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mft you may have heard this abbreviation in the last few weeks because it’s a huge promotion in pop culture and millions are currently being payed with it and video on youtube a strictly digital work of art is auctioned for 69 million dollars the highlighting is a digital work of art simply this work is verifiably the original now you might be asking yourself mfps what kind of crass thing is that you can oblige millions with that i want to know that too and that’s why i’m doing this reportage let’s first look at the definition of nfp at nfp that stands for non by jebel toben an nfc is something like a digital name deed stored under a blog chain i.e. a forgery-proof list of data records such as the company or bitcoin if someone sells a digital artistry on the blog chain notes that the prowes is now belongs to another person the part frequently remains in the network for everyone si chtbar it can still be downloaded referred or duplicated the mft precisely proves who owns the prowes now pretty much anything can be sold as nfc music nft it’s a pretty big minor climate that makes for example or the kings of leon then visualizes will be closed Graphics were also sold for high parts, such as this deadly here, it was sold for around 600,000 dollars for it, yes, and that didn’t really give me the idea that I couldn’t also procreate some kind of art that I is sell as my nft, so I’m now starting to try it on myself is already brisk on the block 10 sold 75 dollars i’m a serious nfc artist aha because everything takes longer and it’s more complicated than creating the skill at all and the large-hearted moment my activity simply flows a few minutes firstly need me but more info i encounter artist max haar who previously sells skill mfps he “ve been given” tip-off for my self-experiment[ music] max is a concept artist his themes are artificial intelligence and nfc you yourself have already generated fts i think or sold them or yes because i saw how much money there is for these works i thought it was totally absurd so at the beginning of everyone i are of the view that the spiders would have to pay thousands of euros for the digital enter that i can download with a right sound and then i meditated how can i take this to the extreme and have it just think about it then i’ll do the ultimo i fix the smallest possible folder that you could ever sell and put individual pixels up for sale there are special nft sales exchanges max testifies me his collection there these are now the individual pixels as they are shown on this exchange individual pixel data are behind so of course this is now a representation that is always ns grown here it is not a question of such a large even the large blue cuboid but actually simply a very small pixel sold precisely this one for example someone paid 0.005 terium for I don’t know exactly what that is like 10 dollars or something I’ll have a look if I buy a pixel from you now then I can look at the pixel somehow ok but what the hell is I really own basically good-for-nothing at all so the pixel is exactly where it was before it precisely became on the blog bond the enter converted that it no longer belongs to me but belongs to you which somewhere is shockingly exasperating for countless because you pay for something that i can all watch for free on the net why do parties still pay for the skill well mfps you can collect resell or brag about it as well as other collectibles on is as nfc, for example, property is too offered in virtual lives and the like nd video excerpts are too accessible this video by the us artist grimes went for roughly 400,000 dollars over the digital counter the most expensive so far is this collage of 5000 individual likeness by the us artist bible it was auctioned at the renowned auctioneer room christie’s for 69 billion dollars the special the fc st with every further marketing if the artists also deserve that you can then set it up yourself at these exchanges so for every single collection we make this pixel accumulation i can say with every resale i want to earn a certain percentage from it and that would be the case with everyone Individual resales are then automatically paid into my group wallet.This opens up completely new sources of income, i.e. people who succeed there and have already offered a lot of works of art and who are well transactions and who soon keep it in their pocketbooks whether it works for me ig rustling will max is demonstrated by how I can announce my skill on the stage later and then we’ll likewise talk about the negative side of nfc art the co2 consumption for creating and trading with nfc is enormous now that’s kind of funny and yes that can make a difference on the artwork marketplace, but is that in relation to wasting so much energy? that is a exceedingly, very important and very hotly debated question as to whether or not it exhausts too much energy overall, so of course i would say of course that it exhausts a lot too much vigour max wants to draw attention to this problem with his nft prowes he rallies fund that he also bequeaths to climate care exactly how much power is used for what i will look at later but now it starts for me as an creator what does max think i can do as a immigrant at all i don’t dare to make a prognosis because i’m so was often surprised there are those who kept absolute litter in there so it’s already boldly sold on block 10 for 75 dollars i don’t know how enormous the choice no plan but obviously brought something welcome to mainz nft atelier before i now so to have a really artistic consequence there is a requirement to prepare a few administrative things firstly , now i have to create a wallet, so i need a digital purse for tattoos, so to speak, because this whole trade is transacted through christ, because when my art is sold, the money should be there too get to me also i need an account on an nfc pulpit where my art is sold which promotes now that posting is free yes now always all for free sounds pretty good i just need some kind of art here i can upload all sorts of photos now videos audio records maximum width 100 megabytes in principle i been in a position to i can now take any photo from my hard drive and exactly upload it or photos but ok i want to think about it a bit now i’m a serious nfc artist extremely first of all i need inspiration that it has to be at drinking coffee[ music] the book is always creating brand-new labours that maybe i think i’m completely wrong 420 photographing little swine and so on that’s actually all absurdity the internet is full with me with my knees can i just take something that already is is it clear what came up that could become a career what to do with it that has many levels human tragedy drama for my intuition i need a bit of technical resources thats why i have a colleague immediately to simon i need your help a little technical support I’ m essentially getting into some ft art game 1 and I’m imagining ga nz and video snippets from a series of that you never create before and so from shares about 8 40 845 and I would think it would be nice if there was a golden picture frame around the video all the time like you would formulate such a high-quality work of art I’m curious and of course i will keep you up to date and of course if i get fame and honor with it then you deserve a large share of it ourselves we will then earn money with it that we will then only placed it to a good lawsuit a work of art was delivered[ music][ music] yes it is it is as i imagined it is a bit trashy i don’t know if anyone will offer anything for this nft work of art but i hope so of course but so that someone can buy it i have to upload a video description firstly add you can also ask for a deposited expenditure but i want to auction my nft five days guiding time starting bid the equivalent of 16 cents I should now actually unlock it[ cheering][ music] here it says not enough credit yes of course I have enough there I likewise have zero ascribe but it said it can be put in for free to verify me formerly I have to carry out two deals for this I have to enter a so-called number of guests converted to an unbelievable 103 dollars for this I create an account on a club tour exchange there I have to identify myself with my ID and can then use my credit card to buy a cross I now have 0, 06 63 eth bought I been in a position to get this on my wool which is linked to the nfc platform as with the obtain I get paid fees for it again and now there are definitely only 90 euros left without what actually happened because everything takes time longer and more complicated than ever to create the skill i would n’t even know what i would do if now right here comes a end, which is why I then go to block chain customer service or successions help and then the money paid in is not even fairly for the second required deal, grandma, yes, I speedily bought another one for 50 euros, of which 50 euros are now through all these transaction movements there also only somehow 41 and a few cases subdued ones left registering successful so with all these transactions and guest fees this and that has actually cost me 120 euros so if my work of art is auctioned now then it should at least Bring 120 euros so that I’ m even on plus minus zero so that I even have something that I can donate The auctioneer now previous five days I hope that’s enough time for beings to look at it and think, male, what a cracker and pray give can offer more i don’t do it now now it’s the internet’s turn now two days have overstepped since which i settled my work of art online and now i take a look at how much traffic there is already on the site and whether i have just been attempts i need to be updated can’t be 2 i would say the first one from me and now the second largest one was next to something has to happen now that people should take a look at and at least offer a few things now somehow I “re going to have to” advertise dear parties this work what we just construed the original you can bid on it as nfc if you require but that the advances will definitely go to a good make max told me there’s a lot going on on chatter with nfc that’s why I’m also doing a bit of publicizing on chatter world premiere is there now too as nfc whether the advertising is enough there are still three days left for me to take a closer look at the technology behind mfps and that’s why i made an appointment with a scientist from the fraunhofer institute hello salutes s Thank you very much for taking the time.I am now dealing with nfc and what I deter encountering is this incredibly high-pitched power consumption, which is obviously there when you want to create n fts or when any events take place, why does it devour so much energie nfc it as such that is actually a digital representation either have digital objects or real world objectives that are stored in a blog jane and the algorithm such procedures with which this happens is the so-called proof of work crypto would be like this or bitcoin based on block change block bonds are also accumulated decentrally on numerous computers at the same time a block 10 is basically a index of data records that are combined in blocks and chained one after another a blog citation with a special key to the content of the blog in front of it in the chain this spec With any chaining, you can see whether the content of the block order has been changed, which starts the system counterfeit-proof to add a brand-new blog to the chain, you have to solve cryptographic dilemmas that make the key for the chaining, this is done by computers announced guys and the one who solves this problem first of all, he then gets the right to write these transactions together with many others in the blogs as a new blog, yes, and for this you will be rewarded by containing new crypto currencies, yes, so many computers try to solve a puzzle at remunerate a competition simply one can win and everyone has then actually squandered their vitality for nothing everyone tries everyone consumes energy that sounds like an improbably inefficient system it is inefficient and it also downs a lot of energy at the same time it is secure but although everyone can take part in it that really everyone stared everyone can participate it ensures that nobody can manipulate it the problem with energy consumption can be solved by another principle in the troupe of state system it is determined in advance which computer is allowed to validate a brand-new blog so dont calculate thousands of mine at the same time pot but only the force on a computer goes on entirely without energy that doesnt drive either the energy consumption is significantly reduced that behavior but it s important that something changes in energy consumption because fts could play a big role in our everyday life in the future do you think that as far as nft is concerned, a realistic vision of the future is that it will really affect many areas of life, i think yes, and these works of art have manufactured it very strong again and they got into the press, but there are already assignments about it machines are being considered at the real w to represent parental objectives as a token on a obstruct again we have built a solution with which you are eligible to write credentials you get from clas from university or get drawings from another as a kind of token on the blogs and then they are ultimately the owner of such certificates and you can prove it to anyone else that they truly did receive this certificate from a university or from another photo and that is forgery-proof that would mean that I would then have to do a great deal of paperwork either with the authorities concerned or with the I have at home he requires the sales contracts or so that you could save everything but that it is then more or less collected more securely on a blog bond and eventually represents an a nft precisely you then have it last-minute here in your smartphone you eventually have it the so-called wool yes and there they can every second en watch, these are all the works of art that i own my auto is also represented here yes my vehicle is also presented in a stereo yes or my computer or even the smartphone itself and my push actually wielded is more than 1400 parties viewed this page but proposal no one has yet to remind me i have already invested 120 euros in the project and not a single entreat hitherto yes that is maybe not bad at all i know that from ebay there is always no one bidding and then there in the last few minutes just before the end of the auction are parties bidding and i want to know what the atmosphere footprint of an experiment looks like i had an expert from the technical university of munich calculate what the nft created in me all the transactions around it and uploading what the co2 eventually makes because it is not yet the lawsuit for the co2 calculation for block orders many studies are located the calculations of the experts on the data for the bitcoin block cut important to know the platform i have chosen writes my lft first block series if it is actually sold this intensity has not been able to accrued the transfer of the purchased Konz on my utterance, however, spent a total of around 27 kilowatt hours of electricity the transaction required for registration with the platform around 280 kilowatt hours for writing an nfc ssten the block bond comes with an additional 85 kilowatt hours for purposes of comparison, thats how much electricity I use otherwise not even in a whole month 151 kilograms of co2 effected the whole thing that corresponds to the emissions for a automobile passage of a good 750 kilometers it’s crazy what this little thing I did there what that provokes how much intensity is consumed how many radiations are produced when now someone gives then come for dess en transactions still have radiations so now even more I are really to be expected that no one will give you the information at this top, i.e.These co2 emissions that we have caused here for this experiment, we will compensate for them on an appropriate platform, so always point that out 20 seconds so I would be super surprised if something happened and I actually is hoped that the government keeps that acces five four three two one extremity is still mine now and the auction has ended so I’m a little frustrated of course and my honor as an master has hurt yourself, i’ ve experimented, i’ve tried it, i’ve now better understood how it all manipulates, i’m not really the creator and that’s why i understand that nobody miss it, of course, that can also be the above reasons that despite the promotion time not that numerous beings on these stages on the go, “theres not” that numerous people who deal in crypto currency and being able to really get involved, as a normal being, I can get involved in the mft market.The react is, well, its possible, but it s pretty complicated what s happens on the artwork marketplace and pop culture right now happened i would definitely say it was hype and probably overdone but there is not much interesting and provoking in the technology itself so who knows what that will bring in the future it can certainly too simplify countless administrative process in other areas of life then that will happen all but what is really useful for the future the energy consumption must definitely be lower because that is not the case at the moment i am withdrawing from the mft business yes and because i can not produce any reasonable art that could be produced now is us now to leave an amada or on my shares reportage z u clink it’s here i tried to earn money with inventories and now’ s our playlist on the topics of lifestyle and politics[ music ].

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