hello there today i show you the new nft mintingbot mated by cryptoj.com let'' s start most likely to cryptoj.com and press download switch wait when downloading process will certainly be finished extract zip archive in any kind of folder on your computer if program is not running you require to shut off your antivirus in home windows protector now you can begin launcher in program press on solana logotype and also program is start loading your web browser with your phantom budget need to be opened when program is working program is open there you can see mint url area just how much nft you intend to mint and threads go to magic eden attach your purse as well as choose which nft you desire to mint if public mint is closed you can also run the program as well as program delay for beginning of mint process as well as immediately start minting when it will certainly be available i reveal you exactly how it benefits example allowed'' s take this nft you can see public mint is not offered placed link in the initial area of program kind exactly how much nft you need and select how much threads you wish to start now program immediately mint this nft when public minting will certainly be offered all right i put on'' t await beginning so i just placed in the program nft which mint is available now for instance let'' s take these moons put information in all fields and also press start you can see nft mint is effective let'' s examine it this program can mint so quickly you can mint rare nfts collections very easy and generate income on this equilibrium has actually transformed and in my collections now i have these nft thank you for enjoying this video please like as well as subscribe on the channel all web links you can locate in the summary have a good day

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