NFTs For Beginners in 45 minutes


– So here’s my rant. And I’ll see you in three years. I don’t care if you buy an NFT. I just don’t care.( upbeat music) You got your perspective. I time wanna be happy.Don’t you wanna be happy?( trendy move instrumentals) – Hey, this is the NonFunGerbils podcast NFP with your legion DKleine. And today I have a veryspecial guest, GaryVee. Welcome to the show. – I really appreciate it. Thank you for having me. – Okay, this is wild.I have to tell you. I’m pretty excited about this. I actually appreciate youmaking period for this. – Thank you, thank you forsaying that, I’m flattered. I’m really excited to be on it candidly. – Yeah, I’ve noticed you’re making fairly the deep dive into the whole NFT art scene the last couple of eras, I’ve seen you all over the place. I saw you on CryptoCampfire the other day. – Hmm! – Tell me about, you know it seems like when you’re doing something you just go full board at it. – I truly do. And I truly, you know, it’s funny people don’t know this about me since they are ascertain all the energy. You know, what’s so funny, I think so much of the vitality that I generating has to do with the fact that usually, it’s because I’ve been pent up for three to four months about something I’m energized about, right? So for example, youknow, with sports cards which was something similar that I got very passionate about, you are familiar with I grew up passionate about it and then I went highly, very passionate about it 3 years ago, it was several, several months, maybe almost a year on that one that I was doing real homework before I had come out and said this, that, and the other thing.Now, I’ve been doing lightweight homework, you know since probably the summer months, you are familiar with, on NFTs. The rationale I bought Ethereum in 2016 after AaronBattalion, big shout out to Aaron Battalion formerCTO of Living Social, enormous VC, great technologists, improved me on it at South by Southwest. Was mostly the understanding of the potential of what became NFTs. Like I was like, Oh, okay, this isn’t currency this is framer buildon time, you know like, programme and so, I imagine I get so loud and roused’ motive I’ve been wanting to be loud and elicited for months. I mostly do 60, 70% of my knowledge base before I say a word to the world. – Hmm! – For example, I’ve been doing that with BR quite a bit, I’m very deep into BR more than parties think’cause I never talk about. Even this mentioned isalready a good deal for me by my standards, becauseI don’t like to talk about things that I don’tknow anything about.Now, I don’t mind to be in this place where I’m like, hey, I have some real rulings and understandings and thoughts and possibilities, comma. There’s still a lot ofthings I need to know to really feel cozy the mode I do about social media orwine or sports cards. But I don’t feel like I’ll be humiliated. I feel like I understand my point of view on what the consumers aregonna do with that FT. I feel like I can speak, I can speak to ERC-2 0 and ERC-7 21 and I can speak to cryptopunks and larva labs. And I can speak to Pepe being a BTC a Bitcoin version of like I can, you know, I understand what wrapping is now. Like, you are familiar with, like I can, I can I can hang fairly where I’m not squander people’s time because what I’m great at according to my mother, but in all seriousness what I’m very comfortable withis shopper behavior.I planned, what I can say today, for example, I can saythe following sentence to an public, you know, I’m picking very specific sits I wanna be on. Podcast I know have a lot of time. You know, DK. I do this show because of the people you comma, the person or persons that I anticipatelistening to this show which is a very authentic OG, pithy, bright, category society. – It is. It’s an formidable thing. – I know, I do a lot of homework, so I feel very comfortable I know who’s listening right now, which is people I revere is whatwould be the word I use. Comma, what I repute I bring to the table in 1995 when I went to dotcom or email or Google AdWords or YouTube or social or everythingI’ve done in my life Madison Avenue’s startup land, I can bring things like, hey everybody, listen.And am simply unbelievably comfortable to employed this on the record, NFT over the next 12 to 18 months is gonna be very similar to ICO. – Yep. – 97% of these projects are gonna collapse in secondary appraise. It’s gonna confusepeople, say it was a fad, it was beanie babies. Comma, the underliningtech, and customer action is gonna be one of themost significant things that happens in modern technology. – I’m with you. – Cool, so like to me that’s– I can relate.- Yeah, delight, please. – Yeah.- Take it away. – I don’t wanna take up too much of your- – No, take it apart. – Time in the podcastbut’ cause it’s your say I had the same experience when I learned about Bitcoin and Ethereum. I literally wasted a year learning about it before I did nothing about it. And then I merely couldn’tcontain myself anymore. And I began writing about it. And that’s how I got towriting for “Coin Telegraph” was just through blogging about it and writing about it every day until the point thatpeople noticed my writing. And that’s when last yearI had the opportunity to write about crypto art in particular and especially aboutthe scrap prowes movement. And that just flipped a switch for me because I was like holy crap, this is Marcel Duchamp. This is data. This is the beginning of– A 100% – It’s the beginning of modern artistry, – 100%, 100%. – It’s a renaissance or a renaissance of that same process yetnow in a digital era.- And comma, those craftsmen constructed peanuts. – Yeah. – In the programme of the economics that happened over the next 50 years. The knowledge that theJackson Pollock of today, whoever she or he may be, his family will becollecting checks in 31 years – Yeah. – On a royalty rake on a transaction stirs my centre smile, Darren in a way that you couldn’t imagine. – Yeah. It’s amazing, With that too, these same creators, whereas before they were the artists, you know, in the clumsy robes with the, you know, cheap paintall over their invests or whatever and thenthere was the collector and that was a different radical entirely.You now have this desegregate. Like I accumulate prowes, I never truly collectedher before in my life. And now I obtain it regularly. – Do you transact on art, Darren? – I do, yes. I create art, I sell artwork. I sell secondary, yeah. – Do you buy art and resell it at times you just decide to do? – Yes, yes. – This isn’t, the reason I ask that is that’s probably gonnabe the most interesting thing in the super short term for me, which is what is the OG community gonna think about, what I know is coming, which is an enormous amount of collector, flipper, buyer at heart people who are gonna get much more enjoyment of buying a piece of art and reselling it than doing that with a stock.- Right.- Than doing that with a money. Like for example, I have the same feeling, like for example, the skill I have behind me Alice Barrett former work I corroborate artwork from a friend standpoint. – Hmm – Number one, number two – Personal systems is keyto networking, it’s key. – I’m just, I’m giving you like, I am a baseball placard comic book, collectible toy flipper at heart. I desire it. I cherish buying, you know a blue-blooded snaggle tooth that came from the Cedars Cantina designated’ movement that’s the raresnaggletooth versus the wine suit and buying that at agarage sale for four horses and selling it on eBay for 200 horses or buying it for a hundred horses and selling it for 200 bucks last-minute’ stimulate I thought it was a downtime for “Star Wars” or, I enjoy that.I don’t like stock market. I don’t experience buying astock and then reselling it. No relish. I cherish flea market, garagesales, sports cards culture. – Well, let me, let me encourage you then to look into where that really happens because of course you cango to the Nifty Gateway, you can go, I do havework on known ancestry, for example, however I didn’t start on KnownOrigin of course, right. I started on Rarible. – I know Rarible are you all right. – I started on OpenSea, right? And that’s where you can get that garage sale type of- – A 100%, am on those platforms- – When you find that gem, right? – I, SuperRare, OpenSea, Rarible, like Bitski, I’m watching everything. I’m watching everything, and right now( sighs) I’m just extremely fascinated because I think there’s a huge amount of humans on earth that share my DNA that nobody talks about, which is the following. That trading ingredient is much more fun in NFTs than it is in realestate or wall st.. Number two, and this is where it gets really interesting for me. This is a real thing thatI’ve been doing my whole life.- You got to tokenize those. – Are you kidding me? It’s like the thing thatkeeps me up at night. I’m like, oh my God. In grammar school, kindergarten, first position third tier, sixth grade, a lot of girls knew me as a doodler as later beings guessed I was gonna be- – I was the same way, I was the same way. – That I was gonna be an artist, which never goes talkedabout in my narrative , not something I share. And you have to watchmy blogs very carefully and you’ll see that I’m doodling a lot in intersects, right? So, when this all affected my radar, you know, that was something thatreally got me psychological. I’m like, oh my God, is this gonna be like, wow, God literally, this is something I said, God, expressed appreciation for, it’sliterally something I said to myself, six months ago, God, gotta be kidding me? Have you established a engineering that makes all that is I am, how to build a community, you know, understanding storytelling, the doodling component, the garage sale flipping, the garbage pail kid, like it, this is crazy.This is like my life’s work. So I’ve been very cautious and astute of my entry into this worldbecause I don’t wanna, I know I have a big platform now. I’m not who I was the firstcouple of goes, you are familiar with, – Hmm, Hmm. – I obviously, I certainly am worried to drive the market. – Right. – I’m incredibly a little scared that, Darren. I’m scared to talk about- – You’re scared of creating a bubble, is that what you mean? – You know, it’s funny. I’m actually not because I contemplate I’m only gonna buy and talk about things that I’ve decided are 30 -year projects. – Okay. – So I’m actually not scaredcause I see I’m good. It’s what happened in sports cards. In the sports cards nature, I’ve been uncomfortably right. – Hmm – And it’s because I’mreally darn good at this. And so I’m talking about NFT as a genre.I’m not really talking about activities because I time have more homework to do. I’ve you know, I’ve alluded to so I’ll make love here as well. I have decided that CryptoPunksis a 30 -year project. – Hmm. – And there’s been a million articles and this audience doesn’tneed me to explain why. So I won’t spend time on that. But no, I’m worried about being perceived as pumping and dropping as generating. And so it’s, I gotta really be intelligent of how I’m gonna navigate but I’m not actuallyscared about the bubble. I am probably scaredabout the macro bubble. Like when the inevitable shit thumps the supporter with all these projects, I do recollect everythinggets dragged down with it. So I am scared to tell friends to invest in things or– Right. – Because even though Ithink Punks is a steal do I think if in nine months or 13 months or 16 months there’s that crater instant’ cause there’s just too much ply and there’s not sustainability of the secondary demand, could it go down with it? I do.Do I think that’s probably one I’ll exit most by increasing? To me, it’s April 2000, Darren. – Yeah! Yeah! – April 2000 is when the stock market collapsed, internet assets everyone is bailed on the internet itself. And that’s when I tripleddown on the internet and said , no , no , no, the stocks might’ve been overvalued but the whole genre’s going nowhere. – Yeah. – And that was when Ibought my Amazon stock for the first time cause it was like- – Right, of course. – And so like that’swhat I’ll do with NFTs. When and if, when and if because only’ campaign I think it might, it may not. But if it does have that minute that’s probably whatI’ll go shopping the most on the things that I’vedeemed most meaningful. But there’s so much I symbolize, different blockchains and you know, right. You know, Ethereum, Flow, There’s so much going on there.Different, there’ll be many more. There’s Ethereum scale, wrapping things, burning things like, you know, there’s a lot to think through. This is early, early, early days. – Yeah, absolutely. What are your thoughts on scrap skill? Have you looked at that, looked at that at all? – Not deep yet. I’m still in the phase where, because I decided punks was real that I waste an ungodly extent of experience training myself there. – Yup. – And I’m continuouslyspending most of my day doing substance like this, whether in private or public I want to become friends with beings in the community, Iwanna offer my appreciate to them. I wanna meeting with members and I’m still learning. So I haven’t exited, you are familiar with, I’ve done exceedingly face tier trash with like HashMasks withCryptokitties I’ve looked at a little bit for my own education.’Cause that was obviously like many, the first thing I’ve looked at, Top shot carefully, I’ve looked at a lot of the wax trash’ induce I like Street Fighter and Garbage Pail Kids. I’ve looked at, you are familiar with, I’vedone my homework on parties. So I’ve done a bit on the individual artist front, artifacts. Some you know, the Bitskiprojects. I’ve looked at stuff, I’ve done my random, like three hour deep dives into OpenSea and Nifty really to poke around. And( stutters) But I haven’t yet on litter art but I’m excited to, and I will. – Probably one of the most wonderful targets to look for that is theartist that I interviewed for that section that I wroteabout announced “Immutable Trash”. – You can send me that connect after this. – I will. – I’ll read it over the weekend. – Yeah, sure as shooting. His name is Robness. He’s probably the best-known trash creators along with Max Osiris. And of course following that, there’s a huge movement of more artists that join in with that. And I actually sent you the link to it in your Twitter, if you want to peek at it but it’s a bit of a read to do during a conversation certainly – Yeah, I’m not gonna do that, yeah I wanna focus on this.- It wouldn’t be practical – But those two stand out. Another great situate to go if you wanna find out more about justthat entire move in a community building is the art gallery auction house on telegram, Daniel Penn. I guess Crypto Campfirementioned them too, actually.- Okay. – That was actually where I obtain a dwelling when I began this as an creator because I’m coming from another world. I’m a schoolteacher. I school full-time, I began writing’ crusade I exactly cherish writing. – Hmm. – And from that I exactly, when I insure the crypto prowess I was just like, feltlike what you were saying where it’s like all these different things I desire just came together into this one. – I even felt- – I can’t stop “ve been thinking about” like, I’m haunted with it. – Listen, I’m obsessed with e-sports. I’m preoccupied with the cannabis industry. I grew up in the wine-colored business.I don’t smoke, but I’m fascinated. I’m haunted with numerous micro things. Things have happened, somany things have happened, but I have not felt anything like this since 2005 when I was like, oh, the Internet’s about to make a big change. This social media thing, this is a real thing. This isn’t a- – This is like third-wave here. – Yeah, this, yeah. that’s right. I feel like for me it’s 95 oh five. I’m kind of mad that it’s not 2015′ cause then they’d bea nice round lists.( Darren laughing) But it’s oh five-nine, you know, it’s 95 oh five- – It’s probably someFibonacci thing or something.- Yeah, probably( Darren laughing ). But, goddamn it’s exciting. And like the, and thefact that I get to bleed in my collecting flinging like, like pop culture, IP, retro. Oh fuck, it’s just so exciting. – Yeah, it goes beyond that, right? Like I represent, people getexcited about the money right. And of course the money’s great, like the facts of the case that person or persons like, like I was- – To me, it’s not the money. It’s the being right. – I love being right.( tittering) – I love being right. Like , no, but actually it’s like, I’m only, I don’t wanna are quite right so I can tell people I’m right.It’s like a strange recreation with myself. – It’s a game, I’m winning the game when I do that. – Am I right? Is this kid- – Yeah, it’s true. And I desire when people are like, nah, ah and then, you are familiar with, twoyears later it’s like, ah. – That’s everything to me .( Darren chuckles) You know, you may know this’ case you have a lot of context for me. It’s why I desire documenting. I adore, you are familiar with, when someone’s like, oh, Gary, you’re a fly-by-night and I can show him my point of view on virtual goods in 2010. I don’t know if you interpreted that excerpt. – I don’t know if it will all fly-by-night at thispoint anymore( tittering ). – Yeah, but you know what , not fly-by-night, you know what, beings are like, oh, you’rejust startle on this. – Right.- You know, – Bandwagon or something.- You don’t care about NFTs.Yeah, and I’m like, lookat this video in 2010 when I’m talking about virtual money and virtual goods likethis has been on my brain in some mold or flesh fora awfully, very long time. It only prime time now. – It’s a consummation of a number of different elements- A consummation. grouped together, you know.- Yes. – Coalescing. Absolutely. You know, and but withthat, what I was saying was the money’s great like it’s amazing. I was talking to someonejust the other day who I forget which country he lives in. It was a developing country. And he says to me, this art that I sold I’m paying my children’ institution rewards with it. Like this is like life-changing, – Game changer. – For a lot of parties. – I know somebody whosold a Hashmask in India to a big collector that is like more fund than his parents have shaped in five years.- Yeah, next stage, yeah. You know, the opportunities are huge but beyond that extremely, it’s this community and that’s maybe a littleharder to see with, you know the Hashmasksand the CryptoPunks. But when you get down into the dirt of it, as I have as an craftsman starting by like, like some other, just soldmy firstly piece the other day and it was terrible. It was, I really took a Bitcoin logo and I threw it into an app called Photomosh and it melted it and madeit look like a fried egg.And I called it “Fried Bitcoin”, right? And a guy was like, hey, is that your firstly piece? I wanted to go, right. It’s a great feeling, right. – It’s an intense feeling. For me, what’s been interesting about this is thinking through the metadata. – Hmm. – So I, my project is gonnabe very very interesting. – Okay. – And I don’t wanna give too much apart but I wanna give you a little something for our history we’lllook back at one day. – Very interesting. – All my time– And, I’m assuming, I’m assuming in yourcase you’ve got parties facilitating this process. – When you say facilitating, – What I symbolize is gettingeverything set up, coming everything tokenized, coming a, you are familiar with, if you’re going beyond that, if you’re doing something with smart contract technology and stuff like that.- Yes, I’m talking to parties and trying to figure out where I wanna do this and how I wanna do this. When, but what’s fascinatingis the reason I asked you when you say, you know, facilitating, I am gonna proceed all 5,555. – Right, that’s a good point to see. – It’s not like some of these people- – Yeah exactly! – Who have jump-start inwith hiring some masters and then they say– Correct. I am going to, I am gonna develop the floors, the dynamics and the concepts. The hoses, and doing itright, and coming it minted and getting it, smartcontract properly, yes. I’m speaking to all the, a good deal of parties in the community and trying to figure out what the right things are. So anyway– Now you said 5500 paints, is that what you said? – Yeah. I’m already yield too much. So we’ll talk about other( Darren chortles) Edit that out .( both giggles) – Seriously dude, should I? – No , no, it’s okay, you can keep it, but I want you to have the scoop. But like build-up, don’tplay it up too much. Hopefully, it’ll really bestarting coming along- – It’ll be presented at the tweet, – Yeah.- 5500( laughing) – But you are familiar with, it’s, I’m really excited. I’m roused, I’m provoked. I feel like I know when I find my home. I know when I’m, the sportscar parish, my home the wine-colored community, my house, the entrepreneurial society, a residence. This is gonna be a home and and a home that is gonnashow a different feature of me up from a ability standpoint that has always been there. I’ve spoken so much better about the ingenuity of being an actual industrialist but, this one’s really gonna be obvious and I’m gonna enjoy it. And it’s gonna open up a whole new avenue to my life which I can really feel incredibly provoked about.- Yeah, it’s just an opportunity to be express in another way, right. – I also hope I cause beings. You know, I guess I’vegot a lot of sees on me. I have a communication style that lamps for certain sums of parties. And I feel like somebody’s going to say, wait a minute, am I an creator more? And is gonna fulfill theirdestiny of being an artist. I think what NFT, what social media did was given people to be temperaments and experts that wouldhave never been that. Influencer marketing, influencers have been art is now a collection of people who are destined to be solicitors, but are now known for yoga. Controllers that arenow known for StarTrack. And I mull NFTinfrastructure is gonna earmark somebody who’s destined to be a carpenter actually now to be an artist. Someone who’s destined to be a sports negotiator now to be an artist. Somebody that was destined to be a stay-at-home dad now to be a artist. Somebody that was destinedto be a police officer to now has become a meaningful artist.The fact that art will now be practical to an entire generation of parents, and encouraged instead of depressed is going to be a verygood thing for society. And I’m elicited to see the birth of it. – Yeah, it’s fascinating. You know, it impels me “ve been thinking about”, I was actually just talkingto someone about this today. The idea that, you knowwe’re talking right now about art NFTs, but in my subconsciou, I’m expect pretty muchanything that is property.At some quality you were able to theoretically say, could that be tokenized? – Well, that’s a foregoneconclusion to your point. I ponder my heat rightnow sit around ability. But for example, every bible by any columnist that’s got any liquor isgonna be launched as an NFT. Like I’ve got to rethinkmy entire thought process of ratifying another diary bargain. – Hmm. – Why would I do that? I can propel it as an NFT, acquire incredible dynamics deliver actual book onthe back of the NFT, create incrediblesecondary market dynamics. I convey the world, Darren, this is a big fucking deal. – It is. – I’m gonna sell my- – I’ve been trying to tellpeople this for two years.( screams) – Well, you’ve been right, good news. You know how you like being right? Good news, there “theres going” .( Darren laughing) This is gonna change everything. Absolutely everything. I think what’s gonna be, what I would encourage everybody now who’s listening to fall into somethingI said the other night and I’m utilize it, I like it.Don’t try to convince, have belief. And it’s very different. You know, persuasion parties is fun but depleting and not required when you’re this right. – Hmm.- So like parties are like, Gary convinced me about it and this literally actuallyironically happened to you. Somebody said, convinceme about the cavity. I’m like, I’m not going to, here’s the here’s how I’m gonna persuasion you. This NFT thing is gonnabe one of the biggest technology changes in their own lives. I’ll see you in three years. I’m not gonna sit hereand try to explain to you that you don’t understandsocial money, human behavior.Why people wear insigniums on their invests. What is happening to a digitized macrocosm. Why beings will be curious like rubbernecking and realityTV and social media to know what people have bought and ledgered that theProvenance interests fantastically and always has in our society, that eliminating themiddle that imparts very little value is a good idea. And the Internet’s been doing it. Technology’s been doing that for, for its integrity as a term.Like I’m not, I’m notgonna do that for you. I don’t need to do that for you. It’s just gonna play out. Why did foremen and Indians and cavemen depict their faces withcolors and have surfaces that were like, this has been going on. This is a foregone conclusion. So here’s my tirade. And I’ll see you in three years. I don’t care if you buy an NFT. I just don’t care. – Yeah. I imply, speaking of Provenance I guess really interesting element of that a great deal of parties don’trecognize is, you are familiar with, say if you look at thisTopshot thing, right, and you think about, okay well who’s sides has this particular card been in? – So cool. – And you can look back and disappear, whoa, this was actually in LeBron James wallet, for example. – Really interests. Beings don’t understand. That’s gonna be really cool. When you convene mortal in 13 years at an occurrence, instead of going to Google or Instagram, like many supposed to do now, I remember people will go to public purses and look at what they’ve done. And I’ll be like, oh, Darren, you were fucking on this blah, blah, blah.Like, you are familiar with, peoplelove to have street credit. And is just like, I knew about Pentera firstly. – Like Vanilla ice? – Yeah, exactly.( Darren laughing) Where like, I was early. like for me, I was early on Notorious BIG, but do I really have proof, I don’t, but I could. – Sure.- I could. – You could.- You know, like, we’re, you know, when someone’s like, Iwas early on Nirvana.Were you? Like now you have, but now in 35 years, somebody who’s early on something is likely gonna have some proof to it because that entity, theband, the influencer, the person, the thing is gonna have an NFT infrastructure that’s gonna prove. Could, do you understand the level of clout Darren, that somebody could have as being the first personto buy the first item that Pearl Jam put out in 1991? – If you could prove it, yeah. – Well guess what? That’s the world we’re about to go into. – That’s right, irrefutably. – Irrefutably. So I thinkProvenance is gonna be a currency that matters in an absurd style. I suppose people are naive. I told parties that online dating would be the standard in 2000, they roared at me. I said that people would buy wine-coloured on the internet in 1995, they roared at me. I told people that they are able to invest all their time on Facebook, they chortled at me. Playing mobile plays, they tittered at me. Like, all I do is getlaughed at( Darren mocks ). And that’s when I know I’m onto something. And this one is one that’smaking a lot of beings laugh.They’re like, I’ll just take a screenshot. What’s the difference? I’m like everything. – Well, I was talking fine art with Sasha Bailey, he’s the founder of My BAE. – Hmm. – And he spoke of how “hes having” knew withtraditional fine arts. For instance, if you were to say, look at an Andy Warhol and it was the real one, Eddie Warhol and then you had a fakesitting next to it. They are indistinguishable. You can not tell thedifference between them, you are familiar with and that’s a problem. So what do they do? They go by Providence. They disappear, okay, who’s hands were, “whos had” this article, you know where is the history of this fragment. And again, that’s where the blockchain is vastly superior as a solution. – It’s not even close. – Right? Not exclusively that, “wheres” those Andy Warhol’s, they’re in a grave. No one’s even looking at the things.- Correct. – I go to the New York MET. I don’t know if you investigated that, but I announced about it. I go to the MET and Igo look at a depict and I’m like, is thiseven the real painting, or did they just gave a imitation here’ cause they don’t want the real one to get damaged ?. – Correct. And meanwhile, soul reforms their chart word-painting to a CryptoPunk, and you can go check if they’re the actual owner of it. You could. – You can. – You could. And then you get into themonetization of the IP. Like you look at someof the entity standards where you’re allowed to monetize something you buy up to a hundred thousand not like, there’s so much elegant stuff. It’s just gonna be nifty. That’s like the word like I’ve been using the word neat. Like, I don’t know if it produces me back to when I was four- – It’s a child, it’snostalgic thing right, it’s neat. – It’s nifty, it’s fucking neat. – Well, that’s why makingthe art for myself as well.A lot of the skill I makeliterally moves me laugh as I’m making it, you know like there’s a elation in it. And I’m hoping you havethe same experience with your doodling,( indistinct) – I signify, are you kidding me? – There’s a pleasure in it, right? – I make, look atPatient Pig, how can you-( Darren laughing) – That’s right. – You know, like, Icouldn’t be more excited to be a part of this. I am really happy that I’ve been able to bring a lot of awareness. I’ve had a lot of beautiful DMS and things like, you are familiar with, I have a big platform and I’m able to bring awareness to people, the Flamingo project, or, you know Felicia sort of, you are familiar with, whatever it might be like it’s just really fun.- Hmm. Let’s talk railings though. Let’s talk difficulties. – Please. – You know what, youknow, Ethereum plainly, you know, if you’re minting on Ethereum like it’s got some technological troubles. – Clearly. – You know, it’s too much success. – Yep, gas is expensive. – Gas is terrible, you are familiar with. We had various kinds of a mini crypto winter in the art place where I don’t know, you talked about that you’ve been following it for months. And it was just on firein October, November, come December Ethereumprices kind of skyrocketed and all of a sudden people couldn’t originate or they could create, but they couldn’t mint. They couldn’t tokenize unlessthey were upper echelon. You know, where do you see that moving? – Too early for me to make a call that I would wanna looked at on and say, okay, you were smart or you were an idiot. I really don’t know. That’s the honest truth. I know human dynamics.So what do I imply by that? I know that there’s an incredible quantity of beings that arebuilding on top of Ethereum that the network is so vast that the stakes are so collectively high-pitched that beings that are dramatically more technically skilled than I are tackling it at merciless tiers. Now I do think that people are naive a little bit with L-two and all that. Like, I think there is some naivete effect when you want it to happen, you know I’m thinking a lot about the burning and wrapping of signs, you know, like, listen I would neverhave bought CryptoPunks if I didn’t know what wrapping was. – Right. – Because I would have been too scared. Like, you know, I, you know they’re very different engineerings but there was a day where Yahoowas the only search engine. – Sure. – And then Google came along. And I sit here and say, well, there could be adifferent blockchain, like – Ask Jeeves.- Correct, I intend, inspect how immense Flow is. Roham you know learned a lot, -( coughs) Excuse me. – Being up on Kitty andthe scalable the questions and, you know, Flow, andthere’s tons, there’s tons of innovation going on on this. So, Ethereum scaling publications scare me less than they did six months ago. – Hmm. – Because I getting enough idea that if it doesn’t, it doesn’t mean all the assets go to zero. – Right. – And I’m a person that doesn’t have the skillset nor to be honest, the interest on how the concrete and steel is made.I like designing the room. – Hmm. – Got it? So I try to stay informed fairly that I can speak to the way I’m speaking to you where I’m risky, right. I can be a little hazardous but I’m not the person that’s gonna speak about the technical underpinnings at the level that so many others can. What I waste my passionand duration and skillset on, is the human dynamicson top of those things.Now I don’t want to getcaught with my pants down which is why I try tostay knowledgeable-ish, but to speak aboutscalability of Ethereum, that is above my compensate grade.( Darren laughters) – I kind of foresee in my opinion, that we’ll get to a quality where there’s a grade of interoperability, that you are familiar with, perhaps these clues are moving from one chain to another .( clears throat) I convey, there is obviouslya technological challenge now. – I think that that is something that is in thebest interest of everyone, thus obligates me think likely. – Well, on the flip side you could say, well, maybe it’s morelike the Beta max VHS situation where VHS predominated because it simply was the onethat was more widely used. And you are familiar with, you could makethat rationale for Ethereum. – I think you could, but the hasten of technologyadvancements are so different today compared to what it would have taken for a third, you know, cool. But that was a one-on-one battle. If the speeding and costs associated with innovating back then in that game, might’ve led to something called PS-nine, which would have destroyed VHS. – Sure. – And I think that’s how I look at a Flow had the luxury ofknowing what Ethereum was.- Right. Yup, what do you thinkof the whole, you know kind of there’s these, you know kind of curated vistums for galleries and then there’s the ones thatare various kinds of the wide open. Like where do you findyourself drawn to the most? – Neither and both. – Hmm. – To me both will succeed of whomever winnings. Right, so you will havemeaningful players in both. – Okay. – And then I think you’ll have accentuating technologywhere people like myself and others can do it on their own domain and only have the underpinnings of the capacity needed within it. – Hmm! Let’s fetching it to your background a little bit now. What do you think it is about this, you know, you talkedabout it a bit once, but you know you’ve talkedabout your childhood. What is it about your childhood like that really clickswith it, you think? – That’s a great question. You know, my mother’s side of the family has a very heavy leaningtowards storytelling. They’re just like funny Russian uncles who get drunk and story-tell, and I’m like, okay that’s something,( rustles) being an immigrant and learning how to speak English by watching “Scooby-Doo”, “Batman”, the “Adam West”stuff and “The Hulk”, the movie organization, you are familiar with, the TV personnel Tv substantiate, “Dukes of Hazzard”, like a lot of seventies and eighties IP taught mehow to speak the language.And I foresee cementedmy Americana, you are familiar with. Being a seller teach, you know I think this is just the modern stones and rubies and you are familiar with, like gold. I would’ve probably been a great character in the gold rush, you know? And so DNA and event of like I do make theimmigrant can’t speak English. These are the thingsthat learnt me English and they’re all IP, probablyhas something to do with it. I can’t really unwrap it, sweetened pickles- – But there’s a consolation youfind in that in a certain sense. – Yeah, sure as shooting. And then I maintained it. Like I loved garage selling my totality life and buying toys and works and jugs and T-shirts up IP happy days, more Mork and Mindy. Like I merely always gravitated to nostalgia Americana IP, that shit. – Yeah, yeah. Very interesting. Different question alone. Altogether kind of a– Please. – Bit of a switch here, you know I believe a good deal about how this will change the acces economies work on a kind of a macro scale, you know.Any thoughts on that inregards to, you know. – Big time. – You know, it’s kind of changing the route we, we transact. – I reckon I will become a central bank. – Hmm! – I ponder humen will have economies built around them because ofaccess and metadata. – Hmm! How does that workin our current system without there being a huge conflict? Or is that inevitable? – I make, if you’re going super macro with me around like cryptocurrency and NFTs versus, youknow, sovereign nations.- Which is like say, Fiat money versus- – Oh, I think it’s a, Ithink it’s a big, big deal. – Yeah. – I think that there’sinevitable regulation that is overbearing and it will depend on how bigthe movement is at the time to see what the counter-reaction is. I mean, I guess the stakes are high. If you believe that Bitcoin prevails, then you believe in the big absence of leverage of monarch people. – Hmm. Or that they just rush in and they try to have their own little hash war going on and try to- – They’re going to do that. – Get as much as they can, right. If they are– They’re going to do that. – I want, Germany I feel likeis my prediction to go first. Like I see oh they’re gonna. They’re gonna have to– Why German in particular? – By the room, when I say complete instinctive wild guess of like, I always think about who’s incentivized, but big enough. – Hmm. See,’ compel I would lean towards say something like say Iran or something like that.- They previously kind ofhave their own control if you think about it, if you think of Germany as a major player in Europe where Europe is now kindof like a third participate in the world behind the US and China, it’s almost like they’re incentivized to do a move to almost like re-energize, you are familiar with, cause don’t forget, that’s the part of theworld that was number one. And I always think there’ssome underscore friction when “youre using” your recognize, I study America losing to China in that global leader over the next hundred years will be like an interesting underlining resentment the highway that London andGermany look at the US.And so I dunno, I’ve always had this weird feeling in my owngame of chess in my principal that if there was aplace that would do this first and most meaningful, but that was big enoughto actually matter. So that’s always been my sizzling patrons. – Are they competent enough to fight it? – I don’t know. I genuinely don’t. – I often wonder. – I mean- I be known, – I be seen a trafficlight organisation make, you now 2 months to get installedin my place I don’t know if they can fight this. – Yeah, well that( Darren laughing) that is a really good point. In world , no. In tos a statute that represents things illegal that would move our front revolve, yes. – Hmm. Well, and that can cause harm. I don’t know if it stops. I don’t think it can be stopped.- Yeah. I think you’re probably right. I think it’s like alcohol. You can do prohibition but make preparations for the forks -( chuckles) And be prepared for parties to still be exhausting alcohol. – Correct.( Darren laughing) – Yeah, all right. Talk about your hopes. I necessitate, you didn’t, couldn’t give a great deal of detail there about your campaigns, but you know, what do you insure? What are you hoping happening here over the next year herewith your experience in the NFT world, with your experience in NFT art, what are youhoping to see happen? – By far, my reaction to that question is the 13 to 27 relationshipsI make in this next year.That mirror, the ones I fixed in 2006 like the Kevin roses and the MSGs and the Travis and theSockers and Dave Morin’s and you know, exactly these real rapports. Mike, you know Lazarus and Belsky like these real, real, real friendships. I remember I’m gonna prepare some of my best friends in mylife over the next year. – That’s awesome. I know for myself, you know, simply joining local communities I’ve made some awesome friends that, you know we connect on a daily basis, you are familiar with. – This is going to be a year that I utter some best friends. – That’s awesome. Anything, any last wordsyou wanna wrap up with? I know you’re kinda close-fisted on time.I’m guessing you are a pretty busy guy, so – Yes, I obviously was informed that. I can definitely, that I’m grateful that I’m accessible. That I’m intellectually charitable. I was so offering withthe ability to get mine that I ever, that I’ma person that believes in like abundance. So if there’s anything Ican be a help to anybody. I think everyone can win. And to be thoughtfulon the investing area. I do reflect people need to be very careful. There’s gonna be a trillion assignments and there’s only so much demand. And right now a lot of the demand is from parties that arefinancially incentivized. They don’t really care about it. They’re gonna buy this thing’ cause they think in a weekit’s gonna be this much. And that’s okay.I don’t judge that. I’m an entrepreneur, I’ma capitalist, you know in the good sense of the world meaning I want it to be fair. That’s why I enjoy a lot about this. I think it’s unadulterated capitalism. Like there’s, it actually, a game of who is goodnot let’s rig the game. And so- – It’s a meritocracy, yeah.- It’s a meritocracy, that’s such a good point. I just would tell peoplelike be astute because when it hittings, when it slams or it goes down, you know, it’ll hurt, it’ll be fast. It’ll be hard to liquidate. There’s not enough underscore demand to carry what’s going on. And so you have speculation at magnitude. Buy what you like or actually do homework on things you genuinely believe are gonna work. For instance, every great IP, Darren that’s about to come out, whether it’s “Star Wars”, or “Star Trek”, or “Alf”, or “Smurfs” or whatever, right. I’m gonna seek very carefullyon how they built it. You know, because I can’t just say, oh the Pokemon thing is gonnacrush’ cause it’s Pokemon.If it’s sloppy and not intelligent, the dynamics won’t play out to make it a good quote-unquote investment. – Yeah, yeah. Well then you just have a repeat of the ICO thing we saw. – This is gonna be a massive ICO moment, just so you know, this will be that the shit-coin like reality is there’s gonna be an ungodly extent of NFTs that sell for a lot inthe first three months and go to very small places.So pay very close attentionto who’s behind it. For precedent, for me what I’m gonna do is gonna be with me to the die I die, which gives me tremendous confidence in the economics around that ecosystem back to economies around parties. Unfortunately, I believe a great deal of people that have my leveraging ofawareness and audience, I think are gonna go for the quick 3, 4,$ 5 million value. And I think that’s gonna hurt them and it’s definitely gonna hurt their love. And I urge beings to be courteous as they continue to navigate specially these next 24 months. But these next 24 years in NFT are gonna be remarkable. – Yeah, a 100%. Hey, I truly appreciateyou taking this time and I’m looking forward to your podcast. I hear you’re doing it with someone else in my parish next week. Now I don’t wanna give awaytoo much about that yet.’ generate I’m not sure if he’s even said, but I’m aroused to hear that as well.And I genuinely appreciate youtaking the time to do this. I mean, of all thethings you could be doing with your time right now, why is it that, you are familiar with, this is what you’re doing. I’m curious. – I like beings that are authentic to the thing that I’m energized about. – Hmm! That’s awesome. – It could be a lot of imagination people who are gonna reached me a little bit. It’s already happened. There will be a lot of super acclaimed super rich, super leveraged, super strategic parties. There’s all the naturalpeople that I’m friends with that are also in, andthose are real ties-in but there’s something important to me that if I go into someone’s home, I are willing to elite and therules are take your shoes off. I wanna make them off. So that’s somewhere else the other day. And it kind of feels that way to me. I demand real relationships, real relationships.I want to be in this communityfor the rest of my life. And the only way I knowhow to do that is to be … Is to bring evaluate. I know that in real world, that my impression on your podcast for you gives you leverage to domore with your podcasts. And I wanted to go for you. – I appreciate that. – And the number one asset that I can, the number one asset I protect is time. – Hmm! – So to me, writing, being a $ 5,000 patron of your podcast is a hell of a good deal less meaningful oflike me knowing the truth than me apportioning this time. – Right on yeah.- And so that’s- – I’d be okay with that too .( both laughter) – We can have that convo too. Anyway, my friend thank you for your time. I gotta passed. – Right on. Thank you very much.- Bye there. – Thank you so much.- Take care. – See you in the roundabouts. I are looking forward to expend realtime in person as well. – Awesome. – Take care- Cheers. Where do you live? – I live in Alberta, Canada. – Love it, love it. I actually- – I enjoy New York though. I had tickets booked. I had hotel booked. I had tickets for Hamilton booked. I was all ready with my partner to come out there for a week. – Gonna be going on lot of conferences. So I’m sure we’ll be synced.- Oh man, I was crushed.Bye, Okay.- Cheers. – Take care. – YouTube watcher, what’s up, it’s GaryVee. First of all, thank you so much. I hope you’re doing superwell during these eras. I likewise wanna wants to see you satisfy agree because my commitment and exploration of YouTube is about toexplode floors, polls more contact, more engagement, more surprise and pleasure. This is the time to subscribe. I hope that members can is. And I hope I be seeing you ..

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