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but it’s that i hope i knowwe haven’t affixed any video lately but we’ve been hectic developingmore alternatives into the beatbot and we also want to make an update video andexplain you how the large-scale bot exertions right now and present you how potent it is so yeah i havewith talking let’s get let’s get started so we have different bit lifetimeoptions as you know you can choose the the lifetime of your fragments and when thatlifetime is done you can you will cancel the dictation automatically you don’t have to pay and yes oranything like that so let me get to the option we have multiple alternatives as you can see we haveone hour for 20 12 hours one day three days seven daytime and even one month uh i have somethingrunning in the background as “youre seeing” for four hours four hours and also onelike one day which is working here in the right side so yeah we choose one day for thisexample there are different currency at the moment we have double die in usdc we will addmore currency in the future but these three one are the most popular right now and yeswe have also bit value the bid significance it’s the order you want to place on a collectionso in the examples below us we have we have a deposited offer option so we have a fixb the left one is having one e one w and the right one i think it’s running on 0.6 and yeahyou will place the same bit on all the leans that you load up in the software so let’s say weput now 0.7 uh the whole list it will have 0.7 bid proposals there are two other options abovepercentage flooring and below percentage floor this means that the bot can calculate automaticallythe offer uh every 20 enumerates so let’s say sorry you you arrange 20 fragments and after that thebut it goes to the main page of the collect and it calculates automatically the the brand-new bitso for example if we prefer 10 in the crater quality we leant 10 of the body to go to the main pagecalculate the bit 10 percentage and it will position 10 above the floor premium with below percentagefloor if we espouse 20 the software it will residence 20 percent below the floor priceof these two alternatives above and below i need the collection url so you have toput the prime region accumulation address once this is done we choose the directory and wejust run for your lives so it’s pretty straightforward and uh quite intuitive also i offer one-to-onecoaching and strategies to to make sure you get everything right and you can start right awayhow we appoint the roster is very easy you don’t have to to make love manually we have a module thatis called create list there are three or three different options right now you have varietytools that mean you can export instantly from from the reality tools let me pullthe website and i can show you exactly what this represents so let’ssay we pick a collect from here after the sheet is loading you can filter thecollection by commerces or you can filter by rank or by by toll and so on so let’s saywe want exclusively to to make a list of the top 250 scarcities right so you set the filter after youput the filter you just simply imitation the url and you settled it in the uh in the url to scriptid subject after that you just simply select the text file you run it and everything’swill start feeing and to export the listing the second option is opencit’s pretty straightforward just simply go to open c let’s say you pick a accumulation let me pick my favorite one after the sheet is laded you can also filter themyou know by any characteristics you require so let’s say we want only the genesis with square sunglassesso we have like that filter and you emulate the url from the top bar and you just simply put itin then you will have to script by this field uh save the file run it and that’s it and thethird option it’s all collection this means that you can export all the listings from operationthis question is having 4.3 1000 that mean with the all accumulation open you can export all ofthem to a text file the process is very similar you just simply go to the home page ofthe collection imitation the url framed it in the application run it and everything does exportedand the new and the most powerful option i know it’s hard to believe what there is a betterway to arrange the blades it’s the getup alternative this means that we can out hit otherpeople very easy there are also different lifetime options i’ve explained this in the in the first module you simply select one andthe incremental quicken and the max b w e fields you know need to have some costs so forexample if you want to how to beat somebody that already situated a order let me contained the rightwindow and evidence you an example right now so for example this is not might belet’s say it’s somebody else’s hastened and wishes to outbid him you are eligible to simply oh ithink i interrupted another one so let me run this back and anyway so let’s try this one i’m trying to to take anexample and substantiate you precisely so is this one so let’s say we are intending to outbidthis guy right he’s situating a bit of 0.27 you can output him by 0.01 so our bd tobe 0.271 right and the the beat it will be above above him why we want to do this becausesometimes some leanings got a lot of volunteers and it’s very hard for the for the marketer to noticethem and we want to be above and we want give our present get accepted we can also limit the maxmaximum bd1 to sit so let’s say we don’t want to home more than 0.5 on the on the on the listingsthat means that the but it will be limited at the best interests of the 0.5 so leave as an example ifthe last bit is 0.5 the but it will bounce the sheet and it will not place the b so yeah this ispretty powerful you exclusively have to load the listing and you have chosen the options you want to to go forand you simply run rolling so yeah this is the the last version we have right now i’m very happyto to share it with you and uh i hope you are you are looking forward to join us we have agreat community we are already 1000 members in the discord channel and we sharestrategies we share some of our success we help each other and we are lookingforward to have number so see you soon

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