It’s important to know why you are doing all this yes we are getting backlinks to rank higher in Google but this is not the end result that you are looking for this is not the end of your business rounds you should focus on the results anticipated and not desegregate between your measures and your actual convergence Google has been applying countless changes to its algorithm lately remember Google is so much success because they bring results that are so much opinion to you they want to think like human simply because

human are those who use it they pull webmasters to optimize the work for this target as well they are even working more on this Google has been rolling out some informs to their algorithm and rummage filters to enhance the results that users get it is adopting and pertaining a brand-new approaching to the search and exhorts content writers and designers to follow this approach as

well recently Google has gone out hummingbird it’s a new modernize to its machine, in short, the hummingbird where they refer shows hurried and accuracy is all about more effective and the sanding of the subscribers needs rather than just a keyword matchmaking it is trying to be more conversational

and attending to use actual requests it’s in the way people are looking for this rather than just what they are looking for so your content is advisable to or the results that come up to the user should rebut their needs not just give them facts such methods used to work a few years ago they were even recommended and adopted by SEO gurus there were tons of – stood made this process and the majority of members of them worked some methods like index register where some daylight recommended by Google now all of this are not working and if they are overdone or as they call it over-optimized like for example when

using a tool to create hundreds of directory submissions per day such pages are penalized and smothered in their ranking and this is the last thing any business just wanted to do going into a battle of grading with Google so here is a list of what is not working anymore and somehow even get penalise by Google now moderated blocked comments and directories listings in articles indices all of the signature schemes like guest notebooks and gatherings etc at spring Orient’s and even user profile pages website relations in there are not considered or weighed as backlinks in short anything that is not topically related is not weighed any backlink is not just a backlink anymore it has to be

relevant to the context it’s becoming more humanely than a machine though this might sounds is bad news to many businesses who rely wholly on or mostly on such ways to do business it should be a good opportunity to starting up sites who have read content and business but couldn’t just compete with us who can afford the application or the access to the guru’s who can do such games to change the research results to their favour so back to your actual results and convergence a good connection or a backlink is the one that actually produces traffic to your website traffic that is coming from users who are interested in your material or niche this is the traffic that you want to have on your location,

so it’s somehow a matter of quality rather than quantity quality traffic is the one that you are able to give on in your retargeting campaigns don’t worry about this we’ll talk extensively about it in the advertising section that’s said you’ve seen the need to plan and deploy backlinking policy tie-ups that to be involved in ranking and attaches that drive traffic.

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