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hi everyone and welcome to crypto james it’s guyhere and in today’s video you’re going to hear about different ways that you will be able tomake money from nfts what nfts once cleared millions and how you can actually get startedwithout breaking the bank please notice our renunciation since i’m not a monetary advisor sothis video is for informational and educational purposes only all right so first of all whatare nfts so nft stands for non-fundable token now in the blockchain you have two kinds oftoken you have the non-fungible token and “youve had” the fungible sign and the fungible sign isusually the coin that you or one of the coppers that actually consuming to for transactions level or tokenwhatever you want to choose now let’s take for example in the solana blockchain okay so in thesolana blockchain and by the way solana has also their own marketplace but in the solanablockchain you have two kinds of tokens so you can use solana to meet business okayand one solana is equal to the other one okay is identical to the other one by price andby definition but nft an unfundable token so let’s make this galactic gecko for exampleso as you can see it’s owned by party and there is nothing precisely like it okay youcan see that there are that are similar but there is nothing like it and when you ownit so you can actually likewise sell it in profit in the future now the relevant recommendations of it that anon-fungible token an nft doesn’t have to be a picture okay an nfp can be a video like as youcan see in the immortality mart an nft can be also as you can see in here a video an nft as youcan see also in openc you have different kinds of it okay it doesn’t have to be a piece of artit can be music it can be almost any piece of uh of data it can be defined as an nft and youactually characterize it by owning it now in order to get started with nft and why you should maybeget started with nft is mainly because you can start making money from it and doing it in thefield that you love so let’s say that for example so for example in the authority marketplace youcan find various creation of shaquille o’neal the legend and actually various nfts that whenyou will purchase them you will be the the owner of it now owning a piece of art of a lore in afield in a niche that is very very passionate and actually shaquille you hear him and several placeson social media all the time speaks and he has different places that he’s there okay you can seehim literally anywhere if you cherish uh basketball you see that your social media precisely depicting youhim over and over again and that’s why acquiring maybe an nft of him that he is a brand thatis growing and growing it might be a good idea now owning shaquille o’neal nft is not only cango up really in appraise in dollars but it can also grow in quality and the other coins that you canactually purchase them in order to get started um in every mart is a bit different butthe idea is kind of the same so the idea is that you need to open a pouch a software walletwhich means that it’s a pocketbook that’s online and you need to transact some fund for it soit depends on which blockchain so in solana you need to purchase solana and openc so you needto kept some ethereum actually in authority the beautiful is that you don’t even have to get startedwith the coin with the sign even though it’s an amazing sign but you can actually start buyingwith a debit card or a credit card which actually concludes the process to get in much easier nowlet’s i just want to show you for insight what is the opportunity that was and really keepgrowing and to increase by the nft busines again and again and again so i’ll just register you how wesucceeded still further and this year so an astounding piece of art that was sold in over 8 million dollars isthe alien punk as you can see in now as you can see it doesn’t look like a highly very influentialthing but the nft sell is not just a matter depends on the quality of the picture or how beautiful it isbut it’s also with the exposure and the interference that they are going on about it and that’s why whenyou’re starting with nfts it’s very important to get into several communities whether it’s indifferent social media like facebook groups and stuff like that so let’s take for another exampleactually one of the apes now timber apiac fraternity actually recently was sold for 400 ethereum whichwas 1.3 billion dollars and actually now it’s even it’s worth even more dollars um 400 ethereum nownow this is not the only pieces of prowes of course that was sold in the nft but it’s just an exampleof what opportunities you can way if you are able to glance hard enough now typically when you’re lookingon huge marketplace like open seas so of course that you have a lot of opportunities but it’sreally easy to actually get confused because you genuinely can keep looking for forever andyou will find hundreds and thousands of different inventions that looks like something is going on soi would recommend specially if you’re a rookie to get into the idea of concentrates on the nicheokay because when you’re concentrates on a niche what happens is that you can you can become anexpert in it and that’s why in openc for example i wouldn’t recommend for beginners what i do wouldrecommend for novices to get started is to go to regions like solana art or ethernet marketplace nowthe reason for example that i would recommend you to go to authority marketplace is because first ofall as i said in the beginning it’s very easy to purchase because you don’t have to purchase in the3 2 marketplace with a specific token but you can actually buy nfts with credit cards or debit cardas well and what happens is when the process is much easier is that it’s very fast as well so youcan use opportunities as soon as possible and you don’t even need to waste the time on using severalwallets to do that but you need only to have the pouches you support it and to have the ownershipon it so this is actually a real time saver now besides that i would also recommend you to ifyou’re going to the certainty marketplace to try to focus on different projects that are relatedto notorieties the reason that i would focus on different projects that are related to celebritiesespecially celebrities that are legends in their battleground is that what happens peculiarly when socialmedia only thriving thriving every day their revelation and the number of fans they haveis very very big so if you’re looking on a piece of art as that is honest of a fame that isin a very passionate community so it might be a good a good sentiment to look at it and receive the dataon it okay whether it’s on the cost whether it’s there’s essays about it and material like that sofor example the palette nft so actually palette if you don’t know is actually in a lot ofplaces was announced as the best football player around the world he has a collection inauthority marketplace and what actually constructs though them very valuable besides the idea thathe is an amazing persona as it is but it’s also that he has records he has golden records andthat’s why his nfts will be are valuable right now and will probably be valuable in the futurebecause as i said he literally everywhere like if so if you’re intense about footballyou will probably see him on social media i’m personally i’m not intense that much aboutuh football and basketball but for some reason i saw paulette differ of different videos of him alot sometimes memes and sometimes things that are serious and he is a legend in this field not justone year two years but uh actually as you can see here he was status for uh the last 60 times soit’s probably a good doctrine to look at this project and to make decisions and maybe even purchaseone now if you want to get and to look on one of pele’s uh nfts you can actually scroll downon this article in afterlife chain and actually click on eternity uh dot io now as you can see ina better glance this piece of art actually evidencing him in a very positive way as you can see thatyou can see him smiling now let’s look at it in a business perspective so besides that pele wasa great player palette has different places a good deal of videos actually that you can see him differentsocial medias that he speaks inspirationally about different aspects not only in football but inlife in general and because this person has a lot of affect on a lot of people and the footballcommunity is just becoming bigger and bigger every single year so i generally think that it’s a goodproject to look at it because when you’re thinking and a business perspective you want to not justlook on do i like this creation do i think it’s beautiful but you want to look at it an idea ofhow the community looks at it because if you want to constitute benefits from it if you don’t want to makeprofit from it or you want to actually expresses its determination to your teenagers um your wealth not in coin aspect butin something that has a potential to grow in appraise so you can also do that so let’s take for examplethe ethernet coin so as “youre seeing” the eternity coin actually rised in appraise in more than 100 in the past month now it means that every nft that actually was worth let’s say 10 government sonow even though it didn’t rise in value so still jurisdiction ethic in comparison of the usd actuallygrew in quality even though it’s in the same value of eternity as before you will be able to actuallywhen you transact your profit from eternity to usd it is capable of compile profit from it by theway one last-place tip that i wanted to actually start fucking talking to you about is about fractional shares soespecially so precisely like in the stock market you that you don’t have to buy a full share butyou can buy part of a share because you want let’s say to buy a share that’s worth thousandsand you don’t want to invest thousands in one stock so you’re actually purchasing a fractionof it so you can actually do that in different crypto campaigns and different nft projections ofdifferent collections so for example you can buy fractional shares of the collects of the5 0 crypto punks and although you won’t be instantly a punk uh and you you’ll be able to flex it ontwitter or something like that okay you won’t have the ownership on it but you will have the exposureand actually an opportunity to offset some benefits from it so for summary nfts are non-fundable tokensthat not just exist in the blockchain for fun and to flex on titter but you can actually makesome money from it so i’ll totally recommend you to go to different marketplaces like eternityand actually learn about different projects and that road you will be able to assume their valueand their prophesied appraise by the exposure of the person that is in the nftv celebrity or the nichethat the the creation actually disclosing like automobiles and substance like that and that nature to make betterdecisions and hopefully make a lot of money so make sure that if you want to get started by theeasiest marketplace i will totally recommend you to go to eternity click on to the authoritydot io and actually click on marketplace and actually about to begin so thanks againfor watching this video if you obtained it supportive make sure to give us a like and make sure to addany comments with questions that i may have not covered and subscribe to our crypto james channelso you can get other immense content like this one that will help you with your cryptocurrencyjourney that’s all for now thanks for being now

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