Large Hydroponic NFT System, Drilling 2″ Holes, Cleaning Channels, Installing Fittings & Tank


foreign good morning everyone this is ranger roband welcome to the ranger rob country living ah today uh we definitely got a lot built on thenew nft organisation i also wanted to show a new high intensity sunrise that i put on the experimentalraft and i reloaded the raft with lettuce and this is its first day and uh i thinkthese bushes really like the brand-new flare so pretty happy about that but the big newsis actually what’s in the new large-scale garden uh almost have the brand-new nft structure done andlet’s go take a look well we got pretty fine a new nft method this one’s a uh three lineuh actually 20 paws longer than the one we did before and uh it’s going to have its tankoutside of the anchor because it’s a lot higher and i don’t want to spend any more inpipe and uh it’s kind of a look at it now today we got to drill holes in it and uhdo some final plumbing framed the cistern on it um figure out how we’re gonna pump my ocean to thefront and uh clean out the pipings after i drill it and uh might have the system up todayif not tomorrow so yeah pretty cool huh so i can’t wait to see this babe going some ofthe uh butter crunch that i stretched in the little experimental fold is now installed in the uh firstnft structure so yeah it’s uh kind of interesting to watch one of the first things i do every morningnow in the uh greenhouse is come out and open up uh the windows and turn on the love and get the airmoving in here uh it’s already 99 severities in here so we need to fix that and i gotta open up theback window back here get the fan working and uh save these poverty-stricken weeds for cause it’s hot allright there we got the windows open get the air circulating in now and uh i should have beenin now a little bit earlier but kind of slept in so before i uh go much far in this video iwant to first of all make a comment about observes a friend of mine jack i think he’s inthe australia sphere or something like i’m not sure anyway i tried to leave a commentand it was deleted by you uh youtube but at first he thought it was me and it’s like first of allfolks never be afraid to comment on our path even if it’s negative as long as it’s professionalwe want your comments and ideas and solutions and we are to be able never delete anybody’s observe justbecause of something that might not be positive jack’s uh observations are always positivehe likes to tease us and uh i love a good pester i’m old school and desire thatkind of stuff as long as i can tantalize back and uh so i’m sorry you had some problems withyour observations jack anybody else please don’t hesitate to leave observes we are not we don’twe’re not judging beings we try our best to be uh open-minded and we can take positive feedback goodor bad so regardless if anything in the comments below make sure and just say hello and tell us whatyou’re up to or what you like or dislike about the path or ask things you might see that idon’t talk about and you have questions about let me know in the comments i don’t know unlessyou tell me so anyway that’s all i gotta say about commentaries but satisfy take the time and sayhello we really appreciate it how are you doing so i likewise want to do an update on the dogs soit’s getting time where cinder my chocolate laboratory is going in for uh her booster shots todayand really kind of be checked she’s getting she’s like approximately nine years old showing acouple oafs on her honor but more like uh commonly when older hounds get a lot of fat contentum uh hopefully we have nothing to worry about she’s very very healthy and very active dog uhbut she is getting up in senility so she’s gonna get her shots today and then bell right here next weekshe’s get scooped so she’s getting scooped she’s gonna get a microchip and she’s going to get hershots and she’s gonna have her tacks done because her claws are truly long and they’re reallyhard to maintain we’ve been trying to take care of them too and uh have her have herears checked um she’s always got itchy ears and german shepherds it’s all about theears as i’ve said so uh yeah various kinds of big-hearted large-hearted epoch for cinder today and a big day big weekshe’ll be in and out in the same day but poverty-stricken buzzer will be uh probably out of commission fora couple of days to try to make sure she doesn’t hurt her seams so yeah that’s gonna be hard allright people a little later in the day i’m gonna do my two inch depressions on our organisation right here uhyesterday we valued our defects approximately a hoof and a half apart on this system whereit’s a little bigger over here on the aged system and not all of them accurately 18 inchesbecause we had to compensate for being close to couplers and things like that so anywaya little closer system now but not that is something that i’m making sure we’re leaving lots of room forgrowing and basically uh trying to get these flaws directly it’s kind of hard sometimes uh but anywaywe’ll time generate it our best shot and get this done all right guys we got all the holes taught forthis thing next thing i have to do is take a file and shave off all these little pieces now andthen after that we flush out the uh the hose of the piping get all the fragments out of there and andthere’s clay in there too and uh blush them out really good and then we gotta start thinking aboutplumbing so uh yeah we’re getting there so the knockoff uh all the leftovers from the drillingi consume a little round file come around here that pretty much does it and uh just got 50 some curious loopholes to do now well i got all the uh punctures cleaned up and uh got all the shavingsall through the hoses now so the next thing we’re gonna have to do is uh take a hose and startrinsing out these hoses and get them cleaned up and uh after that then we can start thinking aboutplumbing and setting up the cistern but there you go getting there all right guysso i need to turn on the liquid and the age-old hose that that’s been herefor years it’s finally starting to leak and divulge punctures in and material so i i havebought in a whole assortment of uh new hoses and only been waiting to install them so i’mhaving a hard time getting it went back up the style the age-old one was but over occasion i’ll get itbut uh yeah so we got the got a new hose lastly so uh let’s go empty some pipings out okay ofcourse the afternoon hurricane is kicking in but we got a hose now we’ll be going down eachhole of these blowing out the inside cleansing out the tubes the best we can before we get thesystem up and running and sorry about the wind guys we got that campaign all done uh yeah so everything’s cleaned out the best we cannext thing is starting to set up water system all right people so i got my uh pipe all reeled outit’s a half inch and uh i’m gonna assure it down with uh these various kinds of fastens however these don’t cinch down as tight as i like so i’mgonna gave a little rock wall uh spacing inside these because i really need this to hold stillwhen i string it out so yeah let’s get that done okay chaps it’s getting time to applied the tankin i don’t think i’m putting it in the foot and we also got some fittings in now that uh weneed to uh install at the end and measure out the holes for the top of the roof of this lid and uhgo from there okay so uh that’s what i got still further uh i have a little problem though about thewrong 90 stages there’s no coupler at this end so uh i’m not sure how i’m gonna deal withthat we’ll ensure well i just got back from uh animal clinic with cinder she checked out reallygood she had to get some more pro ing and she had to do one of her booster shots so she’s set to gouh talk to sherry and she’s gonna get me three brand-new 90 severity uh fittings uh because she kind of filedaway my paperwork on the ones that aren’t right and we’ll take those in on another day so uh we’rekind of done on it’s kind of breezy sorry it’s central oregon people so uh we’re gonna gointo the greenhouse go check and see if i got any more plants ready to go into thenft system and uh vanish from there well we’re in the greenhouse right now merely checking lookslike we’re obstruct it about 90 grades in here uh to keep a full fan is moving forward here keep the airmoving so uh moderately glad with that i used do have some little plants now that i’mworking on some beans peas and uh some spinach that when their springs arelong enough i’ll gave them in the nft so i’m gonna check and see if i got anything rightnow all right this is between wind outbursts out here but i did find a cucumber flora in the uh floatingwraps that qualifies to come out here to the nft and uh so i’ve got this whole nft filled upfor now when this is running some of these will move over uh to handle the smaller floras becausereally everything that needs uh a trellis is gonna go over there so regardless guys everything looksreally good a little held up on uh some plumbing so probably by tomorrow we’ll have this up andrunning uh so we’re gonna wrap it up right there so uh i hope everybody’s having a great period hopeyou’re savor the word nft organisation we’re doing uh everything in the greenhouse is lookinggood today so uh pretty happy so uh delight take the time to like subscribe and shareour videos all over it actually will help and please like i said in the beginning ofthe video take the time to say hello and in the comments and make us know what you’re doingthings you like us to talk about things that damned gale and things you might see in our yardthat you want to ask questions about and i just keep forgetting to talk about them uh let me knowso guys have a great day be safe we’ll talk to you last-minute bye our videos are made possible by rangerrob poopy handbags available at amazon right now thank you very much for watching ourvideo delight take the time to like subscribe and share our videosall over the whole wide world thanks you

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