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I have represented about 3500 law conglomerates in my vocation I’ve been in this business since 1998 I have worked with seven of the ten contributing law soil websites out there that are garnering four hundred to four million peculiars every single month so I actually understand better how to get traffic and I understand better how to proselytize that into business for principle houses been doing that for a long long time so today we’re going to talk about some of the illusions that are out there that are going to cost you a ton of money and it’s going to garbage a ton of your time so we’re going to cut through all that and get right to the heart of the matter first question that we get a lot of is hey


I have a new land I want how long is it gonna take me to get on the internet well or on the search engines well I’m going to tell you right here right now if somebody truly knows what they’re doing it doesn’t give long at all in fact i’m going to show you which is something we bought a land 78 days ago and a site is already ranking on the top of the search engines on both google and yahoo and it’s very competitive key quotations don’t be fooled by the search engine chaps that talk about hey


I can get you number one for Florida DUI attorney who is bald-headed and whereas a mustache they’ll give you some genuinely long crazy key phrases that you’ll show up for we’re talking about three utterances we’re talking about tens of millions of pages to compete with so with no further ado let’s get on with this so we created a website called ordinance conglomerate sections tranquilize okay it’s free ad for attorneys is a great site i promote you to visit the website become a member it’s free we don’t spam you we’re trying to get back to the whole mode of opera and


I for the internet which is to create beneficial material for parties to help people and help attorneys obviously market themselves as well completely free visit the website there’s the push but here’s the website a few weeks in marry daytimes old-fashioned and let’s go to go daddy so I can demonstrate that to you because it’s perfectly fine for me to sit here represent assertions but I need to be able to bag up so what the hell is did was we came here to GoDaddy about a week or so ago and we cross-file a region announced law firm commodities couldn’t believe it was available but it was clicked on get info so

we can see who the registrant message is and as “youre seeing” there we are lawyer success com we registered on on the twenty-sixth of january two thousand ten law conglomerate articles com we are therefore registered this just a few days ago okay go to CNN it’s time stamp this let’s come this all squared way out here as you can see today is Friday februari fifth 2010 okay so we were taking them Google to my house essays brand new domain 51 million sheets is that competitive I would say that’s a jolly competitive key quotation so let’s see where we rank the first sheet of Google we scroll down poop there we are we’re digit six click on it there we are beautiful okay now some people may say well that’s a stroke James that exactly never happens well let’s see if it’s a stroke would we imagine that the two top extending search engines with I the same result I would think not so let me get here principle house articles on yahoo we’re number two out of 93 million search results so let’s click on that spurt there we are so the sites great it we teach you how to submit articles

“were having” this blaring of course frequently asked questions to help you website analytics actually we have some press release stuff on here yeah we really propelled the place on the twenty-seventh so we give you writing tips different sorts of good information to help you we have one press release that was picked up yesterday but that’s mostly at this website has no pages it only has one page indexed in Google let’s look at that two beings tell you oh you need a lot of content that’s true to maintain position here’s google 85 million sheets indexed on google so i just want to show you that this shows you actually


how many pages are indexed so principle conglomerate commodities sorry we have one page one sheet on the site on google we have a brand new web domain that’s only a handful of daylights aged and what else no sheet rank so I think we’ve mystified some of these things that you’re being told by SEO beings that you need that are really really to get more fund from you I wanted to provide this information to help you out that’s the basis propositions of our business and why we’ve been successful is we do care and we want our clients to be happy and successful we’ve maintained ninety-eight percentage of our business since


we’ve been doing this as a company since 2003 and that speaks capacity because in advertising that’s just a ridiculously high number and we’re really proud of that and we’re very particular about who we work with but we can help you and we can help you in the districts of network designing search engine optimization we volunteer a fee per guide platform and only call give us a summon


we’ll be happy to help you and talk to you will be happy to look at your website at no costs to you induce some recommendations that either you can take to your web makes or your in-house beings or you could hire us to assist you there so I precisely wish to thank you for coming by I hope this will help you in your rehearsal hope this helps you to avoid falling into some of the same traps that others have fallen into and have lost lots of money and consumed a lot of valuable go so take care to demonstrate us a request we’d love to hear from you you

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