Local SEO Ranking Factors 2021 How I Am Ranking #1


okay so we’re gonna dive into regional seo rankingfactors for 2021. we recently simply had a google core algorithm update really in december itfinally has rectified so we can actually see what is now going to be working moving forwardwhat sites are on page one what sites are not any longer i’m actually going to show someof my areas my neighbourhood websites my client studies some of these locates who are currently are ranking numberone some are still on first page and some of them that fell out of and why i believe they fell off sowe’ll actually dissect some of those locates and go over the key position factors that i think areplaying the one of the purposes of what does them grade and why some fell off i’ll share my screen and we’ll diveinto that and there’s plenty of seo dispute studies now coming in a lot of people that i’m connectedwith and i’m going to keep this very neighbourhood because this affected undoubtedly not only local websitesbut unquestionably changed affiliate websites and bigger ecom websites as well but we’re goingto really stick to local seo grading ingredients in this video and undermine some things down rightover the shoulder if you did want me to jump into affiliate places and how seo is playing a rolein that and on “the worlds biggest” locates clearly merely mention down below and if there’s enoughinterest i can make a video on that as well i’m also going to leave a regional seo checklist downbelow in the description it’s a free checklist you’ll encounter me actually abusing this checklist asi look over some of the places that i’m sharing i’ll have this checklist up it’s just a basicoverview checklist where i could just go and look at my on sheet and my off page and the thingsthat i think are the key factors so that i can make sure that these things are done and they’redone correctly and some of these things that we’re going to be going over and i throw in a checklistare the key components to the ranking ingredients when it is necessary to neighbourhood seo which is your on pageyour deed your leadings your portraits your section duration your internal connect how much material doesyour website have all that on-page good nonsense and then of course the off-page seo which include yourbacklinks your transaction that is consistently coming in and abiding engaged the authority and therelevancy of the backlinks that you are getting and we’re going to dive into some tools and lookat this type of stuff and likewise the overall age jurisdiction and relevancy of your actual websitewhich comedies a huge part i’m going to dive in now and share some of these case studies and thesewebsites right over the shoulder but before i do that if you’re brand-new to my channel i’m james cook imake business seminars i too talk about online business from experience and personal developmentif you like that type of content surely sounds the agree button now click that bell iconso you don’t miss any of my weekly videos now we’re going to dive in and share my screen okay soi’m over in incognito procedure and i’m just going to go over to google and one of the regional websites weare going to look at is lubbock roofing contractor now right here number one in the maps is usand then also number 1 in the search results right here is us so i’m not going to click onthe site more i just want to show you this now you’ll notice that the domain name lubbockroofing contractor.com is what we name the domain and what we name the business now ibelieve that that always gives you power having an exact match domain which is the keyword inthe domain and then too incomplete coincide provinces also give you some strength as well but definitelyhaving the keyword in the domain now what i mean by that is you can see the keyword lubbock roofingcontractor we have lubbockroofingcontractor.com if this was announced bobthebuilder.com that wouldhave no keyword in there yes it’s relevant because you’re a make but not at the keyword position soi always love to get the keyword domains but yes you can still rank without a keyword and we’ll goover that as well but keyword and domain from my experience is very very powerful it’s how we builda lot of our neighbourhood locates whether it’s produce gen or whether you’re doing it for even a consumer a lotof the times they’re willing to invest in other domain names simply because they want to powerup their business and get more and more leads from as many disciplines and websites because they can soyou see this keyword adore it proven contractor number 1 we’re gonna click on the website andhere it is now a couple things i’m gonna noted as we go through this is some key things thatare very important and i’m gonna pull up actually my seo checklist right now let me just pullthat up real quick so here is the seo local checklist and i will share this down below in thedescription so you can actually get your hands on this real quick and simply a basic synopsi of thethings that “i m looking at” when i’m just analyzing a site make-up sure when we’re building it that we’rehaving these key things and ingredients built in okay so now that i have this open and we’re going tostart with on-page optimization keyword research create keyword target inventory so i created a keywordtarget roster for this site and we’ll actually look at that real quick as well i’m not going to dothat for every locate but i do want to exactly establish you in case you’re a newbie of kind of what welook at and what we go through when we’re doing keyword research so here’s some keywords you youcould see that we positioned some keywords here for this company and again certainly the main oneis going to be lubbock roofing contractor and then a entire cluster that we gather around therethat we can see people are scouring and then also that we gues people would scour time naturallylike roofing busines lubbock roofing contractors lubbock roofing firms lubbock you are well aware andthe roster goes on lubbock roof reparations and one of the main things that we do to actually improve thislist of keywords and usually sometimes more we’ll make a spreadsheet with actually the search volumenext to them and by rummage loudnes we use keywords everywhere and we allow that to show us somesearch volume we also use sem race and you’ll insure me use these implements but firstly i’m going to show youkeywords everywhere real quick and how that works so roofing companionship lubbock it says that this gets3 90 pursuings a month and let’s see where we are in this list let’s see if we’re on page one for thisvariation it doesn’t look like we are so it looks like we can improve there because that’s actuallya big term and we’re right here on page two now let’s go back up though and put in lubbockroofing contractor because remember that’s our main term lubbock roofing contractor and let’ssee what keywords everywhere says now keywords everywhere you can see right here here’s thevolume 50 examinations per month it’s saying and then it gives me some related keywords and thisis how we’re building that schedule of keywords we’re using keywords everywhere which is a browserextension for chrome and it causes us a locate around probe magnitude and it’s not a hundredpercent accurate no tools truly are but i just like to see some hunting capacity it allows usto find our keywords that we’re going for and look at search volume so desire it roofing contractor isone of our main terms and also what i like to do is i like to merely start typing in some of ourterms and see what google shows so they’re suggesting lubbock roofing corporations so i’ll golook at that and construe okay 390 people pursuing that these are all expressions that i are truly improvethis site on because we’re not on page one hitherto for them and you start to see as we type in all ofthese different terms and i’m letting it show uh lubbock roofing contractors which is differentthan lubbock roofing contractor roofing lubbock tx this is another one let’s see how many people aretyping this in 260 a month so we start to see okay these people are typing in these keywords andwe want to pop up for them okay and locally this site was really moved up tremendouslyeven through the new revise this site is doing okay there is definitely keywords we canimprove on but you notice that our main keyword which is lubbock roofing contractorso we got lubbock roofing contractor “we ii” stapled at the top in the delineates and alsonumber one now why do i believe we are there number one certainly we have the emd the exactmatch province yes but even if you go and buy the exact match domain if you don’t get the other keyelements right on page and off sheet you can still not punched page one so let’s go back over to thissite so that we can look at it and then analyze it and look at the seo checklist okay so here’sthe seo checklist i demo you that we did some keyword research we articulated a directory of keywords welook for keywords that are getting any inquiry capacity at all and too time by allow googlesuggest keywords we believe that that’s google saying beings also search these keywords and we’dlike to set those in our index as well and we constructed a big list we articulated it together and this practice weknow what we want to optimize our substance around and it just devotes us a wide-reaching hypothesi of what we’relooking at so now that so now that we know our keyword target directory we want to make sure that ourpages are optimized accurately and our home page if we go over to lubbock proof and contractor youcan see right now our entitlement if i levitate over here our claim is lubbock roofing contractors roofersin lubbock tx so we’re really going after number one lubbock roofing contractor lubbock roofingcontractors roofers and lubbocks and tx to stanford texas so that’s really the the prime termswe’re going for and we’re allowing google to know because we introduced that in our title “its one” of themost important things when you’re doing on page is that your deed is optimized for the keywordfor that sheet okay so if we want this sheet to grade for lubbock roofing contractor it’s very importantthat we optimize the deed with that keyword and any deviations that we can squeeze in there wedon’t want to go over on the claim we just want to make it so that we are optimized for those termsnow i’ll also come over here and demonstrate you that our h1 our chief our first start also hasthe keyword in their best roofing contractor in lubbock and that again is from our keywordlist it’s a different modification and as i scroll down you’re too going to notice that i havean optimized youtube video around the keywords i too have images now and then i likewise have anice article and that answers questions you know if beings are looking for a roofer in this areawe’re telling them how to find a reliable roofer we go over different things maybe cost of a rooferright and we are using different variants of the terms throughout our leads we have a nice imagethat is optimized specifically i’m vacillate over that you determine roofing contractors in love of texasso again we are completely optimized on this sheet with portraits we have our map in bed and this site’sdoing very well not only is my on sheet very strong with my designations my starts my clause my imagesand again we’re looking over this claim optimized we got that my origins my h1s my h2s my h3s myh4s they’ re optimized with various deviations we got that portraits optimized along with our textbook yeswe have a nice article on there that’s optimized our meta description it is optimized i gave thata little bit lower on the roll because i still believe you can rank without that but i stilllike to optimize that and the meta description is just when you are in the search resultslike this here is our meta description i’ll foreground it so i like to optimize that as wellif it says statements the hell is enticing it can also force a click so that not only do they see youif they speak that little meta description they click on it but i like to optimize it as well sowe’ll go back to the site back to the checklist so that’s optimized a schema markup i’m notgoing to go into what schema markup is but yes “were having” our neighbourhood schema markup you couldjust look that up exactly what it is if you’re unfamiliar but schema markup we are happy to putour regional schema markup on our neighbourhood websites and then we want to make sure that a site mapwas created and the robots.txt i make yoast do this and my squad does this with yoast we use yoastwhich is a plug-in for wordpress i have another video i believe on yoast i can leave thatdown below if you’re unaware of that and if you use wordpress and you don’t consume yoastit’s definitely something you should check out yoast is great and then internal associate so let’sjust go over internal connect what i mean by that so we went over that my deed is optimized myheadings my clause my epitomes i even have an optimized video which i believe just only helpsbut if i come over to services and you’ll notice i have service sheets so i’m just going to clickon this service sheet right here which is optimized for lubbock roof mends and reveal detectionnow in our keyword list as we were doing more experiment we also noticed people also look forroof mends in lubbock lubbock roof amends lubbock roof mend contractor lubbock roof repairleak spotting all these different keywords around lubbock roof amend which is separate from lubbockroofing contractor so we created a separate page but which is something we did on that page is we constructed sure thatwe optimized it altogether again looking at the local seo checklist is not merely did we optimize thiscompletely but we likewise did some internal link we’ll relate out to either sovereignty websites or ourown home page right here you can see roof repair services in lubbock we are relation back over toour home page we’re doing internal link which cures fuel up the home page and you’ll alsonotice something that’s very important that i believe toy a big role is the url you notice theurl actually says roof amends and seep spotting now one thing i do want to bring up right now ifmy domain was not lubbock roofing contractor.com say it was bob thebuilder.com i would actuallyhave made this url right here say lubbock roof amends and spill observation i would have added theword lubbock in there now i feel i don’t have to add the word lubbock in there because my domainactually has lupic in there so i gain a lot of ability from that and another thing i want to justpoint out real quickly on this place why i think it’s position for the central periods why i think it’son page two for a lot of terms and pushing forward why i believe i could cross over as we buildmore backlinks and authority to these pages and to the home page is because the age of thedomain and i believe that the age of the domain emphatically is playing a big part in the newalgorithm revise i believe an old domain with good arbiter and related connects is key right now andi’m seeing it across the board where there’s a lot of brand-new locates emds extremely that are not rankingas well not saying that exact match domains are dead they’re not they’re actually still reallygreat to use but you just can’t shed it up and think you’re going to rank just because you havean emd anymore it’s going to take more and more power and they started adjusting this a few yearsago but now i believe they really require you to start building trust and it’s going to make sometime and have some patience but you are able to get there if you’re doing these things precisely i’m justgoing to open up one other implement real quick this is called who is domain tools and we’re just goingto throw in lubbock roofing contractor real quick in here and i want to show you this becausei believe age is definitely playing a key role and being truly amply related optimizedwith unique material is obviously key as well but you’ll notice here right here dates createdthis was created in 2016. We are now at 2021. we’re actually over four years on this domainwhich is a good amount of age and not only that that it’s age it’s actually the key word in thedomain so i believe those two things are really really powerful so deter that in attention you’ll view alot of people talk about that’s why they buy aged lands and they’ll start their affiliate places onthere or they’ll commencing their regional locates on there and you can do that but again you have to reallyknow what you’re doing if you’re buying an age domain from like auctioneer or expired because theyhave to have relevancy to what you’re building on that okay you used to be able to get away withother stuff and we’re not going to get into that but right now just know if you are going to try tobuy something from an auction or expired that was used and has age and has some permission relevancyi believe is key and now what we’re going to go do is look at the off page optimization which isquality related backlinks and we typically operate a competitive analysis with semrush and i’m going toopen that up which is a tool if you download this pdf the sem surge you can download yes it is myaffiliate link i do get a small commission if you go through there you don’t have to go throughthere we do appreciate everything that comes from this direct so if you go through that weget a small commission but that’s semrush you’re going to see me use that also we abuse ahrefsas well we’re going to talk about backlinks though and the off sheet nonsense like citationssocial profiles press releases guest post and just any contextual backlinks that arerelevant that’s the biggest thing is relevant and then likewise tiered associating relate that pointto those backlinks that point to your locate that are really powering it up and i know if you’re anewbie this might go over your heading a little bit again you can pause rewind and likewise searchsome of the terminology used that i’m saying but this is the terminology that needs to be usedespecially when we’re looking at sites that are already developed in a local marketplace that haveauthority and senility and have some of this substance going on this space we can dissect it and then ialso repute involvement and traffic is playing a huge part it’s definitely a key element did makea video talking about ctr manipulation testing it out and nonsense and i actually did research it out withlubbock doing a duet different things and i believe it only cures ctr manipulation is whenyou’re able to send transaction through the search engines to your site so beings are actually goingand clicking on your site and standing on your website i believe that google has that built intothe algorithm a little bit do you emphatically need that no we can rank without that but ofcourse what comes when you rank traffic certainly clears feel to have it and regardless if you startranking especially for competitive periods you’re going to be getting commerce to your site it’s justabout propping them onto your area to be maintained there and then also there’s technical seo whichis the page rush and health you can actually just go over to google and nature in google sheet speedand you’ll see that this url will pop up you can also get it if you have this pdf downloaded andyou can click on it and you can run your website in there and check the rapidity and also if you havegoogle search console which you certainly should have connected it’s one of the things on thelist right here connect google search console and google analytics you just want to make surethat your locate is healthy especially as you’re building ties as you’re sharing content the lastthing is fortitude i’m just mentioning that because i believe also right now as you’re putting outcontent things are taking longer to index on purpose and too precisely they want to see authoritysites you want to build content you want to build relevant ties-in you want to start by becoming afterthe low-grade hanging outcome get traffic and building confidence and over meter you start getting more andmore keywords more and more traffic so let’s guided actually lubbock roofing contractor reallyquick in sem haste and just take a look at the backlink sketch okay so as we’re looking at thisyou can see that we have an authority score of 13 which isn’t the greatest but it’s okay at leastthere’s a orchestrate there 13 isn’t that great there is plenty of composes out there on other websites thatmight say 50 40 30 which are really good values the higher towards 100 the better but at leastthere is a score and it’s not zero you notice over here backlinks 205 referring lands not toobad and if i actually click on backlinks this is the thing that i really want to focus and look atand i’m just going to click here for one denoting arena per association so you want to be on locates thatare relevant to your niche and that performs feel so one of any issues that we do on our localsites is we make sure that we sign up for business listings that our opponents likewise have we’ll runa competitive analysis and most of the time our contestants are on yelp yellow pages a lot ofthese citation places so we’ll build all those out specially the ones that we see when we typein a keyword in google if we consider like awards that are ranking there like yelp and yellow pageswe make sure we sign up for them and we make sure that we fill out the profile completely and we geta backlink back over so a site like this too we’ve seen our opponents were on expertise we wereable to submit our information and eventually they actually settled us on there and if we actuallyjust open this up i’ll show you what it looks like so here we go right here we’re on there lubbockroofing so we got a link along with these other roofers because if this is working for theirsites why not get our site on there okay so it’s doing a competitive analysis sem hasten youcan actually do a competitive analysis what you would do is the same thing you just go over togoogle and as you’re type your keywords in you find your adversaries you situated their domainsin here you click on their backlinks and you look at their backlinks and those are some of the linksthat you want to get especially if they’re ranking once their success is leaving somefootprints right if they’re higher-ranking some of the things they’re doing particularly after thislast algorithm inform the places that are sounding up higher and higher google likes something thatthey’re doing so look at their backlink sketch so you can see also we have some press right heredigital journal and i know that we likewise had press that was actually a neighbourhood press release that wasdone on like a lubbock land a lubbock news site again substance like that that’s very relevant andlocal very powerful stuff so relevancy i believe is playing a big key part and now what willpush us over the edge because you see that we’re ranking number one for lubbock roofing contractorand that’s because we’re so relevant and we have some age and we have uh commodities into linkingwe have a lot of content on the site as far as type of service sheets it’s long form a lot a lotof personas interlinking structure some connections we have our social sketches improved out like facebook wehave a youtube channel i believe all these are positive signals peculiarly locally and now we’llstart dribble in more contextual links to this site and actually stumbling pages that we want tocross over with and also starting to vary our linchpin text around keywords that we want to pushover to page one for example if we were on page two for a roofing contractor lubbock or roofingcompany lubbock and we know that’s get some exploration and we’re missing out on that we’llstart building some superpower towards that but this is a site real quick that i just wantedto show you that is actually doing well it’s moving in a positive direction you can checkit out yourself and we’ll jump into another one real quick we come back over to google wejust type in long island photo booth rentals you’re going to notice a patterntoo we’re number one in the delineates and we are also number two li photo booth rentalsnow we don’t have the exact keyword now but you get the point that we’re very close i believegoogle could understand li for long island but we could have even been closer and obligated it reallylong but it was such a long domain and we wanted to test out hey is impossible to settled an abbreviation stillget away with it worked out well we’re number two for this keyword we actually moved up after thelast algorithm modernize why do i think we moved up again senility relevancy relevancy at the domain levelhaving this you know lifotoboots.com and then also you’ll notice this looks very similar tothe other site we use this layout we use our leads the same way it’s something that worksfor us and we ascertain what other parties are doing we will start looking and doing a dissect oftheir backlinks so we learnt that our challengers were getting listed on wedding wire withtheir photo booth company on the not on squeal we started building out all those joins sametype of thing we are to be able articulated this in sem rush you’re going to see similar nonsense let me just saythis too semrush or ahrefs or other tools you use they’re not going to show you accurately every singlebacklink that’s out there or goes to your area but you’ll receive a lot of the links and this action youcan analyze it and understand this not all the links are indexed are being counted but just knowthat when you are searching your keywords wishes to definitely make sure your top competitorson the first page for those working keywords you’re doing analysis and seeing where they’re rolled ifthere is other videos that i have on this i don’t want to go over the shoulder and start dissectingevery little thing we will be here for hours but just know that you want to obviously look at whatis working for other websites that’s one of the key things peculiarly when things alter start lookingat what’s working for other sites in your niche so we started noticing that our challengers werelisted on particular websites and then we try to go and get those backlinks as well but the first thingthat we ever do is this first part right here which is the on page we make sure this is all setup accurately and we have a healthful locate the on sheet is strong and then we’ll move into buildingour associates now our backlinks that we first constructed to are natural very it’s like the facebook businesspage the yelp page yellow pages youtube channel for the neighbourhood business we get a video createdwe link from there over to our other nonsense a flutter history material that the business would beusing and then any type of local relevant areas that our challengers are on or that concludes sensefor us to be on and we get along with those websites first we want to get indexed now indexing is when you’reon a site and it’s actually indexed and i’ll show you for an example real quick okay so i could justshow you real quick a way to see if your backlinks index so i got a backlink on expertise right righthere for lubbock if i just copy this backlink url now again you might be getting a report backfrom an outsourcer or doing this yourself what you want to do is go over to google and typein this code site semicolon and then that backlink and there we go this is how we know that it’sindexed i settled this little code with a semicolon i put the url of the backlink and thunder see how itshows up if it wasn’t indexed this would not be here it would just say try google search consolebut because this is here we know it’s indexed okay so now that i know that’s indexed i know thati’m getting full credit for that backlink that’s on that page pointing back if i construct a hundredbacklinks and nothing of those backlinks are getting indexed and google doesn’t know that they evenexist i’m not getting any of that dominance so you want to make sure backlinks are actuallyindexed and then sometimes what we’ll do also is this backlink we might build a fewbacklinks to this link and why do we do that because it abilities us up even more and it flowsjuice over to our site again i’m not going to go too deep into that but these are the things thatwe’re doing and we’re doing it on a related grade don’t you notice that we’re on a site expertisethey have some authority our entrants are on there and some of our competitors areranking and they’re getting listed on air so we wanted to be listed on there we’re underthe lubbock and we’re under the roofing category we’re at a url statu that’s very relevantso to me this is a very powerful link specially where i think google’s going i thinkrelevancy and government is key so we’re just going to come over back to li photo with rentals andi’m just going to emulate this and i want to show you this as well in the who is look up let’s lookup this domain now so you can actually watch likewise that this site has age as well 2016 right here wascreated on again over four years old and li photo booth rentals so what do i think here is key andwhy do we move up to number two we’re already on sheet one and but even after the google core updatein december we moved up higher why because of trust because of authority because i’m listed ona lot of the sites that my challengers are on and we haven’t built a backlink to this site in a fewyears and it’s now moved up because of trust and authority one my on-page now if i just bought thisli photo with rentals even two months ago when i built out that site i’m not going to be on pageone hitherto okay i didn’t improve rely i have to build out cartel i have to put up optimized relevantunique material you have a business and you have a regional business “youve had” this content to putup there and it should all be optimized then you should be building out your social profiles yourfacebook business page call instagram all big build backlinks back to your region you do thatfirst get peculiarity on blogs that are applicable like going a affix on another photo booth blogpointing back to us is what’s relevant and manufactures smell i wouldn’t miss a blog about real estatepointing back to photo booth okay so relevancy is key here i believe agent authority buildingthat rely over season having strong on page and again this little simple checklist you canlook this over here is going to be an emd again carpet cleaners new york and we used to be right around here after therecent google algorithm update i was also noted that we ceased now we are so how do “theres going” from themiddle of page one or towards the top of page one for a really good keyword carpet cleanersnew york and a great city down to page five and what i believe the reason isyou notice a duet key things here is my title is optimized that’s notyou know if i go through the checklist my name is optimized but as i’m going throughthe checklist what what you’ll notice is i have no interlinking going on if i click busines aboutnone of these are sheets we never improved them out they don’t even exist not even a contact pageso there’s one i likewise have not yet been social media built out on this no facebook business page no pagesthat are moment back to this twitter account no instagram detail no youtube videos or or evena channel with links back to this none of that no awards are improved the one thing that this sitedoes have is domain age but then it went stale for a little bit the website actually came down thatlittle splank space probably isn’t the greatest seat but it does have some senility but what do ithink is going to push this up back onto sheet one is now building out number one service sheets thatinterlink back to the home page building on a back about sheet that interlinks back to the home pagebuilding on a contact sheet that’s optimized as well so having a few pages that are optimizedand interlinking building on facebook business page and all the main business sheets that thisthat should be built going over and looking at my competitors and checking what sites they are onprobably most likely squeal probably yellow pages and some of these other home improvement localsites if i could get on with them as well and then get those associates indexed over experience ibelieve over occasion if you start building building out structure out material onyour area impelling sure the on sheet is good this website would actually push over gradually extend frompage five to page four to three right and then the more superpower and power you have and the moreage and the more excellence attaches and related connections that are coming in that acquires gumption to the sitehigher you’ll your standing grade rank especially when you have an aged emd so i just wanted topoint that out again what we would do too which my squad didn’t even do yet on this area thoughis we would definitely go through the whole on sheet optimization and make sure all this stuff isdone i would also make sure that google analytics and research console is set up that might noteven be set up on the area as well again these are the things that we’ll be looking at on thislist saying okay let’s experiment out this page accelerated now page hasten i’m actually too understanding sitesthat quantity slow-going and have bad technical issues and they’re still ranking on sheet one but i stillbelieve that if you have entrants who are doing as good optimization as you are gettingauthority and dominance and their hurry is lightning quick and their their whole website and everythingflows better i believe they’ll outrank you because it’s just going to be a better experienceand engagement and that data is going to read so you surely still want to stay up to dateon that and again that link is right here to check test out but these are the things that need to beanalyzed now on carpet cleansers brand-new york to see what’s going on now how we’re going to push itback up now i do want to show you one last-place illustration that got nothing to do with an emd you noticethat i gave a great deal of emds in there and it’s because these are a lot of the things that are powerfuland the last illustration that i’m actually going to show you if you precisely type in google restauranthood scavenging long island this is a regional business that we cured out you’ll realize numberone in the map is casey exhaust too number one in the search is casey exhaust also his youtubechannel uh there might be another one i know he has listed on on screech as well and he’s also listedon yellow pages and really quick it’s important for me to point this out notice how i type ina keyword and once i see cries on sheet one i’m gonna make sure that my business for that keywordis also listed on yelp formerly i see yellow pages on page one i’m going to make sure that the businessis signed up and listed on on likewise yellow pages could also build some connected to our own gold pagefuel it up even more that’s tiered relating but you see that we are here at the top we have thevideo we have the website and we have number one again this has good age this is a few years oldthis domain but you notice it’s not the key word and the reason why i want to show you this isbecause you can still rank don’t think that you merely need emds i believe emds that are aged andbuilt outright are the most definitive in the local seat when it’s done correctly but if youhave an aged subject over duration and you’re building optimized material so we’re going over here let’sjust click on this you’re going to notice a duet things so you notice that all we have the h1 wealso have our leads right business kitchen scarf cleansing long island we likewise aremaking sure that it’s in the url right here if you’re not saying hoodcleaning long island in the url it would be a lot harder just to grade the homepage casey weary the name of the brand for it could still be done but if someone knows seo andyou were just ranking your home page they could come in and after a while building authority to aurl that’s optimized i believe will take you out so what i want to show here is if you have theemd like carpet cleans brand-new york that home page is going to be optimized with the title thearticle the images and so forth but if you don’t and you are building out a service page forthat keyword you want to optimize your url okay and i believe that that will help as well optimizeurl with a keyword modification in it as well is only going to help you extremely if your domain nameis just a brand name i just want to show that real quick and also improving authorityyou still have to build relevant authority to these sheets to the brand page to the homepage and over term you will start ranking this is a more long posterior keyword and also a uniqueniche so this is a little bit easier to rank for you notice that we you know don’t have that muchcontent on now but it was easier to grade for and we were just do a better hassle at buildingoverall cartel with google again this is another site where we considered where the challengers are listedwe started and rolled it we really optimized this one page for the keywords put a video uh portrait we havesocial charts targeting back to this business it’s been around for a few years i again i believeage is playing a big thing too with trust and likewise just jurisdiction if we were going for a morecompetitive call we would definitely need more relevant authority to this page i know i saidthat would be the last one but i’ll merely depict you real quick what i mean if i going to see seo longisland this used to be a term that we ranked for uh we’re in the planneds but i’m not even worriedabout really this call we’re on sheet three precisely because my media pal has a little bit of homepageauthority but people are beating us we used to be at the top of page one we just haven’t touchedthis site in years but we’re still on sheet three because we have decent fairly sovereignty on mymedia pal but notice also we have an optimized url structure seo long island it’s in the url okay howcould i make this page even better well learn some issues because this page hasn’t been touchedin a few years i already verify some on sheet issues that i believe could be corrected there’s actuallya lot of things that i see could be corrected now but i just wanted to show you this real quickto show you how would we get this to rank page one what would we have to do we have to make surethat okay we did one thing great which is our url structure is good now again we’re going afterseo long island any type of seo nyc seo chicago there’s a lot of seo corporations leading after thatthat are building a lot of relevant power so not only do you have to make sure that your on sheet isgood but at the domain level too like my media pal it’s not an accurate keyword so we want to makesure that over the years we’ve been building authority to it so google knows all right thisis about marketing and entanglement motif and seo and online business so we build that towardsmy media pal and the more that we build actually towards search engine optimizationand seo the better it is for any page that mention seo we have enough relevancy where thispage that’s not even amply optimized properly merely we have a good url uh we we can fixaround some headings definitely i entail this is i planned i haven’t seen this in years but this needsa lot of improve this page uh perhaps i’ll even have my squad specify that we might even move to page twojust by define some of these things to be honest with you let me know if you think i should fixthis criticism down below maybe we’ll do that but we would have to fix these duo things and thenwe have to build relevancy to this exact page okay we have to treat this sheet like it’s its ownwebsite this accurate page because we’re going after this page for seo long island we have to makerelevant content that point to this page this url right here about seo in long island so that’sgoing to be my last precedent in rant i just wanted to show you a couple key things make sure youget your own page done correctly with that on page done correctly no matter how much poweryou’re powering up it’s going to take forever and if it’s just too competitive you’re justnot going to be even able to come close to the guys that know what they’re doing on page buildauthority and over hour with some cases you’re building age asian power and relevancy it’sthe key thing right now so i hope that decorated a evocative illustrate for you of what i believe isgoing on in the neighbourhood busines and what’s working what’s not working i testified you some of my casestudies some of the things that are working for me i unquestionably will leave that seo checklist downbelow so check that out if you want to have it it’s a nice easy membrane simply to look over as you’relooking over your website just to make sure the key components are definitely there again withthe recent algorithm update you certainly want to stay on top of this substance if you experienced thisvideo got some value out of it please click that like button it does facilitate me with the youtubealgorithm as i’m trying to grow this path also subscribe and share if you like this typeof content and i will see you in the next video

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