On-Page Optimization Process | Introduction | Lesson 18/31 | SEMrush Academy


you can’t do SEO without optimizing the content on a site on sheet content signals are one of “the worlds largest” weighted parts in Google’s algorithms so it’s vital that you understand how to write an optimized site content if you don’t have a page that’s optimized for the quotation that you want to rank for it’s going to be nearly impossible to show up for that search in this section of tasks we’re going to walk you through the entire on-page optimization process from keyword investigate to optimizing specific sheet elements remember Google is really merely boosted blueprint observation so when you’re optimizing your place you’re helping to make sure that your blueprint will help prove that you’re a relevant answer to your targeted key phrases Google has advanced far past simple keyword to keyword parallel techniques thanks to updates like the hummingbird update Google’s going much better at understanding semantics it knows that synonyms refer to the same idea for example it’s no longer necessary to write content solely for search engines where you have a single sheet on your locate for each keyword that you’re targeting you should instead write your content for humans form something that’s useful and related and people will actually want to read it and that’s the sort of content that will help you gain visibility in search results

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