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– It'' s simply a feline with a Pop-Tart on its back with a rainbow coming out of its butt. (laughs) – (React) So, do you think it'' s worth half a million dollars?- No. ♪ (spirited introductory )♪- Logan Paul. I see why he got one of these. He ' s sort of a no-brainer. Yet Snoop Dogg? No! Why would Snoop purchase that ?!-( guy )Why are these animation apes so costly?- (support )Now, to the newest fad that ' s sweeping the net.
– (support 2) … so-called NFT. – (anchor 3) They'' re currently marketing for HUGE bucks. – (anchor 4) $69 million.
– Oh my god. – “” Non-fungible token.””.
I don'' t recognize what the “word “fungible”” ways.
– NFT stands for “” non-figible token.”” – Non-tokenable something? (laughs).
– They'' re a little unusual, if you ask me.
– And this is where individuals obtain confused,.
however all non-fungible ways is that it'' s unique, distinctive,.
and also can not be interchanged.Yes, I do know that.

-( Amara )Let ' s utilize
the Mona Lisa as'an instance. As all of us recognize, the Mona Lisa. is an one-of-a-kind art item.
And visualize you have. the NFT Mona Lisa.
You have the digital deed. which reveals that you are the rightful proprietor. of this NFT Mona Lisa.
And also that digital action … -Okay.-( Amara) …
is understood. as a wise agreement. – (React) Is it making feeling?
– No. (laughs) – No. (snickers).
– (Amara) Which is why also if other individuals.
screenshot this, if other people attempt.
to right-click, save, at the end of the day,.
you are the just one that has this electronic deed. Which electronic deed gives you certificate to sell.
– You'' re the only one that possesses it,.
like no one else does.

– If you have a wise contract,.
that indicates you can market it. – So, it'' s just points. that are online.
– (React) Specifically.- Yeah.
– They ' re simply points. that are on-line that people are currently buying the civil liberties to.-( guy )Could you clarify NFTs to me, yet in a simple way?
'' Cause I don ' t get it. -( Gary) You play video clip games? – (male) Yes. -( Gary) Have you ever before purchased. skins or online points for your game?- (male) Yeah'. – (Gary) That ' s an NFT.-( React )Have you?- Yes. -I own skins on Minecraft.- That kind of 'connects to me ' cause I in fact play that game.
– You can purchase something online to characterize your character.
on Fortnite? – (React) NFTs,.
or non-fungible symbols, are primarily images. They can be GIFs, seems, essentially anything that lives.
or exists online that you can in fact purchase. So, it'' s kind of like art that you would see in a gallery,.
or as she said, like a Mona Lisa.Someone owns the Mona Lisa.- Okay.-( React )Someone owns the art. in a gallery. We can likewise take a look at it
,. yet they ' re only person
that owns'it. Which indicates that they can offer it.
– Okay. So, I comprehend. – If you own the Mona Lisa,.
everybody can take pictures of it, yet you'' re still the owner of it.
– (React) These photos of apes are component of a collection of NFTs.
called the Bored Ape Luxury Yacht Club. – Okay. Yes.
– (React) Mm-hmm. Now, these are some.
of one of the most costly Bored Apes that you can purchase. So, look at exactly how much these expense. This set prices $44 million.
– If I could pass out on hint, I would have.
– It'' s like a rip-off simply to possess it when you could. just take a photo of
it.'-( React) So, these ones,.
you ' ll notification, are a little bit less costly. than the other ones. -( doubtful) Uh-huh,'very affordable. That ' s outrageous.( laughs )-( React) Why do you believe. some of these apes are more expensive than others?
– Often, individuals bill individuals for exactly how much time it takes. So, possibly this set didn'' t take as much time to shade,.

draw, or paint.- Perhaps it was drawn. by a renowned artist?- Due to the fact that they ' re one of a kind.
– I ' m gon na have to go. with individuals are stupid.
-( React )Some of the individuals. that have Bored Apes are Justin Bieber, KSI, DJ Khaled, Logan Paul,.
Snoop Dogg, and also many even more renowned people possess these.
– Snoop Dogg. – (React) Why do you assume.
that these well-known people are buying these monkeys?
– To offer them and get more cash? (laughes).
( polite applause) – Every one of them.
are extremely abundant stars, so they can get them.
– They are a lot more understood. If they both something like that,.
they'' ll obtain a lot of focus. – (Jack) When you have an ape,.
it'' s your ticket into the Exclusive Luxury Yacht Club.
as well as grants you member-only benefits. – Oh.
– (Jack) You can join their exclusive group chat,.
get access to a mutant version of your ape that'' s worth. tens of hundreds of bucks. And also certainly, you get a welcome. to Affect Week …- Oh.- (Jack )… which is a week-long event that has an event on, you thought it …
– I desire in.

– (Jack) … a luxury yacht.
– You obtain a private yacht? Or you get on a private yacht?
– (React) You reach go to an event on a yacht.
– I might possibly simply purchase that yacht with the quantity I acquired the ape for.
– I see why Snoop Dogg acquired one. – I don'' t assume
it ' s worth it.- Eh. I would love to possess a yack, however still unworthy
it.- That ' s a great deal of cash for just a photo and some.
group chats as well as to go on a private yacht. – (React) Still ineffective? You still wouldn'' t–. – You simply take place a cruise ship. – (React )Yeah, just go. on a cruise ship,'right ?!
– As well as I can ensure you that ' s over.

10 times cheaper than this. -( React) All right, so like I stated,. a lot of people are getting involved in acquiring these NFTs,.
however it'' s in fact not simply for grownups or for abundant, popular people. There are in fact children like you that are making a lot of cash.
marketing NFTs. – That'' s insane.-( narrator )This 12-year-old made $4 million marketing NFTs.
– (laughs) – (React) Just how old are you?
– 12. – So, I could literally just attract.
an image and offer it for a million bucks? That looks like easy cash. – (storyteller) She made a collection.
called the Lengthy Neckie Ladies. She had the ability to offer.
concerning 962 Ethereum. 962 Ethereum has to do with $4 million. – So, you get it with Ethereum, and also then later,.
you convert that right into money. – Making a million dollars.
for attracting. – (React) Do you believe.
that you could do something like that? – No. I put on'' t think it would be. sufficient for people to purchase for that much money. (laughes).
– I'' m not really excellent with computer illustration,.
just so you recognize. Possibly I'' ll just upload.
my photo onto the computer. – (React) And also market it? – She'' s 12 years old.
with $4 million. I would certainly get a castle.
in Scotland.

( snickers) – (React) All right, so since you.
kind of recognize NFTs a bit, let'' s have a look.
at what other NFTs are out there. – Christie. – Audio kind of like.
a Picture Dragons tune. – Spacey.
– You step inside, and also you begin strolling? Well, no, that'' s not a genuine individual.- It resembles a robotic. astronaut thingy cartoon. (laughes) – (React) So, this is.
a video sculpture item, as well as it'' s by one. of the most famous NFT musicians. – Who?
– (React) His name is Beeple. – Beeple.
– (React) Mm-hmm. – I such as that name.
– (React) So, that video cost $29 million.
– Claim what now? (laughes) – It looks great. But I might essentially simply see it.I don'' t demand to get
it.- Oh yes, I'' ve seen these ones. My sibling has it.
– Oh, that'' s pixel art. – He resembles an ape.
– It'' s like a zombie or something.- That looks like I could.
make that in two seconds. – (React) So, this'' s. from the CryptoPunk collection. -Yeah, I'' ve read about it.
– The CryptoPunk collection. Okay. – $11.8 million?
– Whoa. I can essentially pay for university.
– That in their ideal mind would certainly like that ?!
– Woman Gaga? (laughs) – That is the creepiest point.
I'' ve ever before seen.

– Wha– it'' s just–.-( React )It ' s just a GIF.
So, that a person is called. the Right-Click as well as Save As Man.- Right-Click and also Save.
– (React) This little joke sold for $7 million.
– It'' s unfair because primarily,.
you require to acquire NFTs to in fact own '' em.- I'wear ' t assume I ' ll ever purchase that in my whole life. – Ah!-( React )Do you recognize that man?
– His name is– he'' s from a show.- Residence … Homer Pepe?- Homer Simpson turning right into a frog. (laughes).
I think I'' ve seen him in the past. – A Pokemon or a Magic card.
– A Homer Pepe Pokemon NFT. – (React) Precisely, yes! That'' s what this is! ♪ Nyan nyan nyan nyan ♪. ♪ Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan ♪- Wait, that'' s an NFT? – I saw this.- That ' s the Nyan
Feline!- Why would individuals desire that? – (React) I put on'' t recognize,. however someone paid almost half a million dollars.
for that, for Nyan Pet cat.

– Year of Farts,.
Master Collection. – “” One fiscal year.
of recorded farts.”” Hm?
– I'' m thankful I can ' t hear anything. Oh, god. No–.
– (fart noise) – No! No! NOOOOO! (laughs).
– (chuckling silently) – (fart sounds).
– (chuckles) – No! Just how long does this go on for? – (React) A group of pals.
offer their taped farts as NFTs.
– (snickers) – These people are crazy nowadays!
– That'' s gon na be the brand-new Rick roll. That'' s gon na be the brand-new Rick roll.
– (React) So, Austin, do you believe that NFTs.
are a good idea? – No. They'' re simply a little–.
sort of a rip-off? – Several of them are good. Several of them are bad. A few of '' em,. a great deal of people have, as well as you don ' t really. want those.
The other among those. are extremely fabulous and very few individuals have,.
so you want those too. – You feel much more proud.
if you own a photo that you made,.
not someone else'' s picture.Unless it ' s so beneficial,.
lost from history! Other than that,.
I wouldn'' t treatment. – Thanks for enjoying.
this episode of Kids React. – Subscribe to our network.
for new videos. – Would certainly you acquire any.
of these NFTs? Allow us know in the comments.
– Bye. – Bye! Yes.
– (React) Okay, why? – '' Reason you obtain to go on a private yacht.
and obtain welcomed to the Ape Club and obtain invited to Ape Week! Therefore several reasons!.

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