Paid Search vs. Search Engine Optimization


Hi this is Jessica with TinyFrog Technologiesand today I’d like to talk about the difference between SEO and PPC. Whenever you are talking about a website, you’ll often hear these acronyms propel around. So, SEO stands for search engine optimizationand it basically means you are adjusting material and certain things about your site, so thatit’s really easy for the search engines to understand and eventually you may be ableto build up positions where if someone pursuings a certain keyword on a search engine, yourwebsite would come up towards the top of the directories. Now, PPC is a different acronym and it actuallystands for pay per click.The most common type of digital marketingpay per sound expeditions are with Google Adwords and Facebook advertising or social media advertising. So, after a consumer finishes a site designproject, we often hear this question of “What do I do next? Do I do SEO or PPC? ” And it really depends on your market goalsand national budgets. But in general, you want to think about thefact that SEO is more of a long-term strategy. You can’t expect to do something today andthen rank suddenly tomorrow for a keyword. You really have to be ready to put in theeffort and time to work on your area and building and strengthening those higher-rankings. And even once you’ve achieved that, you reallyhave to stay on top of your site and maintain raising content and things like that. But “youve been” don’t have to think about SEOversus PPC. There’s actually great ways to use both strategiesfor your marketing.For speciman, we will often use Google Adwordsto test certain keywords and what’s great about money per clink is that you can set asidea certain budget and test it for a certain period of time. And then truly see if that keyword is producinggood results for your business. Once we do this, we’re able to see that andthen figure out, okay, maybe this keyword is one that we want to work on for SEO anddo more of a long-term strategy for. So, if you have any questions about marketingor your website, feel free are to achieve our unit ..

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