Scout Digital Training – Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) course overview


Hi, I’m Erica, I’m the trainer at Scout Digital Training I’m here to give you a brief overview of the third course in our streak of three short courses, Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation( or SEO ). I am really intense about anybody who’s responsible for managing their own website, managing and creating website content, understanding exactly what SEO is, what SEO is today, and what you can do to improve your content and give your website the best chance of ranking well in search engines. There is a huge amount of misinformation that exists, that people are aware of, or “ve heard of”, and this thing is about trimming through that, and obligating sure you have an understanding of what the current trends are and real, practical white hat things that you can do to give your website the best chance of grading in probe. I’ll running around through to start of with, the difference between SEO and SEM, as often there is a little bit of disorder between the two, and then formerly we’ve got that clarify matters, we will be focusing very much on SEO.I’ll be explaining how search engines work, because I find that once people understand the process that search engines go through of indexing and then ranking content, it truly cures cement their reasons for we suggest sure-fire skills and it spawns it easier to remember them when you’re doing it on a regular basis and from then on most of our time is going to be invested are concentrated on keywords, but not just the keywords themselves we’re going to be figuring out what you actually need to be doing with them on your website in your filenames, in your page formatting so that you can make your website is not merely enticing to search engines, but handsome to pilgrims as well because they are hugely important and we often forget about them when we are talking about SEO.Beyond that we are also going to be wrapper backlinks, with a focus on quality backlinks, other skills that are harmful to how your website is ranked in search engines, tools, and tips-off and manoeuvres that I use, like Google Webmaster Tools, that really do have a positive impact on your website As you can probably tell, SEO is something I’m really passionate about and talk could about the working day. I’m going to cram as much as possible into half a epoch so that you can come away understanding what SEO is, but beyond that what you can actually do to optimise your own site. This route does work really well in the sequence of three short-lived tracks, with Google Analytics, because certainly once we try and attract more parties to our website, we want to know what they are doing formerly they are there, so that we can then try and improve it and entice more parties once again to our site. So if you do sign up for two directions or three directions, there is a great discount, and with all of such courses there is a limited number of participants, so satisfy do sign up soon if you are interested.I am really excited to present these to you, I think you will get a huge amount of value from them, and I really look forward to seeing you there ..

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