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you you okay so before I start I just want to remind you guys that affiliate summit does a drawing for you guys filling out the review forms so you can go ahead and fill those out when you’re done with the session the I talk fast is a given so you probably don’t need to put that on there we get that a lot so I will try and talk as slow as possible but I’m from New Jersey so the fact that I talk about a lot of curse words is a big plus for me so so I’m gonna let everybody on the panel introduce themselves we’re doing an SEO site clinic so basically what that means is people have come up they’ve given us their business cards we’re going to go through their sites we’re going to tell them what we see wrong with their sites and how to fix it the general plus to everybody in here whose site is not being reviewed is that your site probably has some of the same issues as a sites that we’re going to review live on stage so with that I’m going to let everybody introduce themselves and also to if you guys read the session or the read the outline Michael Gray had a personal emergency that prevented him from being here so Taylor Pratt is going to be pinch hitting for him on the end and I’m going to let Taylor introduce himself first hi I’m Taylor Pratt I work for Raven internet marketing tools and yeah thanks for having me i’m michael martin i work for covario based in San Diego I’m the senior SEO strategist and the mobile lead I’m Kenny hider I run a internet marketing agency called haider media I can see me on Haider me or at Kenny Haider on Twitter and I’m ray Hoffman Dolan probably better known online at Sugar Ray career affiliate have been doing affiliate marketing for the last 12 years if I didn’t do any type of SEO consulting at all that would more than pay the bills but I also own an SEO agency as well so all of us have been doing SEO for quite a long time working with everything from big brands to very competitive industries to doing what a lot of you guys in here are doing which is trying to build up affiliate sites so that they actually rank in the search engines so we’re going to start with our first sight who owns Jensen USA com you can just go up to the mic because we’re probably gonna have some questions for you is it goin yeah I’m great no no that’s right okay so what do you guys do Jensen USA is a provider of mountain biking road biking cycling supplies okay just give us one second here do you have any ranking problems that you know of are you just here to try and figure out when I’m looking inside Google Analytics to look at where we rank an SEO we do rank well for specific terms but general over turn over all terms relating to the cycling industry we’re not ranking early I the best cycling term that you can find if you look in google trends is cycling just a single word we’re not ranking very high for that not on the first page on the second page if you dive in mountain biking it’s a give and take of where we’re at if you type in well get in take where you’re at like give and take between two and four or give and take between 20 and 75 and then okay my goal is to be able to have somebody who’s looking for cycling gear type in a specific topic type in cycling type in bikes type of mountain bikes and be able to land on the top 10 okay so first thing you know right off the bat i typed in your URL and your home page redirects to jensen USA com forward slash and then you have this huge string query you can I think you probably see it well no no interestingly enough I don’t redirect so you do I don’t oh that’s even worse um okay so some background on this um this website went live wednesday we had an old website so you are getting some redirects it’s coming from a link that was an old content link to redirecting to the new website okay so when you did the migration plan when you changed did you change your URL structure when you do the new design you did and did you 301 every single old URL to its new URL okay and you do with 301 right okay yeah double check that it’s got to be real one is real one okay um so the first thing that I’m going to tell you and this is just a there there is nothing you’re not going to go to google and find a guideline on this that that says this is fact but generally in my experience as an SEO if you do a site search on a domain and the first result that comes up is not your home page typically that signifies that Google has some type of problem with your website so it’s not just a matter of that you’re not ranking super well it’s actually a matter of there’s something on your website that’s either confusing google or that it doesn’t like but either way the fact that your tires page ranks above your home page when doing just a generic site search usually to me is not very good of a sign i’m going to let i was looking at tires locks inflators where do you see the home page i’m saying i don’t see the home page see those results right there this is a site search on your site so it’s basically a site colon your domain name calm when you get the first result the first result is Jensen calm / tire / CST typically on a site that does not have any issues ninety-nine point nine percent of the time the first page it’s going to come up when you do a site search is their homepage so for for me again there’s there’s nothing that says like this is law but in my experience any time that we’ve had a site that comes up like this where it’s not their homepage coming up first there there’s usually a lot more problems than the person actually thinks there are does anybody have any comments while I look through some stuff yeah so also just looking at your code on your homepage if you view the source you’ve got a couple of snippets in your like line 32 you have this string of code that is in and of itself at least 150 lines where the code the problem is you know the HTML or you know what you’re doing isn’t bad it’s just really messy and and cluttered and everything and especially with a you know your homepage and everything you want to kind of condensed and minify all of the elements that you’re putting on the page for to increase load times and do all that kind of stuff and right now the co is really really ugly so I would recommend you know kind of taking a look at the code structure are you do you know you know is this on some sort of platform or what’s the back n Junction solutions as Junction solutions now that can be a problem sometimes with you know when you use like a code base to you know build a website sometimes the cloak the code can get really cluttered and stuff I would recommend do you have someone that works for you in-house they can work on the website have them take a look and you know try and condense some of this stuff there’s you know CSS just being referenced all over the place you know hundreds and hundreds of times just to do your menus and things like that you know it’s it’s likely that you could be able to clean up that stuff and really kind of decrease your sizes of your pages and the load times your pages by a lot that would be a really good thing and do you own gear buyer or gear sellers calm because they have a lot of the same product descriptions as you have I was going to say as far as so you you are the original and then you have affiliates correct just so that we’re clear are you giving them a separate data feed from the one that you have are you giving them the same exact data fee that’s on your website our stuff does not come from we don’t know we create the Navy we’re the original there is no data fee that we’re getting from anybody else to get better right but when you give that data feed your affiliates are you editing it at all are you just handing on the same data fee that you use to populate your own website I would recommend making it a different one you can give all your affiliates the same one but make sure that it’s different than yours what change variations would you more like rewriting the description of the item it doesn’t necessarily need to be completely rewritten it just needs to be worded a little bit differently sometimes too and I know that the affiliates in the room are going to hate me for this because I hate this but also not giving them exactly as much information as you have on your own website just because you are the merchant and the problem is is that if you get an affiliate who’s really good at what they do they could end up outranking you on certain terms now I want to know how common is this right here you can see I went to this t-shirt and it says description a hundred percent cotton and then there’s no reviews of the item the store availability I’m going to assume is pretty generic on every single page and then the shipping generic on every single page the problem is is that this is essentially a blank page and so my curiosity would be how many of these you have because essentially if Google’s coming to this other than the item number the title and one hundred percent cotton which I’m going to assume all your t-shirts say one hundred percent cotton you’re essentially feeding them multiple pages that are duplicate content and completely empty and they don’t see anything on them of value and the problem is that if you give them enough of those if a majority of your site contains those and they can start to think that your sights of a lower quality and therefore don’t want to rank you as well also looking at if you if you look at go back to the site search that you did for the citrate looking at your title tags if you are clicking through they it looks like you’re just taking your bread crumbs and putting them into your title tags the title tags on your site are extremely important especially for any pages you know product or category level pages that you want to rank you want to have someone type in a term and you know have your site come up those are the types of pages that you’re going to want to use you know ultimately if you’re searching for a parallel or products you’re going to want to have those product and category level pages coming in not your homepage and right now all of your title tags I mean a Google is going to see you know the entirety of your site and see all of these title tags and they all look a hundred percent automated and generated and that takes away so much from the quality of your site because each page is basically you know it appears to be just like some auto-generated page so you don’t really have any high-quality pages on your site because none of them you know they’re all being generated with title tags and the description tags and all that you know everything that shows up when you search the title tag in the description tag the URL those things are all really important not only for you know ranking and you know performance but also for click-through rates and conversion and all that stuff so you really want to spend some time you know pan writing the title tags especially for the pages that you want to rank and all those kinds of things so your main takeaway main question you ask is why are you ranking for say the different products is that your main concern that was the main concern but going over what we’re going over right now if Google’s looking at me and thinking that a lot of what we’re doing is automatically generated and devaluing what’s there I mean that kind of answers the questions yeah your best takeaways what Kenny said I mean that’s one of the lowest hanging fruit you got right there is rearranged of breadcrumbs for your actual product to be front-loaded or as opposed to whole triage they’re also like site for your homepage haven’t you or your brand name toward the end especially if you want to be that that bike bike source and and really with that to your appending your brand name to at the end of every title tag on your site you don’t need to do that you know your your homepage should rank for you know your name and if it’s not then you have real problems but you don’t need to be putting your basically because everything in your title tag and you know description tag there’s a limit and that’s why you see if you on these sites searches all your title tags and description tags are getting truncated because they’re over the character limit so your title I mean really you want to keep your title tags under 70 characters including spaces and your description tags under 150 including spaces so that you don’t get this truncation which is you know going to affect your click-through and conversion performance as well but also you know like in your title tag which is a part of you know a ranking factor so what is in your title tag will affect how you rank directly when you append things to it like your brand name you’re basically taking away value from the keywords that are also in there so it’s also you know applying a little bit of that title tag juice to your brand name on every page when you really want to be focusing on just the products yeah if I can just say just that just a second low-hanging food that you’ve got I think that you’re going to get seed pretty quick results also your canonicalization issue not just with your dub dub dub dub dub but just using the rel canonical do you want to talk a few milli with the rel canonical term because that would help you a lot not just with your home page but a lot with your tracking code if you want to keep the tracking code in there for I’m some users using GA Google Analytics just to keep that easy for you and that way you really refine that that link juice and you get the biggest bang for buck on your URLs also your search page is being cached i would i would definitely exclude that as well so like this is a big problem and this is one thing you need to go through the site this is just a blank page and it’s indexed so again it’s the same problem is the product page I really think to be honest with you that you’ve got a lot of Duke issues and I don’t think that they’re intentional i think it’s just that that whatever software you’re using is spitting out blank pages so in addition to adding to your own product feed and then giving affiliates a separate product feed you guys need to go through the site and make sure that whatever is caused because obviously this is an error of the page shouldn’t even be generated if it has no items on it so you guys need to figure out what’s causing this error and have them fix it and actually either populate the page or 301 redirect to page to a page that actually is populated with whatever it is that’s supposed to be on this page unfortunately because you changed the site URL structure like you said four days ago unfortunately Google has not found even remotely anywhere near all your links to understand that you’ve done that so it’s possible that what we’re seeing in your site indexing is more that Google’s confused rightly so because it’s now trying to fix all the redirects that you’ve put into place so I would do a site search again in about two two and a half weeks if your home page is still not showing up number one then at that point i would say that you’ve got a more solid issue but because you instituted a bunch of redirects four days ago it’s possible that that’s what’s causing that so just when you said that um going back to the code that the way that your page pages are structured individually as far as the code is concerned need some attention to looking at for example you have h1 tags on your homepage so header tags are you know an element that we use to kind of identify different you know headings and stuff and how important they are and that goes into the key words and you know all that plays into the on-site SEO on your home page you have 11 h1 tags 0 h2 tags and one h3 tag and you’re putting h1 tags on your bread crumbs and on your navigation you should really look at you know the the structure of the site if you can you know there’s a lot of free tools out there that you can put your URL into and it will give you you know just a snapshot of what it looks like without any styles or JavaScript so you kind of get an idea of what it looks like to the search engines you know as you go down the page you’re going to have you know every page has a main focus or a heading and then there’s subheadings or whatever those you know the way that you distribute the content on your site through header tags and paragraphs and and all of that kind of stuff needs to be weighted towards looking at you know what are the most important terms for this page and then you know you put header tags on those and then secondary and third and that’s why we have h2 h3 h4 tags and you know second section you think things out by paragraphs and all that as well but right now the way you’re doing it with you know just putting every every link on the page as a header tag is you know you need to change that as well and just two things that I noticed I think you guys should be taking advantage of schemas because you’re a website is completely product focused and you don’t have a single schema on there to really help call out to the search engines what each of these things are just helps them get a better understanding of the products on your site and if you’re not familiar with it there’s a free tool called schema Creator that you can use it will help you set them all up and so I would recommend going through there and trying to get that set up throughout your site the other thing that I noticed is when you filter on your main product pages it starts adding a lot of parameters to the URLs I’d make sure that you go into webmaster tools and teach them what your parameter parameters mean so that they’re not going to have any problems handling at seeing you know duplicate content through the page if so he has if they link to a page that sorted a certain way so I’d make sure to go in there and do that so two more things so when I did product searches because what i did was i did a search to find out if i put something on your site that obviously is duplicated on a bunch of affiliate sites typically again you’re not going to find this in google’s manual but typically the site that ranks first for whatever the phrase is in quotes is what Google considers to be the original site so when i did the products linked off your homepage you guys came up first so i initially I’m dismissed that but then I thought about it because they’re linked to from your homepage it means they have really strong link popularity so they’re probably overriding when I went in further into your site to other product pages and did an exact search for you’ll see you guys are not the ones ranking number one so the data feed thing is a big issue because your affiliates already happier data feed I would change your data feed and just continue giving the affiliate someone that they have also to get more unique content on the page reviews reviews or reviews especially if you’re the merchant if you’re actually shipping this stuff you should be following up with people after they get their shipment and basically say you know thank you for ordering with with us we really appreciate it as a customer we’d love if you take the time to review the product that you got did you like it did you love it did you hate it let other customers know about it no we did just sign up with me with Power View power reviews to get them installed on the site if you have any experience with power reviews no I don’t think anybody else does did you software the rei uses on their website as we do all of the reviews that i do are we custom build our stuff so I don’t have any experience with actual software but the bigger thing is going to be actually getting the reviews and so that’s why you already have these people that are buying things will contact them a week later maybe even offer them a five percent discount code if they go and review something on the site and after they fill out the review have the review response page contain the coupon code but just to get more unique content on the site because that’s going to be a big way that you can differentiate yourself from other sites that are using your feed I’m going to move on to the next site so hopefully some of that helped who owns a fashionable dog clothes calm I’m not I just didn’t even know there was such a thing so I just had to see this site there wasn’t such a thing until six months ago haha alright so there wasn’t such a so your new site six months yes so what are your what are you currently looking to achieve number one ranking on Google ok for do you know what terms are trying to ring for fashionable dog clothes ok that’d be much harder how’s your site generated you actually sell the items or yoona Philly it for another company it’s a drop shipping site a what dropshipping site where are you getting the content for all the pages like this page where is this description right here coming from I rewrote the descriptions from the drop shipper very good i get to– i could tell that because when i did a search for it you’re the only one that comes up but i was just curious as to how you were generating them i rewrote them all so anybody else want to take a leak while i run so stuff from this so the first thing you know you you have the exact match domain so you should you know you should come up for fashionable dog clothes because that’s your domain name the reason I think you’re probably not right now well let me take a look at this too but the first thing I see is on your homepage currently your homepage is you know just a bunch of featured items that you’re selling generally you know with homepages google ice to see you know some content that because most people are trying to you know convert on their home page for a product you know driven site so you really your home page isn’t you know where you’re trying to get people to make the sale you want to you know people I can come to your site and click on you know one of the categories what they’re looking for something like that so really you should kind of think about how do you can wreak raft your home page so that it is more of a front to your site rather than just jumping right into all this content because what happens is when you have a site that doesn’t have a whole lot on it besides products to sell anyway and the homepage is just a bunch of links to products it’s d values you know the weight of the homepage which is probably why you’re not coming up right now because you have like I said the domain name and fashionable dog closes first thing in your title tag so you might want to think about focusing your homepage more towards the user rather than just having you know a bunch of stuff on it I’m going to hit your biggest issue is that you have no links what have you done for link development because like it’s showing me nothing so have you gone out and actually tried to develop links to your website yes what have you done to do so um written articles commented on blogs really because I’m showing like your area well I think part of the problem is his blog is on a completely different domain oh there’s a blog as well as the national dog though it’s fashionable dog clothes blog yes you want to always keep your blog on the same domain because I couldn’t get it on the same domain why not the bike the people who built the website said I could just cook just said I couldn’t have it there oh so you should hire some new people yeah yeah that’s uh I mean like like even if even if you’re on a.net like you know we do have company sometimes that are on the dotnet and therefore they can’t use the WordPress platform but even then you can put it on a subdomain and allow PHP on the subdomain so no you absolutely can have it on your own domain I don’t know if they don’t want to do it or if it’s just really hard for them or what the issue is but yeah I second Kenny should find some you told me it wasn’t possible no it’s absolutely possible I i will bet that seventy-five percent of the people that are in here have blogs running on their own version sites so yeah and somebody gave me the advice that I get it on the same place and they wouldn’t it they told me it couldn’t be done yep I knew people so I’m sure there’s people in here that new web dev that probably know how to put a blog on a domain so also your your item codes right here the DD to go ahead and remove those especially from your title tag if you wanna leave them on the page leave them on the page but there’s no reason that that needs to be in the title tag it basically just takes up space and takes away from the keyword density from the rest of the title tag so just go ahead and remove that the big thing that I’m saying so when you’re developing links are you developing links to fashionable dog clothes com are you developing links to fashional dog clothes blog com to them to main site to the main site I’m going to say that you should probably go after different types of links then because from what I can see like I don’t see any i’m running a majestic report on them and I’m seeing zero links so I mean it’s possible it’s because there are newer site and they haven’t found as many of your backlinks yet but if you do what ones you do have apparently are not really valuable because they’re not coming up in the reports that we’re doing right did you check out his links page no really you you’re using SEO cordage your SEO agency I beg your pardon Gino SEO court nothing your SEO agency no ok cuz you have them listed on your link page along with Pegasus directory dog kennel solutions and their links if you go to Nashville dogs calm / links it’s not that it’s right here it’s right here on the screen so i understand i haven’t paid enough attention to that page yeah that page shouldn’t even be there in this day and age like if you guys want to have pages especially if you’re bloggers if you want to have pages the kind of show related sites or if you sell apples and somebody else those baskets and you want to link back and forth but if your links consists of linking back to a directory in order to get a directory length and it’s a crap directory and you don’t want the link same thing like the SEO core and I say this every time like I don’t know how many merchants there are in the room and I don’t know how many SEO is I’m going to piss off I really don’t care but if you’re paying an SEO company and they are putting a link to their website in your footer you’re paying them twice there yeah there’s no reason that you should be helping your SEO company rank for the terms that they want to rank for so that’s that’s a big thing so and it looks like I don’t know if you use this SEO company or maybe and it’s possible your developers it’s possible and we’ve seen and I’m not saying that your developers are doing this so like I’m not don’t say their name because I don’t want to be like blogged about that I said that they were doing this but my guess would be is that sometimes we’ve seen cases or developers when they know people don’t really understand what they’re doing the developers will kind of shove in links to sites in conjunction with getting paid for it by outside SEO companies so that that page just shouldn’t be especially like that where it’s just one so another problem that I’ve seen is on your left side navigation where you where you list all the different types of categories you have you also list categories on the right side and they it’s basically just duplicate content because it’s the same content on two different URLs that I’m seen and and obviously that’s going to be a problem just those categories in there right yeah I mean same thing nothing against get clicky but if you have to link to their analytics program in your footer then just get rid of them and get google analytics and you can use it for free and you won’t have to link back because essentially like all the links that are pointed at your page and it’s not i’m not talking about leaking PageRank so i want to be really really clear on that please you not anybody go home and blog that I said that you shouldn’t link out the places because it’ll leak your PageRank the mouth talking about page rank at all but when you have a bunch of links that are coming into a site you essentially get credit for those links and every site that you link to from your website you’re giving a little bit of that credit and passing it through to that site so if you’re passing credit through to an analytics program and to an SEO company there’s just no reason to be doing that you’re basically and I’m not saying that you shouldn’t link to anybody it’s a good thing to link to sites it’s a good thing to linked to quality sites but if you’re having to link to services in order to be able to use them I I just wouldn’t use them and there’s plenty of free alternatives to for analytics so you also have a lot of it throughout you know the pages you have a lot of repeat usage of description tags for your pages so some of the some of the pages are looks like the description tags were written by hand but a lot of them if you click on the second and third pages of a site result for your domain you see a lot of repeat texts in your description tags which will hurt you so if you don’t you know have the time to write all of these description tags and title tags by hand leave it you know don’t put them there because Google will generate something copying pasting you know dozens and dozens of description tags over the same you know pay duplicate over multiple pages is going to hurt you negatively also I think on top of links the only really to me let me know if you guys disagree but really it seems mostly just a Content issue your your coat looks okay it’s you know it it’s clean and it’s you know written out it’s a little long and you do have some inline JavaScript and CSS that you could get rid of by putting in external files and reference in them in your header but you’re you know for the most part your title tags are our meet your code is neat you’ve got you know semi decent internal linking structure you really just need to focus on you know the content of the site so what’s the main takeaway you’re trying to you’re trying to gain from this though because you’re ranking pretty well for your main terms when what is it that you’re just to rank better for you say we rank well for him but I want to rank even better I want to be in the top one through three spots for my keywords and then just cleaning up the site and some of the things you guys do the big thing is and it’s you know this is often the case and it’s a simple thing it just has to be done the big thing is going to be you know going back the same as one of the previous sites just making pages that are built for the key you know the keywords not built for the keywords but you know built around those products individually cleaning those things up the things like you know condensing down your title tags you know getting a little bit more focused on which keywords you’re putting into your title tags your header tags things like that and then really you know you have a good you know backlink portfolio right now you have some decent links and you’ve got a lot of them and everything but you know that the trick is to rank for those you know terms at the top the competitive terms once you have those pages that are crafted you know putting a couple of really high quality links or you know hiring someone to build links or however you know you go about your link building strategy directly towards those pages and that’s where you’ll see you know those bottom of the page middle the page rankings go to number one and the ones that aren’t there show up on first page I’m also going to take a guess and like this is a guess I may be wrong site we haven’t looked at if I’m going to guess you guys rely a lot on your brand the fact that you are net nanny or associated with net nanny and the links just flood in and most of them probably have the keywords net nanny attached them versus you know what you want to actually rank for on the two separate sites so one of the things would be to do a deliberate link building campaign targeting specific keywords also too late you guys have net nanny like let some mommy bloggers have access to it in exchange for them doing a review if they like and tell them you’re not asking to say they liked it they don’t like it you don’t care but you’ll give them access just so that they can do a review etc but you’ve got to do more of a concentrated link building effort and like for everybody that’s in here too because I know that this is something that sometimes is it given to us but like link building you you can have the best on-site SEO you can have the best title tags you have the best content you can have the best internal linking structure but if you are not actually out then you can have a hell of a lot of links coming into your site but if you are not actually out there developing keyword-based links targeting the keyword that you want to rank for you’re probably never going to rank for those keywords unless it’s something like you know crocheting doilies and purple but if it’s something competitive or even mildly competitive especially in the affiliate space because let’s face it if it makes money then you’re probably competing against some of the best SEO is in the world my opinion best SEOs do affiliate because they like to make money for themselves so it’s kind of like if you’re in an affiliate space you have to make sure that you’re developing links the rest of the on-site stuff as you can see even with all the links that you have if you have issues it can hurt you and it can cause you to stop ringing but the other way around you you cannot you know the best on-site SEO in the world but if you guys are not developing links outside of that you’re never going to rank for what the keywords are that you want to rank for so ray do you recommend since he’s the ideal engine different families that he should go to block her and get mummy blogger links yes I i would not recommend using mommy bloggers no no I mean it’s kind of like like go after your target market I mean most of these people have blocks get them to promote you and a lot of times if you just let them know that you just want to let them review the software so that they let their users know about it the big thing is going to be don’t require them to link to you in order to stay within the search engines guidelines do not require them to link to you just tell them that you will give them free access to the software in order for them to be able to review it but don’t make any requirements as far as how they’re going to link to you most of them understand the value of a link so most of them they like your software are going to link to it and they’re probably going to link to it with nice anchor text so and they are oh I still okay we still have two minutes okay so also well I’m finding your blog on a completely different domain as well is that intentional no it’s not it should be still in the same to me oh yeah there is also a blog on the mean that’s index on the main doing ok so I’m also finding content as currency calm I don’t know if that’s a an old version of it you can actually see it down in your footer on your main page there is a link to it go back to it even though you can’t see mine I you have a little RSS feed down at the bottom where it says content rich blog and it has a bunch of the previous posts from it and so that’s a lot of content so if it is I assume it’s your guys’s stuff I would make sure that you can get that back over to what your main blog is set up those redirects okay so you’re not splitting that up one question I had to if we have we’re thinking of going out this page where we do our features or our benefits because right now a lot of the pages have the same duplicate content because it’s describing different parts of the product what it does and how it how it does internet filtering and and that content management so it’s used a lot of the same text you think that’s a good solution is to break it out where we’re just talking about the benefits or the feature so that has each feature has its own individual i like i like i mean every page is an opportunity for you to be targeting additional keywords so and because you have this problem right now where you are targeting so many i think it’s a great way to start breaking out or pages on your site and being more specific with the keywords your target as well so you can make sure that we put when people are clicking through they are finding exactly what they’re looking for so I mean I’m always all for getting more content more pages on there okay all right so I just got the time thing so again make sure to fill out your review things under each day they’re doing six forms will be randomly drawn to receive a gold pass for the next show thank you very much guys hopefully you found this helpful and have a really good rest of your show and make sure you guys all hit the share sale party tonight and does anybody know if the Steelers actually lost lost its 2316 oh god ten minutes left in the fourth quarter Denver oh okay

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