very same right it ' s not phony variation of you i wonder what are do we get a cut of that oh no i wear'' t in fact i put on ' t believe we ' re in them they possibly did various other individuals you need to take that up with the studio i know there was a leakage of the experience on like the playstation web server and also it obtained a great deal of focus that there was this matrix experience occurring that you people remained in and i was considering the reddit thread where it was published and also everybody was simply saying i want a matrix video game i desire a modern-day day you recognize reimagining of the matrix video clip well it'' s so it ' s ridiculous that there isn'' t one would certainly you do one if if they concerned you and also claimed'i indicate how i suggest aren ' t there smart people who run these business aren ' t they ' re meant like the fans actually desire it right so if they came to you as well as they claimed we'' re mosting likely to do it brother ' s just like where'' s the ball uh oh you imply the sphere you dropped 15 years earlier so you would do it if they pertained to you as well as claimed let'' s do it let ' s do a complete correct video game would you both do it yeah i mean we'' d have to review the manuscript i ' m sorry i need to read this i ' ll do whatever he does anyhow it ' s a very amazing time i would like to simply sort of talk a little regarding the brand-new motion picture and also hear um kind of what attracted you back to this famous franchise business a lot of years later on what was it that obtained you both was it just a phone call from lana was it that straightforward for me it was like simply like an instant indeed mm-hmm yeah it'' s lana rachelski yeah very same point entirely it was exciting the trailers make it appear like it'' s a very meta so there ' s a lot of self-referential stuff going on so it'' s uproarious it'' s amusing yeah and also it ' s it feels like a genuine experience you'go in like this total amount from the minute it'starts you ' re on this trip and also it ' s it ' s i i think it ' s truly enjoyable actually excellent romantique extremely romantic a whole lot of love excellent romance still some good old-fashioned matrix social cultural ideological discourse suggestions excellent action good action remarkable efficiencies yeah when you recall at like what the original matrix movies were saying about where tech was headed exactly how does the new motion picture kind of match is it is it looking in advance once again like years out is it you know like is it much more in the now is it addressing the questions i don'' t know i indicate i believe the movies have actually always been a kind of a tool that you could make use of like you obtained the matrix tool you recognize to consider the globe you stay in to think of the world itself i mean as well as what are the systems either of control or and after that even checking out what love is or you recognize just how we our community disobedience what do we defend taking a look at you recognize just how do you think of self and selfhood as well as free choice and selection and it offers you a method to think about things ideal and also to look at the world and also i assume rebirths is definitely a device that we can look at today and will possibly take us into tomorrow if you were to think back on the original matrix backstory as well as canon would it look any type of different with knowledge of like exactly how tech really transformed out in the year 2021 do you assume it was kind of place on with where we'' re headed or yeah when you claim tech do you imply the idea of a digital fact that is tantamount from fact yeah and also you understand computer systems that are approaching or exceeding really you understand human level intelligence right i indicate i believe also the trilogy enters artificial identification expert system and afterwards identity as well as also then type of was taking this concept of being i'' m mosting likely to utilize antiquated yet being electronic right into the genuine world into flesh and also i believe resurrections continues that technological principle of mobile phone and also identification for i'' ll simply call it expert system or programs which is type of what we'' re doing already when we'' re trying to have you know principles in programs as well as ethical controls and you understand the standard version of don'' t hurt the human mm-hmm google and also these big technology companies have ethicists right yeah electronic ethics aids would certainly either of you do like a virtual reality task especially as these headsets improve are you curious about that from like a storytelling perspective due to the fact that i liked your initial answer it depends upon the manuscript i presume right the story so most definitely recognize that i it'' s not that i i recognize that'i wear ' t recognize which ' s type of where i ' m living i presume today is being interested and additionally holding like well for my personal life like what i hold sacred you know which is the real yeah keanu what about you vr narration is it is it engaging to you um yeah yeah do you have a vr headset do you utilize it directly i do i wear'' t i understand that any virtual reality innovation that i ' m using is 5 years old as well as unsatisfactory i'' m sorry never used to be ineffective it'' s most likely now modernly named unsatisfactory yet uh there'' s a lot type of information collection devices that are in these experiences to assist make the product better [Giggling] being made use of for medication naturally these developments are essential and also great um do you play video clip games no no actually no also cyberpunk no i indicate i'' ve seen demonstrations but i'' ve never ever played it did you recognize that in cyberpunk there they were hacking a personality you were one of the most requested hack to make a personality that you might make love with be you be your character yes as well as it got to a point where the the video game developer said no you can'' t do this because we'' re not exactly sure if we have approval to do this however i imply now that i have you like what do you believe concerning that oh my god it'' s always good when it'' s good and you understand yeah it was love i on the other hand say no thank you to make sure that'' s sufficient thanks however keanu'' s acquiring with us consider just how much money is crucial right so you might not also have to exist as well as people might have digital sex with your digital avatar what'' s that what ' s it called now for participants just you might all do a whole thing oh my god and also after that you get the fit that'' s most likely made in sweden or some german point oh my god and afterwards you'' ve got the video i do not live to see this oh my god and afterwards they'' ve got the information on you with your like your arousal metrics oh my gosh i did not see this conversation right below so then you'' re in the fit with arousal metrics through your members only metaverse x god help us therefore after that you'' re like take whatever off and after that how do you feel concerning the connections you'' re in appropriate terrific what is real what is not appropriate yet after that you hold that genuine point and you'' re like oh i ' m so pleased we have reality you ' re gon na be begged as being like a primary creative policeman of some porn tech firm now oh my gosh he'' d be substantial um i ' ll be the ethicist or whatever well those are my concerns i indicate i feel like we covered a great deal of ground yeah i hope that wasn'' t also uncomfortable no not good thank you it was fun thank you thanks thank you the advertising individuals marketing i assumed we were intended to have overall imaginative control welcome to the matrix

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