SEO for Beginners Tutorial – 1 – What is Search Engine Optimization?


what is up ladies and gentlemen my mention is Bucky Roberts and in this video streak I am going to be educating you guys about a CO now SEO stands for search engine optimization if you guys are wondering what the heck of that is it’s mostly a method that you can improve your website’s search results ranking so mostly what I’m trying to say is whenever someone types in oh no what’s this homemade eggnog that your homemade eggnog business is going to appear at the top of that register so if you guys are wondering all right that reverberates cool very useful but how do we make love well what we mostly need to do is we need to figure out how Google labours because if we can figure out how Google grades these websites and what formula they use then what we can do is we can go to our website tweak it to basically look at all the variables and made to ensure that we presented at the surface now regrettably Google only doesn’t hand out their formula nonetheless we have a pretty good indicator of what some of those factors and variables are now even if they did just hand out their formula then you still need to account for you know the thousands and thousands of however many different variables that you know go into it so there’s a lot to talk about and some of it is simple stuff that you are familiar with some easy things you can do to your website to really boost your search results and some other things are a little bit more complex but I’m gonna be showing you guys step-by-step how everything is done I kind of require some eggnog now kind of get off track let’s let me find something else hotcakes oh that doesn’t offset me that doesn’t really take it off my intellect prowes getting hungry now alright so back on track here do we need to worry about SEO well the answer is without doubt yes if you guys are just like I’m just going to make a website hopefully parties are going to find it you know maybe our share a link on Facebook not a good hypothesi this is one of the most important and most overlooked aspects of web design now unless you own Facebook or something then a majority of the members of your congestion is going to come from Google so a little of your traffic is are we going to come from Yahoo and Bing and maybe social networks you know time your friends but the majority of websites most of the traffic is going to come from Google now another cool thing I want to point out is in these seminars whenever I prove you guys how to you know improve your search engine or pretty much search results ranking it isn’t just helpful for Google any website that has a search function like eBay and Etsy and YouTube any website we can type something in and you have a bunch of results these techniques are going to be useful because they all share a lot of similarities in their formula and the room that they grade those items in the results is you know the same in a lot of cases so it’s kind of cool in the sense that with traditional publicizing let’s say you wanted to advertise your hotcake constituting business you would have to go out and buy a knot of ads and they would appear on the right and you’re basically becoming after purchasers nonetheless whenever you use SEO what happens is you already have people who want homemade hotcakes so essentially if you can get your search results or a website to appear at the top then it’s kind of like all those customers are now coming after you so it’s definitely worth it one of the best returns on your time and assets so I’m evoked to get started and before we get into the next seminar I’m probably going to go make some flapjacks now so thank you guys for watching don’t forget subscribe and I’ll see you guys in the next video

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